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Yet Another Verbose List of Repetition

June 23, 2008
I am really, really hoping I can type up enough for this post before something comes up that stops me. The computer still has a virus, unfortunately, but the internet sometimes still works so I am attempting to write the post anyway. My older brother is out somewhere and I cannot use his laptop without him because he has a password on it that does not allow you to log in unless you have it.

Okay, today… hmm, I think I actually did/did not do some things today. Here they are… and some other thoughts and miscellanious things.

[1]A minimal amount of more knitting. The scarf is now about two-and-a-half feet long. In the end, I hope to make it about seven feet, maybe a bit more. I like long scarves that I can wrap around my neck a bunch of times: plus, it would look like an inchworm was choking me, and that would be pretty neat.

[2]I attempted to set up our incredible sweater knitting machine. With it, I would be able to knit really fast. Plus, from what I remember when my mother used it a lot, it is really fun to use. I would even be able to make a vest on it, which would take a long time to make otherwise. Unfortunately, one of the pieces to it has become misplaced. My mother says she will try and find it soon, tomorrow maybe.
[3]My mother went to a yarn-dying class and dyed an amazing light blue, dark blue, and chocolate-colored yarn today. She says she may start up an etsy shop, if she can learn how to make it at home. That would be awesome, especially if it became really successful. Plus, we would have even more yarn at our house, and yarn is wonderful.
[4]I have been (and still will be) earning money from baby-sitting Lydia. I earned fifteen dollars this morning. Perhaps if I baby-sit a lot then I will not even have a need for a summer job (which I am still hoping and looking for).
[5]I watched all but seven minutes of a movie called Next. It is about this guy who can see two minutes into the future if it directly affects him. Naturally, the FBI find out about his gift and need his help in finding the locaction of a bomb that, when dropped, will kill eight million people. So, yeah, it is pretty realistic. Regardless, it is really good. I am sure the ending will be great as well, but seeing as there is no place to watch the rest of it (one DVD player is being used for Playstation II, one is in the room where Lydia is currently asleep, and the portable DVD player outlet cords are lost), I do not think I will be finding out anytime soon.
We had a typical summer dinner tonight; corn on the cob, burgers, tater tots, and cantaloupe. Hey, did you know that cantaloupe has the alternate spelling of cantaloup? There does not have to be an E at the end. That is terribly interesting.
Almost as interesting as something my mother told me today- that people from the home state of presidents often move to Washington D.C. after a president from their home state is elected… if that makes sense… it sounds a bit verbose, but I do not feel like going back and correcting it right now. I am in a hurry.
The knitting sleepover did not work out too well- Jake stayed in the room pretty much all night on his laptop, so there was no privacy for playing truth or dare or anything. Plus, I kept getting freaked out and too scared to sleep because of thinking so much about sleep paralysis. Ugh, I should not have even typed that… we played an extremely short game of Would You Rather and the question was, “Would you rather get ten shots or have sleep paralysis?” As much as I despise needles, I chose the first. I would hate hate hate to have sleep paralysis.
Okay, I think this post is almost long enough… these usually are about seven hundred words, I think, and this is so far six hundred seventy-eight words. Almost there…
Wow, I have tons of emails from long ago that I have never deleted, and I have still used up only three percent of my memory. That is crazy.
It is so weird, looking back at the things I wrote a long time ago. I sounded so… stupid. Chances are, I will read this a few months from now and think the same thing.
Okay, I still have nothing much more to say. (Ugh, verbosity… if that is a word…)
Farewell. If I do not post tomorrow, it is because of the computer virus.

Pizza, Lemon Bars, and Loads of Knitting

June 22, 2008

Our computer has contracted a ton of viruses so I cannot use it right now.  Thus, I asked my older brother if I could use his laptop and he luckily agreed.  Now I am typing this post up on it.  I am trying to type this up quickly before he decides he wants to stop playing the Kung Fu Panda Playstation II game and go back on his laptop.

