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BEDA Installment Twenty-Five: What a nice day it is for boiling yourself in a pleasant environment

April 25, 2009

Today I did something I have done three times before. Out of guesses? I went to downtown Frederick. This is the fourth time altogether and the second time I’ve gone with Daniel (actually, the third time if you count the Break the Silence thing). There have been weather problems there in the past, as you may recall, when it was snowy and Rachel and I slipped numerous times. Today, the problem was just the opposite. The heat was what tried to bring us down.

It is currently 92 degrees in Frederick. It rarely gets that hot around here.

Here’s a chronological list (or at least I hope so– I’m having some trouble remembering the EXACT order of everything, despite the recap we had at the end for this very purpose) of the joys that happened on this lovely, but extremely heated, excursion.

[1]Daniel’s dad picked us up in his convertible. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden in a convertible before, as I would surely have remembered the delightful and EXTREME breezes that hit you in the backseat, where I was. His dad drove down all of these old back roads, making it into a marvelous scenic route, complete with frequent punches when VW beetles passed by, which was strangely often.

[2]We arrived in downtown Frederick and started off with Daniel taking amusing pictures of me for Photography class. These all involved covering my face, most often with the plastic bag bag I am in the process of knitting. We found some fantastic secret hideaways in the midst of all of this, including a place called The Labyrinth, which was one of the greatest things since homemade bread.

[3]Once the film was gone, we went to Baker Park, where a festival of some sort was going on. We sat down near a shady tree and played tic tac toe with dandelions and twigs. Once we tired of that, we left a message made of the tic tac toe materials that read, “hi!” This became somewhat of a theme throughout the day.

[4]We next went to The Orchard, a really great restaurant, where I got a honey mustard cheddar chicken sandwich and Daniel got a tofu hummus something or other sandwich. It was very good, though I kept somehow managing to spill my water. Before we left, we left another message reading, “hi” with the toothpicks that held the sandwiches together.

[5]After that, we went to Carroll Creek. On the way, we say Felicia (a girl from school), Daniel’s brother, and my brother. Then, as we arrived there, we saw Hannah and had a nice chat with her. Then we sat under the bridge and watched the ducks. We touched this weird moss-lump-thing that floated by, and it felt very strange. It felt like once you took your finger away there would be residue on it, and yet there was nothing.

[6]Eventually we decided to go to Proof to get some dessert. I’m not sure what I got (or what Daniel got, for that matter), but I do know that mine was strawberry something.

[7]After dessert, filled to the brim, we sat on a ledge near Proof. This was where we counted down from three for when the car that continued to beep its alarm would continue beeping (it stopped doing so at regular intervals. We never got it down perfectly. Daniel had a headache from the alarm at this point, and so we crossed the street to find somewhere else to hit. As luck would have it, the car stopped its beeping as soon as we got across the street, so, sighing, we crossed the street once more and sat on the ledge for a little longer.

[8]After a little while, Daniel realized there was an IB Art exhibit today, the last day of it, and so we hurried there. Unfortunately, we arrived too late, as they were cleaning up the last of it all when we got there.

[9]It was then that Daniel remembered that he had to pick up a necklace of his that had been fixed, and we went to the jewelry place where it was. The man and woman who worked there were EXTRAORDINARILY nice. They’re friends with Daniel’s mom, apparently, and even offered him a job for the summer.

[10]After that, not being able to think of anything else to do, we went back to Carroll Creek, where we saw Olivia, another girl from school. We then went back to our spot under the bridge and lay down on the ground, looking up at the bridge. During this, we recapped the wondrous day. Sometime during the day, we also saw two people who looked as if they had permanent square frowny faces. So, we lay there, looking up, and then Daniel’s dad called to say he was there to pick us up. Happily awaiting the cool, breezy ride home, we walked a ways and then crossed the street to his dad’s convertible. Then we drove to my house to drop me off, and up until now I was still walking aimlessly around the house, thinking about various things. Then I decided that I should probably write it all down before I forget. And here I am.

In other news, it’s the twenty-fifth day of BEDA! Twenty-five has been my favorite number for quite some time, so it only figures that I had such a great day.

