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Not to worry

July 29, 2009

The computer’s been broken for around a week now. I’m using my grandparents’ computer at the moment. I’m able to check my email and such on my mother’s fancy schmancy phone with internet access, but only just so often. So, probably no posts from me here for awhile.

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, it’s more of the same old, same old. Knitting, reading, watching movies. That’s pretty much it.

Until we meet again.

Failed NaNoWriMo Attempt Number Two: Boy (maybe it was because I used the same name for the character?)

November 2, 2008

His first name was Boy.  His last name was D, and sometimes people called him Boyd instead of Boy, adding on one more letter and zero more syllables in a way that almost made him sound normal.  Boyd was a perfectly acceptable name in his town, and whenever his counselor spoke to him about his lack of social activities, it was always brought up that going by the name ‘Boyd’ may eliminate some of the harsh treatment of his classmates.  Still, he preferred to be called Boy, as was on his birth certificate, and Clyde called him Boy as well so that was what he went by.  Clyde was Boy’s father, really just more of a guardian, and Boy thought highly of him.  Clyde was a writer, but what he wrote not even Boy knew.  He had an old typewriter that he had bought years ago for a quarter at the salvation army and he used seemingly endless rolls of plain white paper.  Every once in a while Clyde would be low on correction tape or ink and he would leave a tiny typed note on the radish bowl by the front door.  Boy would check the radish bowl each and every morning without fail and hop off to buy some ink or correction tape or sometimes groceries.  The typewriter materials were to be placed in the basket hanging on the door to the writing room and the groceries were immediately put away in the great brute of a fridge in the kitchen area.  Radishes, however, were of course always put right into the radish bowl.  Both Clyde and Boy loved radishes and ate them regularly.

Every so often Clyde would have a particularly good day of writing and the following day he would bring Boy to the gardening store to pick out a new package of seeds for planting in the vast garden they possessed.  So far Boy had mostly chosen different types of radishes, but there were pumpkins, lemons, and grapes in their yard as well as many other fruits and various vegetables, and Boy looked forward to expanding the garden to include even more varieties.

Other than gardening and going grocery shopping, Boy had many other interests, the most prominent of them being reading.  A time ago, when Boy had been approximately four years old, Clyde took him to the little bookstore down the street.  Well, it looked small from the outside, at least, but once one got inside it was obvious that the exterior was misleading.  The interior had the delicious scent of books and a great mass of them stuffed into every imaginable place.  Boy was still in awe of the place, and he and Clyde for the most part took weekly trips to the bookstore.  From these trips, they had amassed a cornucopia of reading material and started an impressive personal library.  The room also boasted two of what must surely be the most comfortable armchairs known to man, and Boy spent many nights curled up in the cushy green chair that he was most partial to, placing himself in a new world where all of the little troubles of his life would miraculously disappear.  A couple of times a month, Clyde would join him in the reading room, pulling a thick book off one of the many shelves and sitting in the blue chair opposite the green one.  Boy savored these days and took the chance to read scary stories, which, alone in the room and it being night, he would normally skip out on in favor or cheerier tales.

Aside from reading and gardening, however, Boy had little interests.  He did have collections, if those could be counted as interest, but other than that there was nothing.  His collections were many, and

“Why is there a hole in your head? Oh, wait, nobody else can see that.”

September 28, 2008


(what does that even mean?)

A day where I felt like I did nothing.  Unless I have some material proof, most days leave me feeling like this.

I have a couple parties coming up.  Parties are good.  Plus Halloween, also good.  I still need to think of a costume to make.

I think my bald spot is growing back.  I guess my life is less stressful, or something… though it does not exactly feel like it.

I would include countdowns to things coming up (Halloween, NaNoWriMo, various parties, Paper Towns, etc.), but I do not feel like looking up how many days there are until ________, so I am not going to do so.

On a side track, I really like coupons.  I just got back from the grocery store, where my parents saved over forty dollars from coupons.  Yeah, coupons are pretty nice.

I have not done much reading lately… excluding schoolwork, of course, which I do not consider to count in this manner.

To Kill a Mockingbird, textbook on Western European History… nah, neither count.

I feel like watching the History Channel right about now… maybe when I am done with this.

Oh, I want to make a cardigan.  My Mrs. Darcy cardigan is going extremely slowly, probably because I only worked on it for one day.

I began unraveling the gigantic cabled sweater I bought from goodwill a while ago.  Here is what it looks like on Benny with his head cut off:

(though it really is much bigger in person)

Hmm, I want to make something with a lot of buttons.  I adore buttons.

Man, I wish money did not exist… bring back bartering!

Anyway, I am rambling, I should probably go now.


It seems that my viewer statistics are steadily growing.

September 14, 2008

3, 6, 6, 8, 9, 10.

