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I am an excellent procrastinator

November 18, 2008

I wish I knew how to turn the internet off because I keep surfing it instead of a)doing child development homework (due Friday, though, so it’s all good), b)studying for AP Euro (which I should probably be doing every week but nope, I’m too lazy), c)writing for nanowrimo–as of now I am 3k behind, which isn’t bad but still…, or d)one of the dirtloads (see, look, no need so curse) of other things I need to be doing right now.  But nooo, of course, I am surely one of the best procrastinators on the planet, either that or I need to be banned from the internet so I can actually get some work done.

I finished the five page joke in my story… now on to more interesting parts. (and no, five pages is not an exaggeration… five full pages, times new roman, single spaced… yes, I know I’m crazy… plus, everybody ended up dead in the end, all fourteen of the old men… morbid, too, yes, I know)

Bye now, as I said I have loads and loads of stuff to do and I would seriously like to get it done and stop procrastinating, no matter how horribly tempting it is.



November 7, 2008

Today was okay, nothing spectacular.  I have spent the whole afternoon working on my AP Euro outlines on again, off again, watching a few TV shows (for the first time other than The Office in forever!) and writing more for NaNoWriMo.  I am right on track, still, so that is going well.

I have loads left to do, mainly 1. take a shower, 2. work on my outlines more, and 3. finish watching The Office, so goodbye and good night.

7063 Words; this is great.

November 5, 2008

Just like last year, now that I have an idea and the others have failed (again, just like last year), the writing is coming easily and the words keep flowing.

I will only tell a little about my story, just because I don’t feel like saying that much.  Now that I have my daily word count done, I don’t want to think about it much anymore.

So, anyway, my story is from the point-of-view of John Cambridge, who has always been shadowed by his immensely well-known older brother, Sherlock (get it, Sherlock and John?  As in Holmes and Watson?).  It is kind of sort of a diary of John, except it is mostly just bits and bobs, little stories and facts and such, about John’s life.

A few quick facts about John:

-He collects miniatures, mainly miniature foods

-He is sixteen years old; his older brother is a little over a year older than him

-He likes acting

-All of his clothes are vintage, and he dresses formally all of the time

-He loves to read (I cannot imagine creating a character that doesn’t)

-He likes monkeys, especially baby monkeys, and unusual vegetables

-He thinks that he is very mature for his age; also, he never, ever procrastinates (unlike me)

-He wants to have an interesting job when he grows up but he has no idea what that is yet

This picture plays a small role in the story:

Well, enough about John.  My long weekend was great, thanks, though I spent most of it either writing for NaNoWriMo, thinking about NaNoWriMo, or looking at/reading NaNoWriMo-related things online.

Oh, and I am SO EXCITED to find out who wins the election, so, tremendously excited.  I wish I could stay up all night to find out as soon as possible, but alas, I would be so tired tomorrow if I did.

Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow is Wednesday Club!  Hooray!

Goodbye now, my friends.

All that are doing NaNoWriMo, good luck; I hope you are doing well.

All that are not, you should wish you were doing it, and I hope you do it someday.


5080 words, baby!

November 3, 2008

I rejoice in the fact that I am finally caught up.

P.S. Sorry about the sporadic posts lately.  With NaNoWriMo taking up much of my computer time, it will probably be like this during pretty much all of November.


NaNoWriMo Not Failed Attempt Number Two (the first being last year): 3432 Words

November 3, 2008

I think I am going to stick with this one.  I am not that far behind now.  4000 words, here I come.

Bye for now.

Failed NaNoWriMo Attempt Number Three: Stellar’s Unimaginary Friend

November 2, 2008

“GERONIMO!” Stellar yelled at the top of his lungs.  His friends looked confused.

“Uh, dude, why did you just yell ‘geronimo?'” Mark asked.

“Small joke,” Stellar replied.  “But really, why not?”

Paul spoke up.  “For one thing, you are weird, and for another, could you please stop kicking my elbow?”

“Terribly sorry, milady, I thought you were trying to steal my purse.”  Stellar stood up and bowed fancily.  “In the future, I will be sure not to let it happen again.”

Paul looked angry.  “How many times do I have to tell you that I am not a girl, and that you have no such purse of which you speak?” he questioned.  “Just because my features are womanly and my hair grows abnormally fast does not mean you can refer to me as one.  I will not stand for it.”

Stellar placed his index fingers on his temples.  “Right, because it is not cool to stand up for anything,” he said sarcastically.  “Why is it that society is so ridiculously messed up?”

“Dude, this conversation is pointless,” said Mark.

“And your excessive use of the word ‘dude’ is pointless,” Paul told him.

“As is your haircut, or lack thereof,” retorted Mark.

“Mark, Paul, let us leave this subject be.  Did you two know that the word ‘dude’ may have been used as early as 1883?” Stellar asked them.

Paul scratched his chin.  “Interesting.”

Mark merely groaned.  “Who cares?” he asked.

“I do,” said Stellar at once.  “As you should.”

“Right, dude,” Mark responded.

“Now, off with your head.”

“Wait a second,” Paul said quizzically.

“And we wait,” Mark put in.

Paul continued.  “Who said that?” he asked.

“Said what?”

Mark’s voice rose.  “And who said that?”

