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You all knew

May 20, 2009

it was coming. The weekly Wednesday Club recap. Here it is again, in a new installment:

Today was Wednesday Club (as I say every week) and Rachel came along, which was different from usual. I hate to say it, but I always have a more enjoyable time when Rachel comes, maybe because we have so many inside jokes that it’s a blast to recount them, or maybe because we hardly ever see each other because of different class schedules and such. Either way, we spent the majority of the time talking about Star Trek (Spock in particular) and even found an auto-biography of Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock. It’s really fantastic. We also found a small but meaningful picture of Spock in an outdated teen magazine, which we sneakily and illegally tore out. Now we’re switching off months to use it as a very special bookmark.

Additionally, Rachel and I made a few prank calls, because we can sometimes be immature like that. Surprisingly, a few people did pick up to our randomly-chosen numbers (###-STR-TREK, ###-ONE-MICE, and ###-TRC-KMAN [Truckman]). Rachel answered one call with, “What were you doing with my woman?” but then became nervous and hung up. I actually struck up the confidence to play a trick on one guy named Norman, asking:
Me: Is this Mr. Wall?
Him: No, this is Normal Rockwell. (((I know, isn’t that great, his name was Norman Rockwell!)))
Me: Is there a Mrs. Wall there?
Him: No.
Me: Are there any Walls there?
Him: No.
Me: Then how does your house stay up?

I then proceeded to hang up right away, because I am a no-good coward and was also about to start laughing. I got that idea off the internet this morning; I guess it came in handy.

We also went to Giant and bought rainbow goldfish and chewy Chips Ahoy cookies (yes, pre-packaged cookies, I do admit to being a lover of Gene Wilder). Also, we played a card game, War, but became bored and stopped midway through. Then it was over, because our parents both arrived at precisely the same time. I went home. I did my math homework (speaking of math, I received some math money from my teacher today for being one of the only people quiet during the warm-up) and then began watching a movie called Man in the Moon. It’s eh so far. It’s about two sisters during the 1950’s who both fall in love with the same guy. Typical movie of that sort, I suppose, but there’s not much else on On Demand in the free movies section. Although, there WAS a movie called Bad Baby, an animated movie about a one-and-a-half year old. That sounds just a tad too ridiculous for me.

I’m working on my Photography research project about Gregory Crewdson right now, so I best be going.

Happy Wednesday! Have a great evening!

“Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.” -Jean Paul Richter

May 16, 2009

So, my party was this evening. I really loved it.

The people who could make it were as follows: Daniel, Ashley, Kaitlyn, Sarah J., Lizzy, Rachel, and Alexandra.

At first we were going to play Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64 but could not get it to work. Instead, we watched some YouTube videos and then we played Apples to Apples, which was as much fun as it always is, even if we didn’t even finish the second go-around of the circle.

Around 7:30 we had pasta for dinner, and then we watched maybe half an hour of Mamma Mia (after searching for it for ages, Rachel found it in the first place we looked, on the DVD shelf). That has to be one of the best feel-good movies ever.

Soon after, we ate cake. Now that it’s been revealed at the party, I can mention the message on the cake. It read:
“Happy Sixteenth Birthday Hope!
Love, Gene Wilder and Company”
Isn’t that excellent? Eating the cake, I felt like it truly was from Gene Wilder himself, as I was surrounded by good friends and a happy feeling was enveloping the room.

Next was the time for presents. I feel ridiculous naming all of the lovely gifts I received, but you must understand how marvelous and perfect and generous each gift was. I shall go in order of the names listed far above.
Daniel: a delightfully beautiful orchid that smells perfectly sweet and of course floral
Ashley: a fantastic calligraphy set– I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy
Kaitlyn: the Zombie Survival Guide; I shall keep this with me always, just in case
Sarah J.: sixty dollars, which I feel is far too much to spend on me, but I am immensely grateful nonetheless; I haven’t decided yet what to buy, but it will definitely be something amazing
Lizzy: a packed brown bag lunch (complete with a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich and an Izze!), sparklers, silly string, and a ten dollar bill; oh, and a gold dollar coin!
Rachel: an adorable little pot/container with a pulchritudinous old pocket watch inside it (I can just imagine a little old man carrying it around years and years ago, pulling it out to check the time)
Alexandra: a $25 Borders gift card– these are ALWAYS nice to have; I haven’t bought a book in quite some time

After the opening of the gifts, we lit the sparklers outside, and then we wandered around and watched more YouTube videos.

