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Today is the 19th, not yesterday’s post

September 19, 2008

I think the time zone is messed up or something.  Anyway, this post is from today, the 19th of September, whereas yesterday’s post was on the 18th, not the 19th as it says.

Today my boots came in the mail.  I was so excited.  They are marvelous.  My siblings were glad that they were packaged in bubble tape, which they got to jump on.  It was fun.  The boots look like this:

except for the fact that there is not a white background when I wear them.  At retail price, these boots are over a hundred dollars.  I got them off eBay for twenty some.  That is a pretty good deal, I think.

I wore the boots to the supermarket today, where we were getting various ingredients for


magic cookie bars (7-layer bars)


more dinner rolls!

The bars are done, the truffles are refrigerating, and the dough for the rolls is still rising.  It seems like whenever somebody does baking or cooking, we end up doing a lot of things at once.  Kind of like how, whenever I actually have something planned, a lot of other things come up and I have to choose between them.  Crazy.

I find it odd how some obscure holidays are not quite so obscure as others.  For example, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Everybody, it seems (at least online), knows about it, whereas other equally nice obscure holidays (such as National Beheading Day, September 2nd) are not celebrated.  I can just see it now, people joyously celebrating National Beheading Day.  But nooo, they would all much rather talk like pirates than behead people.  That is why people are annoying.

Seventeen views so far today.  I must be doing something right.  It is a little crazy to think that seventeen people are reading these shenanigans.  I am not sure I could even name seventeen people I am friends with.

Not too long until I am to go to the birthday party I mentioned yesterday.  I am excited, to say the least.

Bye now.

The Child Of A Square And A Circle, Among Other Things

May 30, 2008

I am typing up this post much earlier than usual because of Laura’s party! I will most likely be tired after it and wish to read and then go right to bed, plus the majority of the sentences would probably not make much sense being written after six hour long party. If I do not end up being tired, I may choose to add some more to this post about the party.

Today was a nice day. Okay, so I say that nearly every day, and I say that I say it nearly every day nearly every day, but still…

We took an hour-and-a-half long math quiz in Algebra II today. I finished earlier than everybody else and I think I got a B on it. It was on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational expressions and simplifying complex fractions.

In Gym we played softball once again- it was scalding outside but while in the dugout I played Guess That Animal many times with Sarah (not the Sarah I have spoken of before- a different one. There are many Sarahs at our school, as well as Rachels… there are three Rachels sitting at my lunch table), which was quite fun. Celesthe refused to play it. We also played a few games of Guess That Human- I suppose I just like guessing games.

I began rereading The Girl With A Pearl Earring I think last night. I read it once in sixth or seventh grade but I guess did not fully absorb the content- either way, I am rereading it and once again seeing what a wonderful book it is. Worthy of my selective Favorite Books list, even.

In English I did not have to read my essay aloud- we only had time for five or six and there was no way I was going to volunteer. Public speaking sometimes gives me the heebie jeebies.

Oh, I also gave Schoder the sheet about writing me a letter of recommendation to put in my Child Development portfolio- I am quite interested to see what he writes about me.

The holiday is Water A Flower Day. To celebrate this, I am going to water my miniature cactus, even though I am not sure if that counts as a flower- though, I guess, there are cactus flowers… I really do not know.

The word of the day that was reserved for yesterday is retronym, a word introduced because an existing term had become inadequate. For example, the original Star Trek television series being changed to Star Trek: The Original Series after spawning various series and such, or hot chocolate originally being referred to as chocolate until the chocolate bar cam about and became tremendously popular, being changed to become the base word ‘chocolate.’

Today’s word of the day, however, is squircle, a shape with properties between those of a circle and those of a square. Basically, a square with rounded edges. One is shown below.

The number of the day is thirty-three-and-a-half, for some unknown reason.

What do you fear, why are you here, when will you leave, do you believe?

-An anonymous run-on question

Farewell, buddies. I hope tonight generates an overload of happiness for you all.

EDIT: Wow, the party was extremely fun!  We played hide-and-go-seek and Apples to Apples, signed yearbooks, watched the National Spelling Bee on television, and many other fun things.

It is a little bit after seven and

May 20, 2008

I have no idea how to finish this sentence. Never mind, I just did.