Alright, let us see… today was yet another single activity sort of day.  However, instead of reading books like the other day, I knitted today.  I knit quite a lot, and I have started and gotten pretty far in a new knitting project, pattern compliments of one of my mother’s knitting books.

I am making a ‘wiggly worm scarf,’ which is basically a scarf that looks like a worm/snake/wiggly thing.  It is a nice bright green and is about two feet long so far.  I am going to knit more on it tonight and stay up pretty late in order to do so.  Emma and I are having a ‘knitting sleepover’ in the sunroom, both because of our new knitting projects and because Clara has lately been complaining about that fact that she has to share a room with both of us.  I think she just likes the idea of having her own room, not actually having one, though, because she has fallen asleep watching television rather than in our bedroom.  I do not think she likes sleeping in a room by herself.

So, the wiggly worm scarf… and, hmm…

Oh yeah, Emma and I made lemon bars!  Actually, they are called something like ‘creamy lemon delight dessert bars,’ but they are basically the same thing as lemon bars except perhaps a bit more puddinglike.  They are quite delicious, regardless of what they happen to be called.  They are actually from a mix that came in a box: my father loves lemon bars and will do anything for us to make them.  He even let us temporarily skip out on chores and such in order to make them.

For dinner we had Pizza Hut pizza, stuffed crust and extra cheesy goodness.  The deal was that we could get pizza if I agreed to call in the order.  My parents know how much I despise talking on the phone, especially when it involves talking to strangers.  Actually, I do not really like talking on the phone at all, even to friends and relatives and all.  It just somehow gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway, so I had to call the order in.  It was absolutely awful.  I was so nervous, even over the thought of a silly little phone call that only ended up taking a minute or two.  I kept thinking, ‘okay, the next moment I will make the call,’ but then I would hear a noise or something and procrastinate it over to the next moment.  In the end, I did do it, hence the Pizza Hut pizza for dinner.  The person who answered was named April, and I had to tell her that the order was under the name of Bill, which is my father’s name.  It is pretty awkward telling a stranger over the phone that your name is Bill,  I am probably over-reacting but it really was terribly nervewracking.  I kept thinking that they would say something like, ‘I’m sorry, but you are not allowed to make the call,” or something, which really would not have been that bad had it actually happened, but still… I am so tremendously shy about things.  I have been trying to work on that, really I have.

So, that is pretty much all that I did today, other than borings daily things like walking the dog and feeding the chickens and eating breakfast and all of that.

I think that once I finish with the worm scarf I will make a pencil scarf.  I saw this really amazing pattern for one, and now that I know how to decrease and increase I should be able to actually do it.

Wow, I have used the word ‘actually’ many times in this one post.

Um, hmm, let me think of something else to write about…

Oh yes, I remembered something: sleep paralysis.  I think that is what it is called… anyway, I heard about it last year from my Latin teacher and became terrified of going to sleep.  I am going to look up ways that it is caused in a moment because I have become even more freaked out about it tonight and I want to do everything I can to prevent it.

I think this post may be long enough now… I am not exactly sure on my brother’s laptop… I think the word processor is different on here.

Good night, good night, good night!  I am in for a long night of knitting now so farewell.

P.S. Does anybody have any marvelously fun ideas for things or projects or whatever to do over this summer?

At Nine Thirty-Six We Pick Up The Sticks… and I post this.

May 30, 2008

Wow, I actually have the computer back. It is so odd to go on here after for days of ‘no computer.’ At least, no legal computer time.

Today was a good day in some ways, okay in others. It was the last day of school for seniors, which of course made me sad- I do not like things to end, even if they do not end for me.

I printed out part of my English essay in a super tiny font size and, although the words were quite small, it was amazingly fun to read. It is fantastic how, even in size four Times New Roman, the words are still clear as day.

I was exceptionally forgetful today and forgot not only my glasses but the word of the day sheet as well. Therefore, there are going to be two words of the day tomorrow, R and S. They are very good ones. Still, there is the number of the day- twenty-three. There is no holiday, seeing as there are five or six question marks in my obscure holidays booklet that, after them, reads ‘This day has yet to be reserved as a holiday by an individual or group!’

