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Tonight I gotta cut loose, footloose… kick off your Sunday shoes.

March 14, 2010

The daylight savings didn’t affect me as much as I thought it would. I corrected my watch time before going to sleep and my phone and computer corrected themselves. I woke up at 12:14 pm, meaning that without daylight savings I would have woken up at 11:14 am. Not long after I woke up, my parents went out running errands. While they were gone, I finished the back of my striped sweater and knit about three inches of the front. Whilst doing so, I watched “Footloose,” a marvelous marvelous movie which I’m surprised I hadn’t seen before. I also watched more “Torchwood,” and I’m nearly done with the second season. About an episode-and-a-half left.

Y’know, I’ve noticed that with rehearsal every day after school the days have been going by ridiculously quickly, a ton more so than usual.

I’m slowly making my way through various lists of the best 80’s teen movies. I’ve actually seen a bunch of them already, but there are still many more. If that’s a genre, then it would have to be my favorite. I love everything about them. 60’s/70’s sci-fi comes close, though, but I haven’t seen all that many of them so I can’t be particularly certain.

And Checkmate!

February 28, 2010

I tried to sleep in today, as late as I possible could. That ended up being not even noon. What kind of teenager am I?!? I had nearly twelve hours of sleep, anyway, and I don’t think I yawned even once today.

My parents went to a funeral, so Emma, Clara, and I switched off every half hour babysitting Lydia. Lydia, Benny, and I baked funfetti cupcakes.

I knit more of the sweater, and I’m about halfway done with one side of it. It’s coming along swimmingly.

While knitting, I watched more Torchwood, and I also watched a movie called “Surrogates.” It was terrifying. It’s about the future, where instead of living like regular humans, everybody has a robot version of themselves, a perfectly beautiful robot, and they live out their life for them. The actual person controls everything their robot does by thinking, and those brainwaves are transferred into actions. The movie was terrifying, it was. I must repeat that. By the end of it, I was immensely glad just to be human.

I also wrote the outline for my Oedipus Rex essay. I had an initial outline, but I changed it a lot for my actual essay, so I needed an updated one.

As part of dinner, my mother cooked fingerling potatoes with Parmesan cheese and flour and they were SO GOOD! Miniature versions of things are always better.

Surely but Deadly

February 27, 2010

I watched more episodes of Torchwood today, and I finished the first season. I also began knitting a sweater, even though I didn’t finish the other one, the green one. OH, and I finished the Noro Hat last night. Here’s a picture of it:

The sweater I’m knitting is purple, light blue, and dark blue so far, but will end up being a whole ocean of colors. I think I’m actually going to finish this one, unlike my many previous failed attempts.

I worked from 3 to 8 pm, but the time luckily went by quicker than usual. After my shift, I got my paycheck (63 dollars) and went to the clearance section, where I found a disposable camera for only $2.50 and a pack of 4 rolls of Kodak 400 speed film for only $3.50!!! Both were excellent finds. I also bought a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, cheesecake brownie flavored. It’s pretty darn good.

At work, John Wade made a rap about my name, and it went on for quite awhile. I was trying not to laugh.

Also at work, Pam gave me a bracelet that has my name on it. She got it from one of those gumball machine type things. That was so nice of her, I think!

Tomorrow will mostly be spent babysitting because my parents are going to a funeral of my Uncle Ray’s future father-in-law. It’s so sad that he died only a month before the wedding.

The will of the good

February 21, 2010

Today I woke up at eight something and at ten something my parents, Lydia, Zinnia, and I went to pick up Rachel. We went first to JoAnn’s (I bought two wondrously bulky yarns in lime and sky blue, as well as a set of size 8 double points and size 9 straight needles). We found shirts that are perfect for our Kirk is a Jerk shirts that we’ve been meaning to make for a long time. They were less than three dollars each!

We next had lunch at Five Guys, then my parents dropped us off at the main attraction- Goodwill! It didn’t have as much of a selection of clothing as usual (probably because on Sundays there is a 50% off all clothing, and people get all the good stuff early on), but we found Christmas sweaters! They are really great, and Rachel and I plan on wearing them tomorrow. I also bought three records, one book (The Best of LIFE, as in LIFE magazine- this was GREAT!), and many, many VHS tapes. I found a super sweet portable radio while I was checking out, and I bought that too. Rachel got two records, one book, and some movies as well. There was this awful guy standing in front of this particular group of records for like twenty minutes, and he was just looking through them to find ones that would be good for resale. It was terrible because I could see a lot of great ones where he was rifling through, and he had at least three Beatles albums held under his arm!

