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There are seven lucky pennies in my pocket.

May 23, 2008

It is Lucky Penny Day and, to celebrate it, I carried around pennies for good luck and handed out bunches of them to my friends. There were tons of people absent today, I guess because of the combination of Prom Night and the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. Once I had handed out lots of lucky pennies, I found that there were exactly seven in my pocket. How lucky is that?

At lunch today, it was “Free Warm Cookie With Lunch Day.” Amazingly, the cookies were actually warm. That was a first.

Also during lunch, near the end, this woman (or maybe just older student) was going around to tables handing out pieces of saltwater taffy. I was thinking, “Hey, that is pretty nice of her,” and I ate one, as the remainder of the people at my table did (other than Zach). It was only after I began chewing it that I realized what I was taught as a kid- never take candy from strangers. It could have been poisoned or something. It was then that I thought that I may die. I actually became extremely paranoid.

Today in English I made up a BCR I missed on Wednesday as well as received the new vocabulary list. The BCR was rather simple, but I was shaking the whole time because of the paranoia about the “poisoned” taffy. I started feeling woozy, but I am pretty positive that I was merely subconsciously conjuring up a sickness in my mind, because I felt fine once I forgot about the taffy fiasco. I suspect that I only lived because of the seven lucky pennies in my pocket, most of which were from my birth year, which is triple the luck. We also watched part of the movie “Matewan” during that class as well, seeing as there were so many people absent, as I mentioned. It was okay, I think, though I just did my vocabulary sheet for most of the time.

Wow, my sister (Clara) really needs to improve her judgment. My mother is picking her up from a friend’s house right now, where she went knowing there would be no supervision. She was caught because she left her cellphone at home and the friend’s slightly older sister called it to see whether she was locked out of the house. Too bad for Clara, because she is now in major trouble. Perhaps that is the reason she got in trouble about a month ago- she refused to tell me why, but she lost a few privileges for a whole month.

Archie is even cuter than she was when I last saw her this morning. She is also calming down- yesterday she did not want to be held very much, or at least peeped a lot when I held her, but I held her just now and she fell right asleep in my hands. Adorable!

As I said, the holiday is Lucky Penny Day. The number of the day is eighteen, and the word of the day is nonce (a noun defined as ‘the present occasion’). Wallie actually remembered to find a color, and it is a lovely shade of yellow called ‘saffron.’

Oh yeah, guess what? Stumped? I actually have plans for this weekend! I never have anything planned, but my friend Alexandra invited me to a sleepover party at her house tonight. Because I rarely go anywhere, my parents are letting me go! How exciting- I have not been to a sleepover in quite a while.

Only a few more weeks of school left. A few more weeks of freshman year. That is crazy ridiculous. I still find it incredulous (hooray, I used one of my new vocabulary words!) that the year has gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were nervous eighth graders starting out at a new school. That means it is almost another year closer until college- when friendships are tested to the ultimate limits, unfortunately.

Wowie kazowie, how awesome is this webcam?

I have been wanting a webcam for quite some time, and this retro-looking one is awesome! At thirty-five dollars, it is not too expensive, either.

Anyway, I am going to play with Archie now before I go to the sleepover!


Over A Dozen Exclamation Points

May 19, 2008

Alternate titles (because alternate titles are an awesome idea):

An Ant For Each Year And One For Good Luck

An Abundance Of Excitement

Yup, you have guessed it- my ant farm arrived today!!!! I was so excited, all day long, that I could scarcely sit still in class. When I got home, sure enough, the package was here! After a bit, I caught sixteen ants and put them in the ant farm. I am hoping they are the right kind that will actually dig through the gel- I will not know, though, for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the estimated time before they start digging, according to the instructions booklet.

Jiminy Crickets, this is exciting!

I am currently reading two different books- one about human individuality titled No Two Alike and the other about Mary Mallon titled Typhoid Mary. Both are quite interesting.

The weather is rather nice today- not very sunny and kind of windy.

Nobody has bid on the yellow rain sliders on Ebay yet- they are only about thirteen dollars (that includes shipping) so perhaps I will be able to buy them!

Hooray, our chicks are arriving on Thursday!

Oh joy, we are getting our puppy next weekend!

Fizzing whizbees, Laura is having a party soon!

Wowzers, John Green is going to upload a video EVERY DAY this week! How monstrously exciting is that?

Hurrah, I get to miss school on Wednesday- plus there will be Wednesday Club after school!

My goodness, there are a humongo amount of amazing things happening in the near future! More of those magnificent things to come-

We are having chicken noodle soup for dinner!

The “In Case Of Zombies” shirt has been reprinted on Threadless!

My ants are fantastic and will start tunneling soon!

There are over a dozen exclamation points in this post!

Life is the best thing ever!

I am going to play with a pinwheel outside after dinner!

Obviously, it is a very exciting day. What joy awaits!

Farewell, Mexican jumping beans.

EDIT: In all of the excitement, I completely forgot to tell all of the things of the day!  The number of the day is seventy, the words are ineffable and janiform (incapable of being expressed in words and having two faces), the boring holiday is Boy’s Club Day, and the nonexistent color of the day is sunrise.