I have been reading pretty much since I got home from school. Beethoven’s Hair is done, Betwixt is nearly finished, Typhoid Mary is done, and No Two Alike is near the end as well. Other than that, I have I think one more book to read before tomorrow’s Wednesday Club.

It was raining for a spell earlier, but it seems to have dried up and now the day is as sunny as can be. Alright, not exactly sunny, but stereotypically nicer than before. Not in my opinion, though… then again, there is really no need for me to mention that particular opinion, seeing as I have already made my weather feelings known countless times.

My ants have not started tunneling yet. Well, it looks as if they have a tiny bit, but not enough to notice unless you were looking. So, nope, nothing remarkable yet; I am hoping that, after all of that ant-hunting work, I did not capture a type that will not dig in the gel.

We took a vocabulary quiz today and, surprise, surprise, I am still on my hundred percent winning streak- now up to nine in a row! I feel tremendously accomplished- if only my math quiz scores were that constantly perfect.

HSAs have been going on this week. I have not had any to take- my Government one was last semester, and there are none to take for the classes I am currently in.

My Child Development teacher was sick today- I am hoping that does not mean she will be sick tomorrow, causing me to have to go to my classes rather than the Wednesday off like I hoped. Nevertheless, I will have to bring my terribly heavy backpack to school in case she does not show and I must go to all of my classes. Unfortunately, this means that I will have to carry my books and all to Wednesday Club- not a light load for walking all the way to Giant.

Today’s holiday is Be a Millionaire Day, which only got me thinking again about how much I would hate being a millionaire. Nothing would be the same- people would treat me differently and I would probably treat them differently. If I were a millionaire, I would become a cocky, even more stubborn, disgustingly rich jerkface.

The number of the day is seven hundred twenty-three. An excellent number, if I do say so. The color of the day was once again not chosen, so I suggested cerulean. I do not know about what it is actually like, but I have always liked the Crayola crayon version of it.

The word of the day is (and I am extraordinarily excited about this one) kelemenopy. It is a noun defined as ‘a sequential straight line through the middle of everything, leading nowhere.’ I have not paid much attention to the definition, but I just love to say it. Perhaps I am not pronouncing it correctly (kel-ih-men-oh-pee), but it sounds lovely in the way that I am. Like the ‘K-L-M-N-O-P’ section of the alphabet. It rolls off the tongue quite delightfully.

Well, I am going to finish Betwixt and hopefully get the rest (or most of) my reading done now. Goodbye, munchenhausers. (I do not believe that is an actual word, but it is fun to say nonetheless [I am pronouncing it as ‘munch-in-how-zer’].)

Over A Dozen Exclamation Points

May 19, 2008

Alternate titles (because alternate titles are an awesome idea):

An Ant For Each Year And One For Good Luck

An Abundance Of Excitement

Yup, you have guessed it- my ant farm arrived today!!!! I was so excited, all day long, that I could scarcely sit still in class. When I got home, sure enough, the package was here! After a bit, I caught sixteen ants and put them in the ant farm. I am hoping they are the right kind that will actually dig through the gel- I will not know, though, for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the estimated time before they start digging, according to the instructions booklet.

Jiminy Crickets, this is exciting!

I am currently reading two different books- one about human individuality titled No Two Alike and the other about Mary Mallon titled Typhoid Mary. Both are quite interesting.

The weather is rather nice today- not very sunny and kind of windy.

Nobody has bid on the yellow rain sliders on Ebay yet- they are only about thirteen dollars (that includes shipping) so perhaps I will be able to buy them!

Hooray, our chicks are arriving on Thursday!

Oh joy, we are getting our puppy next weekend!

Fizzing whizbees, Laura is having a party soon!

Wowzers, John Green is going to upload a video EVERY DAY this week! How monstrously exciting is that?

Hurrah, I get to miss school on Wednesday- plus there will be Wednesday Club after school!

My goodness, there are a humongo amount of amazing things happening in the near future! More of those magnificent things to come-

We are having chicken noodle soup for dinner!

The “In Case Of Zombies” shirt has been reprinted on Threadless!

My ants are fantastic and will start tunneling soon!

There are over a dozen exclamation points in this post!

Life is the best thing ever!

I am going to play with a pinwheel outside after dinner!

Obviously, it is a very exciting day. What joy awaits!

Farewell, Mexican jumping beans.

