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I was overflowing with joy.

March 28, 2010

Yesterday was so wonderful it’s just… indescribable. I made so many new friends during the course of the musical, and I think I actually became a lot less shy because of it. After the final show, everybody was so enthusiastic but there was the overwhelming feeling of dread in the air, because the last show is not only the last show for Bye Bye Birdie, but also the last high school show EVER for the many, many downright amazing seniors. After the show, Ms. Lennon gave a little speech for each senior, starting with the ones who have been in one show and ending with the few that have been in seven shows. I felt like I was crying, the whole time, but when I felt my eyes there were no tears. Each speech was so touching, and memorable, and it made me wish I had known each senior myself that way. I hate knowing that I probably won’t see that many people from the musical much at all from now on, and it will be so strange having so much extra time. I wish we had a show every night, from now on to forever. It would be pure bliss.

I took picture yesterday, using a disposable camera. I’m nervous to get them developed because, once I do, I know I’ll cry, and I know I’ll be reminded of the many perfect times had during the rehearsals and shows. It will be interesting to see them, though, because they are mostly candid photos, and… ugh, I feel like crying right now.

On the bright side, I finished seaming the sweater and now only the sleeves are left. This sweater now holds so many memories of the musical. I knit it almost exclusively at school and during rehearsals and shows.

Who put the glitter on the floor?

March 26, 2010

Tonight was, though I did not deem it possible, even better than yesterday. We got another standing ovation. I dread the end of tomorrow, what will probably be close to the best day of my entire life. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN! I will probably cry at the end. Being on the stage crew for the musical has been one of the most fun experiences of my life. I only wish I had started on stage crew freshman year so I could have experienced it all even longer.

I finished the front of the sweater and have begun seaming it up now. I learned how to do an invisible seam and it is indeed invisible! It feels like magic.

My life will feel so much emptier once the musical is over. That sounds so over-dramatic, and hearing people say that in the past has always made everyone seem so ridiculous, but it really is true! I see it now!

Deja vu. Deja vu. You can say that again!

March 19, 2010

Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. I made up the AP Environmental Science test after school and it was kind of simple because (a)most questions were from past quizzes and (b)we went over the essay on it in class today… Mrs. McCook called it a freebie for those making it up.

In English we went outside (it was SO beautiful today!) and stood in a circle and took turns standing in the middle and reciting our Anglo-Saxon-style boasts about ourselves. My favorite part was when somebody said, “I am the son of a redneck dentist.” I laughed.

HEY NOW, I just typed in ‘demon monkey’ on google because, of course, I was looking for a picture of a demon monkey, and the demon monkey pictures I put up here a long time ago was the fourth result! Coolio!

The Conrad Birdie of the musical got suspended! This is ridiculous!

Hmm, what else… there’s rehearsal tomorrow, starting at 10 am. I can’t wait for it!

One of the stripes I’m knitting on the sweater is made of angora and it’ssosofticouldcry. I want a whole sweater made of this stuff. Scratch that, I want a SUIT made of angora. And a blanket. And leg warmers. Probably the most I’ll ever get is the latter.

At rehearsal, Rachel and Jake and I did a tribal dance involving wooden boards that were outside and the Ugga Bugga Boo chant, which goes like this: “Ugga Bugga Ugga Bugga Ugga Bugga Ugga Bugga… BOOOOOO!” It was great, and well worth the half hour we spent looking for Jake. It was like he temporarily became invisible!

I can go the distance.

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (before I forget)

I almost did forget this morning, but luckily Clara reminded me before I left for school. She remembered after seeing out shoes by the front door, because the “leprechauns” always leave us little treats in our shoes. And green milk. You know, because you totally can’t buy green milk in stores.

School went by terrifically fast because it was Club Day. I signed up for Scrabble Club, which then ended up being the same block as German Club (which was apparently changed to third block), so I went to Scrabble Club for today. I was really in the mood to play scrabble. I ended up losing by one point to Rachel. It was us and this guy called Ian who were playing.

