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Who put the glitter on the floor?

March 26, 2010

Tonight was, though I did not deem it possible, even better than yesterday. We got another standing ovation. I dread the end of tomorrow, what will probably be close to the best day of my entire life. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN! I will probably cry at the end. Being on the stage crew for the musical has been one of the most fun experiences of my life. I only wish I had started on stage crew freshman year so I could have experienced it all even longer.

I finished the front of the sweater and have begun seaming it up now. I learned how to do an invisible seam and it is indeed invisible! It feels like magic.

My life will feel so much emptier once the musical is over. That sounds so over-dramatic, and hearing people say that in the past has always made everyone seem so ridiculous, but it really is true! I see it now!

My run run run run runaway

March 18, 2010

The day was fast, the week’s been fast. I’ll mention the feeling of the speed of each day to come forever, most likely.

Today was the Medieval Times field trip. It was pretty fun. Luckily they didn’t serve a disgusting vegetable soup like some people said they would. There was chicken, potato, corn, garlic bread, and a cookie. Nothing weird.

Rehearsal was until 7 pm tonight, but actually even that went by quickly. I wasn’t able to make up the APES test because Mrs. McCook left early, so I went straight to stage crew after school. I’m getting pretty far with the front of my striped sweater and I can not WAIT to be done with the thing, not only because I can then wear it but also because I feel like an instant gratification project and this is not cutting it.

A college sent me a letter today, just as every day, but this one was different. They sent me 3D GLASSES because the pictures in the advertisement are in 3D!!! I was so completely thrilled.

Everything is Rosie

March 10, 2010

School has been going by so quickly lately! Tomorrow’s Thursday already! Rehearsal was fun today, and I painted and taped for marking the places to be painted. Afterward, I went to Giant with my pops and Lydia, and Rachel was there getting stuff to make a funfetti cake! Pret-ty funny!

Then I got home, and found that my VHS had come in the mail. It’s called “Baby Songs.” I used to watch this video ALL THE TIME when I was younger, that and the second one, “More Baby Songs.” When we had a yard sale a few years ago, my father decided that we wouldn’t use VCRs anymore, only DVD players, so we sold all our videos. That included the above. Here’s a video that I want to put here so you can here the beginning song:

I LOVE these videos. I love the songs, I love the clothes, I love the memories. I was always so jealous of all the kid’s awesome 80’s clothes, and I still am…

Oh! Yesterday I bought a set of four records on Ebay. It includes three I don’t really know about, and the Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack!!! And I just finished watching the movie, by the way. I LOVED it.

EDIT: So the video isn’t working on here- watch it on YouTube though- it’s worth it!

There’s a word for it- and words don’t mean a thing. There’s a name for it- and names make all the difference in the world.”

March 8, 2010

“Give Me Back My Name” by Talking Heads. I looked through all of my parents hundreds of records today to search for a “Bye, Bye Birdie” album my mother said she had… it wasn’t there. I found some gems, though, and I’ve been listening to records for an hour or so now.

I’m aiming to go to sleep before 9 pm tonight. We’ll see if I succeed… I’ve finished all my homework that I have until Wednesday, other than one or two more chapters of Things Fall Apart, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself but am also very tired.

After school today I went to Stage Crew, where I painted more of the set black and helped lay out duct tape to map out where a checkerboard will be painted on the set. This is more or less what the set is being modeled after, though I don’t think the humongo “At Last” poster will be there:

Well, I’m already feeling kind of in sleep mode… maybe I’ll go to sleep even earlier than I thought?  Fat chance.

Why, I oughta…

March 3, 2010

So, it’s Wallie’s birthday… I totally didn’t finish his present in time, but I got most of it done… I probably would have finished it tonight if it hadn’t been for the house-wide search for the diamond from my mother’s wedding ring, which is still LOST. I definitely would have finished it if it hadn’t been for stage crew. Stage Crew was super fun. I spoke to Rachel for a long time, Brandon for a while, and Manny for a very little bit of time. There wasn’t much to do in regards to stage crew stuff, so mostly I just watched the rehearsal. OH OH OH, but in Stage Crew I guess every year they assign nicknames for each member based on a certain movie. This year’s movie is “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and the managers (Sara and Brittany) assigned me as Sir Robin! That’s horribly exciting, as “Brave Sir Robin” is probably my favorite song in the whole movie. Also, Ms. Lennon gave the stage crew doughnuts, and they were great. I don’t really like average kinds of doughnuts, but any sort of doughnut with filling tends to be delicious.

