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Typing this up early…

December 24, 2008

Usually I go to bed early on Christmas Eve and, what with Secret Santa and Hanukkah and all in a little while, I figured I’d post now just in case I don’t have a chance to later. I’ll add to this if I have time.

Also, because of Christmas tomorrow, I might not have a chance to post then either.

Now, now, what on earth have I been doing today?

First of all, I knit another soap sack, this time for my grandmother, the one that lives with us.

Secondly, I baked, Christmas-related, of course. I helped Emma make chocolate chip cookies first. She is very stubborn in that she wants to do everything herself, even though she’s never baked cookies herself before. She refused my help and instead tried to bake them herself. Like I figured she would, she messed up. Not even following the directions, she put all of the ingredients in the mixer at once instead of mixing them two or three at a time and then gradually adding more ingredients. Luckily, they were more or less saved, but they are kind of salty and taste as if whole wheat flour were in them instead of regular old flour. Not necessarily a bad thing, but still.

The second thing I baked was a few dozen butter balls. Yeah, that’s seriously what they’re called. Not my decision. I’ve made them once before and I don’t like them all that much, strange considering I usually go for any type of cookie. The rest of my family, however, reacts rather enthusiastically to them and enjoys them immensely so I figured, what the hey, it’s the holiday season, the time for giving and all of that jazz. To change things up a bit, I put a single chocolate chip in the center of the little cookies and I think they turned out rather nicely.

The third thing I baked, or just made, rather, not really baking, was chocolate covered pretzels for my father. He loves those, and usually we make them to give as gifts and he looks at them longingly. They have red and green sprinkles and are refrigerating now.

Oh, and I received Maureen Johnson’s cheer card in the mail today! Basically, it’s an autographed holiday card. Maureen Johnson is a fabulous young adult author, in case you’re out of the loop, in which case I shun you. Only kidding.

Now, now, the holidays are cheering me up a bit tooo much (if that’s possible) and I need to get off the computer. My hands are shaking with excitement, practically.

Oh oh oh, and I finished the ornament I was making! It’s titled The Life and Death of a Human because the top of it is shiny and cheerful, youthful and pure, and then, gradually, as the pretty colored sequins ran out, the colors become duller until, at the very end, they are drab as can be, as if aging. At the very bottom is a single bright colored sequin, a last sparkle before death. Very sad, but I am proud of it, and it has meaning, always a good thing.

Farewell my lovelies. I hope you all have very merry Christmases or Hanukkahs or Kwanzaas or whichever holidays you happen to celebrate. If nothing, then I hope you have marvelous upcoming days, anyhow.

Miss you.



************P.S.: Anwar/ has a new submission up on Threadless. What, you ask, is so awesome about it? Well, he used portraits of faces of people who volunteered in it! 34 people, in fact! And I am one of them! I am on the right side closer to the bottom than the top, reading a book of course, with long bangs. If you have an account on Threadless, 5 and buy, I tell you! Here’s the link:

Of three parts: Cookies, Pop-ups, and Miscellaneous

December 10, 2008

Firstly, cookies:

I am in the process of making cookies right now, both for Baked Goods Club (I missed last week) and just because my family loves cookies, particularly my father. He lets me stay up past my bedtime to bake cookies sometimes; that’s how much he loves them. Anyway, so, these particular cookies I am making are very soft and chewy and buttery, all miraculously AT THE SAME TIME. Mia, one of our two family creepers/cats, keeps trying to get at the dough that’s not cooked yet and then, when I enter the room, she begins to watch the ceiling fan spin around as if that could fool me. I am on to your evil cookie dough-stealing plot, you dastardly cat.

Secondly, Pop-ups:

This probably doesn’t deserve its own section and should be under the more vague “miscellaneous” category but, alas, I created the title before the post and I do not particularly want to go back and change it. Yesterday, I forgot a title altogether, so you all should be perfectly happy with a lame, misleading one. Anyway, so, pop-ups: for some reason, my computer has started aging and apparently forgetting to block pop-ups. There are a lot of ones for Wal-mart, and also for a video game website, and additionally for other random things, but those two are the ones that come up most often. I don’t really mind pop-ups, in fact, I sometimes quite like them, but I feel like letting you all know about this problem, if you could call it that, anyways.