First block was History Club, and we watched some movie or other related to history, from the 1940’s, and it was a propaganda sort of movie that the U.S. played to get people back home into the war. The best parts were (1)when the narrator said, “Yes, this all really happened,” and (2)when a mother said, “and here’s our daughter, the prettiest there is to be seen,” and the narrator guy said, “I’ll say!” I knitted during all of my clubs, which were Scrabble and History and MSA. It was a relaxing day, and then it was rehearsal.

Everybody in stage crew is so stressed out these days! I wanted to tell everyone to just sit down for a minute and take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world if you miss a cue! I left about a half hour early from rehearsal because my mother was in the area and didn’t wish to make another trip to come get me, and then I came home. I started homework (an Anglo-Saxon boast for English class) and then I ate dinner, and then I finished homework. Tomorrow I will be at Medieval Times for pretty much the whole school day. That’s exciting!

Oh, also, in rehearsal Rachel and I attempted to play pranks on people involving this one room. The room is dreadfully boring, and so we thought, hey, why not liven things up? The prank entailed getting me getting somebody to go into the room. Rachel hid behind the door, where the light switch is, and then as soon as anybody went too close to the door and light switch she would turn the lights off. We got this one guy really good. It was pretty hilarious, but I’m generally awful at playing pranks because I can’t keep a straight face for the life of me. That’s been a long-going project that I haven’t completed yet, unfortunately.

It feels like morning

March 6, 2010

Today I went to set build with Rachel and got home from that around 5:06 pm. Then I unraveled the entire striped sweater I’ve been knitting because I realized it was far too small. After dinner, I babysat Zinnia while my parents cleaned up around the house in preparation for the family birthday party tomorrow. Zinnia fell asleep and I did too, and when I woke up less than two hours later I thought it was morning. It still feels like it, even though I know it’s not. So good night now. This weekend has just not been one for staying up late… but I guess that’s fine with me.

EDIT: I forgot to mention on Friday (Wallie wanted me to talk about this) that during Wednesday Club on Friday I forgot what year it was. Wallie mentioned it being 2010 and I was like, “What are you talking about? It’s 2011!” and I was serious… I don’t know what came over me… it was very, very strange.

Stranger Danger

March 4, 2010

I finished Wallie’s present today!

Whoa, there, I was just about to say, ‘here’s a picture of it!’ Good thing I stopped myself! Wallie reads this occasionally- that would have been tragic!

I also watched “Kindergarten Cop,” which Rachel lent me time and time ago. It was a swell piece of cinema!

Emma’s making Russian Tea Cakes for her Creative Arts class at school, and I ate one and MMM I WANT MORE. But, the rest are for her class. Bummer.

Tomorrow will be a Wednesday Club on Friday. The Saturday one isn’t going to work because Wallie’s having a family birthday party then.

SO, I knit and I watched Kindergarten Cop and then I changed the sheets on my bed, because I came across my Lion King sheets from elementary school. I LOVE THEM. I also have Lion King hair clips, and I wore one the other day and Mr. Ward noticed. He loves Disney beyond measure, in case you didn’t know that, which, if you know me and thus go to my school, you probably did.

We learned how to speak in past tense in German class today! Now we don’t sound like cavemen!

I’m terribly excited for the Halpert baby to be born on The Office in less than half an hour, by the way.

And I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!

Why, I oughta…

March 3, 2010

So, it’s Wallie’s birthday… I totally didn’t finish his present in time, but I got most of it done… I probably would have finished it tonight if it hadn’t been for the house-wide search for the diamond from my mother’s wedding ring, which is still LOST. I definitely would have finished it if it hadn’t been for stage crew. Stage Crew was super fun. I spoke to Rachel for a long time, Brandon for a while, and Manny for a very little bit of time. There wasn’t much to do in regards to stage crew stuff, so mostly I just watched the rehearsal. OH OH OH, but in Stage Crew I guess every year they assign nicknames for each member based on a certain movie. This year’s movie is “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and the managers (Sara and Brittany) assigned me as Sir Robin! That’s horribly exciting, as “Brave Sir Robin” is probably my favorite song in the whole movie. Also, Ms. Lennon gave the stage crew doughnuts, and they were great. I don’t really like average kinds of doughnuts, but any sort of doughnut with filling tends to be delicious.

