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Today I almost quit my job.

March 9, 2010

Instead, I bought ice cream.

There’s more to it than that, I suppose, but that’s the gist of it. It’s a pretty boring job, and having money means I’m constantly tempted to buy things I really don’t need. Also, it takes up my knitting time, and it’s sometimes difficult to balance schoolwork with a job. So, I almost quit, but I chickened out. I took off for the next three weeks in order to stay after school pretty much every day for stage crew for Bye Bye Birdie, so I guess I have more time to think it over before actually quitting. I’m kind of secretly hoping they’ll fire me for taking off for so long, but that’s doubtful seeing as I’m more or less the only courtesy clerk who actually does my work and doesn’t hide off and text or talk to friends the whole time.

I don’t really have anything else to say, so… goodbye.

I got a paycheck of thirty-five dollars today. It was only from working on one day. I’ll probably spend the money on more things I don’t need.


A mighty dilemma evaluates my atmosphere in a vocal sect.

October 10, 2009

Oh wow, it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. I now have a job: I’m a courtesy clerk at Safeway. I’ve been working there a little over two weeks. I got my second paycheck today and it still feels really, really weird to actually have money to spend. I haven’t bought anything yet. I think I may save most of it, or maybe buy a camera or something.

My Star Trek t-shirt arrived last week, finally. Rachel and I wore them to school on the same day and it was grand. I haven’t watched as much Star Trek lately as I wish I had, although Rachel and I are going to be red shirts for Halloween and are having a sleepover this week to plan our costumes.

Oh, Homecoming was a blast, by the way. I went with Kaitlyn, Lizzy, and Rachel to a pizza place for dinner and after the dance we went to Lizzy’s house for a sleepover. It was so much fun!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I have six penpals. I only meant to have one or two, but one thing turned to another and… anyway, I received my first letter in the mail today, from Minhee in Korea. She wrote on this very beautiful stationary and included a very tiny picture of herself. I need to think of something creative to do regarding the letter I write back to her.

I’ve watched quite a few movies lately, including, but not limited to (in order of rememberance):
*The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
*Bright Star (pre-viewing with my dad awhile ago)
*Kate and Leopold
and so on and so forth… for some reason I can’t remember any others at the moment…

I’ve done a bit of knitting lately, mainly a colorful scrappy scarf and part of a yellow hat (that was today). Other than the above, I’ve been busy with work and school and loads of other average things. My life’s been really great, lately, though.

I can’t wait for:
*Tomorrow (probably going with my father to Goodwill)
*Thursday (sleepover at Rachel’s house)
*November (NaNoWriMo!!!)
*Friday (getting my third paycheck/working)

Now, it’s rather late and I am very tired. I started watching a movie tonight called “La Moustache” and I think it’s going to end up being really good. I’m going to try and watch the rest tomorrow.

As a last note, I’m going to try and post here more often in the future. It’s been far too long.

Young pictures of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner:

I Cannot Pinpoint The Weather

June 1, 2008

Hot or cold, windy or not, I simply cannot decide what the weather is right now, inside or out.

Today was another day that went by much quicker than I thought it would. It is, however, still not even four yet.

Early this morning, I was awoken by the sound of both Emma and her friend, our neighbor, Brenna’s voices. Brenna spent the night at our house last night, and apparently they decided it would be fun to wake up at 6:11 am and chatter throughout the house, mainly my room (which I share with Clara and Emma, but still- they slept in sleeping bags in the sunroom). I ended up waking up (as in getting out of bed) for real at around 9:31 am, about the time I usually wake up on the weekends.

From then on, I did a variety of non-noteworthy things such as reading a book to Lydia (The Seven Silly Eaters; I love that book) and walking the dog. I did, however, play a game of Scrabble with Emma, who had never played it before. Unfortunately, she stopped wanting to play when about half of the letters had been used, and I was forced to kiss my Scrabble practice goodbye. I have been attempting to become a better Scrabble player but nobody in my house ever wants to play it with me. Laura, you and I among other friends will need to schedule a real Scrabble Party to make up for the one that was in fact your surprise party.

