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Up and then down

March 5, 2010

It was a wondrous day! The sun was shining, and Wallie and I were at the library. Then it became very windy, and we found that Rachel couldn’t come join us for dinner after rehearsal. So, a major bummer, but we still had a lot of fun- more so had she been there!

I gave Wallie his present today. Here it is:

Isn’t he precious?

For dinner Wallie and I had chicken sandwiches and lemonade, and then he got a banana and I got a pear. We also bought a package of raspberry center cookies, which were the best.

Tomorrow is set build with Rachel, and that shall be fun and fun indeed. Also (you knew this was coming), I can’t believe it’s Friday!

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world- not even our troubles.” -Charlie Chaplin

July 15, 2009

I was ABOUT to watch a movie from the 90’s based on Charlie Chaplin’s life, but then I decided I should re-read the biography of Charlie Chaplin before doing so. I haven’t read it for nearly a year, it seems. Instead, I watched about twenty minutes of a documentary-type deal about character actors, and then about five minutes of a movie about zombie acceptance. The zombies movie was way too gory and full of cursing, so I ditched that effort and am now watching a movie called “Phoebe in Wonderland.” It is much grander thus far, and so colorful and surreal that it is lovely. I am also knitting more of the hat that looks like a fish. I’m decently far.

Other than the fascinating dilemmas above, I woke up around 12:30 pm after about eight and a half hours of sleep. Not long after, I was whisked off to Wednesday Club. Daniel and Danya were there as well. Rachel and I thought we saw this one crazy kid at the library, but it turned out to be a woman who had a similar hairstyle and wore a black shirt (that is the essence of this crazy kid’s appearance). Oh, I finally paid my overdue fines (altogether not as high as I thought– a little over eight dollars) and I bought two books from the “books for sale” section of the library (A Brief History of Time and The Undertaking). Fifty cents each. Not too shabby.

There are slightly possible plans for Rachel and I to go to a free movie night at the library tomorrow evening. They’ll be showing “Doubt,” which seems to be a thoroughly promising film.

Dazed and Blazed: Drunk sets fire to own house

June 24, 2009

The title really has no significance whatsoever to today, although it does remind me a tad of the movie I saw today at Rachel’s house.

So, today I went to Wednesday Club, and Rachel and Kaitlyn were there, and we didn’t do much of anything although we DID act out scenes using the Star Trek action figures (but Kaitlyn pretty much refused to do so). Afterwards, Rachel’s mother drove her and Kaitlyn and I to Costco and we got pizza and churros, and then we drove to her house and ate the said foodstuffs. After that, we watched Donnie Darko as planned, and it was truly fantastic. I use those exact words for more or less every movie I see, but it still accurately describes it and other films so I will not refrain from repeatedly doing so.

Once Donnie Darko was over, we went for a walk to the creepy playground, went down the dark pathway, and then went to the back of the school and to the recess area. It brought back so many middle school memories, both good and bad, and it was strange because I started remembering all of this stuff I had completely forgotten about from seventh and eighth grade. It wasn’t exactly nostalgic but there was definitely something odd and slightly magical floating about the air.

I haven’t actually started knitting the socks yet but I think I’ll start tomorrow. I’m using a pattern that is Harry Potter inspired, which is always good.

My dad asked me a little while ago if I’d be interested in going to a Weezer concert if he can get tickets. One of the boss guys at his work gets all these free tickets to concerts and oftentimes offers them to my father. I think it’d be enjoyable to go to a Weezer concert but I’d feel like such an imposter since I don’t really even listen to their songs. I mean, I like them and all, but I’m not a true fan and so going to one of their concerts would be poser-ish.

Well, I have to baby-sit my little sister for many hours starting early tomorrow, so I best head to the sack a bit early.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that Rachel and Kaitlyn and I now have plans to make a horror movie. It’s going to be apocalyptic and involve the dark pathway mentioned above. That’s really all we have planned so far. We’re going to use Rachel’s dad’s old video camera, which is AWESOME.