After Stage Crew, I came home, and I began my homework and then ate dinner. Then I finished my homework. I actually had a ton of homework today, but luckily had extra time in my classes and was able to get most of it done at school, other than AP ES homework, which is always abundant and takes a long, long time. Today it didn’t take me as long as usual, though. Very good.

Instead of Thursday Club tomorrow, there is going to be a Saturday Club. Wallie will come to set build with Rachel and I and then (the plan is) we will get dinner from Giant afterwards. Fun, fun, fun! I’m not working until Monday at the very earliest, and so I feel a lot more relaxed than usual right now. ‘Tis a good feeling.

You’ll knock the stuffing out of me!

March 1, 2010

I nearly forgot to post this!

I got loads more college mail today. I didn’t really even look at it. Maybe another day.

I went to the orthodontist and got new brackets, and now my teeth hurt like a monkey’s uncle. I also got new colors (silver. pure silver.). My parents got me a backpack at this supply store! It’s huge and sturdy and olive green. AND, it actually has room for all my books and things, with room to spare! It’s kind of ridiculously big, so I feel like I’m going camping or something while wearing it, but it’s so roomy! I’m so pleased.

I’ve started on Wallie’s birthday present (last night, actually). I hope I finish it before his birthday! (it’s on Wednesday)

Work was average today. There’s a new courtesy clerk, and his name is Travis. He’s saving up for a truck. A 1999 Chevy, he says.

And Checkmate!

February 28, 2010

I tried to sleep in today, as late as I possible could. That ended up being not even noon. What kind of teenager am I?!? I had nearly twelve hours of sleep, anyway, and I don’t think I yawned even once today.

My parents went to a funeral, so Emma, Clara, and I switched off every half hour babysitting Lydia. Lydia, Benny, and I baked funfetti cupcakes.

I knit more of the sweater, and I’m about halfway done with one side of it. It’s coming along swimmingly.

While knitting, I watched more Torchwood, and I also watched a movie called “Surrogates.” It was terrifying. It’s about the future, where instead of living like regular humans, everybody has a robot version of themselves, a perfectly beautiful robot, and they live out their life for them. The actual person controls everything their robot does by thinking, and those brainwaves are transferred into actions. The movie was terrifying, it was. I must repeat that. By the end of it, I was immensely glad just to be human.

I also wrote the outline for my Oedipus Rex essay. I had an initial outline, but I changed it a lot for my actual essay, so I needed an updated one.

As part of dinner, my mother cooked fingerling potatoes with Parmesan cheese and flour and they were SO GOOD! Miniature versions of things are always better.

Surely but Deadly

February 27, 2010

I watched more episodes of Torchwood today, and I finished the first season. I also began knitting a sweater, even though I didn’t finish the other one, the green one. OH, and I finished the Noro Hat last night. Here’s a picture of it:

The sweater I’m knitting is purple, light blue, and dark blue so far, but will end up being a whole ocean of colors. I think I’m actually going to finish this one, unlike my many previous failed attempts.

I worked from 3 to 8 pm, but the time luckily went by quicker than usual. After my shift, I got my paycheck (63 dollars) and went to the clearance section, where I found a disposable camera for only $2.50 and a pack of 4 rolls of Kodak 400 speed film for only $3.50!!! Both were excellent finds. I also bought a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, cheesecake brownie flavored. It’s pretty darn good.

At work, John Wade made a rap about my name, and it went on for quite awhile. I was trying not to laugh.

Also at work, Pam gave me a bracelet that has my name on it. She got it from one of those gumball machine type things. That was so nice of her, I think!

Tomorrow will mostly be spent babysitting because my parents are going to a funeral of my Uncle Ray’s future father-in-law. It’s so sad that he died only a month before the wedding.