After Stage Crew, I came home, and I began my homework and then ate dinner. Then I finished my homework. I actually had a ton of homework today, but luckily had extra time in my classes and was able to get most of it done at school, other than AP ES homework, which is always abundant and takes a long, long time. Today it didn’t take me as long as usual, though. Very good.

Instead of Thursday Club tomorrow, there is going to be a Saturday Club. Wallie will come to set build with Rachel and I and then (the plan is) we will get dinner from Giant afterwards. Fun, fun, fun! I’m not working until Monday at the very earliest, and so I feel a lot more relaxed than usual right now. ‘Tis a good feeling.

That’s why they call it a reHEARSEal!

February 25, 2010

I don’t even know where the title came from. If rehearsal today had been really terrible, maybe it would fit, but it wasn’t terrible at all do it doesn’t apply. The whole time was spent organizing the horrifically messy scenery room, and when we finished after over two hours of working, it was a marvelous feeling. The stage crew managers, Brittany and Sara, were skipping around, they were so happy. From what I’ve heard, the room hasn’t been so clean since… as long as anybody can remember. When we brought the drama department teacher, Ms. Lennon, in, she was THRILLED. She hugged us all. I felt so proud and delighted!

After Stage Crew, my father, Emma, and I went to Target and Home Depot, though I stayed in the car because I had homework to do. When I had finished my homework and we were in the parking lot at Target, I realized I had to go to the bathroom, so I went inside. Then, I couldn’t find my father and Emma, so I went rambling around the store, and then I found a package of Tim Tams, which claimed to be Australia’s favorite cookie, so I bought them. They’re pretty good.

When I got home from that whole deal, I was met with ten new college letters. How do they find me? I know the answer to that: College Board. It’s nice to get mail, even if it is just mostly boring college stuff. Also, the final Augusten Burroughs memoir I bought, also the first one I ever read, Running With Scissors, came in the mail.  ALSO, the new issue of Mental Floss came in the mail.  Exciting!  I’ve gotten mail all this week!

The only bad part of the day was when I found that my sister Emma stayed home from school today, and she used my laptop.  Not only did she use my laptop (which ordinarily wouldn’t  be that big of a deal), but she somehow got a HUGE scratch on it!  That’s permanent, buster!  Are you cruising for a bruising?  I wanted to ask her that, but this is a SERIOUS MATTER which calls for a SERIOUS RESPONSE.  “I’m really disappointed in you, Emma,” I told her.  Actually, I didn’t say anything.  I just told her I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t take better care of something I worked so hard to earn the money to buy.  I can’t believe she wasn’t more careful with it!


February 18, 2010

When I had a penpal a long while ago, Min-Hee from Korea, she said ‘kekeke’ instead of ‘hahaha.’ It was the funniest.

So, guess what? I MADE STAGE CREW! I think that’s the only thing I’ve made after trying out for. Generally I’m not very good at audition sort of things. I was so THRILLED to make it, to see my name on the list. There was a meeting after school today, and we were divided into which part of the stage we will remain on and all, and it felt so REAL, like I was really a PART of something. It was really grand. I just know I’m going to love stage crew.

There was a two-hour delay today, and that coupled with stage crew made it a really really nice day. After the meeting, my father and I went to Target, and got my sister’s new phone. I always look in the tights section when I’m there, because I’m addicted to buying tights, plus Target has some of the best, and there was a pair of sky blue tights! Sky blue is a beautiful color, plus they were only five dollars, so I bought them. Then, they rang up as only $2.50! What a deal! I felt like I was stealing them, at that price.

After Target, we went to pick up pizza for dinner, and I saw a girl working there who is kind of annoying. So, I was avoiding looking at her, but then later somebody called her name, and I realized that it wasn’t the girl I was thinking of. It was her twin! Yeah, everything is alright. Oh, please tell me that you’re alright. Yeah, everything is alriggght… wow, I haven’t listened to that song in AGES! I used to listen to Motion City Soundtrack practically every day.

There’s another two-hour delay tomorrow, and then the weekend already! I’ll be working tomorrow, 4 pm to 9 pm, so me evening is pretty much bust, but then saturday is set build, 9 am to 5 pm, and that will be a blasssssst.

We got registration sheets for next year’s classes today. I can’t WAIT for next year! I actually have two spaces that I don’t know what to fill with, but I’m thinking maybe Tech Theater, and then perhaps the Parenting class? Rachel suggested Tech Theater, which would certainly be fun, and I also think it would be fun to have an electronic baby.

So, apparently they’re calling for loads of snow next week? People have told me 4 feet (!!!), 24-36 inches, and overall just a whole lot more than the first storm, which was already TREMENDOUS. I don’t know how I feel about that…

EDIT: And this is shameless advertisement, but ask me a question: I like them!