EDIT AGAIN: I also forgot to mention that my Mental Floss magazine arrived today! It’s super great and had ads for things like DICTIONARIES and BOOK FESTIVALS and has articles about stuff like ordinary spices that are POISONOUS and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (love him!)

Just look at that facial hair WINNAGE:

And, of course, I’ve always been a fan of Thomas Paine:

A Brief Session

June 17, 2009

My day occurred as follows:
I went to the orthodontist where I changed the bands to these colors:

just like the colors of the Star Trek t-shirts! It was just as planned (although in real life the colors are more accurate to the original shirts, they look brighter here).

Next my mother picked up Rachel and Daniel and we went to the library for the first Wednesday Club of summer. We played cards for a little while and then watched some YouTube videos (The Yes Dance, various William Shatner songs, etc.). Next we walked around the library and played the In My Pants game until a bit after 5 pm when Daniel left. A few minutes later Rachel and I left (her mother brought me home).

Oh, also at the library, while we were watching YouTube videos, Daniel noticed that this boy was playing with Rachel’s and my Star Trek toys (Spock and Chekov). We’d left them on a table. Later the boy was watching the videos over our shoulders. It was strange.

Upon arriving home, I ate dinner and some ice cream and then watched part of Trouble with Tribbles with my younger brothers Abram and Bennett (or Abie and Benny, respectively). They seemed to like it, even if we only watched abut fifteen minutes before they went off to watch Jake play video games on the Playstation 2.

Now I am typing this up, and afterwards I don’t know what I’ll do. Perhaps I will watch some Star Trek or Doctor Who or maybe I’ll start on the originally intended Live Long and Prosper hat. Whatever it ends up being, I’m there.


Oh, and tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, unfortunately.

That is all.

This post will

June 4, 2009

probably be just about only regarding the Star Trek party, because it was the best that can be imagined and then multiplied by two hundred twenty-four point three. (It seems Spock’s statistics have been rubbing off on me)

Here is a collection of the quotes and memories and everything else regarding the time from the end of school yesterday to the present time and date. I have numbered them, though merely for the presentation values as they are not purposely in chronological order.

[1]School let out. Rachel, Daniel, and I walked to the library and Giant as per usual. On the way, Spock and I bickered, also as per usual. Scotty remained amused and was the first to walk through the automatic doors of Giant.

[2]At Giant, we bought drinks and then were on our way to the logical destination: the library. It was there that we found the word search of the week. Can you possibly guess the INGENIUS theme for this week? Allow me to enlighten you: the word search was a STAR TREK WORD SEARCH. Can you imagine how thrilled we were to find that this was so? I was able to complete mine before Spock completed his, winning the unofficial contest, but there were no hard feelings between us.

[3]After a long while talking and looking at books and all else, Spock and I sat down and played truth or dare (in character, of course) and Scotty went to sleep.

[4]Once it was the proper time, Rachel and I were brought to her house by her mother. On the way there, we spoke of (I almost typed “Spock of”) the incident that occurred during Rachel’s drama class that involved Truckman roleplaying Spock. The horror did not end there, but I am trying to forget that now, so let us move on…

[5]We got right to work watching Star Trek, though first we recapped with a quick viewing of DJ Spock, among other videos. Over the course of the sleepover, we watched around the same amount of episodes as last time, six or seven or eight, and we also watched the second and third Star Trek movies, The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock. Both were fantastic though, as Rachel and I agreed, it was strange to see the characters over a decade older and with much better graphics. It was also disconcerting that they did not wear the original uniforms, instead opting for red attire.

