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BEDA Installment Three: Is there anything as perfect as vanilla ice cream?

April 4, 2009

I had some vanilla ice cream a little while ago, not even expensive vanilla ice cream, and yet still, it was delicious. I’ve been asked dozens and dozens of times what my favorite food is but have never been able to decide. Now, I have decided that it is absolutely, one hundred percent vanilla ice cream.

And that is that, enough about vanilla ice cream.

I’m currently knitting a bag out of grocery bags that I cut up and made into yarn. I’m nearly done already. From this, I am guessing you can see why I’ve abandoned the slow-moving cardigan and seed stitch fingerless gloves. Yes, the end result may be more impressive, but instant gratification is so much more… instantly gratifying.

Today was a delightfully rainy day, or at least it was earlier today. Now, it’s merely windy, but earlier, the lovely Earlier, it was stormy, raindrops drifting and thunder and lightning gracing us with their relegant, regal presences. Storms during school remind me of tall, sophisticated, foreign woman, the kind you desparately wish you were the best of friends with but know that you would not enjoy actually being “friends” with. Storms at home, on the other hand, are cozy and perfect for lying down in bed with a warm blanket, a light above one’s head and a book in one’s hand. (can you tell I’m partial to unconventional weather? I prefer cold to hot, on the logic that I would rather freeze to death than burn)

This morning while waiting for the bus, I noticed the overabundance of worms on our driveway, much more so than in usual rainy weather, all of them squirming for dear life on their way to a fantasy land. I wished I could help them reach their destination, which appeared to be the other side of the driveway, in the wet earth, but I knew that if I saved even one I would feel guilty for not having saved them all.

I despise splinters.

Oh, I began watching Moulin Rouge this afternoon, which I recorded some time ago on the DVR. I’m only about twelve minutes in, but already I can tell I will love it. Once I’m finished, I will have another line crossed out from the Other List, the list of movies I plan to see in my lifetime.

The first movie I can remember seeing that had a profound impact on me is Hook, also one of the first real-people movies I’ve seen, which stars Robin Williams and involves an adult Peter Pan who much go back to Never-Never Land to rescue his kidnapped children. Not only was the idea of Peter Pan growing up infinitely horrifying to my childhood self, but there’s this particular scene that left an impression on me. I’m not sure I remember the exact context of it, but there’s baby Peter Pan, I believe, and he’s in a baby carriage. It’s raining something terrible, but he is out in the middle of it, and then a pair of adult hands push his carriage hard, and he’s crying. I remember being utterly shocked. Why on earth would somebody do such a thing? If there’s one thing I can’t stand, even now, is when babies cry in movies, or television shows, or anywhere where I can’t physically reach out and pick up the baby, stop its crying.

Two other movies I recall seeing and being terrified of are Witch (again, a part with a baby, when the purple-eyed witch pushed a baby in a stroller down a huge hill and I don’t know what happens next) and Jumanji (to be perfectly honest, I still get scared when I see it, which is about twice a year, sometimes more).

Nowadays, there really aren’t any movies that scare me that much, at least not permanently. I have very strong short-term feelings of fear, and very often. It’s almost become a pleasant emotion, fear, because of the exhilirating feelings, the adrenaline rush, the emotions I now associate it with.

Another feeling I associate with pleasantries is the feeling of accomplishment. Once I have written a blog post, for instance, that is at least six hundred words, I feel a marvelous sense of accomplishment (isn’t it peachy how I managed to bring this to an end so smoothly).

I’ll write to you all again tomorrow (I bet you didn’t see that one coming). Happy weekend!

EDIT: I almost eternally forgot! The question!

Question Three: What movies from your childhod have had an impact on you?

Still more to do, but done for now

December 17, 2008

I typed up the Chapter 29 Outline for AP Euro this afternoon, start to finish.  Speaking of AP Euro, our teacher was absent today and yesterday.  Videos and discussion, oh joy.  Today we watched most of a video called “Gallipoli.”  I like it.  A lot.  Love love LOVE it.  This truly has nothing to do with the fact that the main characters are named Frank and Archibald, awesome names, by the way.

Christmas packages have been coming in the mail left and right, and I wonder- what on earth is inside them?  I’m not the sort to shake presents and guess what they are, but I do wonder…

I’ve been watching on and off television shows about people with rare skin conditions.  That is all to say about that.

