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Not to worry

July 29, 2009

The computer’s been broken for around a week now. I’m using my grandparents’ computer at the moment. I’m able to check my email and such on my mother’s fancy schmancy phone with internet access, but only just so often. So, probably no posts from me here for awhile.

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, it’s more of the same old, same old. Knitting, reading, watching movies. That’s pretty much it.

Until we meet again.

“We have a natural right to make use of our pens as of our tongue, at our peril, risk and hazard.” -Voltaire

May 13, 2009

So I spent the entire evening cleaning the sunroom, making it perfectly squeaky clean to ready it for my birthday party. It is on Friday.

Before that, as like every middle-of-the-week, I went to Wednesday Club. It was very much a repeat of a past Wednesday Club, in that we got miniature Ben and Jerry’s ice creams and ate them outside. The only difference was a few of the people, that and the fact that we have changed so much since then. That day was June 25th, 2008. So many days separate then from now, so many new memories and so much new knowledge.

Sorry, I’m becoming nostalgic once again. I guess it comes with the territory of this age, not-long-after-sixteen, when seventeen seems so far away and eighteen is absolutely unimaginable.

Anyway, after the ice cream extravaganza Courtney threw Valerie’s vitamin water across the walkway and it burst open, spilling its contents completely. Not long after, Courtney and I went inside, where we stayed for the remainder of the time. I’m not sure where the others ended up.

Inside, both of us did our homework, and then I went off in search of new books. I ended up getting nine, I believe, and all seem to be fantastic in each and every way. One of them is by the same author as The Stepford Wives, Ira Levin, and one is about Einstein, another about politically correct versions of popular fairy tales, and all in all I wish I could begin reading them all at once, though that, of course, would not be practical.

I also checked out two new movies, to be added to my lengthy list of movies I need to finish. Actually, there aren’t that many on the list. Never mind. I almost finished watching The Stepford Wives today while cleaning the sunroom, and tomorrow I shall try and finish Twilight Zone: The Movie, and then I will watch the new movies, Sybil and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

I am rather far in with re-reading The Princess Bride, which is even more excellent than I remember it. I really hope to re-watch the movie just as soon as I can. I’m beginning to forget which bits of the book are in the movie and vice versa.

Well, a new night of sleep is upon us and a new day will soon follow, so I must bid you brief farewells in the least lengthy fashion possible.

(how do you feel about redundant goodbyes such as the above?)

Oh, and still nobody’s won the three hundredth post contest yet. Keep commenting, and perhaps YOU shall be the victor!

P.S. And I forgot to mention that my bangs were trimmed tonight! That always leaves me with such a crisp, green-apple-like feeling.

I guess people like when I post daily

May 10, 2009

because I get less than half the amount of views on days that I don’t post.

Hmm, let’s see…

Yesterday was Lizzy’s birthday party. I got her a crisp Andrew Jackson and a shiny new 2009 penny with a new picture on the back of it.

First, we went to Matsutake, a Japanese sushi and steak place. I’d never been there before, and I really don’t go to restaurants all that often, so the menu was pretty intimidating. I ended up getting chicken fried rice, and they make it right in front of you with fire and everything, which was all at once terrifying and delicious.

After dinner, we went to an organic market while Lizzy’s parents and grandparents finished their dinner. Some of us (us being Lizzy, Rachel, Celesthe, Emily, and I) bought fruit leather and some of us (myself not included) bought a drink, I think.

Then we went back over to Matsutake and Lizzy opened her presents and we ate the cake her parents had brought. It was chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, very tasty indeed.

The thing was, the people who worked there brought out these little tiny plates used for putting dips in for us to eat the cake on, so the pieces were all falling off the sides. It was funny, though, because those of us who used chopsticks to eat the cake spilled less crums than those of us who used regular forks.

Anyway, once we’d finished eating cake we went to the movies right next to the restaurant and saw Star Trek. It was so fantastic! After seeing it, I really want to see the original television series. I wonder if they have it in the Netflix instant? (I just checked– they DO have the first season on there, but the rest I’ll have to rent) My favorite character was Pavel Chekov, played by Anton Yelchin. He had a Russian accent, though after some research I have found that his accent is more common of Polish accents.

Speaking of Netflix instant, right this very moment I am watching Twilight Zone: The Movie. I’m seven minutes and fifty-five seconds in, and it just passed a part where I literally jumped. I love being scared, especially pop-out-at-you scared.

Well, I’m going to get back to the movie now! Goodbye! (and don’t forget to wish your mother a happy day!)

BEDA Installment Thirteen: Is that another one of those Nicholas Cage movies?