Not long from then, everybody had left except Daniel, whose mother was running later. While waiting for her to arrive, we walked around outside and then sat down, all the while talking about memories of wandering around, of horses and fearful places and being alone in the dark. Daniel’s so nice to talk to about stuff like that– around him, I suddenly remember stories related to the conversation, stories that, like he mentioned feeling, are perplexing as to whether they are memories or imagined thoughts. I found myself remembering my old house, how we would wake up to find horses in our yard from the farm next door, or how there was a great big walnut tree even though my father is allergic to walnuts. Little things like that, little things that in truth make up the whole of my existence, all of these little memories that have bonded together to create each and every one of my thoughts and feelings and brain… it’s so strange to think about all of that, but so wonderful to reminisce about that sort of thing. Daniel said that I should go over to his dad’s house one time (I think it was his dad’s?) and go exploring in the little back roads off the neighborhood. I think it sounds like a terrifically lovely and memorable event of the future.

Once Daniel left, I went back inside, where it was not nice and cool as it was outside, and where all of the normal things in life came back in a rush. There were no loud noises inside, and yet it was so much less peaceful than outside. Barefoot, walking in the cool, wet grass, it was so nice. And now, I’m on this hunk of computer and typing, typing, typing, and it’s well past midnight and I wish I were asleep and dreaming right about now.

And yet, I must get these thoughts on paper digital or otherwise, however insignificant they may be in the grand scheme of things.

And now, the above was rather pointless because I am done typing and about to go to bed.

Goodbye. Good night. Wherever you are and whoever you are, I hope you are safe and comfortable.

BEDA Installment Twenty: They’ve got dogs with no noses!

April 20, 2009

The title is a quote from The Parting of the Ways, episode thirteen of season one of the newer version of Doctor Who. I am positively in love with this show. I watched two episodes today, Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways. Unfortunately, that means that I’ve watched all of the episodes of season one that are available on Netflix Instance Queue, which also means that I will soon be suffering from Doctor Who withdrawal, at least until the next episodes arrive in the mail. That could take a while; my family is not the speediest at returning Netflix movies.

Other than the above, I went to school where I did not get very much accomplished, though I was one of the four people in my guitar class who didn’t get in big trouble today. Everybody, it seemed, could not stop talking, so that we didn’t end up getting to play at all.

After school, after the Doctor Who-watching, my family had tacos for dinner for my sister Clara’s early birthday dinner, and then I went to the supermarket with my father for dish detergent and sparkling flavored water (of the tangerine lime variety).

As of late, I’ve been searching high and low for stuffs to add to my birthday list. Whenever it’s near Christmas and whatnot, I collect up a ginormous list, but when it comes to birthdays I am forgetful and end up gallivanting off to list what I can remember wanting during the previous parts of the year. I am determined to compile a real and actual list soon. So far on it are: a Mental Floss subscription, a dictionary, a tape recorder, a gift card to Wonder Books (though I’m not sure that actually exists; if not, then a slip of paper that reads: “good for $XX to Wonder Books”), and any sort of Gene Wilder memorabilia. I’d also like a passing grade in PreCalc, though I’m sure that’s not possible.

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
-Oscar Wilde

My topics now are just about exhausted. Good day, sirs.

Question Twenty: What do you want to be when you grow up?

BEDA Installment Nineteen: Earlier than Usual

April 19, 2009

Last night and this morning was the sleepover, the Alfred Hitchcock sleepover. It was great. Rachel arrived sometime between 6:45 and 7:00, and soon after we began the movie-watching.