Those are the current stats from the last six days. As much as it does not matter how many people are watching, I must admit that it did cheer me up greatly to see this. For a while, the numbers were relentlessly zig-zagging, and they have currently stopped doing so. Maybe the increase in views is due to the fact that I have been blogging more recently, or maybe now that school has started my life has become more interesting and readable. Either way, I am glad for it.

This weekend I mostly did a lot of reading and watching movies. Actually, I basically just read. I did the required reading of To Kill a Mockingbird for English, read some mildly interesting book that did not make a whole lot of sense, and re-read The Gospel According to Larry, Vote for Larry, and 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I re-watched Stardust (compliments of Netflix) and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which we recently added to our movie collection but I had yet to re-watch. I guess that a lot of things were repeated this weekend.

One thing, however, that was NOT repeated, was my making dinner rolls. Actually, I have not made them yet- they are currently in the bread machine and will be for about twenty-six more minutes, I believe. *runs to kitchen* Scratch that, only twenty-one more minutes. Then the oven and baking part, I guess. I am terribly excited. I really like all types of bread, especially homemade bread. It is so much better than store-bought, it really is. Every once in a while (but all to seldom) my mother makes a loaf of bread, corn muffins, or some other type of bread-related thing, and they are always so scrumptious. Who knows, maybe this dough business will turn into a hobby for me.

I am invited to a sleepover birthday party next weekend and have an amazing present coming in the mail for the recipient. Once it has been given, I will post a picture/ description. It really is amazing and I am sure she will love it (she being my friend Eleanor).

I am shaking a bit with anticipation for the dinner rolls to come out of the bread machine, so I really must be on my way.

Good luck in whatever it may be.

EDIT SOME TIME LATER: The dinner rolls have baked and somewhat cooled and guess what? They are delicious!

EDIT FOURTEEN SECONDS AFTER: The stats have increased from 10 to 16!

Plastic Bag Yarn, Leftover Pizza, and Temporarily Knowing a Word That My Older Brother Does Not

May 16, 2008

That just about sums up my Friday evening thus far. Other than some reading time. And, you know, breathing and all of that jazz.

Plastic bag yarn portion- I have wanted to do this for a while, and I did so today. Actually, I still am doing it- I just stopped in order to write this post. Making yarn out of grocery store bags, that is. I have a nice-sized ball of plastic bag yarn already, and only three bags have been transformed. Ah, transformed, such a magnificent way to describe the meticulous task. I love to transform things, and will most likely be knitting this particular transformation into a bag. If it is strong enough, I will use it to carry books back and forth from the library.

Leftover pizza- this, too, is self-explanatory. My mother is out for a knitting night with her friends (which she does every Friday night) and my father did not feel like cooking anything special, so we just had leftovers. I had white pizza. Delicious white pizza, that is.

Temporarily knowing a word that my older brother does not- yeah, this is probably the most self-explanatory of the three. Essentially, I told my brother that one of the words of the day is hypnophobia and I asked him whether he knew what it meant. Naturally, being the cocky, stubborn college student he occasionally is, he said he did. After a lot of prying, I found out that he did not, in fact, know what it meant. He guessed for a bit, and finally I told him. I will tell you all what it means in a few moments, along with the other things of the day.

And here I am, as promised, telling you the things of the day. The words of the day are hypnophobia (as mentioned- it is a morbid fear of falling asleep) and gormless (lacking intelligence or vitality). The number of the day is ninety-four, the holidays are Love a Tree Day, National Bike To Work Day, National Sea Monkey Day, and Wear Purple For Peace Day. I actually saw quite a few people wearing purple today, but I do not think the majority were actually celebrating it. Perhaps my friend Laura was- she was wearing purple socks, but I did not think to ask. Speaking of Laura, her dad has been offered a job and she may be moving to Chicago. I really, really, hope that she does not end up moving. This would tear me to pieces. I am trying not to think about it and become even further upset… Anyway, the color of the day is aquamarine. Wallie was thrilled about this as, evidently, it is his birthstone. I was equally thrilled because it is a rather lovely color.

Today in English, we were reading a poem aloud. The last line was something like, “I shall love, until life renews,” or something of the sort. Well, the person started it and said, “I shall love,” when, suddenly, there was a sound at the window. Everybody looked over, and a bird was falling right past the window. Mr. Schoder just goes, “continue the poem,” in that monotonous voice of his, and the person finishes, “…until life renews.” And, suddenly, the noise is there again and we all turn to the window once more. A second bird is falling fact first down right by our classroom window. I have no idea what happened to them. It was funny, in a morbid sort of way.

My siblings are watching Toy Story. Oh, how I love Toy Story.

Hey, did you know that (according to the Completely Useless, Yet Interesting, Facts Collection), “An apple, onion, and potato all have the same taste. The differences in flavor are caused by their smell. To prove this – pinch your nose and take a bite from each. They will all taste sweet.” I will most definitely need to test this out.