How Pleased You Look Reading That Funny Book

May 12, 2008

Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations

– a book I started last night and finished today. Seriously, I think it is the funniest book I have ever read. It was not the obvious kind of humor, just a subtle kind that I find especially amusing. Anyway, I am so happy I picked it up off of the library shelf because it is truly fantastic.

The holidays are Astronomy Day, Fatigue Syndrome Day (and, amazingly, I am not tired today), International Nurses Day (how many holidays relating to nurses are there?), and Limerick Day.

The color of the day is Cosmic Latté, a creamish shade of white. I think that is a rather spectacular name for a color.

The word of the day is a plural noun, ‘olio.’ Its definition is ‘a hodgepodge or medley.’

This afternoon, I have been looking at the site for quite a bit. It is a website where this woman basically posts awesome things. That is the best way I can describe it. Anyway, there are an abundance of magnificent links on there.

I have been adding more to my ‘for all occasions’ wishlist. There are many things on it. I suppose it is not really a wishlist, more of just a list of things I would buy if I had all of the money in the world. Though, honestly, that would be my worst nightmare.

Upon having a Hank-and-John-Green-related dream last night, I finally made an account on The link to my post is: in case you were wondering.

Man, I really want to get So, Now You Know… A Compendium of Completely Useless Information. It sounds like a book I would love. It is only $0.01 on amazon, but the shipping brings it up to four dollars. Perhaps I will buy it anyway, along with the ant farm I still have not ordered.

Oh, and I also wish I had the following books: The Ultimate Book of Useless Information: A Few Thousand More Things You Might Need to Know ( But Probably Don’t), BLA- 600 Incredibly Useless Facts: Something to Talk About When You Have Nothing Else To Say, Useless Knowledge: Answers to Questions You’d Never Think to Ask, The Emperor Who Ate the Bible: And More Strange Facts and Useless Information, The Book of Totally Useless Information, Woody Allen’s Without Feathers, and many others that I do not have time to list.

My goodness, I love books.

Speaking of love, I also adore the rain. And, hurrah, it has been raining all day long! There are rumors that it is supposed to rain all week long- now that would be something to blog about.

Speaking of time running out (or was I?), there are only twenty-three days left of ninth grade for me! I hate that- this year has gone by way too fast and I am not ready to be a sophomore yet. Oh my, a sophomore? No. I am still a freshman. I am barely used to that idea, and the year is nearly up.

More a bit later- my mother just came in and ordered the ant farm! It should not take too long to arrive- about three or four business days.

Farewell now, my various life forms.

May your rainy day be sweet.

Finding A Few Amazing Websites, My Love of Words, and Books (all intertwined)

May 8, 2008

My blisters from doing the Rower in Gym finally went away yesterday. Unfortunately, we did it again today and I have fresh ones.

I believe we are going out to dinner tonight.

The word of the day is brouhaha, meaning an uproar or hubbub. The color of the day is a shade of brown, zinnwaldite, that ‘beige’ color of old telephones.

The holidays are Iris Day, No Socks Day, V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day), and World Red Cross/ World Red Crescent Day.

I finished reading a book called Get A Hobby, which I checked out because I have no hobbies other than reading, writing, going on the computer, and occasionally knitting. I found a few ideas that I may incorporate into my life, such as balloon twisting (balloon animal-making), ant farming, and knotting, all three of which I have always been interested in but never gotten around to acting upon. Right now I am reading up on how to make an ant farm.

The number of the day is nine hundred thirty-three.

Guess what? Today is Harry S. Truman’s one hundred twenty-fourth birthday! According to Wikipedia, Harry was a, “folksy, unassuming president,” who, “popularized such phrases as “the buck stops here” and, “if you can’t stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen.” His three main interests were reading, music, and history. Sounds like a pretty amazing guy, if you ask me.

Besides Get a Hobby!, I also started and finished reading My Secret: A PostSecret and am far along in Thirteen: The History of the World’s Most Popular Superstition.

Hey, have you ever heard of the obscure instrument called a ‘klaxophone?’ According to Wikipedia, The Klaxophone is an instrument created by the American composer Henry Fillmore. Made up of twelve car horns, it was created for use in his Klaxon March…this piece featured the instrument mounted on a table and powered by a car battery.” A strange and wonderful place the world is.

Oh my goodness, while searching for information on klaxophones I came across a phantasmagorical website called Wordie, at It is made up of lists of words and phrases, two of my favorite things! I am most definitely going to be spending a lot of time on this site in the near future.

Oh yeah, in English today we had a substitute and got to watch Star Wars: A New Hope! It is the first one made and I loved every minute of it that we have watched so far (we did not finish and hopefully will tomorrow, after the A Separate Peace test).

We received new pictures of the puppies we will have to choose from.  We are getting one in about three weeks.  Here is one of the photos below:

My favorite would definitely be the dark one in the back on the right side.  It has the best eyes.

For the second time, oh my goodness! I just had a sudden burst of happiness over my adoration of words and books. I love thee, fair words.

Wow, look at this site: about amazing pictures.

Random word: spookily. How fun it is to say and use!

And now, with amidst much of a brouhaha, I bid thee farewell. May you grow old surrounded by piles of words.