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Something Prevails

March 30, 2009

I was thinking, as humans often do, and I thought I’d post something here, obviously, but I also thunk another thought.  I decided to title the post something relating to prevailing at something, but I could not think of anything to prevail at, also obviously, hence the ‘something’ prevails.

Anyway, enough longwindedness.

Today, along with being Laura’s birthday as well as Gatsby’s birthday, it was the celebration of my cousin Vita’s birthday.  She turns two sometime this month.

Other than that, other than that, here are a few other things of note:

[]I’m knitting a pair of seed stitch arm warmers.  They are cozy so far, as I hope the finished products will be.

[]I am participating in Blog Every Day April, as per Maureen Johnson’s “event,” I suppose one could call it.  In this “event,” one blogs every day in April, obviously (the count is up to three, I believe– how many times more to you think I’ll use the word ‘obviously?’ [that’s four])

[]Only a single month until my birthday!  I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that, as it means both I am both a year away from my birth and a year closer to death.

[]My mother moved a lot during her childhood.  The longest she lived in for one place was from 5th grade through 11th grade, with the other houses being lived at for one year.  My aunt’s, Vita’s mother’s, new house is close to two of my mother’s childhood houses.  As we passed by them and drove through the neighborhood, my mother told me stories of her childhood, of playing all day at the creek.  She pointed out the names of everybody who lived in each house as we passed by them, and I found myself desperately wishing two things: a)that I could live in a neighborhood, a place where I have friends whose houses I can walk or bike to and where I actually do something rather than stay inside all day, bored out of my mind, or spending time on a dumb machine, a computer, or a television, or something.  I wish I lived in a neighborhood, or something like so… this kind of ties in with part B, anyway.  and

b)that I lived in an earlier decade, one where things were simpler and so much less technological.  I know I ought not be hypocritical, as I use so much new technology each and every day, and in fact am using newish technology right this very moment, but seriously–childhood memories my parents have are so fantastic, so sweet and nice and  kidlike, meanwhile I can’t remember much of anything about my childhood, and nearly all I do recall involves some sort of technology in one way or another.

[]Also, I wish I were more, I dunno, proactive, I guess you could call it, in the way that I planned things to do with friends, just hanging out and whatnot, once again, not just staying inside all day blurring the days into one giant blob of indifference.  I hope to improve on this in the future.

[]Finally, I have nothing more to say currently, as I am getting into Resolution mode, and that’s no fun to be at.

Good night all, happy spring evening.  I hope your Mondays tomorrow are un-Monday-like.

I’ll see you all soon, in a way, what with Blog Every Day April beginning shortly.

A WINNER and A brief post to say that

October 4, 2008

…babysitting yesterday really was not as bad as it was worked up to be. The kids were not angels, but none are, anyway. We had pizza for dinner (and I love pizza) and I made eighty dollars! That means I am well on my way to buying my new glasses. Hooray!

Hmm, do I have anything else to say? Let us see… (hey, is that not weird that the non-contraction form is ‘let us,’ so when I use it I speak of my self in the plural sense?)

Oh, guess what?  I love cardigans!  Okay, so that was not really a guessing sort of thing… but, anyway… I love them!  I do not even own them and I love them.  I have been looking at pictures of knitted cardigans for hours and hours over the last few days, and I love them even more every time I see a particularly amazing one.  I think I will start over on my Mrs. Darcy Cardigan with another pattern, just a basic cardigan pattern, one that I can wear with everything.  It is a good thing I do not have hundreds of dollars, because I would probably buy a lot of cardigans and then have no more.  Uh, that was a boring thing to write.  It bored me.  I take that back.

It seems like whenever I like something, I become obsessed with it… well, not exactly obsessed, but I like it a lot.  Likewise, there is nothing I ‘kind of like’ or am ‘okay’* with.  Right off the bat, I love something or I hate it.  Funny, considering my other views are not at all black or white.

I still need to find a dress for homecoming… though there is still plenty of time.


OH YEAH, I just remembered something very important!  LAURA IS THE WINNER OF THE 100th COMMENT AWARD!  Congratulations, Laura.  There will be a prize, I just have to decide what it will be… maybe a book or I could knit you something or buy you a candy bar or bake you cookies (you liked those butterscotch white chocolate ones… do you want me to make you some of those?) something.   Laura, what do you want?

Anyway, feel free to use this banner in any way you wish (the URL is, and congratulations again!

It links to your blog, in case you were wondering.

Best wishes!


And with that cheerful  note, goodbye everybody!  I have places to go and things to see.  Actually, I do not, but I am leaving anyway.