[6]After dinner (broccoli chicken casserole) we went for a walk for me to take pictures for my Photography class, as the first roll of film didn’t come out. The assignment is to shoot a roll during night using certain settings. So, anyway, we began walking down the pathway which leads to a playground right off of Rachel’s neighborhood (as we were planning to take some pictures there). However, we soon heard children laughing at the playground, and not wishing to be interrupted and such, we decided to try and spy on them to see if they showed any signs of leaving soon. We attempted to look through the great mass of trees and shrubbery that was blocking our view of the playground. Still, we could not see anything through the trees, so we thought nothing more of it and began to walk down the path into a trail that goes through the woods, a creek and such. As we came to this opening into the woods not far from the playground, however, we saw that it was pitch-black in those woods, and, frightened because of the darkness, we both ran back up the hill and proceeded to go to the playground after all. Perhaps the children would be gone. We neared the playground and walked over to the fence area close to the woods and, much to our surprise, there was nobody at the playground and nobody anywhere around us either. There was no way the children could have run away that quickly, as there is a large open area running into two other neighborhoods that is perfectly visible from the playground. And, yet, there was no one there, no signs of anybody either. We were beginning to become more scared, and it was getting darker, but still we took a few pictures at the playground, swang on the swings, and looked upside-down at the houses behind the swings. It looked bizarre, as if we were in an alternate universe, trapped in a snow globe without the glittery confetti around us. Bored of the playground and also becoming more apprehensive at the shivery feelings surrounding us, we walked on our way to the middle school, which is very close to Rachel’s house. After all, there were still more pictures to be taken. So, we walked on, and I noticed a strange orange-yellow glare in the camera lens, but still, there were pictures to be taken. We crossed the street to get to the school parking lot and began walking aimlessly around the sidewalk on the side of the school, to the back of the school. On our way there, we saw three or four small frogs hopping, a sure sign of rain or something else soon to be amiss. There is a long series of steps behind the school, and we walked up these steps and recalled the yearbook signing parties we had there during middle school. As we neared the top of the steps, we could see the back windows and doors of the cafeteria, where church meetings are said to be held after school. As we glanced into the doors and windows, we saw many people there, presumably for such a meeting. It seemed these people were looking at us, so we turned and began to hurry back down the stairs. Rachel jokingly warned me not to look back, as the victims in horror movies often do so before meeting their untimely deaths. Still, like an idiotic horror movie character, I turned around on my way down the stairs. There were now large sheets covering the doors and windows, so that nobody and nothing could be seen through them. Even the tall bits of the doors were covered. It was terrifying and for a moment I thought I imagined it, and yet the sheets were there, and Rachel and I were running down the long series of stairs, trying not to scream. I told Rachel what had happened and we began to really freak out, thinking about the laughing children and the sheets on the doors and windows and everything else. All the while, it was getting darker and beginning to rain, the kind of rain that is not soft and comforting but instead spiky, like bullets covering the earth. I quickly took pictures of Rachel and the surrounding areas, sincerely hoping that apparitions would not be visible when I develop these pictures. I’m still scared to death that there will be a hand reaching out in the picture, or a faded face of a child in one of the pictures from the playground. On our way walking back to Rachel’s house, there was a strange form of lightning, lightning that was blue and purple, lighting up the sky like something nuclear and dangerous. We rushed back to her house as quickly as we could.

[7]Thank goodness the rest of the day was not terrifying in the least, though the images still haunted our thoughts. We got to her house and ate chocolate covered almonds and continued with our Star Trek episodes and such, and then at around three in the morning we were barely able to keep our eyes opened and so attempted to go to sleep. Naturally, once we lay down we were unable to go to sleep, and thus decided to put on boring YouTube videos to help us rest. First we tried “Are you Popular,” an informational video made in 1947. One would think that would tire us, but instead it made us more alert, and now I keep thinking of Wally saying, “Boy, what a headache!” and Carolyn asking enthusiastically if she can help with the props for a school play or something. After that unsuccessful attempt to sleep, we watched some videos that show some girl putting on makeup. Often these videos were ten minutes long, and yet they were hilarious and srved to make us even MORE awake and giggly and such. We watched videos of Mozart’s laugh from the movie Amadeus. Then, for the rest of the day, we kept laughing like Mozart.