A few minutes ago I brought Lydia outside in a sling all wrapped up toasty warm with a fuzzy green blanket that mysteriously showed up one day and my father’s Yankees hat in order to put my library books in the car so I don’t forget to return them tomorrow.

I hope it stops ice raining and snows instead, though I would rather it ice rain than nothing.  Actually, I hope it snows Wednesday night or Thursday morning, not tonight.  I don’t want to miss Club Day tomorrow, or Wednesday Club afterwards.

It’s a good day, my friends.  A very good day.

With love,


Nice day, eh?

December 2, 2008

The excitement of NaNoWriMo has started to wear off and the Post Nano Depression (or PND, as I have heard Nanoers refer to it) was begun to set in.  I suggested a name to my mother and father for the baby if she is a girl and, surprisingly, they both like it.  I am not going to say any of the names they are considering nor the one I suggested until after the baby is born, seeing as my parents have recommended me not to do so.

I have a Christmas list going, finally, after my father ended up setting a deadline.  The holidays are exciting, yes, but they just feel so far away.  We’re going to be having a smaller Christmas this year because of the financial crisis sweeping America, but that’s fine with me.  Mostly books are on my list this year.

Other than those few things, I have nothing more to say.  I had a good day, thanks, a fantastic day, in fact, though I wish I had some galoshes because it rained like crazy today and my shoes ended up all slippy sloshy.



Some things are peculiar.

October 1, 2008

For instance, now that my posts have become boring and uninspired, I am getting more views. I would use the tried-and-true cliché , “Was it something I said?” but, obviously, it was. Or, wrote, rather.

So, how was my day? Eh, alright, though it seems a bit too much like a Sunday. Like the end of something humongous that is beyond out control. Yeah, like that.

Well, it was Wednesday Club. That was… interesting, I guess. We did not do much of anything, though I did drag Laura across the floor to Courtney by her foot. Sorry about that, Laura. I must have looked like a madman. Acted like one, too. I do not know what came over me.

Oh, I finished the arm warmers. The knitting part, anyway. I still have the fun part left, seeming them up with bright, big buttons. Speaking of which, I will have to try and convince my mother to take me out to buy a bag of such buttons. Ahhh, I love buttons.

Today I “casually” suggested to my lunch buddies that we have a “Baked Goods Club,” where each person takes turns by a week to make something (for example, cookies, brownies, etc.) and bring them in for us to eat at lunch. Really, I have kind of been thinking about it for a while, mostly as an excuse to bake something every once in a while. I like baking.

I failed the most recent AP Euro test. 41%. I believe I am getting worse. Still, I am not that worried about it because, as I keep telling myself, none of it will matter in a year or so.

So, uh, how is the weather?

Oh, it is fine, thanks. I appreciate your taking the time to ask. It is currently a cool 63.3 degrees F or 17.4 degrees C. And, there is a SIXTY PERCENT chance of precipitation! Hurrah! The rain dance prevails!

The calzone I made is currently cooking. It is taco-flavored.

Hmm, do I have anything more to say? I think not.

P.S. Did you know that in 2150 1 in 3 people will be 60 years of age or older? Somebody should make a documentary about this stuff. *Google search* Nope, one does not currently exist.

Farewell and most sincerely best wishes!

P.P.S. Congratulations, the word of the day is uppity.

Stormy Weather and the Holocaust

June 11, 2008

Today is the something-to-last day of school. I have been aware of the How Many Days Until School Is Over countdown for a while, but it never seems real until the last few days. Actually, it does not even seem that real right now. I bet it will not until a week or two of summer has already passed and I realize that there is quite a bit of time until school begins again.

I think I may be in love with the sort of storms we have been having around here lately. They have happened a few times as of late, and they basically go like this (at least around my house):

[1]My crazy grandmother comes upstairs in the kitchen, looks out the window, and says, “There’s a storm a’brewin!”

[2]I say, “Yes, maybe there is,” if I cannot get out of staying silent to avoid a long, pointless conversation.

[3]A loud crash is heard, and everybody looks out the back window, only to see that our ineffective teepee has fallen over once again.

[4]Gatsby barks like crazy and Daisy looks on, uninterested in her much younger, immature, less worldly dog-friend.

[5]Abie gets upset about thunder knocking our house over. My yelling grandfather does what he does best- yelling. He yells that the thunder will do nothing to us because we live on a hill and that he should stop getting himself to worked up over nothing. Kind of an ironic thing to say, now that I think about it.