First off, we watched The Wicker Man, the 2006 version with Nicolas Cage. Rachel has been telling me how ridiculous it is, and so we thought we’d start the evening off with some humor. As I just found out, it turns out there’s a 1973 cult classic Wicker Man, which is apparently much better. We may have to see that some time and compare it to Cage’s hilarious performance. Did you know that Nicolas Cage’s middle name is “Kim?”

Secondly, we ate dinner (hot dogs, just like at “Big Guys” [what Rachel’s mother once called Five Guys]) and drank soda, along with the second movie, Suspicion, which was on PBS last night, beginning at 9 pm. It was excellent, not overdone in the least, unlike so many films of today.

After that, we watched Psycho, which was also amazingly eerie. There was something about it that was reminiscent of something else, but I’m still not sure what it was.

Finally, we watched an hour, maybe, of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and it was after ten or so minutes that I realized I’ve seen it before: I never knew what it was called, but I saw it before, a while ago, all but the first bit of it. Rachel and I fell asleep while watching this.

In the morning, we first woke up at 8 am, then went back to sleep and woke up at 9:30. At this time, we woke up for good and had chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, then played Mario Kart and Pokemon Stadium, both Nintendo 64-style.

Then Rachel left, nearly there is where you see me now. Once I finish this, I will be watching two taped episodes of Twilight Zone and then hopefully some Doctor Who, coupled with beginning to knit the convertible fingerless gloves.

OH MY GOODNESS, I just found this edited version of The Wicker Man, turning it into a trailer for a comedy version of it. If you’ve seen it, you HAVE TO SEE THIS. It is possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

And goodbyes to all of you, now! Happy Sunday, and good luck in any future endeavors!

Question Nineteen: What’s your favorite thing about Gene Wilder?

BEDA Installment Seventeen: Mark and his Mustard-hating Girlfriend

April 17, 2009

Greetings, BEDA buddies, if any of the three of you are reading this! (My BEDA buddies are Allyson, Katie, and Sophie; don’t they sound kind and endearing already?)

Now, on to the bulk of this post.

So my friend Rachel and I have this thing where we sort of make up something or base something on a single fact, then twist it into this long story/dialogue conversation. It’s fantastically fun, and we do it on a pretty regular basis. Today this fun quick-thinking talent came into motion many, many times, over and over again, one after another after another. It was grand.

So, you ask, when did all of this happen? What on earth were these perfect circumstances and where on earth were we? Well, today was the Day of Silence, as you may know. I honestly don’t remember too much of the day part, as it seems like a totally different day from this evening altogether. Anyway, so Rachel and I went to Baker Park after school for the Day of Silence “unveiling,” I guess you could call it. We ended up going to Faker Park, what we now call the other section of Baker Park, and got lost on our way to our intended location. Eventually, Rachel’s mom found us and directed us to the correct place, and by the time we got there it was nearly over. Everybody was standing in a circle and we kind of inched our way into it. About a minute after we joined the circle, it dispersed, and from then on it still kind of felt like the two of us were out of the “circle.” We did experiments, and every time we went closer into one of the “cliques” the others would slowly inch away. Despite this, though, it was a very interesting day. I now have some new, seemingly awesome acquaintances. We walked around for awhile, talking about Truckman and winding elaborate fantasies about how horrible he is. Ahem, I mean, elaborate TRUTHS about how horrible he is. We also spun elaborate fantasies about our friend Mark and his girlfriend. Mark has curly red hair and a large nose, and he drinks unsweetened tea. His girlfriend has a ridiculous sombrero-like hat that sings “When you wish upon a star” and she dislikes mustard. After not seeing Mark for quite a while, we saw him at Five Guys (where we ate dinner), where the yellow-shirted woman smiled at Rachel.