[8]Eventually, after a very long while when it was after 5 am, we got to sleep. I woke up at around 11:30 this morning and for the rest of the time we watched Star Trek and more YouTube videos, as expected, and had cornflakes for breakfast and tofu soup for lunch (we pretended it was Vulcan soup).

[9]”I am going to get you, Captain!”
“Koyk out.”
“No blah blah blah!”
“If you’re gonna be nasty, I’ll leave.”
“I can see you’re fwustwated, Captain.”
etc., etc., etc.

It was a very very fun time.

It is going to be immensely strange to go to school tomorrow after a day off, and then subsequently to have a weekend. It feels like today is a Sunday.

Goodbye now. I think I may bake something, or perhaps knit or perhaps read some more of I am Spock or perhaps… I do not know.

That reminds me: “Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.”

Live long and prosper.

The Clubhouse

November 13, 2008

At Wednesday Club today, we were able to use a meeting room as our own official little place.  It was lovely- there was a great rectangular table with chairs around it, a wheely podium, a portable coat rack, a sink, another smaller table, and all around enough room for everybody (and there were maybe ten people there today, so that was good).  There was also a heavy blue trashcan that reminded me of a robot.  The room reminded me of a secret clubhouse, and I love the idea of a secret clubhouse and have ALWAYS wanted one, so having one, even for only an hour or two, was an amazing feeling.  I’m sure I annoyed everybody by saying, “I love this” so many times.  Overall, it was perfect.  The only thing wrong about it is that there were double glass doors and another glass door as well, making it not at all soundproof and therefore making us cause quite a bit of ruckus.  Library Workers (what are they called, anyway?) came in a few times to tell us to quiet down, stay away from the blinds, stop wrestling (yeah, I don’t know what that whole fiasco was about), and basically STOP ACTING LIKE TEENAGERS.  Lydia came later on so Daniel could observe her for a Psychology project, which was interesting.

I am still far behind for NaNoWriMo.  I hope I win again this year but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it in time.  MAYBE, just maybe, if I write a lot really fast this weekend and whatever other weekends there are left in November, if any, then I will catch up.  If I don’t, I’ll try not to feel too disappointed but disappointment will inevitably come, I can only hope it goes away quickly.  I received the highest score I have ever gotten on an AP Euro multiple choice portion: 64%!  Originally it was 60%, but as always there were questions that were wrong on the answer key and, once those are fixed, I will have a 63.8…% score, rounded up to 64%.  I never thought I would say this, pre-AP Euro, but I am so happy that I got such high/low marks.  It’s a long shot, but maybe I’ll get an A overall this term.  Last term I received an 84% overall.

I leave you with another funny picture, compliments of

Lovely, isn’t it?  So, so clever…

“Hope missed the PSAT. She forgot about the full day and went out to the bus way too late, and neither of the cars are here so there is nobody to drive her to school.”

October 15, 2008

So that was the whole beginning of my day.  I missed the PSAT.  That ended up working out alright, because I was able to knit the main part of the hat.  I mentioned the hat, right?  Good.

At Wednesday Club (my mother drove me there once Jake brought the car home after his class) I finished it mostly.

PAPER TOWNS COMES OUT TOMORROW!  I am tremendously, tremendously excited.  I am not going to any of the release parties, just my own happy little party once it comes from UPS, but it will be a grand one-person party.

Oh, I checked out six seemingly-awesome books from the library.  They are all non-fiction, but that is okay with me.  I will have enough fiction on my hands with Paper Towns, reading and re-reading and re-reading it…

So, I, uh, have nothing else to say…

Except, I just noticed the poll feature.  Is that new or am I just terribly oblivious?  Either way, I am now posting a poll.

With that I leave you.  (Exciting, eh?)


If I included a title it would sum up this entire post

October 8, 2008

I almost made a normal title, but it would have revealed too much of this post so I erased it and made the current one.