Also according to the Completely Useless, Yet Interesting, Facts Collection, there are two million different combinations of sandwiches that can be made from the Subway menu. Now, that is very interesting. Think of all of the possibilities! Oh, wait, you can not comprehend the idea of two million different sandwiches. Neither can I.

Now, I am off to finish making plastic bag yarn- there are many more bags and I would like to make a lot of it to start off with.

Good night, friends. Farewell, friends. Be merry, friends. And otherwise.

Finding A Few Amazing Websites, My Love of Words, and Books (all intertwined)

May 8, 2008

My blisters from doing the Rower in Gym finally went away yesterday. Unfortunately, we did it again today and I have fresh ones.

I believe we are going out to dinner tonight.

The word of the day is brouhaha, meaning an uproar or hubbub. The color of the day is a shade of brown, zinnwaldite, that ‘beige’ color of old telephones.

The holidays are Iris Day, No Socks Day, V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day), and World Red Cross/ World Red Crescent Day.

I finished reading a book called Get A Hobby, which I checked out because I have no hobbies other than reading, writing, going on the computer, and occasionally knitting. I found a few ideas that I may incorporate into my life, such as balloon twisting (balloon animal-making), ant farming, and knotting, all three of which I have always been interested in but never gotten around to acting upon. Right now I am reading up on how to make an ant farm.

The number of the day is nine hundred thirty-three.

Guess what? Today is Harry S. Truman’s one hundred twenty-fourth birthday! According to Wikipedia, Harry was a, “folksy, unassuming president,” who, “popularized such phrases as “the buck stops here” and, “if you can’t stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen.” His three main interests were reading, music, and history. Sounds like a pretty amazing guy, if you ask me.

Besides Get a Hobby!, I also started and finished reading My Secret: A PostSecret and am far along in Thirteen: The History of the World’s Most Popular Superstition.

Hey, have you ever heard of the obscure instrument called a ‘klaxophone?’ According to Wikipedia, The Klaxophone is an instrument created by the American composer Henry Fillmore. Made up of twelve car horns, it was created for use in his Klaxon March…this piece featured the instrument mounted on a table and powered by a car battery.” A strange and wonderful place the world is.

Oh my goodness, while searching for information on klaxophones I came across a phantasmagorical website called Wordie, at It is made up of lists of words and phrases, two of my favorite things! I am most definitely going to be spending a lot of time on this site in the near future.

Oh yeah, in English today we had a substitute and got to watch Star Wars: A New Hope! It is the first one made and I loved every minute of it that we have watched so far (we did not finish and hopefully will tomorrow, after the A Separate Peace test).

We received new pictures of the puppies we will have to choose from.  We are getting one in about three weeks.  Here is one of the photos below:

My favorite would definitely be the dark one in the back on the right side.  It has the best eyes.

For the second time, oh my goodness! I just had a sudden burst of happiness over my adoration of words and books. I love thee, fair words.

Wow, look at this site: about amazing pictures.

Random word: spookily. How fun it is to say and use!

And now, with amidst much of a brouhaha, I bid thee farewell. May you grow old surrounded by piles of words.

Just the Basics, Seeing As I Would Like to Begin Reading In A Hammock Outside as Soon as Possible

April 11, 2008

Today is Eight Track Tape Day and Barbershop Quartet Day. The word of the day is skedaddle, which means to run away hurriedly or flee. Just a reminder for me- Monday’s letter of the day is ‘K.’

Uh, today did not feel like a Friday. It felt more like a Thursday.

I am still searching for a pocket watch, though I think I may have found the perfect one. It looks like this:

Now, isn’t that nice? The regular hour and minute hands, plus a handy dandy little miniature seconds clock on the bottom!  I love that.

My birthday is in eighteen days. I am asking for a boatload of books, mainly dictionary sorts.

I ripped out the single written-on page in my Scrabble journal and am now recording the books I read in it. Just so I, you know, don’t check out the same book twice a year from now, not remembering that I already read it. I will carry it around with me everywhere.

I am currently reading The Lies Of Locke Lamora, though I suspect I will finish it by the end of this afternoon and will be able to move on to Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood, which is basically all about consumerism (obviously) and how companies target kids in their advertising and such.

In Gym today, we had to work out in the Weights Room. My arms feel like jelly right now.

Happy birthday to all whose birthday is today. May you all have many more years to come.

Ooh, this weekend I am going to convince my mother to allow me to have one of her many skeins of yarn- I want to knit up a pair of fingerless gloves, seeing as I do not like my fingers being covered but am sure that my sister will notice if I continue to wear hers. Because my hands are always cold. It’s a disease.

Have a magical weekend, everybody!