Anyway, then, we walked over to the costume makeup shop, but it turned out that it’s closed on Sundays! We looked in through the windows and it was a real bummer because they had all sorts of awesome stuff inside, like leg warmers! It’s so difficult to find leg warmers!

After that, we walked over to Frederick Coffee Company and bought Odwalla drinks, which were very good. Rachel got strawberry something and I got pink something. I don’t remember the specific names.

That all led up this evening, when I watched Torchwood and finished Benny’s fingerless gloves and rolled the bulky yarn in to balls. It is SO fun to roll this particular yarn into balls!

This weekend went by nice and slowly, I think because I wasn’t working today or yesterday and because I actually went places and did things. I hope future weekends are more like this one.

Skit scat scoodle doop, flip flop flee.

February 15, 2010

I woke up at noon, much to my dismay. Even so, the day went by slower than yesterday’s speedy hours. I had leftover Chinese a bit after waking, and then did not do much else the whole day. I watched an episode and a half of Torchwood and knit one fingerless mitten for Lydia (she loved Zinnia’s so much that I just HAD to) and… hmm…

I’m lending Clara and Emma money for them to buy a phone (Clara) and a new digital camera (Emma- hers broke a couple of months ago). It feels so weird to be able to loan people money. They probably won’t be able to pay me back for awhile, seeing as neither of them have jobs, of course, but now they say I’m the best sister ever and it is quite nice to have them being nice to me instead of their usual constant cruel jokes at my expense. Emma’s usually not that bad, but once Clara’s around they often gang up on me.

I’m still thinking of something to buy with my tax refund money, but no luck yet… I keep looking at beautiful handspun multicolored yarn on Etsy, but I have so much yarn already…

Speaking of yarn, my mother gave me four skeins of recycled sari silk yarn today! It’s BEAUTIFUL. I’m going to buy some more soon, hopefully, and make myself a long coat out of it, à la Joseph’s technicolor dream coat. Somebody else made something similar that they put up on Ravlery, and it leaves me BREATHLESS. The yarn itself is wondrous already.

I just realized that tofu is overrated; it’s just a curd to me.

February 15, 2010

Don’t you just love puns? Well, don’t you?

Today I watched the end of “The Count of Monte Cristo” and it was good, really good. I feel ridiculous saying that every movie I’ve watched lately is good, and makes it onto my list of favorite movies, but it’s true. Maybe I’ve just been picking really good movies to watch as of late.

While watching it, I started Zinnia’s fingerless gloves for the Ravelympics. I made one while watching that, and then the second while watching the first episode of the television show “Torchwood,” which is a spin-off of Doctor Who that I’ve just begun. It’s very good so far. All in all, the fingerless gloves took me less than two hours to make, and Zinnia LOVES them. She wouldn’t take them off. They are so TINY and ADORABLE, as is the name of the pattern for them: Sucky Thumb Mitts. Isn’t that the sweetest? Here’s a picture of the ones I made, out of a yarn whose colorway is called “Pink Lemonade.” Fitting, I think.

I tried to get a picture of them on her, but she kept wiggling and they kept coming out blurry. But, ohmygoodness, she’s so cute! I wish she didn’t ever have to grow up either. I’ll eat her up I love her so.

Um, other than the above I didn’t do much of note. The day went by so quickly, it being a Sunday and Valentine’s Day, of course. Those sorts of days always go by quickly. My mother made heart-shaped popovers for breakfast, which we had with strawberry milk and fruity pebbles (a rare cereal to find in our house, as my mother calls it a “junk cereal”), and for dinner we had Chinese food. Not too shabby, I’d say.

I’m looking forward to knitting and watching more Torchwood tomorrow, though I don’t yet know what I’ll be making.

Gracious, these posts are getting shorter every day! I need to stop being so brief. (ironic, considering I have a huge problem with going into the slightest of details about everything…)