*For some reason, every time I type ‘okay’ the spell checker tries to correct it and say ‘Tokay.’  What the heck is ‘Tokay?’  Okay, I just checked, and it is a)a wine, b)a name, c)a place in Australia or New Mexico, e)a type of gecko, and d)the name of a high school.  Interesting.  I guess you really do learn a new thing every day.

“Correct papers at my window. I need them by tomorrow. *Hums Pachelbel’s Cannon*”

May 8, 2008

Well, what do you know, it is Wednesday again already. The year is flying by like there is no tomorrow.

I went to Giant twice today: once during the Wednesday Club where I purchased dragon fruit vitamin water. It was delicious. The other time was after, when my father called me and said he was at the Giant, which is right next to the library where we were, and that I should walk over there. I did so, after depositing my backpack, bag, and bag stuffed with books in the car. I checked out twenty-five books, you know. Instead of returning them in two weeks, I am probably going to take the full three weeks to read them. During the second time to Giant, I bought four bottles of SoBe Life Water, because I love flavored waters very much. These flavored waters are made with vitamins and herbs, which is pretty jokes. I bought it in Blackberry Grape, Pomegranate Cherry, Orange Tangerine, and Passionfruit Citrus. I drank some of the Orange Tangerine flavor and it is quite delicious.

Oh yeah, before returning my books I finished reading Hitler Youth. It was as depressing as one would expect it to be.

I continued my one hundred percent streak on vocabulary quizzes and we received the new list of words. They are simpler than ever before.

The first book I started on, which I am already about halfway through with, is titled Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge and is all about mnemonic devices. There are a few for the names of the presidents and I am going to be paying very close attention (and reading, and rereading) those ones.

Unfortunately, Valerie was not able to come to the Wednesday Club. Well, she was going to come late, but she was not able to follow Danya’s hand-drawn map to the library and ended up getting lost and just walking back to the school, where she had band practice soon anyway.

The word of the day is craven, meaning ‘cowardly.’ The holidays, which are devastatingly similar to yesterday’s, are School Nurses Day and National Tourism Day.

The color of the day is a shade of black (grey?) called Davy’s grey and is a greeny grey color.

Hey, did you know that the ‘dragon fruit’ is an actual fruit? I just looked it up.

Oh man, I also just looked up whether it is legal to drive golf carts on streets and, unfortunately, it is not. Where the speed limit is under thirty-five, it is legal, and neighborhoods may be okay- however, I do not really live in a neighborhood. It is more of a highway. There goes my dream of owning a forest green golf cart and driving it to the library whenever I want.

Oh bah, I felt so tired this morning. Luckily I no longer was once Wednesday Club arrived.

My second day of no contractions failed even more so than yesterday, the first. I think it would be best to try my hardest over the weekend so that I am used to it come Monday and school and all.

My good friend Laura, creator of, has started updating again after a brief hiatus. Her stories are extremely good- very funny and full of excellent lines- you really should read them.

Well, that is all I have to say. I am off to either read or get started on a wooly scarf I am knitting, made up of many stripes of various lovely colors. Plus I need to take out the trash and recycling and bring the laundry up.

Good night, everybody.

A Humdrum Thursday, But Nonetheless Phenomenal

April 3, 2008

And you question how so, if today was so very monotonous? Well, first of all, it was a Thursday. Thursday is actually my favorite day of the week. Not only because I think it is way too underappreciated, but also because it is the day right before Friday, and Friday signals the weekend’s beginning. However, Friday could not possibly be my favorite day of the week because it is normally the time when I will not see any of my friends for a few days, until Monday when school begins again. I am awful at planning things and often end up procrastinating terribly, so weekend plans are usually out of the question. Anyway, there was no use to do all of this ranting to merely explain why Thursday is my favorite day of the week. What I was really planning on typing up-

So, as I mentioned, today was a lovely day regardless of all of the normalcy. It was Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day as well as Tweed Day, both of which I did not celebrate because a.) I prefer to go to school rather than break the law, and b.) I do not own anything tweed.

My chosen word of the day was oblivion. Its meaning fascinates me, having to do with the state of being forgotten. They amaze me greatly, the thoughts that came to mind upon reading this definition; for instance, do things exist if they are forgotten?

I asked my friend Laura this very question, and she made some valid points.

For example-

[1]If they are merely memories that have been forgotten, then no, they do not exist.


[2]If they are forgotten objects, then they still do exist, relatively at least.

Anyway, tomorrow is Ten Word Friday. The letter of the day happens to be ‘T’ tomorrow, so at least one of those ten words will have to begin with a ‘T.’