EDIT: In all of the excitement, I completely forgot to tell all of the things of the day!  The number of the day is seventy, the words are ineffable and janiform (incapable of being expressed in words and having two faces), the boring holiday is Boy’s Club Day, and the nonexistent color of the day is sunrise.

Plastic Bag Yarn, Leftover Pizza, and Temporarily Knowing a Word That My Older Brother Does Not

May 16, 2008

That just about sums up my Friday evening thus far. Other than some reading time. And, you know, breathing and all of that jazz.

Plastic bag yarn portion- I have wanted to do this for a while, and I did so today. Actually, I still am doing it- I just stopped in order to write this post. Making yarn out of grocery store bags, that is. I have a nice-sized ball of plastic bag yarn already, and only three bags have been transformed. Ah, transformed, such a magnificent way to describe the meticulous task. I love to transform things, and will most likely be knitting this particular transformation into a bag. If it is strong enough, I will use it to carry books back and forth from the library.

Leftover pizza- this, too, is self-explanatory. My mother is out for a knitting night with her friends (which she does every Friday night) and my father did not feel like cooking anything special, so we just had leftovers. I had white pizza. Delicious white pizza, that is.

Temporarily knowing a word that my older brother does not- yeah, this is probably the most self-explanatory of the three. Essentially, I told my brother that one of the words of the day is hypnophobia and I asked him whether he knew what it meant. Naturally, being the cocky, stubborn college student he occasionally is, he said he did. After a lot of prying, I found out that he did not, in fact, know what it meant. He guessed for a bit, and finally I told him. I will tell you all what it means in a few moments, along with the other things of the day.

And here I am, as promised, telling you the things of the day. The words of the day are hypnophobia (as mentioned- it is a morbid fear of falling asleep) and gormless (lacking intelligence or vitality). The number of the day is ninety-four, the holidays are Love a Tree Day, National Bike To Work Day, National Sea Monkey Day, and Wear Purple For Peace Day. I actually saw quite a few people wearing purple today, but I do not think the majority were actually celebrating it. Perhaps my friend Laura was- she was wearing purple socks, but I did not think to ask. Speaking of Laura, her dad has been offered a job and she may be moving to Chicago. I really, really, hope that she does not end up moving. This would tear me to pieces. I am trying not to think about it and become even further upset… Anyway, the color of the day is aquamarine. Wallie was thrilled about this as, evidently, it is his birthstone. I was equally thrilled because it is a rather lovely color.

Today in English, we were reading a poem aloud. The last line was something like, “I shall love, until life renews,” or something of the sort. Well, the person started it and said, “I shall love,” when, suddenly, there was a sound at the window. Everybody looked over, and a bird was falling right past the window. Mr. Schoder just goes, “continue the poem,” in that monotonous voice of his, and the person finishes, “…until life renews.” And, suddenly, the noise is there again and we all turn to the window once more. A second bird is falling fact first down right by our classroom window. I have no idea what happened to them. It was funny, in a morbid sort of way.

My siblings are watching Toy Story. Oh, how I love Toy Story.

Hey, did you know that (according to the Completely Useless, Yet Interesting, Facts Collection), “An apple, onion, and potato all have the same taste. The differences in flavor are caused by their smell. To prove this – pinch your nose and take a bite from each. They will all taste sweet.” I will most definitely need to test this out.

Also according to the Completely Useless, Yet Interesting, Facts Collection, there are two million different combinations of sandwiches that can be made from the Subway menu. Now, that is very interesting. Think of all of the possibilities! Oh, wait, you can not comprehend the idea of two million different sandwiches. Neither can I.

Now, I am off to finish making plastic bag yarn- there are many more bags and I would like to make a lot of it to start off with.

Good night, friends. Farewell, friends. Be merry, friends. And otherwise.

Just Promise Me You Will Never Try To Grow Up

May 15, 2008

Nostalgia is steadily taking over…

The color of the day is wisteria, the number is thirty-one, the holidays are Police Officer’s Memorial Day and National Chocolate Chip Day, and Pomona Sprout’s birthday, the words of the day are ersatz (an artificial or inferior substitute or imitation) and finagle (achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods), and today I walked/jogged/ran the last required mile of my life.

It was in Gym. At my high school, you are required to take one Gym class before being allowed to graduate. We had to do the mile thrice, and today was the last time. Ever. This is thrilling.