[6]The power blinks on and then off right away, twice in the span of ten to fifteen minutes.

[7]Something else happens that I do not particularly remember or wish to, for that matter.

[8]The rainstorm dwindles, bringing a slight drizzle across the yard.

[9]I am happy because I enjoyed the whole thing most wholeheartedly.

As you can see, these storms cause much excitement in my house. I can only imagine what would happen if the power actually stayed off. That would be fantastic.

Okay, so tomorrow I will be taking the Algebra II final. It should be simple.

I put together my Child Development portfolio after school today. I found all of this awesome neon paper in the Big Closet in the classroom, so I used those sheets as cover sheets for each section. I love the page protectors in the portfolio- they make everything so nice and smooth.

In Gym we did nothing, which was marvelous. Nothing, as in, nothing structured. Celesthe, Danielle, and I played Rubbish and Old Maid with a deck of cards I brought in. Additionally, I knitted and listened to music. Simultaneously… it was really sort of a nice feat.

The holiday is Iced Tea Day, the word of the day is yob (a cruel and brutal fellow), the number of the day is something I simply cannot recall, and the book I am currently reading is one my older brother gave me, titled The Death of Vishnu.

In English, rather than watching more of Month Python, we watched an old special on Oprah where she interviews Elie Weisel, the author of Night, the Holocaust book I read for English. And my goodness, that special was so sad. I felt like crying when they talked about how Elie saw them just throwing all of the babies, while still alive, in the flames. They showed videos of the prisoners and the small children walking to their death, as well as the piles of bodies just being pushed into this huge ditch. It was all tremendously depressing, and all the while the jerks in my class were laughing. I wanted to punch them so much. They ruin everything in that class. Schoder left the room, thinking he could trust us, but of course they ruined it. I really wish they were not in my class. And, by ‘they,’ I mean everybody except Courtney, Rachel (not one of the ones I have spoken of before), and I. Everybody else talks through class and is annoying and rude.

I am going to go and waste some time getting my mind off of Wednesday Club tomorrow so that I can sleep tonight. Farewell, friendly beings.

I Cannot Pinpoint The Weather

June 1, 2008

Hot or cold, windy or not, I simply cannot decide what the weather is right now, inside or out.

Today was another day that went by much quicker than I thought it would. It is, however, still not even four yet.

Early this morning, I was awoken by the sound of both Emma and her friend, our neighbor, Brenna’s voices. Brenna spent the night at our house last night, and apparently they decided it would be fun to wake up at 6:11 am and chatter throughout the house, mainly my room (which I share with Clara and Emma, but still- they slept in sleeping bags in the sunroom). I ended up waking up (as in getting out of bed) for real at around 9:31 am, about the time I usually wake up on the weekends.

From then on, I did a variety of non-noteworthy things such as reading a book to Lydia (The Seven Silly Eaters; I love that book) and walking the dog. I did, however, play a game of Scrabble with Emma, who had never played it before. Unfortunately, she stopped wanting to play when about half of the letters had been used, and I was forced to kiss my Scrabble practice goodbye. I have been attempting to become a better Scrabble player but nobody in my house ever wants to play it with me. Laura, you and I among other friends will need to schedule a real Scrabble Party to make up for the one that was in fact your surprise party.

Drat, I just remembered that I may need to read my short story aloud tomorrow in English. I really hope something comes up and we end up never having enough time to read the remaining stories out loud.

Hmm, anyway today I also read more of Nerds. It really does sadden me, some of the things mentioned in this book- such as how one kid purposely did not do his homework in order to not be called a nerd. Still, this book… okay, never mind, I completely forgot what I was going to say, er, I mean, write.

Oh yeah, and we had bagels this morning. How thrilling.


Hooray, it is beginning to rain!

Okay, I just finished playing another game of Scrabble, this time with Clara, who stopped playing with about twenty-five tiles left. It seems that neither of my sisters can commit to an entire game. I won both games.

Great Scott, tomorrow will be the second-to-last Monday of my freshman year! This year has gone by tremen- alright, I am not even going to finish that. I have said it a gazillion times- time must have something against me, taking away my childhood so quickly. Pretty soon I will be having my mid-life crisis. Oh man, I hope not… let us just take that back.