April 13, 2009

Today I went to the movies with my family, and, no, we didn’t see Knowing, with Nicholas Cage, also known as “Knowing exactly what’s going to happen even with a completely different plot.”  As I’ve spoken about with Rachel on numerous occasions, all of Nicholas Cage’s movies are exactly alike, most of all his various characters.  They’re all sulky, with a dry, sarcastic in a trying-to-be-lovable sort of humor.

So, what did I actually see?  Monsters vs. Aliens, of course.  In 3D!!!  I must admit, it was awesome.  Afterwards, we had Chipotle, and I was wearing my Mountain Goats shirt and thus reminded of the concert, the whiz that it was.

My mother won a contest online for her choice of handmade bookmark.  They’re all shaped like mice of different colors, and she said I could choose one for myself since she doesn’t read all that often.  I chose a little blue one with a sparkle snowflake thing on its ear.

I went in the woods behind my house today, for a brief moment, and there was a tree in the woods that was twisted.  As in, twisted completely around itself, but perfectly uniform, like a humongous wooden candy cane.  Here’s a blurry picture of it, for your viewing pleasure:

I just now discovered this website:
and I must say it is great. After this, I’ll be checking it out thoroughly, or as thoroughly as I can check out a website which seems to be endlessly full of scrumptious words and articles about words and everything relating to obscure words. Ooh, and the guy who made this website is the guy who wrote two books on my birthday list of books that I made two or three years ago! A small world it is.

Earlier today, before the movies, I watched three taped episodes of the Twilight Zone. My favorite was one which is about a pilot who flies into the future, or 1959, from the past, or 1917. The guy who played the pilot was fantastic. He sounded so kind and sweet. He talked about how he was afraid of the German pilots and dreaded flying with the royal flying corps for that very reason, and he had these little curls in front. Here’s a picture. He’s the one on the right:

Isn’t he adorable?

“Witness Flight Lieutenant William Terrance Decker, Royal Flying Corps, returning from a patrol somewhere over France. The year is 1917. The problem is that the Lieutenant is hopelessly lost. Lieutenant Decker will soon discover that a man can be lost not only in terms of maps and miles, but also in time. And time, in this case, can be measured in eternities.”

Apparently, the actor who played him is a British bloke named Kenneth Haigh.

Well, Clara and Emma are watching Hairspray, which I’ve attempted to see but not actually done so a number of times, and I think it’s time for me to really and truly watch it.

Schools starts back again tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’m glad about that.

Question Thirteen: What is one of the first things you remember from when you were young?

BEDA Installment Three: Is there anything as perfect as vanilla ice cream?

April 4, 2009

I had some vanilla ice cream a little while ago, not even expensive vanilla ice cream, and yet still, it was delicious. I’ve been asked dozens and dozens of times what my favorite food is but have never been able to decide. Now, I have decided that it is absolutely, one hundred percent vanilla ice cream.

And that is that, enough about vanilla ice cream.

I’m currently knitting a bag out of grocery bags that I cut up and made into yarn. I’m nearly done already. From this, I am guessing you can see why I’ve abandoned the slow-moving cardigan and seed stitch fingerless gloves. Yes, the end result may be more impressive, but instant gratification is so much more… instantly gratifying.

Today was a delightfully rainy day, or at least it was earlier today. Now, it’s merely windy, but earlier, the lovely Earlier, it was stormy, raindrops drifting and thunder and lightning gracing us with their relegant, regal presences. Storms during school remind me of tall, sophisticated, foreign woman, the kind you desparately wish you were the best of friends with but know that you would not enjoy actually being “friends” with. Storms at home, on the other hand, are cozy and perfect for lying down in bed with a warm blanket, a light above one’s head and a book in one’s hand. (can you tell I’m partial to unconventional weather? I prefer cold to hot, on the logic that I would rather freeze to death than burn)

This morning while waiting for the bus, I noticed the overabundance of worms on our driveway, much more so than in usual rainy weather, all of them squirming for dear life on their way to a fantasy land. I wished I could help them reach their destination, which appeared to be the other side of the driveway, in the wet earth, but I knew that if I saved even one I would feel guilty for not having saved them all.

I despise splinters.

Oh, I began watching Moulin Rouge this afternoon, which I recorded some time ago on the DVR. I’m only about twelve minutes in, but already I can tell I will love it. Once I’m finished, I will have another line crossed out from the Other List, the list of movies I plan to see in my lifetime.

