sick, still.

I’ll have to go to the doctor tomorrow morning if I’m still sick, in which case I’ll also have to call in sick for work. Would be the first time calling in sick for my first time working in about three weeks.

I’m dizzy when I stand up and my throat feels like it’s closing in and I can hardly eat anything except for the occasional tuna melt without getting nauseous.

Emma’s started watching Buffy with me and it’s nice to have a watching companion to discuss and discuss and discuss. And, she loves it too. It’s exciting.

Early this morning, round 2:00 am, I woke up and Clara was pacing around the room, and the lights were all on. I thought I was imagining it at first, but I wasn’t, and I told her she should go to sleep and she went straight up to her bed. But, she didn’t even sleep there. She slept in the sunroom. So, I don’t know what was up.

Earlier today, Zinnia went into the kitchen and poured an entire box of Kix cereal into a big blue bowl. She carried it to the living room and was very pleased with herself. It was funny and cute even when she spilled it all and I had to clean it all up.

The eggs are in the incubator, have been for a few days now, and I am eagerly awaiting the day they will hatch. Some time in early August, I think.

ETA: I don’t believe I mentioned this, but I passed the AP Environmental Science exam! I got a 3. It thrilled me so much to have passed… I was so worried. And in two weeks or so I’ll be visiting American University. I think that’s my top choice for a college, at least so far as I know.


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