Now, on to the brief, vague, miscellaneous part:

I have been looking at humorous and amusing (which happen to go hand in hand most of the time) things on the internet for the most of this afternoon. I have also been looking at fashion blogs of quite a few people. I have nothing accomplished, but hey, at least I have some inspiration to look back on.

And, indeed, that is all I have to say. I must get back to the cookie baking if I wish to finish by the end of the night.

Oh, joyous happenings, tomorrow is Wednesday and therefore the lovely Wednesday Club!

P.S. Also, I want to note that today’s AP Euro test was not the toughest yet, but it was definitely the one that involved the most writing: three pages rather than the usual tiny bit over two, and I could have written more, but I had to wrap it up, as time was running low.

Some things are done

October 9, 2008

So, as I think I already said, I finished the Chapter 19 AP Euro outline.

I also am pretty far with my To Kill a Mockingbird project. I decided to do a diorama, and am doing a model of the tree with the knothole in which Boo put gifts. I am also making/finding all of the items from the book t put inside. So far I just need chewing gum. I carved two soap dolls out of two bars of soap from when my mom made a lot of soap. I am still not sure what I am going to make the tree part out of, but I will soon enough.

Man, it sure feels like Sunday.

Oh, and I baked for tomorrow’s Baked Goods Club. There was one more egg so I was able to. I made four dozen butterscotch cookies and they are pretty good, but I think butterscotch is one of those things that make you sick when you have a lot of them.

EDIT (before I published it, though, so I guess it does not count as an edit): sorry, I wrote this all up and then left to walk the dog.  Good thing I checked my stats or I would not have noticed that it was not posted yet.

Anyway, I am going to eat sandwiches for dinner.


If I included a title it would sum up this entire post

October 8, 2008

I almost made a normal title, but it would have revealed too much of this post so I erased it and made the current one.

So, today… uh, it was pretty great. I got my AP Euro essay back today (from the last test) and, surprise, surprise, I got a ninety percent!!! This fantastic grade (especially compared to nearly every other test being a failing grade… literally) not only brightened my day but also brought my overall grade up 3%, from a 79 to an 82! This is marvelous. I hope to keep it at that the whole semester or bring it up. A B is a grade I would be happy with.

Oh, at the library today (Wednesday Club), I was looking through the used books/magazines/CDs sale, (which is always there, but I have not really ever looked through it before) and I found some truly fantastic finds! I bought three hardback books, each priced at a mere dollar, including Totally Useless Information, Great Mystery Stories, and Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I love these books and was quite pleased to find them. Also, I bought a paperback copy of Slapstick, by Kurt Vonnegut for a measly fifty cents and 2 Disc Best of Beethoven CDs for only $2! Hooray for used books/CDs!

Once I am done with this I will highlight the next chapter (19) in my AP Euro book. Then I will outline it, if I still have time left over before it gets too late. Also, if I have a chance, I will make the butterscotch cookies I did not get to make yesterday (providing that I find eggs in the chicken coop- otherwise, they will have to wait until tomorrow- hooray, no school tomorrow!).

That is all I have to say. Except, I have a lot of stuff on my plate but I am luckily not feeling as stressed out as a couple of days ago.

Farewell, my friends.

EDIT: I meant to mention that Laura received her prize, two bags of candy, from the grocery store. I believe they were Three Musketeers and Butterfingers, if that means anything to you.

No eggs? This has to be a joke.

October 8, 2008

Unfortunately, it is not. I wanted to make cookies tonight for both the Baked Goods Club and Wednesday Club (providing there were leftovers) but, of all the days in the world, there are no eggs at my house. I mean honestly, how crazy is that? We have chickens, for crying out loud. We always have eggs; so many, in fact, that we often give them away. However, Emma has been making lots of scrambled eggs lately, and so we have no more eggs. Just two eggs, and I could make cookies. We bought all of the other ingredients, but I did not think of buying eggs. We have not bought eggs in ages. And now we have none.