On a completely different note, this summer is going to be totally off the walls. I plan to do many amazing things that I have always wanted to do, plus (providing I end up finding one) I may get a job and actually have something planned to do on certain dates.

Sunday is wasting away and I really must get going, so with that I bid you farewell. To keep the daily ritual in check, of course.

P.S. Oh wow, I just realized that it is June 1st!  How time flies…

Project Beginnings, the Secret Spot, and Shoes

May 21, 2008

Wednesday, oh joy. Wednesday club. Not only that, but I got to miss all of school to help out in the preschool. You know, because of the whole HSA thing. It was awesome- I am seriously considering becoming a preschool teacher.

Project beginnings- there are two of them, hence the plural form of ‘beginning.’ The first is not really a project, more of an ongoing thingamabobber. It is something that countless have done before me- record books I want to read. It is titled ‘Books That I Wish To Read Before I Die’ and has about five or six on it so far. More will surely be added, mainly classics that must be classics for a reason that I would like to find out. The second project is one I may have read about somewhere, or perhaps just subconsciously, seeing as I cannot for the life of me recall where I read it. Anyway, it is to collect the signature of everyone I meet. I have started by gathering the signatures of some people I have already met, mainly the Wednesday Club participants and a few family members.

Oh my, how lovely, it has begun to rain even harder than a moment ago. It was raining a smidgen earlier, but promptly stopped.

The Secret Spot- well, somebody jokes whose name is Brittany came to Wednesday Club with us today. She showed us this amazing spot behind the library, where there are a few benches (one of which is a memorial for Craig J. Fritz- while Courtney was sitting on it, Laura cleverly pointed out that Courtney was on the fritz) and such. It is this really lovely place, much nicer than the far-away benches in the front of the library.

Shoes- for a while, I have only had one pair of shoes to wear. Naturally, with time comes wear, which comes with tear- and my green Chucks are fantastic as ever, but they will not be alive forever if I continue to wear them every day of my life. Hence, my idea that I need to get another pair of shoes. There is currently a pair of Dr. Martens in my size on Ebay, which I am hoping my parents will buy for me. You know, because shoes are considered a necessity and all, meaning that my parents would be willing to buy them. I am running out of money and I have yet to find a job. Anyway, these shoes are a tremendously good deal and I really want them. Along with these, I love the most likely aforementioned yellow rain sliders. The auction for them is ending in about a day, and the price has yet to raise significantly. This pair is yet another thing I am hoping my parents will purchase for me. Before it is too late.

Alright, that sounded sketchy.

Blast! I just remembered that I missed a writing assignment in English today- meaning that I will have to make it up. I honestly do not like making things up. Just the thought that I am behind on something- ugh, it makes me shudder.

Laura is going to have a party next week or something! I believe I mentioned this enough already, but I am extraordinarily excited. Plus, I will get to meet the amazing Sabrina! I had a chance to meet her at another party some time ago, but I got sick and was not able to come. Which was utterly dreadful, seeing as I rarely get sick and the sickness just happened to arrive on the day I did not want it to. Then again, I never really want to be sick.

Sorry, I am getting off topic. The number of the day is three thousand two, the holidays are National Memo Day and National Waiters and Waitresses Day, the word of the day is lugubrious, an adjective meaning ‘excessively mournful.’

Laura is a genius.

Sorry, I just keep thinking of how much smarter than me she is.

Oh yeah, I believe my ants have started tunneling! I guess they are extremely slow, because the tunnels so far are very short- still, they are there, sure as day.

Speaking of the ants, I have named one. The one that I always find ‘punching’ the glass. Thank you very much, Laura, for searching the encyclopedia to find out about the physicist (whose name, drumroll please, is Pascal the Curious!).

Hooray, the chicks will arrive tomorrow (or possibly Friday, but I am hoping tomorrow) and the puppy will be picked up from Pennsylvania in a week or two!

Blegh, lately I have been developing a number of habits. One, for instance, is that I find myself pointing at someone when they say something I do not agree with. For example, my mother will tell me that she hopes it is not raining and I will just, all the while keeping a straight face, point right at her. I have not an inkling how this was developed. Another is to say, ‘what do you think this is, a free-for-all?’ whenever anybody… well, actually, whenever. My mother has nearly forbidden me to say it, I have been saying it so often. Again, I have no idea why I have begun to do so.

…and we whispered the secrets of our brains.

Good night, everybody.

