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I wish I had

May 18, 2009

something more interesting to say here about today, but I do not.

This morning was the Biology HSA, and our teacher made breakfast for everybody. As of this afternoon, I am passing math with a D-, a 60%, and upon seeing this I was WAY more overjoyed than I probably should be.

Other than that, hmm, well, I wrote one and a half thank you notes. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that my aunt Hollie gave me a FANTASTIC and SUCCULENT plant. It’s very smooth, and yet the ends are POINTY, much like a knitting needle.

Jake finished knitting a hat today, his first non-scarf project! Even though I had little to nothing to do with that, I still feel an odd sense of pride.

I’m getting to the root of The Boys from Brazil, by Ira Levin, and it is getting so marvelous that it is all I can do to not to be reading it right now. As I just found out, it was made into a movie in 1978, and subsequently remade this year, or will be remade this year. I can’t exactly tell. I will have to check that out once I’m finished with the book. Also, I will have to read The Stepford Wives. If only I could find it somewhere…

Perhaps a trip to Wonderbooks in in order! (I haven’t been there in SO long!)

The four books I got for my birthday have spontaneously gone missing, all but one that I found a little while ago, and the others have been missing since the day after I got them. So, I must search for those. Goodbye. I love you.

At the Library

February 11, 2009

As I said I would if I could, here I am, at the library for Wednesday Club, typing up a quick post.

My classes are going well thus far.  Math is really the only place I’m having any trouble. 

I have been watching a few television shows regularly lately, which is new for me.  They include The Office and Lie to Me.  Both truly are fantastic.

I haven’t been doing much in the way of knitting lately, though I have started a pair of aqua fingerless gloves and plan on other projects soon, perhaps including the cardigan I have so longed for.

We received class sign-ups for next year this morning.  I know I’ll be taking Child Development III and Latin III.  Other than that, I’m really not sure.

Yesterday a fantastic thing happened– I was checking out my school library’s discard pile (how can anybody bear to discard books, I ask?) and I found some of the best possible books: Looking For Alaska (!!! why would they be getting rid of this piece of awesomeness?!?), A Christmas Carol, another Sherlock Holmes collection, a book about London, Jurassic Park, and The Scarlet Letter were among them.  I was sure the librarian would stop me on my way out and say those books were accidentally put on the discard cart, but no such thing happened.

Anyway, I’m now trying to find some knitting patterns to print out while I’m here.  So long, farewell, I hope your days are nice.

I am in a blender, according to my facebook status. You know, because I have mixed feelings and all.

June 11, 2008

It is Wednesday and my second-to-last day of school. You all probably know that if you have ever read anything recently that I have written, considering I speak of those facts constantly, but I felt the need to mention it nonetheless.

Alright, today. Hmm… (cue numerals)

[1]Wednesday Club, our last one of the school year, was marvelous. We hope to continue it over the summer, though I am thinking it would be nice to go someplace else such as bowling or people watching or something.

There was this guy at Wednesday Club, this guy pretty much everyone else I know knows. I simply had not struck up a conversation with him before, though I had heard a lot about him from friends and such. The conversation we had was about me looking familiar to him. Actually, it was not really a conversation, more of a sort of greeting or… whatever… it got me thinking.

Am I a familiar face? I cannot really ask people that know me whether I am familiar to them, considering that would be pointless. So, hmm… unless I speak to perfect strangers and ask them whether I look familiar, then I guess I will not get an answer. Much like many things in life.

Other than that, we did not stray far from our usual Wednesday routine. I did get handed a free local newspaper at Giant, so that was pretty neat. I have not yet had much of a chance to look at it, but most definitely will after this post.

[2]Tomorrow is the last day of school… my goodness, this year sure heeded my beginning-of-the-year warning to, ‘hit the road, Jack.’

[3]Fantastically, I received my new Threadless shirts in the mail today. They are even more marvelous than I had thought they would be. I think I will wear Training for Utopia tomorrow. It is a nice end-of-the-year shirt, I think.