The first movie I can remember seeing that had a profound impact on me is Hook, also one of the first real-people movies I’ve seen, which stars Robin Williams and involves an adult Peter Pan who much go back to Never-Never Land to rescue his kidnapped children. Not only was the idea of Peter Pan growing up infinitely horrifying to my childhood self, but there’s this particular scene that left an impression on me. I’m not sure I remember the exact context of it, but there’s baby Peter Pan, I believe, and he’s in a baby carriage. It’s raining something terrible, but he is out in the middle of it, and then a pair of adult hands push his carriage hard, and he’s crying. I remember being utterly shocked. Why on earth would somebody do such a thing? If there’s one thing I can’t stand, even now, is when babies cry in movies, or television shows, or anywhere where I can’t physically reach out and pick up the baby, stop its crying.

Two other movies I recall seeing and being terrified of are Witch (again, a part with a baby, when the purple-eyed witch pushed a baby in a stroller down a huge hill and I don’t know what happens next) and Jumanji (to be perfectly honest, I still get scared when I see it, which is about twice a year, sometimes more).

Nowadays, there really aren’t any movies that scare me that much, at least not permanently. I have very strong short-term feelings of fear, and very often. It’s almost become a pleasant emotion, fear, because of the exhilirating feelings, the adrenaline rush, the emotions I now associate it with.

Another feeling I associate with pleasantries is the feeling of accomplishment. Once I have written a blog post, for instance, that is at least six hundred words, I feel a marvelous sense of accomplishment (isn’t it peachy how I managed to bring this to an end so smoothly).

I’ll write to you all again tomorrow (I bet you didn’t see that one coming). Happy weekend!

EDIT: I almost eternally forgot! The question!

Question Three: What movies from your childhod have had an impact on you?

I have some time, and it is time.

January 23, 2009

That sounds like it would rhyme, but alas rhyming the same words together does not count in the least.

Anyway, my brother is out somewhere with a friend and will be for awhile, so I thought I would post here, finally, hopefully a proper post.  I will attempt to post more in the upcoming days and weeks but of course they will be rather irregular for quite a long time.

Over the last few days, I have been knitting a lot and subsequently watching movies.  I am pretty sure I’m misusing that word, but it sounds right and I’m sure you all can comprehend the meaning.

I’ve been watching whatever I can find in our house, in the weak amount of movies we have and even weaker amount of movies we have that I wouldn’t mind watching over again or for the first time.  Really the movies are just a backdrop for the knitting.  I’m pretty far along on a long stocking cap, something I’ve been meaning to make for many moons, so that’s prolific (again, I’m pretty sure I’m misusing that word but oh well.  no time for lollygagging about.).  It is in Ravenclaw movie colors, because I already have the scarf in book colors (I did mention that I finished the Ravenclaw scarf, didn’t I?).  The movies I’ve watched, anyway, are:

-The first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies and a bit of the third

-The Golden Compass, from Netflix

-Mission Impossible II even thought I’ve yet to see or care about seeing the first


These are basically movies I’d never planned on seeing, but as we have a weak selection of DVDs in our house, as I mentioned, they were the best I could manage.

Tomorrow starts the new school semester.  I have Biology, Photography, Pre Calculus, and Guitar.  I have people in my lunch shift which I’ve sort of been drifting away from, so I’m glad about that.  Maybe we’ll go back to being more of friends this semester.

Last night I watched the pilot of a new show, Lie to Me, and I must say I’m captivated.  It was really marvelous.

This morning in English I won a grand drawing, which equals a $10 gift card to a place of my choice.  I chose Borders.  I’m excited.

Now, on to less fluffier means:

Today I learned something about two of my friends that I never would have guessed.  I’m actually really hurt that I wasn’t told about it all sooner, but [misused cliche ahead] you win some, you lose some, I guess.

This year, and part of last year, I’ve really been drifting away from my middle school friends a lot a lot, mostly because of a lack of shared classes and lunch shifts and such, so I really don’t know what the future holds.

Well, I must be off, I’ve a plane to catch.

Not really.

Good night everybody.  I love you.

P.S. Just recently my AP Euro grade went up from a 79% to an 85%!!!  So ridiculously happy-making (and P.P.S.- despite recent events, I’m still in a downright euphoric mood)


December 21, 2008

I spent this morning watching Lydia while my parents went Christmas shopping and then, from the day on to less than half an hour ago, I was at Ashley’s house filming the movie.  We’re now all done with the filming.  All that’s left is the editing, of which there is a great amount.  IT IS OH SO EPIC!  I’m going over to her house again to edit, along with Courtney, on Monday, the day after tomorrow.  I am SOOOO looking forward to the finished product.  EPIC EPIC EPIC!  Oh, also, we made Christmas decorations at my house this morning.  They are spiffy.