Drat, I just remembered that I may need to read my short story aloud tomorrow in English. I really hope something comes up and we end up never having enough time to read the remaining stories out loud.

Hmm, anyway today I also read more of Nerds. It really does sadden me, some of the things mentioned in this book- such as how one kid purposely did not do his homework in order to not be called a nerd. Still, this book… okay, never mind, I completely forgot what I was going to say, er, I mean, write.

Oh yeah, and we had bagels this morning. How thrilling.


Hooray, it is beginning to rain!

Okay, I just finished playing another game of Scrabble, this time with Clara, who stopped playing with about twenty-five tiles left. It seems that neither of my sisters can commit to an entire game. I won both games.

Great Scott, tomorrow will be the second-to-last Monday of my freshman year! This year has gone by tremen- alright, I am not even going to finish that. I have said it a gazillion times- time must have something against me, taking away my childhood so quickly. Pretty soon I will be having my mid-life crisis. Oh man, I hope not… let us just take that back.

On a completely different note, this summer is going to be totally off the walls. I plan to do many amazing things that I have always wanted to do, plus (providing I end up finding one) I may get a job and actually have something planned to do on certain dates.

Sunday is wasting away and I really must get going, so with that I bid you farewell. To keep the daily ritual in check, of course.

P.S. Oh wow, I just realized that it is June 1st!  How time flies…

The Wednesday Club, The Day After My Birthday, and The Future of the World

May 1, 2008

Another Wednesday Club. Oh, joy. That may sound sarcastic, but it really is not. I love the Wednesday club, and today was no exception.

Sal/Val the cameraman was BACK. Laura was there too, which made me happy.

Danya was at the library working on a project with somebody, and we stayed there for pretty much the entire time. Okay, the entire time in all of its entirety.

Daniel came upon a random basketball and, compliments of Courtney’s Sharpie and right hand, the Pizuzu Monster basketball was born. I got to take it home and it is in my living room right now, rolling happily.

We also waved to some people in their cars. The best was when some guy gave us a thumbs-up sign. Waves are overrated.


Wow, ‘alas’ is an excellent word. I never realized it before.

Today I received a belated birthday present from my immediate family, an original Barack Obama print with the artist’s signature. At the bottom, it says, ‘HOPE’ in nice, bold, even letters. I am not really into politics of the present, but I do like things that say my name on them. I am going to hang it on my wall with the rest of my random assortment of hangings. I am also going to hang up my educational poster (which happens to be made of tin and subtly tells the message that, if you put a banana peel on the floor in front of you and walk on it, you will slip: genius, its makers are).

I finished The Ice Cream Maker and am now a bit through Shug. Both are/were swell books.

My grandma gave me the Archie McPhee and ThinkGeek catalogs that came with my birthday present orders. I am using them as incentives for finishing up this post as quick as I can. By the way, I always try to make these posts at least a page, size twelve, Times New Roman, according to WordPerfect 11, which is this awful word processor that I believe came with our computer. Boy, that may have been a run-on sentence. Oh well.

Unfortunately, I do not even know what the word of the day is. Wallie was supposed to find one beginning with ‘G,’ but he forgot and ended up just finding one in my dictionary. It was not a very good one, seeing as neither of us can remember it.

Mental note: tomorrow’s letter of the day is ‘P!’

Today’s holidays are Hairstyle Appreciation Day (I would appreciate my hairstyle if I had dreadlocks like I want) and National Honesty Day. Wallie pointed out how super it is that the first day of April was Tell a Lie Day, and the last is the opposite. How insightful.