In Gym we played softball, and I was awful at it. Somebody even hit the ball for me so that all I had to do was run, but once I got to first base I kept running and got tagged. I had no idea that I must stop running or risk getting tagged, ‘checking’ I think they called it. My whole team (and part of the other team) called out for me to stop running but I did not know they were speaking to me. Then Tall John came over and did one of his ‘let’s-help-out-the-quiet-girl-who-has-no-idea-what-she-is-doing-and-it-will-make-me-look-nice-in-front-of-the-rest-of-the-girls’ talks and told me (in the quiet voice he never speaks in otherwise) that I should not continue running unless the person ahead of me has started running to the next base as well. I nodded solemnly and took my customary place in the dugout.

What is really weird about being quiet is that everyone thinks a variation of the same things about you- the majority of people think that a.)you hate them, b.)you are very smart, c.)you are nice, d.)you are very sensitive, e.)you are mute, f.)you cannot hear them talking about you, or a combination of a few. It is actually kind of fun being quiet because you can eavesdrop on people and they do not realize you can actually hear them.

Oh my, tomorrow is Laura’s birthday party! It is going to be tremendously fun for sure.

Gee, now I am getting into the super excited mode not beneficial when you are going to bed soon. It happens to me quite often, this cheerful-happy-excited mood, and it makes it terribly hard to get to sleep.

I finished reading The Sword in the Stone today and it had an excellent ending- hard to say, considering most books I read have really awful ones.

Oh my goodness, we got apple juice!!! I love apple juice.

Now, this is long enough already, but I am going to post my edited version of the English essay. I changed the ending and a few other things, upon the suggestions of Laura and Courtney, who edited it. Now it makes a lot more sense, or at least I hope it does… anyway, without further ado-

“Nobody in Particular”

“What am I?” I ask aloud, to Nobody in Particular.

“What are you not?” Nobody in Particular responds.

He has always been a wise fellow, this nobody creature. I am not entirely sure whether he exists, then again, as I have been known to imagine things. At least, that is what they said when they kicked me out. “REASON FOR EXPULSION” the slip was titled, the big, bold letters giving way to the infamous fine print. “Prone to excessive bouts of overactive imagination, often leading to impulsive actions,” the report continued in the same minuscule size, ending with the signature of whomever was unduly placed in charge. They even had the nerve to slap a period on the end of it, as if turning the claim into a sentence fragment would change its significance, somehow. Quite the opposite, though- it only served to further infuriate me.

Now, that is all behind me- I still say as I did when I left in the first place: good riddance.

To be honest, I am dead grateful that I was ousted. After all, if I had not been, I would never have met Nobody in Particular- and that, my friend, would be unfortunate indeed. Had I not met Nobody in Particular, I never would have been granted the many drops of wisdom he has bestowed upon me since our meeting. Though, I guess calling it a ‘meeting’ would not be fully appropriate. We did not meet, per say. To this day, we have not formally done so. Rather, we have a mutual agreement: I ask a question, at any time of day, and he answers. The scale is tipped more generously towards me, and I should think he would care, but he has yet to complain about my having the better half of the bargain. Now that I think about it, he has yet to complain about anything.

Occasionally I attempt to persuade the man to show himself, but it never turns out to my benefit. Surely he (and I assume that the creature is a ‘he’ based on the tone of his voice) wishes to come out of wherever he is hiding, at least sometimes. If he does, however, he does not show it. Always speaking in the monotonous, deadpan voice of a robot, one would think he would wish for a little excitement in his life. Evidently not yet, but I am sure he will crack someday. I have a strong feeling about it, and secure ones such as this are nearly always correct- at least in my experience.

I shudder to think of what would happen to both him and me if he were discovered. As long as the human race exists, the intense longing for knowledge and wisdom is inevitable, and Nobody in Particular has an abundance of it.

