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You’re probably all expecting a nice long post because it’s a Sunday and all…

November 17, 2008

But no, no long post today.  Like always, I have been procrastinating all day on writing for NaNoWriMo and as of now I am 6k behind.  Granted, that’s much better than I was on Friday, but it’s still not great.

We had spaghetti for dinner and it was great.  I love spaghetti when it’s chilly outside.

It snowed for a minute or two today, bringing thoughts of playing in the snow and hot chocolate afterwards into my head, but, alas, it stopped without sticking at all.

Hmm… what else?

I’m becoming even more and more excited about the baby’s arrival.

Oh, speaking of exciting dates, this week I actually have something going on for four of the five school days (providing there’s a MUN meeting tomorrow– otherwise, three, but that’s still more than normal).  Wednesday is Wednesday Club, of course, and then Thursday is the Crucible field trip (which I still wish either Courtney or Ashley were going to… I will have nobody to talk to…), and Friday to Saturday is Kaitlyn’s birthday party, which I am immensely excited about, of course, but I am still racking my head for present ideas.  A present isn’t mandatory, but I like to give people presents and a birthday is a good excuse as any.

Well, as I said, I really need to stop procrastinating and surfing the web and get on with NaNoWriMo-ing.  Bye now.  Wish me luck.

It seems like today was busy, but really it was not

October 25, 2008

Today was the Model UN Orientation. It was okay, I guess, though nobody (at least, none of my good friends who are in that club) was there. It was boring, but that was to be expected. They did something dumb for deciding who would pick their countries first, something like, “Whoever is wearing shoes made of leather gets to go in the line first,” and I do not even have shoes made of leather so of course I did not go in line. Then, though, pretty much everybody else went in the line regardless of not having leather shoes, everyone except me and about five or six other people. I ended up nearly at the end of the line and all of my six country choices were taken except for Malta, which I never really wanted anyway. I ended up with Swaziland, which, after research, I found out is in Northern Africa. The current king has thirteen wives and it has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the entire world. The life expectancy is only a little above thirty years. This country seems like the saddest one in the world.

After the orientation, we went right over to my crazier grandmother’s house for a brunch to celebrate all of the nearby birthdays. It was there that my grandmother announced that she will not be celebrating Christmas this year. Boo to that. I do not like this financial crisis and really hope the next president improves it.

We got a season of A Haunting from Netflix. I am ready to have nightmares.

Speaking of which, I am off to watch an episode now. Good night and farewell.

The baby, and other things.

October 24, 2008

I apologize in advance if pretty much all of my posts now have to do with the baby, but I am so very excited I can hardly stand it.  I think the baby will be a boy.  That is my prediction and it will remain until… Tuesday, I guess- we are finding out for sure then.

I am knitting a yellow bib for the baby.  This will undoubtedly be the first of many things I will be knitting for him (see, I even refer to the baby as a ‘him,’ even in real life).

Oh, Wallie- my mother agrees with you that man babies are creepy, but I am still well in the lead.  Also, I think I may print out one of the man babies and hang it on my wall.  On second thought, maybe I will hang it in my closet.  I do not want those man baby eyes staring at me all night.

Tomorrow is the Model UN orientation.  That should be interesting.

I actually had a TON of homework, but I somehow managed to finish almost all of it at school.  All that is left is writing a lesson for Child Development, which is pretty easy.

Wait a second- is Sarah’s nickname Man Baby?  I think it is.  She should find funny, then.

Speaking of man babies (I do that quite often now), here is another one for you all to enjoy:

Oh my goodness, how funny is that?

Well, things are getting way too crazy for me, so I must bid you all farewell.

P.S. I love babies.  And man babies.  But mostly babies.

I think something exciting is going to happen (and no thanks, I do not care to elaborate)

October 21, 2008

I finished highlighting the two chapters for this week for AP Euro (boo the two-chapter weeks) in record time.  Now there is just the outlining to go.

I think I will be knitting a cowl out of this yarn:

I was going to use the yarn for leg warmers (oh, and there is orange in the middle but you cannot see it in the picture) but since I made those stripey ones awhile back I decided against it.

