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Starbursts are better slightly melted

June 25, 2009

A lot of people died today, as like every single other day. The difference is that two people happened to die today that are well-known. I knew of them, but not much more.

Today I baby-sat Lydia for about six hours and knit half a sock and watched one and a half Twilight Zone episodes. No more, no less.

This may end up being sixty-six words.

A WINNER and A brief post to say that

October 4, 2008

…babysitting yesterday really was not as bad as it was worked up to be. The kids were not angels, but none are, anyway. We had pizza for dinner (and I love pizza) and I made eighty dollars! That means I am well on my way to buying my new glasses. Hooray!

Hmm, do I have anything else to say? Let us see… (hey, is that not weird that the non-contraction form is ‘let us,’ so when I use it I speak of my self in the plural sense?)

Oh, guess what?  I love cardigans!  Okay, so that was not really a guessing sort of thing… but, anyway… I love them!  I do not even own them and I love them.  I have been looking at pictures of knitted cardigans for hours and hours over the last few days, and I love them even more every time I see a particularly amazing one.  I think I will start over on my Mrs. Darcy Cardigan with another pattern, just a basic cardigan pattern, one that I can wear with everything.  It is a good thing I do not have hundreds of dollars, because I would probably buy a lot of cardigans and then have no more.  Uh, that was a boring thing to write.  It bored me.  I take that back.

It seems like whenever I like something, I become obsessed with it… well, not exactly obsessed, but I like it a lot.  Likewise, there is nothing I ‘kind of like’ or am ‘okay’* with.  Right off the bat, I love something or I hate it.  Funny, considering my other views are not at all black or white.

I still need to find a dress for homecoming… though there is still plenty of time.


OH YEAH, I just remembered something very important!  LAURA IS THE WINNER OF THE 100th COMMENT AWARD!  Congratulations, Laura.  There will be a prize, I just have to decide what it will be… maybe a book or I could knit you something or buy you a candy bar or bake you cookies (you liked those butterscotch white chocolate ones… do you want me to make you some of those?) something.   Laura, what do you want?

Anyway, feel free to use this banner in any way you wish (the URL is, and congratulations again!

It links to your blog, in case you were wondering.

Best wishes!


And with that cheerful  note, goodbye everybody!  I have places to go and things to see.  Actually, I do not, but I am leaving anyway.


*For some reason, every time I type ‘okay’ the spell checker tries to correct it and say ‘Tokay.’  What the heck is ‘Tokay?’  Okay, I just checked, and it is a)a wine, b)a name, c)a place in Australia or New Mexico, e)a type of gecko, and d)the name of a high school.  Interesting.  I guess you really do learn a new thing every day.

Pointless questions do somebody nonexistent, and other things

October 3, 2008

How are you?  Do you like broccoli?  What about carp?  How do you feel about fog machines?  Have you ever imagined yourself becoming a flight attendant?  Do you have a preference towards neutral colors?  Given the chance, what would you name a cirrus intortus cloud?  Did you understand any of the questions I just asked you?

So, I do not think I failed the AP Euro test that I took today.  Eastern European Absolutism was the subject.  Yeah, I always say I do not think I failed them, and I have yet to pass, but… seriously, I think I did alright.  I am hoping I got a C.  If I am correct, I may do something radical.  Suggestions are welcome.

Other than AP Euro… hmm… well, I got my grade report today.  A, C, A, A.  Can you guess what the C was in?  Yup, AP Euro.  Ugh, I am talking about AP Euro once again… I really did not plan that.  Anyway, the C was a B, an 80%, but it went down to a 79% a day or so before they were printed out, it seems.  So, hopefully it will go back up again soon.

Oh, I think I might be babysitting for my mother’s friend son and I think two or three of his friends.  They are six or seven, I think.  That should be interesting.

I really have nothing more to say, and I want to do something else right now.



P.S. Hurrah, it is the weekend!  I hope you all have good ones.

Keeping my mind off of things

September 30, 2008

I spent today knitting on and off and writing my outline for AP Euro. I am still not done with it.

What a way to bring in the new year.

I am knitting arm warmers, in case you were wondering. Mostly it is so that I can wear short sleeves in fall and possibly in winter on the slightly warmer days, but also it is because I like instant gratification projects. Actually, it is also because I have been trying to use up some of my yarn that never seems to run out. So far I am succeeding. I am done with the first one, which is blue and green, and on to the second, a little over halfway done with it. It is red and yellow. Speaking of which, does anybody know why the primary colors are red, blue, and yellow yet when there are four main colors they are always red, blue, yellow, and green? What is so fantastic about green that it gets to join the club so often? I mean, green is nice and all, but it sort of feels like green is this hanger-on, like a wannabe primary color. Like red, blue, and yellow are the celebrities and green sometimes gets to hang out with them, you know, because red, blue, and yellow are so kind and generous and let the lower masses hang out with them out of the kindness in their hearts.


Whoever searched for ‘elephant cute’ and came across my blog, thank you. ‘Elephant cute’ has to be one of the best things to search for. So, kudos, to you. I like cute elephants as well.

I received two dollars for babysitting my neighbor’s five-month old baby today for about five or ten minutes. It was fun- babies are adorable. I would have done it for free, but they insisted on giving me the two dollars. Funny how people always do that.

Oh, something that made me laugh today was reading in my textbook about Frederick William I (at least, I think that was his name- hold on, let me check… yeah, that is indeed his name). He had, as the book puts it, a “bizarre, almost pathological love” for tall, handsome soldiers. He created his army out of these guys, and had agents trick and kidnap tall, handsome guys from all throughout Europe to be in his army.  He also hired some guy to paint portraits of his ‘favorites.’  Some of these European guys are crazy funny.  I wish all of them had such interesting quirks, so that I would be able to remember them easier.