More so, in fact, than anybody I have met before. This never ceases to amaze me; if somebody this intelligent were to suddenly disappear from society, someone should certainly realize it.

He is an enemy spy, I once thought, yet there is no trace of an accent about him. I then considered that he is merely a hermit, choosing to be cut off from the rest of the world for some mysterious reason, much like myself. That musing, however, was quickly shot down. To the best of my knowledge, Nobody in Particular has not left wherever he lurks. And, even if he were a hermit, he would still need to eat in order to survive. His voice comes from somewhere a bit off, but not enough that he could possibly be near a door or garden where he would be able to gather nutrients- or water, for that matter. If he is not human, though, then what is he? Without food or water, he could not even be living. A zombie, maybe? I doubt it- he does not seem like the type; at least, I am almost positive that he is not dead. What, then, is he?

I have tried not to dwell on it too much, but I must admit that dwelling on things takes up much of my time. There is not much else to do, in this lonely monster of a house with echoing rooms and the eternal scent of mothballs.

So, yes, it is free of most insects. It is also free of humans, other than myself of course. Once, I tried to make friends, let people into my life, but that ended badly. Apparently, it is not courteous to insist on having someone over and then hiding in the basement when they arrive. I could not help it, though- I realized that there was no value in risking the discovery of Nobody in Particular for a mere friendship.

I have no family, never have and doubtlessly never will. In the end, it is just me here, biding my time as my years waste away, soon to be nearing nothingness. And, obviously, Nobody in Particular is present as well.

I do not care, though. Who cares if I have nobody to talk to, nothing to do? What does it matter to be lonely when you have the answer to every question in the world? Does that matter, even? Does anything?


I hope somebody liked it.

Good night, everybody.

Finding A Few Amazing Websites, My Love of Words, and Books (all intertwined)

May 8, 2008

My blisters from doing the Rower in Gym finally went away yesterday. Unfortunately, we did it again today and I have fresh ones.

I believe we are going out to dinner tonight.

The word of the day is brouhaha, meaning an uproar or hubbub. The color of the day is a shade of brown, zinnwaldite, that ‘beige’ color of old telephones.

The holidays are Iris Day, No Socks Day, V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day), and World Red Cross/ World Red Crescent Day.

I finished reading a book called Get A Hobby, which I checked out because I have no hobbies other than reading, writing, going on the computer, and occasionally knitting. I found a few ideas that I may incorporate into my life, such as balloon twisting (balloon animal-making), ant farming, and knotting, all three of which I have always been interested in but never gotten around to acting upon. Right now I am reading up on how to make an ant farm.

The number of the day is nine hundred thirty-three.

Guess what? Today is Harry S. Truman’s one hundred twenty-fourth birthday! According to Wikipedia, Harry was a, “folksy, unassuming president,” who, “popularized such phrases as “the buck stops here” and, “if you can’t stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen.” His three main interests were reading, music, and history. Sounds like a pretty amazing guy, if you ask me.

Besides Get a Hobby!, I also started and finished reading My Secret: A PostSecret and am far along in Thirteen: The History of the World’s Most Popular Superstition.

Hey, have you ever heard of the obscure instrument called a ‘klaxophone?’ According to Wikipedia, The Klaxophone is an instrument created by the American composer Henry Fillmore. Made up of twelve car horns, it was created for use in his Klaxon March…this piece featured the instrument mounted on a table and powered by a car battery.” A strange and wonderful place the world is.

Oh my goodness, while searching for information on klaxophones I came across a phantasmagorical website called Wordie, at It is made up of lists of words and phrases, two of my favorite things! I am most definitely going to be spending a lot of time on this site in the near future.

Oh yeah, in English today we had a substitute and got to watch Star Wars: A New Hope! It is the first one made and I loved every minute of it that we have watched so far (we did not finish and hopefully will tomorrow, after the A Separate Peace test).

