i am posting here

even though i haven’t since october

even though i’m not friends anymore with most people from my blogroll

taking them off would be sad, so i won’t.

even though i feel like i was a different person when i started this blog,

even though i’m not really that different at all.

life is nice right now, but not every day is nice. like, i remember it used to be that i loved every day ever, and i was always happy all the time, or i pretended to be, anyway. not anymore. now i don’t sleep nearly enough, and sometimes i don’t feel like talking to anybody, and sometimes i am extraordinarily happy for no reason at all. that bit’s still the same.

i am not exactly dreading college anymore, though i don’t know that i’m looking forward to it. maybe a little.

as of now i plan on becoming a first grade teacher, but i’m not even sure about that.

notice that i am not typing with capital letters. i’m not exactly into perfect grammar anymore. i used to be so careful about writing everything exactly right, the proper way, and i would never in a million years have typed an ‘I’ by itself without a capital letter. never ever.

i do things without thinking, nowadays. don’t know if that’s good or bad.

i talk more to different people, less to others.

sometimes i eavesdrop on people.

i’m a vegetarian now. have been since october 11th. it hasn’t been very difficult at all.

i have a tumblr. i never post here. i haven’t tweeted in about a month.

my mind is more cluttered

and i don’t get to sleep as easily because of it. i don’t always have nice dreams, and sometimes i don’t dream at all.

i’m angry sometimes, and sometimes i show it.

my life is more realistic.

if any of the above makes sense.

i have my braces off.

did i already say that?

i mean, this is what i looked like yesterday afternoon


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