yesterday and today

Yesterday at work:
I went to the break room for my break, as per usual, and there were fifteen or so people sitting at the tables, all wearing completely white. I sat down at the only seat empty, right in the middle of them all. So, I’m sitting there drinking my fruit punch, and then this other woman comes in, wearing fancy clothes, she she stands in front of everybody and says, “Okay, we’re going to start the meeting now!” Everybody looks at her and she starts going over statistics of some kind, and from what I gathered it was a meeting for the heads of the bakery branch at various Safeway stores in the area. Even more embarrassing than being stuck in the middle of them all, however, was that the woman making the speech was standing directly in front of the only way out of the room. So, when my break was up, I had to stand up in front of them all and excuse myself. It was soooo awkward.

In an hour and a half, I will be dropped off at Rachel’s house to go on vacation with Rachel’s family. Well, minus her mother, who got lime disease, unfortunately. We’ll be going to Pennsylvania for a week. There’s a lake to swim in and we’ll be up near the mountains and that’s really all I know about it.

It will be so much fun I can hardly bear it, though.

On another note, the other day I began knitting a pair of orange and purple-y striped legwarmers, and I LOVE THEM so far. They are softer than all get out.

BYE NOW! See you in a week!


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