Next Wednesday is going to be spectacular- not only is it the weekly Wednesday club, but I volunteered to help out with the Preschool graduation practice and therefore get to miss the whole school day watching and playing with little kids. How awesome is that?

Speaking of the preschool, we are putting on a puppet show in class tomorrow. I am going to be playing a chicken and finished making the puppet a little while ago.

Also a little while ago (more like two or three minutes ago) I started and finished the short story I had to write for English. It is due Thursday, but I like to be ahead. It is only the rough draft, anyway. It is titled “Nobody in Particular” and I am going to paste it below. You know, because I have nothing much else to say. Laura, if you read this, do you think you could edit when/if you have the time? I am pretty sure there are some mistakes, but, as you know, staring at your own work for awhile kind of makes it tough to find mistakes.

[ “What am I?” I ask aloud, to nobody in particular.

“What are you not?” nobody in particular responds.

He has always been a wise fellow, this nobody creature. I am not entirely sure whether he exists, then again, as I have been known to imagine things. That is what they said when they kicked me out, you know. “REASON FOR EXPULSION” the slip was titled, the big, bold letters giving way to the infamous fine print. “Prone to excessive bouts of overactive imagination often leading to impulsive actions,” the report continued in the same minuscule size, ending with the signature of whomever was unduly placed in charge. They even had the nerve to slap a period on the end of it, as if turning the claim into a sentence fragment would change its significance, somehow. Quite the opposite, though- it only served to further infuriate me.

Now, that is all behind me- I still say as I did when I left in the first place: good riddance.

To be honest, I am dead grateful that I was ousted. After all, if I had not been, I would never have met nobody in particular- and that, my friend, would be unfortunate indeed. Had I not met nobody in particular, I never would have been granted the many drops of wisdom he has bestowed upon me since our meeting. Though, I guess calling it a ‘meeting’ would not be fully appropriate. We did not meet, per say. To this day, we have not formally done so. Rather, we have a mutual agreement: I ask a question, any time of day, and he answers. The scale is tipped more generously towards me, and I should think he would care, but he has yet to complain about my having the better half of the bargain. Now that I think about it, he has yet to complain about anything.

Occasionally I attempt to persuade the man to show himself, but it never turns out to my benefit. Surely he (and I assume that the creature is a ‘he’ based on the tone of his voice) wishes to come out of wherever he is hiding, at least sometimes. If he does, however, he does not show it. Always speaking in the monotonous, deadpan voice of a robot, one would think he would wish for a little excitement in his life. Evidently not yet, but I am sure he will crack someday. I have a strong feeling about it, and secure ones such as this are nearly always correct.

I shudder to think of what would happen if he were discovered. As long as the human race exists, the intense longing for knowledge and wisdom is inevitable, and nobody in particular has an abundance of it.

More so, in fact, than anybody I have met before. This never ceases to amaze me- if somebody this intelligent were to suddenly disappear from society, someone would certainly realize it.

He is an enemy spy, I once thought, yet there is no trace of an accent about him. I then considered that he is merely a hermit, choosing to be cut off from the rest of the world for some mysterious reason. That musing, however, was quickly shot down- to the best of my knowledge, nobody in particular has not left wherever he lurks. And, even if he were a hermit, he would still need to eat in order to survive. His voice comes from somewhere a bit off, but not enough that he could possibly be near a door or garden where he would be able to gather nutrients- or water, for that matter. If he is not human, though, then what is he? Without food or water, he could not even be living. A zombie, maybe? I doubt it- he does not seem like the type. What, then?

I have tried not to dwell on it too much, but I must admit that dwelling on things takes up much of my time. There is not much else to do, in this monster of a house with echoing rooms and the eternal scent of mothballs.

So, yes, it is free of most insects. It is also free of humans, other than myself of course. I have no family, never have and doubtlessly never will, and no friends to speak of either. In the end, it is just me here. And, obviously, nobody in particular as well.

I do not care, though. Who cares if I have nobody to talk to, nothing to do? What does it matter to be lonely when you have the answers to every question in the world? ]

So yup, there it is. I hope somebody liked/likes it.

Gosh, today feels like a Friday.

Oh yeah, my brother is home from college.

Pixie dust to all.

Try and fly.