EDIT AN HOUR OR TWO LATER: Oh my goodness, I guess I was so excited about this that it completely slipped my mind- right now I share a room with two sisters, Clara and Emma, though I have wanted my own room for a long time.  Well, my parents are seriously considering putting walls up in the huge sunroom we have in our house and making two bedrooms.  Since Jake and I are the oldest, we would get to each have one!!!  I am so excited about this, so monstrously excited.  I have said that a billion times about other things, but I truly cannot wait for this to happen (which I am hoping it does).  My goodness, my own room would be amazing.  I could… paint the walls fantastic colors, and put bookshelves everywhere, and have a loft bed with a desk underneath it and… my goodness, there are so many amazing possibilities! 

Alright, end of edit, good night for real now.

It is a little bit after seven and

May 20, 2008

I have no idea how to finish this sentence. Never mind, I just did.

I have been reading pretty much since I got home from school. Beethoven’s Hair is done, Betwixt is nearly finished, Typhoid Mary is done, and No Two Alike is near the end as well. Other than that, I have I think one more book to read before tomorrow’s Wednesday Club.

It was raining for a spell earlier, but it seems to have dried up and now the day is as sunny as can be. Alright, not exactly sunny, but stereotypically nicer than before. Not in my opinion, though… then again, there is really no need for me to mention that particular opinion, seeing as I have already made my weather feelings known countless times.

My ants have not started tunneling yet. Well, it looks as if they have a tiny bit, but not enough to notice unless you were looking. So, nope, nothing remarkable yet; I am hoping that, after all of that ant-hunting work, I did not capture a type that will not dig in the gel.

We took a vocabulary quiz today and, surprise, surprise, I am still on my hundred percent winning streak- now up to nine in a row! I feel tremendously accomplished- if only my math quiz scores were that constantly perfect.

HSAs have been going on this week. I have not had any to take- my Government one was last semester, and there are none to take for the classes I am currently in.

My Child Development teacher was sick today- I am hoping that does not mean she will be sick tomorrow, causing me to have to go to my classes rather than the Wednesday off like I hoped. Nevertheless, I will have to bring my terribly heavy backpack to school in case she does not show and I must go to all of my classes. Unfortunately, this means that I will have to carry my books and all to Wednesday Club- not a light load for walking all the way to Giant.

Today’s holiday is Be a Millionaire Day, which only got me thinking again about how much I would hate being a millionaire. Nothing would be the same- people would treat me differently and I would probably treat them differently. If I were a millionaire, I would become a cocky, even more stubborn, disgustingly rich jerkface.

The number of the day is seven hundred twenty-three. An excellent number, if I do say so. The color of the day was once again not chosen, so I suggested cerulean. I do not know about what it is actually like, but I have always liked the Crayola crayon version of it.

The word of the day is (and I am extraordinarily excited about this one) kelemenopy. It is a noun defined as ‘a sequential straight line through the middle of everything, leading nowhere.’ I have not paid much attention to the definition, but I just love to say it. Perhaps I am not pronouncing it correctly (kel-ih-men-oh-pee), but it sounds lovely in the way that I am. Like the ‘K-L-M-N-O-P’ section of the alphabet. It rolls off the tongue quite delightfully.

Well, I am going to finish Betwixt and hopefully get the rest (or most of) my reading done now. Goodbye, munchenhausers. (I do not believe that is an actual word, but it is fun to say nonetheless [I am pronouncing it as ‘munch-in-how-zer’].)

How Pleased You Look Reading That Funny Book

May 12, 2008

Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations

– a book I started last night and finished today. Seriously, I think it is the funniest book I have ever read. It was not the obvious kind of humor, just a subtle kind that I find especially amusing. Anyway, I am so happy I picked it up off of the library shelf because it is truly fantastic.

The holidays are Astronomy Day, Fatigue Syndrome Day (and, amazingly, I am not tired today), International Nurses Day (how many holidays relating to nurses are there?), and Limerick Day.

The color of the day is Cosmic Latté, a creamish shade of white. I think that is a rather spectacular name for a color.

The word of the day is a plural noun, ‘olio.’ Its definition is ‘a hodgepodge or medley.’

This afternoon, I have been looking at the site for quite a bit. It is a website where this woman basically posts awesome things. That is the best way I can describe it. Anyway, there are an abundance of magnificent links on there.