Today I am a featured blogger on Maureen Johnson’s ning. This is so exciting for me! It falls right in league with when I won the nonexistent nerdfighting prize of the day way back when for making the first comment on a YouTube video that didn’t say “FIRST COMMENT!”

(evidence A: )

(evidence B: )

It makes me feel so happy so be able to connect with FAMOUS PEOPLE, people I admire and strive to be like. Or, rather, to know that, even if only for a little while, these AUTHORS, these marvelous published authors, thought about ME. The awesome nerdfighting world has given me these chances and these amazing feelings.

Well, now I’m going to watch a movie now probably an old horror movie like I planned on doing. Goodbye everyone, and thanks for reading my blog!

EDIT: Oh, and somebody said they liked my shirt today, the same thing that happened the first time Daniel and I went to Frederick!

And I forgot the question AGAIN:
Question Twenty-five: What’s your lucky number and why?

BEDA Installment Twenty-One: But all I want’s a life that’s free

April 21, 2009

The above is a quote from a song that is in my Guitar book. I can’t recall the name at the moment, but I quite liked the words in the third verse, as the above are from.

My PreCalc grade went up two percent just recently, and that’s before the quiz grade from today was added, a quiz that I’m sure I did fairly well on.

Today is my sister Clara’s fourteenth birthday. For eight days now, we will be one year apart rather than two. These days feel weird every year.

I paused my viewing of M is for Murder to write this, just in case I get caught up in the birthday festivities later and thus forget to post. After M is for Murder is over (I’m pretty far with it) I will be watching The Confederate States of America, if all goes well.

It just now randomly started thunderstorming. I am pleased about this. I didn’t realize it had begun until the lights flickered on and off.

Earlier today I began reading I’m a Stranger Here Myself, a book by Bill Bryson, author of The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. I’m maybe halfway through and liking it.

Also earlier today, I prepared for a presentation for Biology. It is about mutations and includes a picture of a two-headed turtle.

I read an article by John Green about getting rid of high school proms (, and I completely agree. Proms are expensive and unnecessary, and above all an excuse to participate in a variety of dangerous and inappropriate activites.

Here’s a picture of my eye:

Doesn’t it look neat? You’d think I would have noticed before now what my eye looks like.

“He’d make a lovely corpse.”
-Charles Dickens

“Human beings, vegetables, or comic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible player.”
-Albert Einstein

Now, for sake of more words, let me tell you a little bit about a subsitute teacher I frequently had in elementary school.

His name may have began with a D or perhaps an R. I cannot remember it correctly, but if given multiple choice I would surely be able to remember.

He brought wooden puzzles with him. They were made of wooden blocks, each with holes in them in certain places, and there were nails with them too, but not ordinary nails, but nails that were not pointy on the thin end. Instead, they had been dulled, and there were other pieces to put on the other end of them. When our classwork was finished for the day, or while anybody was waiting for everybody else to finish their work, we would raise our hand, sitting quietly until he came over to us. “May I have a puzzle, please?” we would ask, and he would ask what level we were on. There were levels, you see, and the higher the level you were on the higher the level of difficulty you could master. The highest level I ever got to was level five, a level I never did complete.

When you finished a puzzle, which had to be put together in a specific way in order to use up all of the pieces, you would bring it up to him and receive a candy, most often a tootsie roll pop.

He is, without a doubt, the best substitute teacher I have had, to date.

Tallyhoo, goodbye to you!

Question Twenty-One: What is your favorite type of pasta?

If my hair were green, if my hair were green– it’d be the prettiest shade you’ve ever seen.

December 28, 2008

Who are you? What would you write in a message in a bottle sent out to sea? What is your favorite planet?

Today was jolly, even if irritable towards the end.

This morning we went to my grandmother’s house, which was nice, at least more so than usual. I got a second copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, so I’ll return one of them and buy something else, perhaps a copy of Let it Snow, which I still have yet to read, or maybe either Looking for Alaska or An Abundance of Katherines.

I also got a pair of lovely black and blue socks.