Getting Jiggy With It

May 14, 2008

Today, as you know (repetition… grrr…), was/still is Wednesday. That means, oh boy, Wednesday Club! This week’s edition was even more fun than I thought it would be, which I kind of thought was impossible.

We got Vitamin Water and sour gummies and dark chocolate kissables from Giant, then headed over to our usual spot at the library. After a bit, somebody got the magnificent idea that we should go outside (that sounds sarcastic, but it really is not- this was pure brilliance). Some construction workers were out there working on this nice little area, complete with benches and plants and a terrifying statue of a man reading a book to two children. It was nice outside, not very hot and not very cold, which is how I like it.

While there, we did a variety of jigs, including one that Daniel named the ‘Jew Jig.’ I just now realized that it would have been perfect timing to say something along the lines of, ‘we are getting jiggy with it,’ but I thought about it too late, obviously, considering Wednesday Club is over for this week.

Anyway, the color of the day is middle pink (most boring color ever), the number of the day is three hundred seventeen, the holidays are Receptionist Day and Dance Like a Chicken Day, the words of the day are claptrap (a pompous or pretentious talk or writing) and doozex (the Zs that symbolize sleep in cartoons).

I do not know whether I mentioned this on here yet, but my cactus finally started growing! Remember the false alarm? Well, that is over and the real, fantastically adorable cactus sproutling has arrived. Gee, is ‘sproutling’ not a fantastically adorable word?

Anyway anyway anyway, I am now going to write a short story (and I mean extremely short, or at least I plan it to be) about the personifications of Tomorrow and Today. This story will be told from the point of view of Today.

[I never should have agreed to go out with Tomorrow. My friends warned me that relationships beginning online rarely work out. They told me that I should not even bother with a dating site when there were plenty of perfectly nice days around. Real days, not fantasies dreamed up by pathetically lonely days such as myself.

But, unfortunately, I paid them no attention. I logged into DazedDates and proceeded to search for a date, using keywords such as bright, kind, and interesting. Oodles of results came up, but one in particular caught my eye. There was a listing for ‘Tomorrow.’ No last name, just like me. I guess that was what drew me to him, the fact that we had something in common. Tomorrow’s description claimed that he looked forward to the future. Hmm, I thought, this looks like my kind of guy.

I sent Tomorrow an email asking him a few questions about himself, and he replied almost instantly. He told me I could just call him Tom. Tom and I chatted for a bit, and I found out that he was kind of like me. For one, he said that things always let him down, but that he tried not to let that get to him. I knew exactly what he meant- I always find myself worrying about the here and now, rather than what could be.

In the end, we planned to meet up the following day at a pasta restaurant. It turned out that he lived right down the street from me.

I was really excited for my date, let me tell you. I felt like me and Tom really had a connection, you know? Like he really knew me.

I was so excited, in fact, that I arrived at the restaurant a little early. I brought a magazine with me and read it, trying to look casual while I waited for Tom to come.

Unfortunately, he never did.

I was furious for a while, but then I realized that maybe something terrible had happened to him. Imagining all of the gory possibilities, I rushed home and emailed him promptly.

Like the first time, he replied right away. “Where were you?” I asked him.

“Sorry,” he answered back. “I wasn’t able to come.”

That was it. No reason, to explanation, no nothing.

This comment only served to anger me even further than before. I logged off and sat there for a while. Once I was done fuming, I set up another lunch date with Tom. But, once again, he did not show up. And, again, the same response. “Sorry. I wasn’t able to come.”

No duh, buddy. Obviously you were not able to come, or you would have been there.

After the fourteenth time he did now show (hey, I was desperate), I decided to stop contacting him. There was no use in making up a fantasy person- like Tom, they would never be dependable.

I guess I should have listened to my friends- the internet is no place for meeting people.]

Well, that was longer than I expected it to be. Then again, stories I write usually are. I can never come to a conclusion without leaving out too much.

Wow, only twenty-something days left of school.  The horror.

I am going to read now. Farewell, good humans.

How Pleased You Look Reading That Funny Book

May 12, 2008

Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations

– a book I started last night and finished today. Seriously, I think it is the funniest book I have ever read. It was not the obvious kind of humor, just a subtle kind that I find especially amusing. Anyway, I am so happy I picked it up off of the library shelf because it is truly fantastic.