I have been adding more to my ‘for all occasions’ wishlist. There are many things on it. I suppose it is not really a wishlist, more of just a list of things I would buy if I had all of the money in the world. Though, honestly, that would be my worst nightmare.

Upon having a Hank-and-John-Green-related dream last night, I finally made an account on The link to my post is: in case you were wondering.

Man, I really want to get So, Now You Know… A Compendium of Completely Useless Information. It sounds like a book I would love. It is only $0.01 on amazon, but the shipping brings it up to four dollars. Perhaps I will buy it anyway, along with the ant farm I still have not ordered.

Oh, and I also wish I had the following books: The Ultimate Book of Useless Information: A Few Thousand More Things You Might Need to Know ( But Probably Don’t), BLA- 600 Incredibly Useless Facts: Something to Talk About When You Have Nothing Else To Say, Useless Knowledge: Answers to Questions You’d Never Think to Ask, The Emperor Who Ate the Bible: And More Strange Facts and Useless Information, The Book of Totally Useless Information, Woody Allen’s Without Feathers, and many others that I do not have time to list.

My goodness, I love books.

Speaking of love, I also adore the rain. And, hurrah, it has been raining all day long! There are rumors that it is supposed to rain all week long- now that would be something to blog about.

Speaking of time running out (or was I?), there are only twenty-three days left of ninth grade for me! I hate that- this year has gone by way too fast and I am not ready to be a sophomore yet. Oh my, a sophomore? No. I am still a freshman. I am barely used to that idea, and the year is nearly up.

More a bit later- my mother just came in and ordered the ant farm! It should not take too long to arrive- about three or four business days.

Farewell now, my various life forms.

May your rainy day be sweet.

Of Skateboarding Cows Knocking Over Piles of Chance Cards and Somebody Being a Legend

May 10, 2008

For some reason, the internet is currently down in my house. Therefore, if this post is not put up until tomorrow (Sunday) then I have a perfectly valid excuse. If it is up today, then never mind that.

Ignore the above sentences.  Obviously, it is now back up.  It is amazing what a difference a quick restart makes.

Today I read most of A Higher Geometry, which has turned out to be a simple book but not a bad one. I suppose I just feel that it is simple because I have been reading mainly non-fiction titles lately. I am almost done with it and will be finishing it once I finish this post.

I finally started on my striped scarf but have only done a few rows so far. They are knit with a bright green yarn that Emily gave me.

Right now the majority of my family is at the mall. Honestly, I do not like the mall or anything it stands for. Even if I did, I have to stay home and baby-sit Benny and Abie right now. They are acting a bit off, mainly, I think, because it was raining all of yesterday and some of today so they could not play outside, and now they cannot because our parents are not home.

A little while ago, I watched “I Am Legend.” I really liked it, actually, though it made me cry a lot and scared me senseless at some parts. Either way, it was a very good movie.

I created a typography design (that I hope to use on a t-shirt) today. It is titled “A Conversation In Arial,” and features two unidentified people speaking back and forth. Without meaning to, I formed the words into the shape of a boat, and in the end formed it more so into one. As I said, I would like to print it out on iron transfer paper and iron it onto a t-shirt.

Here is a picture of it:

I am very excited about getting our puppy. A name suggestion that people are starting to agree on is ‘Gatsby.’ I much prefer it to Wyatt and Moose and, seeing as nobody has taken to my suggestions of ‘Theodore’ or ‘Octavius’ seriously.

Oh my, Mother’s Day is tomorrow! I am prepared with a lovely card I made, complete with pressed buttercup flower in a homemade envelope and a paper flower pop-up. I am quite proud of it, to be honest.

Hmm… I am trying to think of something to speak of.

Well, apparently yellow shoes are in, or, at least, were when a magazine I read a few weeks ago was written. It is a good thing that all of my shoes are green.

Oh yeah, I played Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition with my little brothers. It was… interesting. Benny kept running off into the sunroom and coming back with toy cows to switch the traditional pieces with, and Abie did the same with Pokemon. Apparently, it is hilarious when a tiny metal Altoids tin is on the same space as three cows. Even more so if one of the cows is riding on a toy skateboard.

Okay, I have to admit, that part was pretty hilarious. Still, it is not hilarious when the skateboarding cow knocks over the pile of chance cards. Not at all.

Hey, I think I may be ordering my gel ant farm today! That would be delightfully enthralling.

Happy Saturday, May tenth, 2008, specks of human.

May the force be with you.