[4]This morning, I realized while on the bus to school that I had forgotten the yogurt and measuring cups needed for a Child Development project. I frantically phoned and text messaged both of my parents to see whether one of them could bring them in. My father ended up doing it, kind soul that he is. I must find a way to be less forgetful, seen by the next snippet-

I forgot both my yearbook and a book Daniel borrowed from me (The Princess Bride– despite being far overrated, it is one of the best books ever) at the library in the hands of friends. They will bring them to me at school tomorrow. In the meantime, does anybody have any ideas for remembering things? Preferably not relating to writing on hands- I did that for a while with writing the holidays and numbers and words of the day on my right hand, and whenever I leaned on my hand (which I do quite frequently) ink marks were left on the side of my face. Not that I minded so much, but my parents did not like that so much.

[5]And, as I was speaking of my father bringing things to school for me, listen to this- he was able to walk into the school right among the students, and nobody even stopped him. This worries me terribly- if he was able to walk in undetected, then would strangers be able to walk right in and leave a bomb in a bathroom or something? Perhaps school is not as safe as I once thought.

[6]Speaking of school, as I was quite a lot (considering, without school, I would not have much to do), there was a fire drill today. Nothing eventful happened, we just left the school and then came back in a few minutes later, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

[7]I took a final in both Child Development and Albegra II today. Both were quite easy, and I am hoping they will bring my grades up. My English grade went up to an A (despite what is being mentioned in the next section), my Child Development grade is an 88%, and my Math grade is hopeless (at 82%), so there is a sort of kind of slim chance I will get straight A’s. The Math final counts for 20% of my grade, so mayhaps that will help.

[8]We took our last vocabulary quiz in English today. I was so excited to finish my 100% streak that I finished it quickly, convinced that I got every one correct. Unfortunately, in my excitement I accidentally skipped a problem, making another one incorrect as well. Meaning I received a 92% on it. I was so upset.

[9]I finished reading The Death of Vishnu today. It was horribly sad, at least a lot of it was. The next book on my list is The Nazi Officer’s Wife, an equally sad book. I am thinking I will read a different book instead, one that is much happier so that my summer does not start off on a grievous foot. So, with this I ask you- does anoybody have any happy (or at least mostly) book recommendations? Thank you in advance.

[10]We received our schedules today. Mine is pretty much amazing. I got into all of the classes I wanted to be in. Unfortunately, I got a teacher for Math that everybody says is a bad teacher- must I be cursed with bad Math teachers when I am already not so good at Math? Also, I received an amazing teacher for AP Euro but, apparently, he is no longer going to be teaching that class so that will change. On top of that, a ton of people’s schedules are all messed up, with the same class but different teachers in one semester and other such mistakes. So, perhaps everybody’s schedules will be changed up.

Luckily, I have one of my favorite teachers for Latin II. So, all in all, it is great and I am looking forward to next year. I do not have many friends in my classes, but I never do so that will be fine.

In my schedule, I am signed up for Photography I and Guitar I in the same semester, meaning that I will have to carry around a camera and a guitar throughout the whole day. At least, providing that I do have to do that for those classes. I am not exactly sure.

[11]The number of the day is 3393 (chosen by Wallie- something to do with his birthdate), the word of the day is zazzy (flashy or stylish), and the holiday is Hug Holiday. I actually received more hugs than usual today, so that is good.

Anyway, (boy, I use that word often) I am off to do something. I am not sure what yet, but I will find something.

Farewell. (Wow, when I write again my freshman year will be over!)

Frozen Food and a Letter of Recommendation

June 7, 2008

The word of the day is wallydrag, a noun defined as , ‘a highly worthless person or animal.’ Everybody had a field day teasing Wallie about it.

The number of the day is thirty-one and the holidays are National Doughnut Day, National Gardening Exercise Day, and National Yo-Yo Day.

We got sand for our sandbox this afternoon. I spent quite a bit of time making castles (more like mounds) in the sand. We also got some super bubbles. They are awesome.

I got my letter of recommendation from Schoder today. It is really lovely to know that he thinks so highly of me- he says I am polite and people respect me and I am very analytical and mature for my age. How fantastic!