The holidays are Astronomy Day, Fatigue Syndrome Day (and, amazingly, I am not tired today), International Nurses Day (how many holidays relating to nurses are there?), and Limerick Day.

The color of the day is Cosmic Latté, a creamish shade of white. I think that is a rather spectacular name for a color.

The word of the day is a plural noun, ‘olio.’ Its definition is ‘a hodgepodge or medley.’

This afternoon, I have been looking at the site for quite a bit. It is a website where this woman basically posts awesome things. That is the best way I can describe it. Anyway, there are an abundance of magnificent links on there.

I have been adding more to my ‘for all occasions’ wishlist. There are many things on it. I suppose it is not really a wishlist, more of just a list of things I would buy if I had all of the money in the world. Though, honestly, that would be my worst nightmare.

Upon having a Hank-and-John-Green-related dream last night, I finally made an account on The link to my post is: in case you were wondering.

Man, I really want to get So, Now You Know… A Compendium of Completely Useless Information. It sounds like a book I would love. It is only $0.01 on amazon, but the shipping brings it up to four dollars. Perhaps I will buy it anyway, along with the ant farm I still have not ordered.

Oh, and I also wish I had the following books: The Ultimate Book of Useless Information: A Few Thousand More Things You Might Need to Know ( But Probably Don’t), BLA- 600 Incredibly Useless Facts: Something to Talk About When You Have Nothing Else To Say, Useless Knowledge: Answers to Questions You’d Never Think to Ask, The Emperor Who Ate the Bible: And More Strange Facts and Useless Information, The Book of Totally Useless Information, Woody Allen’s Without Feathers, and many others that I do not have time to list.

My goodness, I love books.

Speaking of love, I also adore the rain. And, hurrah, it has been raining all day long! There are rumors that it is supposed to rain all week long- now that would be something to blog about.

Speaking of time running out (or was I?), there are only twenty-three days left of ninth grade for me! I hate that- this year has gone by way too fast and I am not ready to be a sophomore yet. Oh my, a sophomore? No. I am still a freshman. I am barely used to that idea, and the year is nearly up.

More a bit later- my mother just came in and ordered the ant farm! It should not take too long to arrive- about three or four business days.

Farewell now, my various life forms.

May your rainy day be sweet.

“Correct papers at my window. I need them by tomorrow. *Hums Pachelbel’s Cannon*”

May 8, 2008

Well, what do you know, it is Wednesday again already. The year is flying by like there is no tomorrow.

I went to Giant twice today: once during the Wednesday Club where I purchased dragon fruit vitamin water. It was delicious. The other time was after, when my father called me and said he was at the Giant, which is right next to the library where we were, and that I should walk over there. I did so, after depositing my backpack, bag, and bag stuffed with books in the car. I checked out twenty-five books, you know. Instead of returning them in two weeks, I am probably going to take the full three weeks to read them. During the second time to Giant, I bought four bottles of SoBe Life Water, because I love flavored waters very much. These flavored waters are made with vitamins and herbs, which is pretty jokes. I bought it in Blackberry Grape, Pomegranate Cherry, Orange Tangerine, and Passionfruit Citrus. I drank some of the Orange Tangerine flavor and it is quite delicious.

Oh yeah, before returning my books I finished reading Hitler Youth. It was as depressing as one would expect it to be.

I continued my one hundred percent streak on vocabulary quizzes and we received the new list of words. They are simpler than ever before.

The first book I started on, which I am already about halfway through with, is titled Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge and is all about mnemonic devices. There are a few for the names of the presidents and I am going to be paying very close attention (and reading, and rereading) those ones.

Unfortunately, Valerie was not able to come to the Wednesday Club. Well, she was going to come late, but she was not able to follow Danya’s hand-drawn map to the library and ended up getting lost and just walking back to the school, where she had band practice soon anyway.

The word of the day is craven, meaning ‘cowardly.’ The holidays, which are devastatingly similar to yesterday’s, are School Nurses Day and National Tourism Day.

The color of the day is a shade of black (grey?) called Davy’s grey and is a greeny grey color.

Hey, did you know that the ‘dragon fruit’ is an actual fruit? I just looked it up.

