old times

It’s been awhile!

Going with Rachel and her brother and father to Pennsylvania was a MARVELOUS, MARVELOUS time. It was a week, and there are really so many great memories that I can only touch on a few of them, and in list form because I MUST go to sleep (working tomorrow.).

So, there was:
-Bravo the Great, a truly AWFUL assistant to this really great magician in Scranton
-and evil deer who hissed and reared at us, whom we then found lived right behind the house we were staying at
-Harry Potter role playing for DAYSSS, so that when I tried to say something NOT in a British accent, I found that I couldn’t.
-making couscous, and fluffing them after cooking them, and they were DELICIOUS
-playing pool and gin rummy and bananagrams
-going to a mining village twice, and on the second time going to the gift shop and buying PERFUME LAMPS, which are little battery powered lamps with compasses on the top- the best part about them is the set of warnings on the box, which include: ‘Do not use in dusty play,’ and ‘Do not clean it case using paint thinner.’ Those words exactly. HILARIOUS.

Speaking of hilarious, I’ve been watching “A Very Potter Sequel” and it is the funniest thing I’ve seen in so long. I forgot how BRILLIANT it all is… I’m going to have to re-watch it and also the original soon… though, I still have about twenty minutes left of the sequel, to be watched tomorrow before work.

Well, the trip was just great. There’s really so much to say about it but those were a few highlights. OH, and CARP– there were these two HUGE white fish following us around in the lake, and it was terrifying at the time. Now, though, I think back and laugh and laugh.

I finished a long, long pair of legwarmers yesterday.

This is with them cuffed three or four times. Trust me, they’re LONG.

Now I’ve gone back to knitting the pair of shorts I started a month or so ago. I’ve gotten pretty far with the second leg today.


EDITED TO ADD: I’ve now got a pair of thick wonderful cobalt blue leggings and a Three Wolf Moon shirt!
Andddd, happy August!


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