So, today… uh, it was pretty great. I got my AP Euro essay back today (from the last test) and, surprise, surprise, I got a ninety percent!!! This fantastic grade (especially compared to nearly every other test being a failing grade… literally) not only brightened my day but also brought my overall grade up 3%, from a 79 to an 82! This is marvelous. I hope to keep it at that the whole semester or bring it up. A B is a grade I would be happy with.

Oh, at the library today (Wednesday Club), I was looking through the used books/magazines/CDs sale, (which is always there, but I have not really ever looked through it before) and I found some truly fantastic finds! I bought three hardback books, each priced at a mere dollar, including Totally Useless Information, Great Mystery Stories, and Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I love these books and was quite pleased to find them. Also, I bought a paperback copy of Slapstick, by Kurt Vonnegut for a measly fifty cents and 2 Disc Best of Beethoven CDs for only $2! Hooray for used books/CDs!

Once I am done with this I will highlight the next chapter (19) in my AP Euro book. Then I will outline it, if I still have time left over before it gets too late. Also, if I have a chance, I will make the butterscotch cookies I did not get to make yesterday (providing that I find eggs in the chicken coop- otherwise, they will have to wait until tomorrow- hooray, no school tomorrow!).

That is all I have to say. Except, I have a lot of stuff on my plate but I am luckily not feeling as stressed out as a couple of days ago.

Farewell, my friends.

EDIT: I meant to mention that Laura received her prize, two bags of candy, from the grocery store. I believe they were Three Musketeers and Butterfingers, if that means anything to you.

MY HUNDREDTH STRAIGHT POST!: On Books, Scavenger Hunts, More Books, and Gourmet Jelly Beans Mixed With Peach Rings

June 19, 2008

Yeah, my day was marvelously excellent. I woke up at about 9 am (sorry, obligatory wake-up time reference) and then proceeded to do nothing very remarkable until around 10:30, when Emma and I made peanut butter play dough. The rest of my family members were either at work (Jake, who started today, and my dad, who started a long, long time ago) or visiting my great aunt Jennifer who is here for our cousin Joey’s eye operation (they were basically going to be sitting in a tiny hotel room in Frederick and talking, and that did not sound like much fun to me so I opted to stay home). Later, for lunch, we had couscous and they were delicious. Then came time for Wednesday Club and the adventures that took place during it, which will take up the vast majority of the rest of this post.

So. Wednesday Club. It began at 2 pm. Only Laura and I were there because apparently everybody else either did not know about it or was not able to come. Scratch that- Brittany was there for a little bit, but then she left.

After accumulating a ridiculous amount of books (about fifty, I think, between the two of us), we were trying to think of something to do other than just read. Though, that was nice as well- but I wanted to do something I could not do at home.

In the end, I thought of something- a scavenger hunt at the grocery store, which lies about thirty feet away from the library. Okay, maybe not thirty feet. Maybe a lot more, maybe a lot less- I am not a very good judge of distances.

Anyway, the point is that we went on a scavenger hunt at Giant. It was tremendously fun. The things on our list were things such as ‘somebody with a funny shirt,’ ‘something with more than thirty ingredients,’ and ‘onion rings.’ There were thirteen items in all. It was really, really fun.

Once we finished with the scavenger hunt, we came across a random package of ‘gourmet jelly beans.’ The jelly beans came in forty-one lovely flavors, including wow! chocolate, blue Hawaiian, and verry blue (yeah, with two r’s and all), so of course we had to get them. We also got a package of gummy peach rings, because they sounded as if they would go nicely with jelly beans. After buying them, we went back to the library and sat on the benches outside. We played ‘guess that flavor’ with the jelly beans and it was loads of fun, even if the jelly bean company totally conned us our of a bunch of flavors that were not included in the package, such as the elusive verry blue.

Basically, it was a lot of fun. Plus, I found tons of good books at the library, including a few that were on my Amazon book wishlist, which was neat.