Oh man, I also just looked up whether it is legal to drive golf carts on streets and, unfortunately, it is not. Where the speed limit is under thirty-five, it is legal, and neighborhoods may be okay- however, I do not really live in a neighborhood. It is more of a highway. There goes my dream of owning a forest green golf cart and driving it to the library whenever I want.

Oh bah, I felt so tired this morning. Luckily I no longer was once Wednesday Club arrived.

My second day of no contractions failed even more so than yesterday, the first. I think it would be best to try my hardest over the weekend so that I am used to it come Monday and school and all.

My good friend Laura, creator of, has started updating again after a brief hiatus. Her stories are extremely good- very funny and full of excellent lines- you really should read them.

Well, that is all I have to say. I am off to either read or get started on a wooly scarf I am knitting, made up of many stripes of various lovely colors. Plus I need to take out the trash and recycling and bring the laundry up.

Good night, everybody.

“For the LAST time, I have no idea what happened to the basketball. Mine just showed up one day, and you have no right to take it away like that. It has my name on it. See: right there, in bold black letters. Alright, so it is not MY name, but it is somebody’s alright. It could very well be mine in another life. Or not. Anyway, just cut the shenanigans and give me back my basketball.”

May 7, 2008

Hurray, the word of the day is ‘brio,’ meaning vigor or liveliness. Oh, and the number of the day is one hundred twenty-six. The holidays are Beverage Day, National Teacher’s Day, National Tourist Appreciation Day, National Nurses Day, and No Diet Day. Upon Wallie’s choice, the color of the day is a shade of green, today’s shade of which is one titled ‘grey asparagus,’ which is, evidently, a mixture of grey and the color ‘asparagus.’ Interesting, indeed.

Hurrah, I finished Sickened. It was inspiring. I have now moved onto Spud, which is also an excellent read. I am finished with that and am going to start and finish Hitler Youth before tomorrow after school, when the Wednesday Club will meet.

Huzzah, I have started (term used loosely) on the brainstorming of characters for my short story in English. Sometimes I jot down loose interpretations of the main characters, their names, and traits. In this case, I may or may not change the characters and plot completely before I decide on one. During NaNoWriMo, I wrote and rewrote the plot at least a half dozen times, sometimes getting even so far as to write a few thousand words before changing everything. In the end, I settled on the tale of Oliver Caspian, who hacks into computers of major companies and sends them spam upon the payment of one of their competitors for a living, if that makes even an ounce of sense. The point is, here are the main three characters for my current to-be-written short story:

Archibald “Archie” Lincoln- a rather sarcastic boy

Cabin “Cab” Everett- enthusiastic and talkative

Peter Scotts- the cliché extremely shy and smart reader

I am planning on Archie being the narrator of the story. At the beginning, I would have him explain how people always judge him on his last name, either thinking he is a stuck-up, rich, snobbish boy (based on his full name) or some sort of country bumpkin (based on his nickname).

Anyway, Archie, Cab, and Peter, all of whom are around seven or eight years old, meet up while exploring the woods behind the boys’ houses and quickly become friends. The highlight of the story is when the trio manages to build a tree house together.

So, yup, there is my first idea for a short story. I particularly like these characters and, even if I do not end up using them in this assignment, will most likely write them into something else, perhaps a ten page or so story in my own time.

Oh wow, did you know that in the UK there is a game (from what I gather, much like the ‘punch buggy’ thing we have going around where I live) called “Yellow Car” which, according to Wikipedia, involves yelling “Yellow Car” and striking someone close to you on spotting a yellow car. This sounds quite interesting; perhaps I will play this with my friends sometime. Maybe tomorrow during Wednesday Club- they will not know what hit them: literally.

Wow, I just clicked on ‘random article’ on Wikipedia and got turned to this amazing political/social activist/musician named Tom Morello. I looked him up on YouTube and, I must say, thank goodness for Wikipedia.

Also, guys, if you want to seem some truly spectacular videos, do a search for ‘typography’ on YouTube. There are many magnificent music videos and videos on speeches that people have made with typography. I especially love one of The Hush Sound’s “The Lions Roar” at Ah, typography, how wonderful you are. (Hey, I said this about books the either day, did I not? I am terribly sorry for being so ridiculously repetitive [have I said that before?].)

Ugh, I am getting super mixed up. This post is long enough now.

Good night, good morning, whatever you wish. Please hope that it rains tomorrow.