My father, Emma, Clara and me were going to go to Jake’s “gig,” as I mentioned yesterday, but the directions we had ended up being wonky and so it would have been over by the time we arrived. Instead, we went to the Philly Cheesesteak Factory and then to Giant to bring home ice cream for the crew. I bought a package of Good and Fruity. They are scrumptious, but my father had a couple and said they’re nothing like they used to be, which made me sad. A lot of things are different than what they used to be like. Change is supposed to be good, for the most part, but it often ruins nostalgic feelings.

I feel like there was something else I planned on mentioning but my mind is drawing a blank at the moment, so farewell.

Creatures, goodbye.

Frozen Computers Frustrate Me

December 24, 2008

If you hadn’t guessed it by the title, the reason I failed to post yesterday was that my computer was frozen. I only wish outside were becoming as white-Christmas as the PC. *cue Christmas songs*

Blegh, sorry, I know, that was completely uncalled for. Christmas songs are heard enough around the holidays as it is.

Speaking of the holidays, just as the last time I posted: boy, am I excited! Tonight was the third night of Hanukkah– we got a new menorah, replacing the one we got as a gift before I was born and which we have to jab the wax out after each use in order for it to actually hold new candles. We also got some chocolate covered oreos in festive Hanukkah colors. Blue and silver, blue and silver, blue and silver. What comes next? Silver!

Gee, am I really still in the Child Development preschool/pattern mood? Guess so.

Oh, and so yesterday was the second day/night of Hanukkah. Baskin-Robbins gift certificates galore and a fruit basket along with that! It’s a sort of running joke in my family that every year my father ends up getting summer sausage from somebody. Guess what? There was summer sausage in the fruit basket! And fudge shaped like a tree! And an apple with a Merry Christmas stamp on it! Ironic, eh? Jolly good fun for all.

Speaking of which, I never even wrote about the first night of Hanukkah! Sorry, I’m a bit scatter-brained at the moment. We got the Wall-E movie. I still have yet to watch it– that and Elephant Man, and The Incredible Hulk, for that matter. I love movies but it’s difficult to find time to sit down and watch one. I get distracted easily.

Over the past few days, I’ve knit up three soap sacks. Yup, supremely snazzy indeed.

Oh oh oh, guess what all the things I received from friends as presents were? (verbose sentence alert!) Well, there were plenty of candy canes, of course, and a scrumptious cookie from Daniel, and then a bag of holiday-color-wrapped Reese’s peanut butter cups from Kaitlyn from yesterday (and possibly some from Friday). Then, today, I got a piece of peanut butter fudge, and MORE Reese’s peanut butter cups from my bus driver, and a super adorablicious pink and green turtle from Rachel, and two marvelously adorable real (as opposed to fake?) handmade crystal animals, a dog and an elephant (a puppy-sized elephant! except not! half-dollar sized, perhaps?). Great great great presents. Thanks, everybody.

If I get around to it (and it’s on the official List of things I have to do over the holiday break), which I most absolutely definitely will, I will be bringing in gifts after the break, not only because I didn’t get around to collecting gifts beforehand, but also because it’ll be nice to give things after the holidays, once everybody’s suffering post-break depression and all.

Oh, and today I was working on an AP Euro project in the library (what a shocker– usually it’s lecture lecture lecture lecture test) and I came across a few carts full of old books that the library was going to get rid of to make room for new books. Naturally, I couldn’t let them go unnoticed, and I plucked three of the spined, word-filled creatures to take home with me. Two of them were those corny scary story sort of books for more or less middle school aged kids, so I brought them to Clara and Emma in case they were interested. The third book, far more superior in every way to the other two, is a lovely old-book-scented being titled The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Sound familiar? Amazing, that book is. I’ve only had a chance to read the first tale of mystery and I’m as hooked as ever. Doyle, Doyle, Doyle, fantastic human you are.

Though, naturally, the computer’s basically frozen again and so if this doesn’t end up being posted for a while, then you will know the reason, though it will be too late to wish about it anyway by then.

Wow, I’ve practically written up one fiftieth of a NaNoWriMo-sized novel! Crazy, that is.