“Oh, hello,” said Stellar.  A girl, obviously the source of the mysterious voice, stood there.  It was silent for a moment.  “Your hair looks lovely, by the way.”  It was a rainbow of hues, splashes of color framing the girl’s pale face.

“Were you talking to me?” she asked quietly, hesitantly, scarcely believing her ears.

“Indeed I was,” Stellar answered.

The girl’s large violet eyes widened.

Failed NaNoWriMo Attempt Number Two: Boy (maybe it was because I used the same name for the character?)

November 2, 2008

His first name was Boy.  His last name was D, and sometimes people called him Boyd instead of Boy, adding on one more letter and zero more syllables in a way that almost made him sound normal.  Boyd was a perfectly acceptable name in his town, and whenever his counselor spoke to him about his lack of social activities, it was always brought up that going by the name ‘Boyd’ may eliminate some of the harsh treatment of his classmates.  Still, he preferred to be called Boy, as was on his birth certificate, and Clyde called him Boy as well so that was what he went by.  Clyde was Boy’s father, really just more of a guardian, and Boy thought highly of him.  Clyde was a writer, but what he wrote not even Boy knew.  He had an old typewriter that he had bought years ago for a quarter at the salvation army and he used seemingly endless rolls of plain white paper.  Every once in a while Clyde would be low on correction tape or ink and he would leave a tiny typed note on the radish bowl by the front door.  Boy would check the radish bowl each and every morning without fail and hop off to buy some ink or correction tape or sometimes groceries.  The typewriter materials were to be placed in the basket hanging on the door to the writing room and the groceries were immediately put away in the great brute of a fridge in the kitchen area.  Radishes, however, were of course always put right into the radish bowl.  Both Clyde and Boy loved radishes and ate them regularly.

Every so often Clyde would have a particularly good day of writing and the following day he would bring Boy to the gardening store to pick out a new package of seeds for planting in the vast garden they possessed.  So far Boy had mostly chosen different types of radishes, but there were pumpkins, lemons, and grapes in their yard as well as many other fruits and various vegetables, and Boy looked forward to expanding the garden to include even more varieties.

Other than gardening and going grocery shopping, Boy had many other interests, the most prominent of them being reading.  A time ago, when Boy had been approximately four years old, Clyde took him to the little bookstore down the street.  Well, it looked small from the outside, at least, but once one got inside it was obvious that the exterior was misleading.  The interior had the delicious scent of books and a great mass of them stuffed into every imaginable place.  Boy was still in awe of the place, and he and Clyde for the most part took weekly trips to the bookstore.  From these trips, they had amassed a cornucopia of reading material and started an impressive personal library.  The room also boasted two of what must surely be the most comfortable armchairs known to man, and Boy spent many nights curled up in the cushy green chair that he was most partial to, placing himself in a new world where all of the little troubles of his life would miraculously disappear.  A couple of times a month, Clyde would join him in the reading room, pulling a thick book off one of the many shelves and sitting in the blue chair opposite the green one.  Boy savored these days and took the chance to read scary stories, which, alone in the room and it being night, he would normally skip out on in favor or cheerier tales.

Aside from reading and gardening, however, Boy had little interests.  He did have collections, if those could be counted as interest, but other than that there was nothing.  His collections were many, and

Failed NaNoWriMo Attempt Number One: Somebody Named Boy

November 1, 2008

Last year, I had five or six failed starts to my NaNoWriMo novel before I found one I was happy with. Instead of just getting rid of them all, I have decided that I will post them here for your reading enjoyment (or lack thereof).

Be warned, though, this post and others with similar titles will include truly horrible writing, or at the very least something a little ridiculous.

Alrighty then, here it is:

“Geronimo,” she said quietly, and she jumped to her death.

“Please do not jump,” called a boy at the top of the cliff. He looked familiar, she thought, as she looked up at the source of the voice. From Latin class, maybe?

“It is a little late for that,” she replied, loudly so as to make sure he heard.

He scratched his chin, though she did not notice, what with falling down from the cliff. “Not necessarily,” he answered. “Grab this rope.” He threw down a thick somewhat fraying rope and she told her to grab hold of it.

She shrugged, all at once realizing both that the impact of the fall would literally be the death of her and that it was a strange sensation, shrugging while in the air. “This does not appear to be working, and I am about to be killed!” she yelled to the boy.

“Girl Plunges to Her Death; Boy Tries to Save Her, but Fails Miserably,” she thought, imagining the newspaper headlines.

On second thought, the girl added something. “Hey Boy, could you please not fail miserably?” she asked.

“I will try,” he replied, and he did a twirly maneuver with the rope, somehow managing to pull her up.

“Thanks,” the girl told him. Then she walked away.

“No problemo,” he said. “Really, though, how did you know my name?”

EDIT: After I had a miniature meltdown that ended with, “And I can’t even see because my bangs are covering my eyes!”, my mother trimmed my bangs. Now I feel calmer, happier, and much lighter, even though not even an inch was chopped off.

EDIT EVEN MORE: Also, I think I should let everybody know that the Halloween party I went to was awesome, other than the mountain hill we had to climb while trick-or-treating.  Plus, I actually got a normal amount of sleep, so now I am not sleeping the weekend away, which is always good.