Well, there is a gigantic storm outside, complete with rain, thunder, and lightning, and I want to finish the outline before the power blinks and I have to wait forever for the computer to turn back on.  So, goodbye.

Good luck and happy new year.


Right About Now, I Should Take Stop Reading About Abraham Lincoln and Take a Nap on the Porch Swing

May 2, 2008

…and that is exactly what I did. I was reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln outside on the porch swing when I set my book down and promptly fell asleep. Probably because I did not get to bed until 11:30 pm due to trying to finish my hedgehog book. I am dreadfully tired, even now.

I read about three books this afternoon. Now there are only about three more until I am finished with all of my library books. What an accomplishment.

The reason I was able to read so much is that today was a two hour early dismissal at school. I forgot about it, and the fact that it was Friday, until I got to school. Meaning I only had one word of the day and had to quickly find nine others for ten words Friday.

These ten words (the first one is the original, seeing as today’s letter of the day is ‘A’) are:

[1]Anencephalic- lacking a brain

[2]Eerie- weird, uncanny

[3]Febrile- feverish

[4]Joggle- to shake slightly

[5]Opprobrium- something that brings disgrace, infamy

[6]Pallid- pale, wan

[7]Progeny- offspring, children, descendants

[8]Stagger- waver or astonish

[9]Turmoil- a confused or agitated condition

[10]Viridescent- greenish

I used the second one, ‘eerie,’ many times. I found that it could easily fit into regular conversation.

Yesterday my grandparents gave me my late birthday present, which turned out to be: orange, red, violet, and neon green knee socks from! Exactly what I was hoping it would be. I wore the neon green pair today and felt very happy; bright colors always brighten my mood, not to mention that they are very comfortable.

Today’s holidays are Baby Day, Brothers and Sisters Day, and International Tuba Day. The number of the day is seventy-two, because its older brother seventy-seven always gets all of the attention. Wow, that almost rhymed.

Wallie did not fail in choosing the color/shade of the day. However, he was not too pleased when I guessed correctly what shade of orange it was. Macaroni and cheese like the Crayola crayon color, by the way. Monday will be a shade of blue (reminds me of The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love!” I love that song and began singing it when he told me this), and Tuesday will be a shade of green. From then on, nothing has been decided upon. Wow, that sort of rhymed as well!

My family is at the middle school talent show, where my younger sister is going to be singing. I stayed home and am babysitting Lydia, who is currently watching Lady and the Tramp– though she may have fallen asleep by now.

Today in Algebra II we took a quiz in four minutes. And I finished with time to spare. It was simple.

I am leaving this computer now and going to read and check on Lydia. Happy Friday, my associates, you rascally fellows. Just kidding.

Age, Two Hundred-Fifty-Year-Olds, Charlie and Lola, and Hyphenated Words

April 29, 2008

Oh wow, I will be fifteen tomorrow. I really do not feel like thinking about that fact, no matter how exciting it will be to be taken a tad more seriously.

I mentioned this yesterday, but my childhood is leaving me way too fast; by the time I catch up to it, it will be long gone.

On lighter terms, today is James Monroe’s two hundred-fiftieth birthday! What a shocker that Monroe is two-and-a-half centuries old. Really makes you feel younger, does it not?

Additionally, it is Great Poetry Reading Day. I have nobody to celebrate with, so I will be reading a poem, after I finish this, to myself.

My oh my, I saw the Girl With Dreadlocks again today. She was coming into my English classroom to ask my teacher something. I think her dreadlocks are just beginning, seeing as there were loose hairs and they were not completely locked in yet.

I still have yet to finish Einstein In Love. It is going by slow, regardless of the fact that it is an excellent book.

The word of the day is a hyphenated word meaning reckless or irresponsible. Still not know what it is? It is ‘harum-scarum,’ which, evidently, is also a movie starring Elvis Presley. Gee, you really do learn a new thing every day. A trite statement, but true nonetheless.

I baby-sat Lydia for about two hours while the rest of my family went to some band benefit for Clara. It was… interesting. Lydia becomes extremely crazy when adults are not around. She took to laughing at every little thing that happened, regardless of whether it was actually funny in the least. Little kids are such funny little humans.

We watched an episode of my favorite television show, Charlie and Lola, during part of the two hours. Luckily, Lydia likes it nearly as much as I do.

Thankfully, it was raining today! I have been wishing for it to do so, and my wish came true. I was able to use my umbrella practically and had a jolly old time singing the song “Singin’ In The Rain” while waiting for the bus to arrive and bring me on to education.

The word of the day is a hyphenated one- does that even count as a word? I do not know, but anyways… it is an adjective meaning ‘reckless or irresponsible.’ It also happens to be the title of a movie staring Elvis Presley. Still stumped? It is ‘harum-scarum!’ Exciting, eh?

Oh yeah, from now on (or at least as long as I can remember) there will also be a number of the day. I will chose a number most likely based on my mood, though if there are requests from friends and otherwise then their suggestions will be taken into consideration.

The very first number of the day is… eighteen! Not only is it divisible by itself and one like all other numbers, but also by three, six, and nine! What a happy, joyous number it is. I think of eighteen as being a wild, reckless (actually, to use the word of the day, harum-scarum!) kind of number. One who likes to have a good time but also keeps the majority of its thoughts bottled up inside.

So yes, it has been a lovely, remotely normal kind of day and I hope you all had one as well. Not the normal part -normalcy is overrated- but the lovely part.

Happy Birthday.

Just kidding.

April fool’s.