I took the picture, by the way.  See how excellent my mother’s camera (now with a broken lens) is/was?

I was thinking about starting it tonight but I think I may just start it at Knitting and Crocheting Club tomorrow.  Speaking of which, hooray, Club Day is tomorrow!!!

(Wallie: I have never seen you so pumped about something.)

I keep stopping writing this to look around at, so sorry if this post is mixed up.

I think I will be choosing Switzerland for my country for Model UN.  I have always had sort of a thing for Switzerland.

And Danya, if you are reading this- if you had already decided on this, then never mind.  I think I heard you thinking about it, and if you did want this country then I will choose somewhere else.


Sorry, just kidding…uh…

Today at lunch Lizzy gave me an M&M.  Eleanor instructed me to eat it while thinking of peanut butter, and it worked.  It tasted just like a Reese’s Piece(s?).  It was crazy.

Ooh, hooray, NaNoWriMo has nearly arrived!

Well, farewell now.  Best wishes!

Sorry to anybody who ever thought I hated them.

October 20, 2008

I do not hate anybody.  Very rarely do I even say I hate things.  Hatred is too strong a word, I think.  Even people I do not like, really it is not that I do not like them, it is that I do not like something specific about them.  So, anyway, sorry.

To all others: this is regarding an instance that recently happened.  I am shy, terribly, horribly shy, and somebody thought I hated them because I did not speak to them or acknowledge them.  I really do have horrible social skills, and I apologize for that.  This is not the first time it has happened, this misconception about me being rude when it is actually just my awkwardness showing through.

So, on to other news… today was a Model UN meeting.  It kind of sort of brushed away most of the nervous-making things about it.  I do not think I want to quit anymore, which counts for something, I suppose.  I need to decide on a country.  That should be fun.

I am trying to think of something else to talk about but with no luck.  I guess I will leave it at that, a boring post for the umpteenth time.

Farewell, buddies.

Somebody told me to blog about this*

September 17, 2008

This morning somebody was standing directly in the line of the sunlight coming through the cafeteria windows.  Somebody saw this, and announced that that somebody’s pupils were completely red.

“What if she is evil?” he asked.

Chaos commenced, and then this second somebody’s eyes looked completely red for a moment and this same somebody decided that he must have superpowers.  He told me to blog about it.  The end.

Today was Club Day, and I got into all of my clubs- the meetings were all absolutely marvelous.

First, Knitting and Crocheting Club, which was great because we are going to do some kind of charity project and our own personal projects as well, of course.  Kayla, Rachel, and Ethan are in it, which is great.

Next was Model UN, which was destined to be awesome and did not disappoint.  I am in that with loads of people, so I will not even bother naming them all.

Third block was Scrabble, with Lizzy, Kayla, Celesthe, and Ashley.  This was great as well.  Pretty self-explanatory- we played Scrabble.  I came in second.

Fourth and last was Improv Club.  It was fantastic.  Over a hundred people signed up for it, so we divided into groups to do various individual Improv games.  In my group was Rachel and Lizzy.  Fantastic.  A particular highlight was when somebody who had never read the Twilight series had to pretend to be Edward.  Then somebody had to guess who he was being.  They guessed Cinderella.  EPIC.

I was disappointed about missing Wednesday Club but was off to the eye doctor to get an updated eye exam and choose out glasses.  I am extremely particular about choosing things and did not find anything I liked, so I am going somewhere else to look and the eye doctor will be bringing in some different lenses from another place to check out another day.

Luckily, though, tomorrow will be Wednesday Thursday Club.  So far only Daniel and I are going, but I am hoping that it will be like another time and other people who had not responded will be there.

I really must go, as I have spent the entire afternoon on the computer doing homework and I am ready for some non-technological time today.  Oh, technology, hatred and love coincide in one gallimaufry** of emotions.

Farewell, my minions!  Be it lack of time or pure boredom, I am gone.

*I must confess, it was Wallie.

**Word of the day alert!  Gallimaufry- a hodgepodge or jumble– I seem to like those kinds of words