Later we saw baby ducks, which were adorable, and a little girl, also adorable, who walked right on up to us and drank some of Rachel’s Sprite, not until after she gave Rachel a hug to butter her up, of course. It was crazy. Rachel and I dipped our feet in the creek, and it was like walking on water. We also threw lucky pennies at the sidewalk for other people to pick up, though Rachel accidentally dropped her first penny in the creek. The second one almost went in the creek as well, but then it stopped a foot or so before reaching it.

After many jokes about Loopy Limon soda had been made as well as many other memories, my parents picked us up we went to Target with my family for a little while. There were these creepy motion-sensored baby dolls there, with deep, babbling voices. My parents bought me a ball filled with golden sparkles (not as bad as it sounds), the one I wanted another time but could not find a price tag for. I’m going to have to earn the money to pay them back, somehow. I have no honest-to-goodness cash right now, not even one dollar bill. All I have is change. I really do wish I had a job.

After Target, we went through the McDonald’s drive-through and bought snacks, then watched part of a terrifying Barbie movie (though it did have one redeeming quality: the villain looked like a caricature of Alan Rickman) on the way to dropping Rachel off, coupled with making plans for an Alfred Hitchcock sleepover tomorrow. And, get this, it would be IN A CAR. There’s a seriously nice DVD player in our red mini-van, and we’re going to fold the seats down and sleep there, watching scary and suspenseful movies and freaking ourselves out about being in a car when it’s pitch black outside. You can bet your buttons I’ll be making sure the doors are locked. I might even put sheets up on the windows so I don’t see outside. Actually, scratch that, then I’d be seeing shadows in the windows. I guess I’ll face the darkness.

In miscellaneous information:

My PreCalc grade went up to a fifty-two percent. Is it bad that a 90%, 30%, and 69%, combined, brought my grade up three percent?

The two skeins of yarn I bought for knitting the striped convertible mittens arrived today. The colors are dark green (jalapeno, it’s called) and light green (avocado) and look exceedingly nice together.

The word of the day is donnybrook, meaning “brawl” or “fracas.” I like that word. Donnybrook. Fracas is nice too, now that I think about it.

Now, this post is decently long enough, I’d say. Farewell, my friends.

P.S. Truckman kidnapped us, but not long after, Gene Wilder rescued us. He couldn’t make it to the Day of Silence gathering, as he had previous obligations (he’s John Proctor in a production of The Crucible), but let this be known.

Question Seventeen: What should I ask for for my birthday?

BEDA Installment Sixteen: Much Ado About Something

April 16, 2009

The title tells lies: I didn’t actually do much of anything today. Of course, if I try and remember all of the miniscule little details (redundancy!) then I might be able to write a decent amount. Here it goes!

[1]I woke up. It was approximately 5:45 am. I took a quick shower and then blow-dryed my bangs. Next, I dressed, in my purple pinstriped pants, striped green and navy shirt, and robot looking for love shirt. After that, I proceeded to put my shoes and socks on, then eat Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal and various other activities, such as getting my lunch ready. I started bringing my lunch yesterday. As today was day two, I must say this important lifestyle change is going quite well.

[2]After doing all that is necessary in getting ready for the school day, I waited for my bus for approximately one and a half minutes. Then, I went on to the bus, the first seat on the left, towards the bus doors (ensuring that I would be the first out in case of an emergency, or at least one of the firsts). On the way to school, I read some of Running With Scissors, though, as usual, I was mainly preoccupied with staring out the front bus windows at the sky, clouds, and other peaceful objects, which are extraordinarily pretty in the morning.

[3]The school day went by as it did yesterday, quick altogether yet slow in each individual class. In Photography, we had a substitute who seemed very angry at us all, from the very beginning. I don’t think she ever told us her name. After Photography was PreCalc, where I received the dreaded test back, the one that brought my grade down over ten percent. The grade was a thirty-nine percent. That’s the same percentage as the one I hung up on our fridge, jokingly, next to my brother’s one hundred percent Prefixes and Suffixes quiz. In Guitar, Sarah stole my book because I kept reading it when she was talking to me. Hey, it’s a good book. Eventually, I slammed both of her pinky fingers with my Biology textbook and she surrendered it back. Actually, I didn’t. I don’t even bring my Biology textbook to school.