We received new pictures of the puppies we will have to choose from.  We are getting one in about three weeks.  Here is one of the photos below:

My favorite would definitely be the dark one in the back on the right side.  It has the best eyes.

For the second time, oh my goodness! I just had a sudden burst of happiness over my adoration of words and books. I love thee, fair words.

Wow, look at this site: about amazing pictures.

Random word: spookily. How fun it is to say and use!

And now, with amidst much of a brouhaha, I bid thee farewell. May you grow old surrounded by piles of words.

Time and a Day of a Decade Ago

April 27, 2008

Today was a day lacking computer usage. Which is, of course, often a good thing. In the morning I played outside with my little brothers and two of my younger sisters. We played with caterpillars and I even found an inchworm. It was, ironically, only about a centimeter.

Later, I read more of Einstein In Love. Not much, but enough that I should finish it soon.

Then, I lay down in my bed and watched Schoolhouse Rock on a portable DVD player. Eventually, I fell asleep. Which was extremely strange, at least for me, because I have seriously not taken a nap since I was five or six years old. I woke up about an hour later and it was dinner time. My family and I went to the local Chinese restaurant. After that, my mother picked up my sister from her school (where the buses dropped her and her classmates off after a field trip to Baltimore to see a play) with Abie, Emma, Benny, and Lydia while my dad and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, such as children’s Motrin for Benny, whose tooth has been hurting.

Once we got home (amidst a rainstorm, which I was thrilled about) we put away the groceries and then sat down in the sunroom. I told jokes to my dad and Clara; everybody else had gone to bed.

A bit later, Jake got home from a friend’s house or something like that. He then searched throughout the kitchen for something vegan to fix for dinner. He will not even have honey. Eventually, I believe he settled on a tried-and-true veggie burger.

I thought more about getting a job. I will be fifteen in about three days (now more like two) and would like to work somewhere. The end.

Here is a picture of two of the five male puppies we are going to choose from to adopt in May, once they come of age. I think the one on the left looks precious, though of course all puppies are.

I am still leaning towards Theodore or Octavius as for a name.

Today my parents and I had a serious (as much as can be expected) conversation on the subject of my wanting to get dreadlocks. My mother said she was not opposed to dreadlocks and expressed her concerns on not having them spaced out evenly and my hair being uneven for forever because of this. I had no response to this, other than that I would not care of the locks were not even. So, she did not say all-out no. My father does not care whether I get them or not, so he acted as a sort of ‘mediator.’ I am going to ask my brother if he could ask his friend Lance about his own dreadlocks, perhaps for tips or something of the sort.

Oh wow, my face feels really clean right now. Probably because I just washed it.

Oh yeah, we got honey nut coconut macaroons from the supermarket today! Exciting, that is. I love macaroons.

My, how my childhood has flown by…

Sorry, I am becoming nostalgic for the thousandth time. Life just goes by so fast.

And time does as well- I really must be going. Bedtime for me.

“Goodness gracious, child! Do not be dwelling on such misfortunes.”

The Very First Day of Spring Break Which Turned Out, Shockingly, A Bit More Uneventful Then I Thought It Would Be

March 20, 2008

I woke up around 10 am (I believe it was exactly 9:51, but I rounded it up) this morning. Then I proceeded to go on the computer and waste time for the good part of two or three hours. After that, my mother told me I had been on the computer for too long (which I had) and kicked me off. Wandering around the house, I found that two more movies I had been waiting for had arrived on Netflix: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Are You Afraid Of The Dark: Freaky Favorites, Disc 1. Naturally, this thrilled me and also gave me something to do. Borrowing my older brother’s laptop (he’s off from college on Spring Break as well), I spent at least two-and-a-half hours watching the first and one episode of the second video. I haven’t seen the fourth movie for quite a while, and the time I did see it I did not get to appreciate the full effect because I had to go to bed or something before finishing it. It was okay, I guess, although I haven’t read the book in a while and I still noticed many things that were left out, making it so that if I had not read the book then I would not have understood it very well. Nevertheless, it was interesting.Afterwards, I watched the first episode of the latter movie. It’s an episode of an old television show that I was terrified of when I was little. I believe that this particular episode was titled, ‘The Tale of the Virtual Pets.’ It was about how technology basically ruined everything for these kids. It was pretty intense, and I’m actually shivering as I type this up considering the main dangerous electronic was a computer.