Also in English, we wrote out last timed writing assignment. There were two basic prompts to choose from, one about a memorable experience from the other person (not your) point of view, and the other a fictional story of a few subjects. I chose the subject of outer space and wrote a four page story, much longer than I can normally write without typing something up. A basic summary of my story is below.

It starts out telling the background of the first humans in the world. Rather than two, as the legend goes, there were in fact four people. Two of them were more curious than the others, and they went out to explore. They came across a swirling vortex and got sucked inside it and transported to outer space, where they founded a planet called Second and began their life there. Many years later, the two leaders of Second, O and N, have a problem- their community, as well as them, wish to know what happens to their people once they die. The Secondian death ritual is to drop the deceased over the edge of the planet, where they are propelled downwards and land on Earth, where the descendants of the other two original people lived. The bones of the deceased become warped from the impact of the long fall and become what the Earthlings think are “dinosaurs.” The ending does not really solve the problem at all.

Anyway, I think I did a really nice job on it. I am hoping it brings the 89% up to an A.

Also about grades- my Child Development grade is an 88% and there is the portfolio due next week, so hopefully that will bring that grade up to an A as well.

My Math grade went up 1% from a quiz we took today (I got an 88% on it, though I should have gotten a high A- the teacher counted the last problem correct with -4 as the answer though I checked it and there were, in fact, no real solutions; oh well.). There is a final we are taking next week that the teacher says is simple, so I am hoping that will bring my grade up. It is, after all, worth 20% of our final grade.

We had this really late dinner of a variety of delicious (and also unhealthy, but hey, you only live once) frozen foods tonight. The meal consisted of pepperoni pizza rolls, mini honey crunchy corn dogs (NERDFIGHTER FOOD!), and cheddar and bacon chicken nuggets. It was great.

Today was the last Friday of the school year! How odd it is to think that summer is nearly upon us. This year was at the speed of lightning.

Anyway, I am going to take a shower now and then go to bed. Farewell.

The Reasons I Am Happy and How Easily Upset I Become

May 13, 2008

The color of the day is scarlet, the holidays are Frog Jumping Day and Leprechaun Day, the letters of the day are A and B, the words of the day are acopic (meaning ‘curing to relieving fatigue’) and ballyhoo (meaning ‘blatant or sensational promotion’), and the number of the day is seven thousand seven hundred seventy-seven. It is rather sunny outside, but I am in a delightful mood nonetheless- there are many reasons, a few of which I will list below.

[1]Tomorrow is Wednesday, meaning another edition of the Wednesday Club

[2]I am wearing neon green socks, which always make me happy

[3]I think I may have gotten one hundred percent on my Algebra II quiz today

[4]I am feeling particularly in love with typography and color right now

[5]I am wearing a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt and this too makes me happy

[6]I am going to make something spectacular once this post is done

So yeah, obviously, as I mentioned and all, I am having a lovely day.

I finished Book of Reasons and am almost done with Teen Inc., which is great because I am going to return the books I have read thus far tomorrow.

Only a few more days until my ant farm arrives! I am going to dig up an anthill and find a queen ant among others to put in it.

Gee, I could use a huge glass of milk right about now. Yet another thing I will do once I finish this post.

Well, I still have some more room on this page to type. Therefore, I am going to write some random babble from the point of view of a blind (the window kind).

[Blinds are mysterious. It is almost like being invisible, being a blind. People pass by me, day after day, not realizing that I have feelings too. They scrunch me up at night, when I can finally have a chance to enjoy the view. When it is sunny, they draw me and I must stand still, regardless of the harsh sunlight seeping into my skin.

I have tried to make conversation a few times before; after all, being a blind is rather dull. Unfortunately, the couch does not make for a very good companion. Anyway, it is usually busy with somebody sitting on it. That does not seem interesting either, but at least the furniture has a chance to speak with the humans if they wish. Nobody converses with the blinds. Nobody seems to see them at all, for that matter. It is sort of ironic, how I am a blind yet it is others who cannot see me. Kind of ironic, how I know more about the layout of the living room than the humans do, considering they are the ones who designed it.