Besides running around the house and searching the entire chicken yard looking for eggs, today I almost finished the first chapter of the two chapters that I need to outline for AP Euro. I would be finished with it completely, but I stopped in order to make the cookies, I do not want to spend the rest of my night doing the rest of the outline. We have no school Thursday, so I will do it then. Ugh, and I need to do my To KIll a Mockingbird project. I think I will so the scrapbook one.

Goodbye now. I hope you all have had better luck today.

EDIT A MINUTE LATER: Oh yeah, and the fingerless gloves were VERY well received. I am glad.

Two dozen butterscotch and white chocolate chip cookies, packaged and ready for Monday.

September 28, 2008


Not tomorrow, Monday.

That is all.

Good night.

Trying to think of things to say

September 27, 2008

Tomorrow there will be a Model UN picnic. I cannot wait. I am making some kind of cookies and will possibly bring some sodas.

I got a free sample in the mail today. It is from Tatouage, which is a place for tattoos, except instead of for your body they are for your wall. I got a butterfly one

(just like this one)

and a border/design sort of thing. The butterfly one got kind of messed up, so I put the border one on top of the edge of the wing. I think it looks pretty great on my wall- kind of like I painted it there.

I have spent a lot of today reading pages from, the Best Page in the Universe. Though somewhat exaggerated, a found a lot of the ‘articles’ to be true, in an eerie way. They made/make me think, anyway. Check it out, if you have a chance.

So, what else did I do today? Not much. I woke up at almost 11 am, meaning I had about twelve hours of sleep, unfortunately. I had been planning on waking up at 8:30 am.

It is raining.

And now, my friends, I can think of nothing more to say. Funny how that always happens.


P.S. I am currently searching (well, I always am, but now more so) for some blogs/websites to read. Preferably ones that get updates moderately often.


The Boundless Dictionary Project, ‘T’ Day, Ten Word Friday, and an Abundance of Other Occasions

April 4, 2008

Today’s holidays (there are five of them!):

[1]Hug a Newsman Day

[2]National Walk To Work Day

[3]Walk Around Things Day

[4]School Librarian Day

[5]Tell A Lie Day

As you may recall, today’s letter of the day is ‘T’ and it also happens to be Ten Word Friday. Please note that I have paraphrased the dictionary definitions and in most cases only included one meaning for each word; there are, of course, many others. The ten words of today are as follows:

[1]Tatterdemalion- one who is tattered or ragged

[2]Tansy- immortality

[3]Patricide- the murder of one’s own father

[4]Jerkwater- insignificant

[5]Insectivorous- one who feeds on insects

[6]Hearsay- rumor

[7]Gratis- free

[8]Forswear- to swear falsely

[9]Fetter- restraint

[10]Blithe- merry, jolly

This day marks the beginning of a project I hope to continue, though I am guessing it will never end.

It was sparked from something my Geometry teacher told us last year; it was basically saying that dictionaries never end, as in if you look up a word then it will have a definition with a word you do not know in it, which will prompt you to look up another word, which in turn will include a word you do not know, and so on, meaning that it will be loopholing for eternity. I thought that was pretty interesting and recently decided that I will test this theory. For time consumption reasons, I will be using the online dictionary at the majority of the time. Because it will obviously never end, I will be continuing this in other posts indefinitely.

Now, on to the first installment! How this works is that I will just post the words. The first word will be ‘thesaurus,’ because I like irony. After all, I am using a dictionary rather than a thesaurus.

First Installment: From Thesaurus To Postulated































There; I think thirty is a nice, even number to start off with. So, in this installment I went from ‘thesaurus’ to ‘postulated.’ Interesting.

Ooh, for anybody who is interested, here are the designs of the four shirts I recently purchased from

[1]Calling Home

[2]Damn Scientists

[3]She Doesn’t Even Realize

[4]Lost A Wheel

I am off to do nothing now. Though, actually, I believe my mother has just finished making cookies. Perhaps I will have one of those and then… read, maybe. Yes, I think I will read.

Peace out.