Daniel really needs to stop talking about how he has no idea what he wants to do after high school- I am becoming doubtful of my own future. Right now, I am stuck in the middle of


[2]Preschool or Kindergarten teacher

[3]English Teacher


[5]Used bookstore owner

At least some of them somewhat overlap- being an author in my spare time of being a teacher, for instance, or being an author in my spare time of being a lexicographer. Ugh, the future is annoying.

On another, still peevish note, I have a problem- specifically with pronouncing words correctly. Not long words or something: normal words. As in, words everybody knows how to pronounce. The problem is that I use words I read from books, and books do not tell how to pronounce words, obviously. For that reason, I am going to write down any words people comment on my pronunciation of, and write them down. Then I will use an online pronunciation key to find out the true pronunciations and practice saying them aloud. I hope this helps me.

Oh no, today is the last day of April! As I am typing this, here are less than four hours until April is over and May is here! Which means- no more April fool’s jokes! Oh, the horror. No, really, I am quite disappointed with this. Time goes on, but I wish to stay behind.

Oh yeah, (I really need to find a substitute for the word ‘oh’) I got my first ever four on fitness testing in Gym today! A four is the best you can receive, and I actually got one on my curl-ups test. I did seventy of them before my neck started hurting and I needed to stop.

Anyways, good night good night good night, my fellow aliens.

Make something happen, buddy.

EDIT A FEW HOURS LATER (AKA AFTER MY BEDTIME- I AM SUCH A RULEBREAKER): I just recalled something that happened at the end of dinner and I had to share it before it was too late.

Basically, Clara called me a nerd.  She is always trying to get on my nerves, calling me names which she thinks I will take as insults.  Unfortunately for her, I do not take offense from being called a nerd.  The conversation went precisely as follows:

Clara: You’re a nerd!

Me: [saying the dictionary definition verbatim] You are telling me that I am one who is slavish to intellectual pursuits?  Thanks!

Clara: …

Hope: (in my mind) EPIC PWN!

Oh, Stop Being Such A Drama Villain (This Title Goes Out to You, Daniel)

April 24, 2008

Happy Pig in a Blanket Day! The letter of the day is Z, the word being zanyism (meaning ‘buffoonery’). Both are marvelous words.

I finished the Kevin Clash autobiography and am now almost done with If Harry Potter Ran General Electric as well.

I got a one hundred percent on my vocabulary quiz! That is exciting, especially considering I am on a one hundred percent streak for those quizzes. Words entice me.

Tomorrow, I, along with many others across the world, will be participating in a Day of Silence. I have scanned and posted the card we must show to our teachers if given any grief for not speaking. It is below:


There are only five more days until my birthday. I am extremely excited, seeing as I comprised a list this year, something I have not done since I was much, much younger. Because I made a list, I will be receiving things that I actually want and will use. Thrilling, eh?

Oh, books, you never cease to amaze me.

I am still keeping an eye out for job opportunities. I still really want to work at a grocery store. I love them. The best place to work at, I guess, would be Giant. Because it is right next to the library and all. The only problem is that it is about fifteen minutes or so away from my house. More money would end up being spent on gas than I would actually earn.

My mother got the family cellphone bill today and, whoopee, I spent the least out of anybody! I only spent about $2.65 on text messages, about important things, a few months ago. So, hooray, I do not have to pay off anything (unlike my older brother Jake and my sister Clara- they both have to pay around thirty dollars)! I am such a good kid.

Conformity, marketing, consumerism, I dislike you all. And society, for causing all of these to exist.

Blasted world, messing up my sense of time. I keep getting mixed up on the date, time of day, and day of the week. Ironic, considering I have a pocket watch hanging around my neck at all times.

Wallie was absent today. I am wondering what will happen when he (if he) gets back tomorrow, considering so many people will not be speaking.

Friends, I love you. Family, I love you. Strangers, I love you. Baby Hitler, I love you. Adult Hitler, I despise you. Dead Hitler, I wish you had experienced a regular life and gotten some help. Sad people, I hope you become happy soon.

Best wishes, global beings.