Once I got home, after dinner was over (surprisingly, Laura, it was macaroni and cheese like we were talking about at Giant!), I decided to take pictures of some things, mainly my books. It actually took a really long time to do so, because it was nearly impossible to show the titles of each of the books in one shot. I ended up dividing them up into five groups of five (amazingly, I checked out exactly twenty-five books, which happens to be my lucky number; that was purely accidental) before photographing them.

So, now, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the books I checked out at the libary! I included a complimentary picture of the typography poster I made that is hanging on my wall, just because I thought the picture looked neat.

Now, farewell!

EDIT: OH MY GOODNESS, this is my hundredth post!!!  HOORAY, HURRAH, HUZZAH!!!

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” -Socrates

June 14, 2008

I went to bed earlier than I would have last night because I wanted to wake up earlier than usual today. Unfortunately, this verbose plan did not work. For some reason, I ended up waking up at 1:19. Pm, not am, meaning I woke up much later than usual instead. This meant that I did not do much today and am hoping I can think of something to write about that will fulfill my daily quota. Hmm…

There is this perfume I really want for my birthday or whatever. Normally, I hate perfumes, but this company is fittingly called I Hate Perfumes, so I will make an exception. All of the scents for sale sound lovely, but the one I really would like is titled “In the Library.” It is the scent of old books, a smell which I love. I am also still hung up on the orange sunglasses I wanted long ago. If only I could find a job and buy such lovely things.

Today I downloaded a free full version of Bejeweled, simply because I have nothing to do. It is not as fun and/or addicting as I have heard it is, unfortunately. I could use an addicting game to pass the time sometimes.

Today I also finished reading The Nazi Officer’s Wife. It became sad, as all Holocaust stories are, but it was not tremendously sad as I had anticipated. It is a sort of good-for-them-they-survived sort of sadness. Like, sad for all that happened to them but also appreciative of the fact that the things did not happen to you.

I am trying to work on learning to type correctly. I can type rather fast as it is, but I do not type correctly with my fingers on all of the correct keys. I tend to use my ring fingers to type all of the letters other than the space bar which is given to my right thumb and the side keys which are given to my pinky fingers. It does not look very professional, though, and I like to look professional even if there is not a logical reason to be so. So, in the end, I am trying out Mavis Beacon. It is not working very well so far, as I like playing the games much more than the actual typing lessons. Plus, I just end up typing my usual way in the end. I guess it does not really matter what way I type as long as I do.

Anybody have any interesting websites I could pass the time looking at? I often end up looking at and doing random flickr searches, but any other ideas? I like to look at random pictures.

Hey, maybe I will make something. I will have to think about what to make, though…

Oh gee, I wish I could find some film somewhere for my polaroid camera. I think they have stopped producing it, though, so it is super expensive on ebay and such. I wonder if it is the same with izone camera film…

I just remembered something Laura told us about yesterday- ordering books per foot from Wonderbooks. We were contemplating buying a foot of books and seeing what we ended up with. I just checked on their website and a foot of books (when buying under sixteen feet of books) costs $11.99. Apparently, one foot of books is about 10-12 books. What an excellent deal- that is only about a dollar a book! I wonder what books we would end up with- I will have to try this sometime, once I get some money… ugh, again with the need for a job. I could do so many things if I only had some money… that sounds really materialistic, but it really is true. Most things cost money, and if I had some then I would be able to get books… and book-scented perfume… and orange sunglasses.

Another thing I remember we were talking about yesterday- a road trip. Laura said she would like to, and I have been wanting to for a while as well, go on a road trip. It would not really matter to me where we went, but anywhere wold be nice to go. Just imagine how fun and how many memories would be made from a road trip… and to get away from anybody and anyplace you know for a while, it would be so wonderful…

Oh, and I would like a set of encyclopedias… blegh, I sound terribly materialistic once again…

I am now going to go and make something. I will mention what it is tomorrow if it is interesting and works out nicely. Maybe I will even post pictures if I like what I make.


P.S. I am nearing my hundredth post! Only four more to go.

P.P.S. A storm has partly happened and I think there may be more to come.