[4]After school and a speedy goodbye to my friendlings, I went to my bus, on which I read more of Running with Scissors and also noticed that the Pixies guy got another haircut. Also, as he was getting off the bus he picked up a book that the person next to me dropped on the floor. That was the most human contact I have personally seen him commit to. The other two instances were when he was an anchor on our morning announcements (I missed that– my first class is so loud we hardly ever see them) and when he watched Wallie and others play Apples to Apples in their math class (there was also one other instance, perhaps about going to the restroom, but I’m lost on the details).

[5]Once I arrived home, at precisely 2:43 pm, two minutes earlier than usual, I vowed to watch a movie once I finished my homework. Before doing my homework, however, I read the rest of Running With Scissors. It may be my favorite of Augusten Burroughs’ memoirs, but it is by far the most horrifying. I felt like simultaneously laughing and crying at many parts while reading it.

[6]After the book was done, with a sigh, I did my homework. This involved a half hour of my time and two textbooks, Biology and PreCalc. It wasn’t that tortorous.

[7]By the time that was over and done with, and after I’d gone to the grocery store with my father (I love going to grocery stores), it was dinner time. We had barbeque chicken salad sandwiches.

[8]Once the table was cleared, I watched two and a half minutes of M is for Murder, a movie like I said I would watch. Then I got distracted and, after realizing the time, came in here to post this.

[9]The word of the day is carwichet, by the way. It is a pun, conundrum or perplexing question. Excellent, you think? So do I.

The end.

What the future holds: (or, rather, tomorrow) I’m immensely glad that tomorrow is Friday. Even with the shortened week, it seemed to drag on. Tomorrow is the Day of Silence, which I will be participating in as I did last year. I’m not going to the thing afterwards, for lack of a ride, but it will be a nice day, anyway, I think.

Well, I’m going to watch more of the movie. If I’m extremely good about staying on schedule, then perhaps I’ll finish it tonight.

“I don’t mean to sound – I don’t want it to come out funny, but I don’t like show business. I love – I love acting in films. I love it.”
-Gene Wilder

(doesn’t he sound kind?)

Question Sixteen: How do you explain the chilly, shivery feeling, I sometimes randomly experience?

BEDA Installment Fifteen: I just felt my cheek, and it was tremendously soft.

April 15, 2009

No, seriously. I don’t know why, but my cheek is REALLY SOFT right now. It’s NEVER been this soft before.

Let’s start this fantastic evening off with a quote.

“The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I decided this morning that I would have a good day, and, by golly, I did! This is despite the fact that I now have a forty-nine percent in PreCalc, and also despite the fact that I didn’t have my traditional breakfast of Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal. Math can’t bring me down! Neither can the lack of instant oatmeal in my system!

What did I do to make this day so swell? Many things contributed to this, not all occurring because of me, and in list form they shall be, in chronological order, starting…NOW!

[1]We collected our cheek DNA in Biology. This involved swishing tap water around in our mouth (it tasted of lead) and doing various things with the contaminated tap water, including adding alcohol to it (special alcohol’s cheaper than ordinary drinking alcohol, so the government added stuff to it that causes horrible vomiting so that nobody tries to cheat them, according to my Biology teacher). Then we put the cheek DNA in a tiny vial and were instructed to give it to our parents. I did as told.

[2]Next was Photography, where I developed two rolls of film (…at the SAME TIME!) and they actually turned out rather decently. Midway through the class, all sophomores were called down for an assembly about class rings. The guy hosting it was such a phony I could hardly stand it, standing up there with this great big sparkly ring on his finger and a fancy schmancy lavendar tie ’round his neck.

[3]Then was PreCalc, where I took a test that I inevitably failed. I’m not doing so great in that class, but I keep telling myself what someone else once told me, not to worry about anything that won’t matter in ten years. Not the wisest advice, in the scheme of things, but still helpful in keeping me from becoming extremely stressed out.