Oh yeah- while on the computer, I made a birthday list. Even if my birthday is a ways away, I’ll probably forget about it once I’m closer to it. Some of the items include… well, I’m not going to spoil it. But they’re all pretty cool things that I hope to receive. Even better, they’re all relatively cheap so I won’t feel bad about money being spent on me.

Now for the most eventful part of my day, which happened before the movie-watching and after the web-surfing-marathon: making a robot.

I made an awesome robot out of various cardboard boxes, a granola bar box and some other box of I don’t know what. I also used an old blue masterlock lock, some aluminum foil, scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, a red paperclip, and orange paper. The end product was a nice robot whose head doubles as a bank and body is a safe. I haven’t decided much of what I am going to put inside it, but definitely the lime green game boy color and bright yellow walkman of my childhood. They always seem to go missing and need to be kept safe.


Well, I am off to take out the trash before my father reminds me to. I believe we are even going to roast marshmallows shortly, though I’m not sure whether my grandfather was joking about that. I hope he wasn’t.

And she’s off!

Not to Speak

March 12, 2008

The following is a short story I wrote this afternoon.  I had a sudden spark of inspiration.  This will most likely be edited in the future, as I am not thrilled with how it came out.

Oh, how I loathe talking. I really cannot fathom how people could possibly speak to others so casually, as if conversing were actually a somewhat enjoyable task. What could possibly be even moderately enjoyable about chancing a rupture of your vocal cords? Talking is extremely dangerous, yet so many people do it every single day of their lives. Heck, a large amount of people speak as a career, even- they get paid to put themselves in perilous danger!

Even putting aside the dangers associated with talking, there is still the risk factor. Talking often ends messily, as conversations often lead to arguments and, as everybody knows, arguments sometimes lead to injuries or even death. Why would anybody risk dying merely for the sake of proving a point? Words can just as easily be put down onto paper, typed up on a computer, or mouthed. I have personally mastered the art of mouth-reading and honestly, I find communicating this way much more gratifying than speaking. When face-to-face with somebody or on the phone, holding up your end of the conversation is often tough. Conversations occasionally lead to awkward silences which, often lead to embarrassment or, like arguments, end in injuries or death. These awkward silences could be easily prevented by speaking using the aforesaid methods of typing or writing. If one of these such silences should occur in these situations, one could simple make up an excuse- a nice, “Sorry, my computer’s being slow,” or a polite shrug and mouthing the words, “My pencil tip broke/ my pen ran out of ink” are both thoroughly valid excuses.

Talking could also be easily avoided by simply making sure that you never end up in social situations. Staying home all day is obviously the best choice- preferably in a secluded cottage with the basic necessities along with a computer and a television and game system, though the two latter are optional. With those items, one would not need to communicate by speaking with others and could be spared from awkward glances when one does not answer a proposed question. Additionally, all groceries, video games, hair styling products, clothing, etc. should be purchases online. So as to not have to chance having to converse with the garbage man, it would be ideal if everything one buys is biodegradable; this way, one can dispose of things in the backyard. This waste could be thrown out of a large tube connected at one end inside the house and the other end underground in the back of the house so as to not risk having somebody speak to one and ask why one is tossing their wilted belongings into their yard.

Of course, one is still able to speak to others using the computer, typing messages or using e-mail to communicate while sitting in a comfortable recliner (purchased online). This way, all communication and comfort liberties are not taken away but one is still safe.

Think about it this way- why risk injuries, death, embarrassment, and opportunities simply because talking to somebody is more acceptable than writing or mouthing words? Exactly.

End of post.