Golly gee wow, Christmas is the day after tomorrow! The year is nearly halfway through!

Oh, good, the computer’s sped up again. Maybe this will end up being posted straightaway just as planned after all.

Well, I’d better post it before it’s too late.

Sayonara, por favor. (ooh, getting cultural now, are ya? two languages at once? does it even make sense? that is doubtful. does the writer care? also doubtful.)

Sleep tight, sapes. Lovely weather we’re having, eh? Cold and windy, not a hint of snow? Come along, white fluff, we love you.

P.S. Let It Snow is in the school library! I, for one, was SHOCKED, with a capital S.

EDIT: Wow, I just viewed this post and found that it is the longest in quite a while.  Now, cheerio for real.

I completely forgot to mention my new chicken.

October 20, 2008

So, my crazier grandmother decided she did not want a lot of her chickens and asked if we wanted some of them.  Now we have, like ten more.  And guess what?  Two of them were Americanas like poor little Archie, so I got one of them!  She is not a baby but a hen.  She is not very friendly because she is not used to people that much since nobody paid her any attention, but I am excited.  I decided to name her Katherine the Yeti, after Hank and John Green’s wives.  Also kind of after Catherine the Great, but not really.

Bye now.

It seems that my viewer statistics are steadily growing.

September 14, 2008

3, 6, 6, 8, 9, 10.

Those are the current stats from the last six days. As much as it does not matter how many people are watching, I must admit that it did cheer me up greatly to see this. For a while, the numbers were relentlessly zig-zagging, and they have currently stopped doing so. Maybe the increase in views is due to the fact that I have been blogging more recently, or maybe now that school has started my life has become more interesting and readable. Either way, I am glad for it.

This weekend I mostly did a lot of reading and watching movies. Actually, I basically just read. I did the required reading of To Kill a Mockingbird for English, read some mildly interesting book that did not make a whole lot of sense, and re-read The Gospel According to Larry, Vote for Larry, and 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I re-watched Stardust (compliments of Netflix) and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which we recently added to our movie collection but I had yet to re-watch. I guess that a lot of things were repeated this weekend.

One thing, however, that was NOT repeated, was my making dinner rolls. Actually, I have not made them yet- they are currently in the bread machine and will be for about twenty-six more minutes, I believe. *runs to kitchen* Scratch that, only twenty-one more minutes. Then the oven and baking part, I guess. I am terribly excited. I really like all types of bread, especially homemade bread. It is so much better than store-bought, it really is. Every once in a while (but all to seldom) my mother makes a loaf of bread, corn muffins, or some other type of bread-related thing, and they are always so scrumptious. Who knows, maybe this dough business will turn into a hobby for me.

I am invited to a sleepover birthday party next weekend and have an amazing present coming in the mail for the recipient. Once it has been given, I will post a picture/ description. It really is amazing and I am sure she will love it (she being my friend Eleanor).

I am shaking a bit with anticipation for the dinner rolls to come out of the bread machine, so I really must be on my way.

Good luck in whatever it may be.

EDIT SOME TIME LATER: The dinner rolls have baked and somewhat cooled and guess what? They are delicious!

EDIT FOURTEEN SECONDS AFTER: The stats have increased from 10 to 16!

Over A Dozen Exclamation Points

May 19, 2008

Alternate titles (because alternate titles are an awesome idea):

An Ant For Each Year And One For Good Luck

An Abundance Of Excitement

Yup, you have guessed it- my ant farm arrived today!!!! I was so excited, all day long, that I could scarcely sit still in class. When I got home, sure enough, the package was here! After a bit, I caught sixteen ants and put them in the ant farm. I am hoping they are the right kind that will actually dig through the gel- I will not know, though, for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the estimated time before they start digging, according to the instructions booklet.

Jiminy Crickets, this is exciting!

I am currently reading two different books- one about human individuality titled No Two Alike and the other about Mary Mallon titled Typhoid Mary. Both are quite interesting.

The weather is rather nice today- not very sunny and kind of windy.