[4]My last class was Guitar, which went by very quickly and uneventfully. After school was when the real fun began.

[5]Today was Wednesday, therefore Wednesday Club, and therefore another trip to the library. I didn’t realize that the two Gene Wilder movies that I personally checked out, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, were due Monday, not Wednesday, as I checked them out on a Monday because of Spring Break changes. Unfortunately, that means I now owe the library money in overdue fines. Not much, surely less than five dollars, but still, it’s moderately down-hearting because I was just about to renew them yesterday and then ended up not doing so, as I knew I was going to return them today.

[6]Either way, I checked out four new movies as well as six new books. The movies are all destined to be excellent: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dial M for Murder, The Confederate States of America, and Psycho. All are seemingly classics and will be pippersnipper editions to my week of spare time. The books I checked out (also which I am excited to read) are: White People, I’m a Stranger Here Myself, A Good Story and Other Stories, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, Running with Scissors, and A Girl Named Zippy.

[7]In my spare time today, in other news, I knitted, and I also read My French Whore (a book by the ever-lovely Gene Wilder) and the play Waiting for Godot (both complimentary of Rachel). I don’t want to say anything about them because I would end up talking about them for ages (and I’d like to go to bed semi-early tonight), but I will say that they are two of the greatest things since words which mean nonsense (and I have a pretty big obsession with those sorts of words).

For goodness’ sakes, can you believe BEDA is halfway over? It’s going by so quickly.

I can’t wait to have a BEDA buddy! I love the idea of having my own, personal buddy that NOBODY else has.

Well, I best be heading to bed. It’s almost ten o’ clock, and, darn, I was hoping to go to bed earlier than usual. Cheerio!

NEXT DAY EDIT: I never added a question! Here it is, belatedly: Question Fifteen: What would your favorite room be like in your dream home?

BEDA Installment Eleven: And one day, it’ll sneak up on you and WHAM!

April 11, 2009

This is a picture of an Easter egg I dyed today. Easter egg dying is by no means a pasttime of mine, nor do I particularly enjoy it, but I felt obligate to do so, today, as the majority of my family was, and so I thought I’d make something out of it.

Here is another egg I dyed, with Rachel’s fantastically ingenious saying written on it in black colored pencil. There are many different views, as the saying is wrapped around the egg and you wouldn’t be able to read it otherwise.

(It reads, “Oscar’s Wilde, but Gene’s Wilder,” in case you can’t tell. Clever, no?)

And, for good measure, here’s a very blurry photo of something I’m knitting, a creature called a Grumpasaurus. It seems to be turning out nicely, though it is very, very red, as you can see.

Other than knitting and dying Easter eggs, I’ve been watching Doctor Who. I’m still on the first season even after so many months, but I’m getting there… I’m on Episode Eleven, titled “Boom Town.” I love that show more and more with each passing episode.

My sister Clara’s coming home from New York tonight, around midnight and just in time for Easter. Easter always seems to sneak up on me, and I don’t realize it’s nearly here until today, for instance, the day before the matter.

Other than the previous activities, I’ve just been blipping around today, examining the mysterious bruise on my arm and procrastinating on completeing my PreCalc practice quiz, which currently has about three problems done out of at least fifty (I don’t think I’m exaggerating about this, but I really hope so).

How about some quotes, now, to make up for saying just about nothing in today’s post?

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone elses opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
-Oscar Wilde

“A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.”
-Gene Wilder

Well, since it’s spring and all, and Easter is tomorrow, I am now going to put up some pictures of various cutesy things.

Goodbye now! I hope you all have thrilling days in the future!

Question Eleven: What are you most paranoid about?

BEDA Installment Ten: Is there any such thing?

April 10, 2009

Jeez Louise, I’ve already broken my own rule, designed to help me, by still using a question as the title.  I’m just going to use whatever I want for titles from now on.  The question came to my head in the blink of an eye, and I didn’t realize it was indeed a question until I’d finished writing it.