This is short, but doobee doobee doo, does that matter to you?

Farewell, evil robot killers.

It seems that my viewer statistics are steadily growing.

September 14, 2008

3, 6, 6, 8, 9, 10.

Those are the current stats from the last six days. As much as it does not matter how many people are watching, I must admit that it did cheer me up greatly to see this. For a while, the numbers were relentlessly zig-zagging, and they have currently stopped doing so. Maybe the increase in views is due to the fact that I have been blogging more recently, or maybe now that school has started my life has become more interesting and readable. Either way, I am glad for it.

This weekend I mostly did a lot of reading and watching movies. Actually, I basically just read. I did the required reading of To Kill a Mockingbird for English, read some mildly interesting book that did not make a whole lot of sense, and re-read The Gospel According to Larry, Vote for Larry, and 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I re-watched Stardust (compliments of Netflix) and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which we recently added to our movie collection but I had yet to re-watch. I guess that a lot of things were repeated this weekend.

One thing, however, that was NOT repeated, was my making dinner rolls. Actually, I have not made them yet- they are currently in the bread machine and will be for about twenty-six more minutes, I believe. *runs to kitchen* Scratch that, only twenty-one more minutes. Then the oven and baking part, I guess. I am terribly excited. I really like all types of bread, especially homemade bread. It is so much better than store-bought, it really is. Every once in a while (but all to seldom) my mother makes a loaf of bread, corn muffins, or some other type of bread-related thing, and they are always so scrumptious. Who knows, maybe this dough business will turn into a hobby for me.

I am invited to a sleepover birthday party next weekend and have an amazing present coming in the mail for the recipient. Once it has been given, I will post a picture/ description. It really is amazing and I am sure she will love it (she being my friend Eleanor).

I am shaking a bit with anticipation for the dinner rolls to come out of the bread machine, so I really must be on my way.

Good luck in whatever it may be.

EDIT SOME TIME LATER: The dinner rolls have baked and somewhat cooled and guess what? They are delicious!

EDIT FOURTEEN SECONDS AFTER: The stats have increased from 10 to 16!

I know, I know…

August 24, 2008

Three posts in one day?  That is absolutely ridiculous!  Still, I am super excited and needed to lost a bit of the excitement somehow so that I will actually be able to get to sleep… I figured typing it up and getting it out of my system would help.

Anyway, before I tell the reason for my excitement I will mention a few things.

A. I watched Marie Antoinette and it was fantastic.

B. I tried to watch Wool 100% but it was all scratched up or something.  The English subtitles did not match up with the scenes.  Plus, it seemed kind of creepy and it is dark out and I was in a room along.  So, yeah…

C. I began and have almost finished watching Wordplay.  LAURA, you are right.  It is marvelous!

D. I knit while doing the above and am 76% done with my Ravenclaw scarf!  Hurrah!

And now, for the excitement: sometimes, to get better publicity and more votes on their submissions, the wonderful members of Threadless hold contests for gift certificates and such.  Somebody held one for their magnificent submission of the ultimate ‘T’ shirt ( – check it out and vote, by the way) and I did not win or even come in second but I came in third and the extremely generous danrule gave me a $25 Threadless gift certificate!!!  I am beyond happy about this… I never win anything, and to not only win something (or close to winning) but receive an amazing shirt in addition is beyond amazing.  I am so happy I could do my happy dance a trillion times over!

Thank you loads, Dan, though I doubt you are reading this… still, thanks soooo much!

…this just made my day, week, month, and more.


August 23, 2008

The silent auction of the library’s summer reading program ended today.  Because we were camping and all, we did not end up getting there until a little while ago, at about 4:15 pm.  Little did we know (seeing as nothing was written on the “library bucks” about this), the bidding ended at 4:00.  My mother (who was the reason we were late- we were supposed to go at around 3:30 but she was talking and such and held us back) bought me a chocolate bar and said she would get the movie for me that I had previously wanted (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and called it even, but I am still of course tremendously disappointed.  I did so much reading I thought my eyes would fall off, and all that to amount to this…

I ended up getting four movies to watch while I do some knitting (I did none while camping… there were other things to do) which I will do so after this post.  These included:

Wool 100%… I have no idea what this is but Subway Cinema calls it, “one of the strangest Japanese movies of the year.”

Rent… because I have never seen it.

Wordplay… because I have been wanting to see it.


Marie Antoinette… because I never finished seeing it when it was on television.


Mayhaps I will see you the day after tomorrow at school, providing you do indeed go to my school.