Before I came to this house, my life was exciting. I was in a shop full of other blinds to talk to, full of things to see and new people to observe. I was always a plain blind, but dreamed of being installed somewhere stimulating: I always thought it would be neat to be set up in a classroom, where I would be able to learn and see all of the children grow up, or a mental institution, perhaps, where I would be able to talk to the patients and nobody would care, considering they were already known to be crazy.

In the end, though, a seemingly nice couple came to the shop. When I saw them headed my way, I stood up nice and straight to look presentable. Once I noticed how young the couple was, I knew they would choose me. After all, I was, by far, the cheapest blind there. I was right about that, them deciding on me. When the delivery person came to pack me up, I gave a stiff wave to my blind friends. They wished me luck and I was on my way, to where I thought would be a better place and a final home for me.

Unfortunately, nobody every mentioned that being a blind is kinda like being a human. Those preposterous humans get so worked up over everything, so excited, and when the event finally comes it is never like they hoped it would be. They have a life goal, something they hope to be someday, and it always lets them down. Like being a blind, where I became so excited and so happy in dreaming up places I would be installed and how fun it would be. While, in the end, I am just hanging around wishing I had never been sold. It was much better in the shop, I always think. At least I got a good dusting every once in awhile when I was there.]

Holy mackerel, perhaps I should not have written that. Now I am getting upset… it is just like me to get worked up over blinds. There are blinds right in front of me right now, and now I feel so sorry for them. How preposterous a human I am.

Hearts your way.

‘Til then, penguin.

Of Skateboarding Cows Knocking Over Piles of Chance Cards and Somebody Being a Legend

May 10, 2008

For some reason, the internet is currently down in my house. Therefore, if this post is not put up until tomorrow (Sunday) then I have a perfectly valid excuse. If it is up today, then never mind that.

Ignore the above sentences.  Obviously, it is now back up.  It is amazing what a difference a quick restart makes.

Today I read most of A Higher Geometry, which has turned out to be a simple book but not a bad one. I suppose I just feel that it is simple because I have been reading mainly non-fiction titles lately. I am almost done with it and will be finishing it once I finish this post.

I finally started on my striped scarf but have only done a few rows so far. They are knit with a bright green yarn that Emily gave me.

Right now the majority of my family is at the mall. Honestly, I do not like the mall or anything it stands for. Even if I did, I have to stay home and baby-sit Benny and Abie right now. They are acting a bit off, mainly, I think, because it was raining all of yesterday and some of today so they could not play outside, and now they cannot because our parents are not home.

A little while ago, I watched “I Am Legend.” I really liked it, actually, though it made me cry a lot and scared me senseless at some parts. Either way, it was a very good movie.

I created a typography design (that I hope to use on a t-shirt) today. It is titled “A Conversation In Arial,” and features two unidentified people speaking back and forth. Without meaning to, I formed the words into the shape of a boat, and in the end formed it more so into one. As I said, I would like to print it out on iron transfer paper and iron it onto a t-shirt.

Here is a picture of it:

I am very excited about getting our puppy. A name suggestion that people are starting to agree on is ‘Gatsby.’ I much prefer it to Wyatt and Moose and, seeing as nobody has taken to my suggestions of ‘Theodore’ or ‘Octavius’ seriously.

Oh my, Mother’s Day is tomorrow! I am prepared with a lovely card I made, complete with pressed buttercup flower in a homemade envelope and a paper flower pop-up. I am quite proud of it, to be honest.

Hmm… I am trying to think of something to speak of.

Well, apparently yellow shoes are in, or, at least, were when a magazine I read a few weeks ago was written. It is a good thing that all of my shoes are green.

Oh yeah, I played Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition with my little brothers. It was… interesting. Benny kept running off into the sunroom and coming back with toy cows to switch the traditional pieces with, and Abie did the same with Pokemon. Apparently, it is hilarious when a tiny metal Altoids tin is on the same space as three cows. Even more so if one of the cows is riding on a toy skateboard.

Okay, I have to admit, that part was pretty hilarious. Still, it is not hilarious when the skateboarding cow knocks over the pile of chance cards. Not at all.

Hey, I think I may be ordering my gel ant farm today! That would be delightfully enthralling.

Happy Saturday, May tenth, 2008, specks of human.

May the force be with you.