Nobody has bid on the yellow rain sliders on Ebay yet- they are only about thirteen dollars (that includes shipping) so perhaps I will be able to buy them!

Hooray, our chicks are arriving on Thursday!

Oh joy, we are getting our puppy next weekend!

Fizzing whizbees, Laura is having a party soon!

Wowzers, John Green is going to upload a video EVERY DAY this week! How monstrously exciting is that?

Hurrah, I get to miss school on Wednesday- plus there will be Wednesday Club after school!

My goodness, there are a humongo amount of amazing things happening in the near future! More of those magnificent things to come-

We are having chicken noodle soup for dinner!

The “In Case Of Zombies” shirt has been reprinted on Threadless!

My ants are fantastic and will start tunneling soon!

There are over a dozen exclamation points in this post!

Life is the best thing ever!

I am going to play with a pinwheel outside after dinner!

Obviously, it is a very exciting day. What joy awaits!

Farewell, Mexican jumping beans.

EDIT: In all of the excitement, I completely forgot to tell all of the things of the day!  The number of the day is seventy, the words are ineffable and janiform (incapable of being expressed in words and having two faces), the boring holiday is Boy’s Club Day, and the nonexistent color of the day is sunrise.

I Have a Crooked Smile.

May 4, 2008

Today was a lazy Sunday. Hmm, that sounds like a saying or something… I will have to look into that.

I spent the majority of the day watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos of the past. I got through I think three pages of videos.

Most of the rest of my family went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I did not really have a choice as to whether I wanted to go because Emma was at our neighbor’s house and I needed to be home for when she came back.

They had corn dogs there. Corn dogs! Oh, the nerve of them to have such a magnificent food when I have been wanting one for over a year and not had the chance.

They did, however, bring back kettle corn, so I will be forgiving them for the mishap.

We are going to have pizza for dinner.

I am actually feeling rather discouraged at the moment because Abie left an open purple marker in one of his pants pockets, which ended up being washed with one of my newer Threadless shirts. One of the few that I did not receive as gifts and instead bought myself. Which now has purple splotches on it. I will need to get some stain removal and hope that it is effective.

Oh man, I just remembered something that has now burst my already-burst bubble: remember how I told you guys that my sister was singing in the middle school talent show? Well, in the program it listed a snippet of each of the acts. In one of the acts, either eight or nine, perhaps act ten, it said something like, “[names of people in act] call themselves the JANCC 5,” and then, in parentheses, said, “an anagram of the group’s first names.” I read this and was like, ‘what the heck?” I mean, honestly, they thought that was an anagram when it was so obviously an acronym? I felt sick to my stomach when reading this- no joke. I shared my anger with various family members but they all thought I was overreacting. And I was not, really. It is just that… well, so many people need serious help with their grasp of language and then something like this happens- adults not knowing what something is properly called and sharing this lack of knowledge with the general community. It is absolutely preposterous that something like this should happen, in the field of education, no less. Like how I so often find grammar mistakes in my high school teacher’s writings. For instance, my math teacher used, ‘zero’s’ as the plural form of ‘zero.’ I mean, honestly- it can be spelled ‘zero’ or ‘zeroes,’ but NOT ‘zero’s!’ Really, can they truly not use an apostrophe correctly? They are teachers, for goodness sakes.

Sorry, I am ranting. It just really… infuriates me how doomed the English language is. Among other things.

Another slightly doomed fact- my sister Clara, who just turned thirteen, found out today that peanut butter is not made from actual butter. That is unbelievable.

“I wish I…” rant-

I wish I …

…were as smart as people think I am.

…could whistle, snap my fingers, or blow a gum bubble.

…knew what I could expect in my future and stop worrying about it.

…could stop being so shy that strangers think I hate them.

…could do something extraordinarily interesting.

…had enough money to give it out to deserving people.

…could stay a child forever but still grow up.

…still believed in the tooth fairy.

…could eat vegetables and not gag.

…could stay outside and read all day.

…knew how to cheer people up.

…could talk to people without feeling stupid and inferior.

…were born before technology became such a huge part of people’s lives.

Thank you, thank you very much.