this is how

Today was excellent and nice. So was How to Train Your Dragon. We saw that this evening at the dollar theater, and it was mesmerizing. Mesmerize… what a strange-sounding word. I’ve know the word for so long, but I don’t know that I’ve ever used it.

We saw the movie instead of going to the pool, as it was supposed to rain. It’s raining now, and it’s lovely.

We’re having burgers for dinner, soon.

And, OH MY GOD guess what? Jake got a tattoo! My big brother! I can’t believe I forgot. I thought my mom would start crying when he showed it to us, but she didn’t. Actually, she even liked it! And, I do too. It’s a scene from The Giving Tree, a nice plain pencil or plain ink looking sketch, on his lower leg, left leg, I think. The funniest part is that my mother always joked, whenever he talked about getting a tattoo, “Okay, but it has to say ‘mama’ in a heart.” And, there’s a little heart on the tree, the giving tree, and inside it says ‘mama.’ It fits in perfectly.


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