Anyway, today I woke up around 9:45 and proceeded to do a variety of countless pointless things throughout the day until a couple of hours ago, when I made this ball of plastic bag yarn (next to scissors for size):

while watching Doctor Who on Netflix Instant (that sounds like a combination of a breakfast drink and a coffee brand) until dinnertime.  Oh, and below is a picture I took with my cellphone yesterday, a picture of the beautiful lake at Eleanor’s house.

Isn’t the color beautiful?  I think I will be adding many more pictures in the future, to my posts, as it’s rather quick and simple to take pictures with my cellphone, send them in an email to myself, and put them up here.

Actually, this is back tracking, but now that I think about it, I also did some practice HSAs online for Biology.  I did decently, I believe.

Once it’s darker, tonight, my siblings and I are going outside to play Hide and go Seek in the Dark.  It will be grand.  I just know it.

I’m attempting to think of something else to speak of, but words are escaping me and thoughts are as well, it seems.  Oh, Rachel started a blog!!!  It’s at  I’m quite excited about it already, and her first post is up.  It relates heavily to Gene Wilder and J.D. Salinger, so I think some of you, if  not all of you, might really enjoy it.

Two months from tomorrow will be Gene Wilder’s birthday!  He will be seventy-six.  We should definitely have another Gene Wilder party then, in his honor.

Although this post is horribly short in relation to my previous posts, I am going to leave now.  I’ve been on the computer enough today, from watching Doctor Who, and my fingers are beginning to move by themself from the excitement of the world and such.

Question Ten: What are your favorite board games and why?

BEDA Installment Nine: How about we skip the titles in question form?

April 9, 2009

It seriously took me over half an hour to come up with a title, probably longer than it’s going to take me to write this, so I’m going to stop spending forever to think of questionable titles, regardless of the endless amusement I’m sure they give.

So, the party– it was yesterday to today, as you already know.  I got there about a half hour before Rachel and Eleanor and I watched a little bit of a movie called Awakenings while we were waiting.  It actually seemed to be really good, though we never finished watching it, so who knows.  Once Rachel arrived, it was 8:45 pm, maybe, and after watching a little bit more of Awakenings we started off the Gene Wilder party.  First, we watched Young Frankenstein, then The Producers, next Blazing Saddles, and finally Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which we all fell asleep while watching, me even before Gene Wilder came on, unfortunately. 

This morning, we woke up, of course, at approximately 8:15 am.  After some eggs, a game of Stones and Sand that didn’t work, and speaking about re-watching Willy Wonka but never doing so, we went into Eleanor’s backyard and off into a magical world.  There were two bridges, a large one and a small one (his younger brother), flowers all over the place (mostly lovely variations of daffodils), a gnome, lots of bamboo, a beautfiul aqua lake with a creaky dock with a fake duck and a fake pelican on it, cartoon-looking cows that Rachel and I were scared of, muddy deer tracks, two very dirty pigs that had red eyes, and loads of other things, so many I’m sure I can’t even remember them all.  It truly was like something from a book, a movie, so scenic, so picture-esque, and yet to mysterious, so vast.  We have plans to camp out there when the weather becomes warmer, right between the row of trees and the big bunches of sturdy, smooth bamboo.

Once the pick-up time had almost arrived, we decided we wanted some  more time, so we extended the sleepover to Rachel’s house.  We played hide-and-seek there, went for a brief walk, ate lunch, and also played a long game of Pretend in which somebody was trying to find us and kill us.  I will not divulge his name, but he liked the color red and tried to convert all birds to this color, other than cardinals, already his cohorts.  Once this game was very nearly over, I had to leave, but not before we gave the killer a new name, Truckman.

What?  Who posted that picture from  Oh, I must admit, it was me.

How could one not love Gene Wilder, though, honest to goodness?



Amazing, that man is.

Well, I’m going to do something else now.  Being outside and doing so many wonderfully simplistic things today and yesterday is making me itch to be off of the computer and on to something more interesting.

Toodleoo, goodbye to you, I hope you have a day not blue.

Question Nine: What are some of your favorite simple pleasures?