Ooh, and I am now extending a thanks to the abovementioned Laura, who kindly allowed me to borrow her book titled The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told. It’s amazing.

Threadless is having a five dollar sale on a few select shirts, four of which I am planning on buying.

I just thought I’d let you all know that.

On a much more interesting and thought-provoking note, I have been thinking for a while and… I want to get dread locks. No, seriously. I have been reading up on them, and looking at pictures, and have found that those with dread locks have their lives changed from them, all because of merely a hairstyle. Getting dread locks, it seems, is a spiritual process (or some sort of rigmarole like that) and I would like to get them very much. I have been considering this for about a month or two now, and my opinion has remained unwavering. However, every time I try to mention it to my parents I end up chickening out. I just feel like they would find it funny and think it was all a joke, and not take me seriously in the slightest. I suppose I will have to find a good time to tell them, and accumulate a few of the many reasons I wish to. I just know that, after the initial joking phase, they will get all serious and try to convince me otherwise, planting dumb reasons in my mind and trying to sway my opinion.

In any case, I am going to stop writing and ranting here. I already am having to type this up extremely quickly because I am babysitting my little sister Lydia. She is currently watching Shrek a few feet away from me, but I am sure her attention will not be held for much longer.

So, to all of you, best wishes.

Don’t let the wake bugs bite.

P.S. My family is getting a Chocolate Lab puppy in about two months.  It will be a male.  He was born a few days ago and pictures will be sent to us soon.  At any rate, I am telling you this to ask for name ideas.  I wanted to name him Teddy (possibly short for Theodore as in Theodore Roosevelt, yet also doubling as a tribute to Ted Lupin, orphaned at such a young age during the final installment of the Harry Potter series) but my family is vetoing that idea.  My second choice was tied between Bartholomew, Barnaby, and President.  I love all of them equally, but once again my family has completely vetoed those ideas.  Their suggestions have been becoming increasingly more awful- Bruno, Moose, and Guy among them,  I just don’t want a dog-sounding name.  I want one that is named after either a president or book character or is merely a regal-sounding name, but my family does not share the same opinions.  Ah, well, at least I will be able to name my chicken whatever I wish to.

A Variety of Extemporaneous Thoughts

April 1, 2008

First of all, let me say that I was very happy today.  Why?  Because we got our new vocabulary list in English, and slapdash is one of the words!  Once of the words this very weblog was named for, and I get graded on memorizing what it means?  Obviously, it thrilled me to no end.

Another exciting fact is that April Fool’s Day is tomorrow.  I have many tricks planned, and hopefully they will work out.  It also happens to be Fred and George Weasley’s birthday, which is also uber exciting, naturally.

And, and, and another extremely exciting thing coming up- my friend Valerie and I are going over to Laura’s house on Wednesday for a Scrabble party!!!  Isn’t that marvelous?  Scrabble is awesome, friends are awesome, and the two together add up to major awesomeness. 

So, obviously, I am in a very good mood.  I am so swell that I’m beginning to feel a bit lightheaded, actually.  But never mind that- I am deliriously happy.

Another exciting thing is the fact that it was raining basically all day today, and I love rain.  Even though it was also very chilly- anyway, I would rather freeze to death than burn.

 Ooh, another excellent thing that happened today- I was joking about something having to do with a bet with Clare, and my mother was like, ‘that’s nothing to joke about,’ and I went, ‘I know it’s not funny- I just wanted money.’  I wasn’t even trying to rhyme, and was extremely pleased to find that I did!  I kept saying it over and over again, I was so utterly pleased, and then I swear I went, ‘Hooray, I rhymed!  A million times!’ without even trying to rhyme, once again.  I nearly said, ‘I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it,’ but I thought that three rhymes in a row would be too bizzare.

I have nothing more to say, really, except that I really hope somebody plays a trick on me tomorrow because I could use some tomfoolery.

So long, lovely people.

Of Character Sketches, Grades, and Birthdays

March 28, 2008

I am trying to make this as quick as possible, because I am sneaking on here, (shhh…) as I kind of lost computer for today because of something that I didn’t do but I am not believed about, for some reason… anyway, back to business.

Whew!  My mother just came in the room but I guess she forgot that I lost computer priviledges.

Today, I wrote up three character sketched by choosing random words from the dictionary (one of my favorite things to do) for their names and character traits.

[1]Words drawn: lightning, incision, cortex, expositor; basics: Cortex Expositor was a professional chopper.  Not the flying vehicle kind, oh no.  In fact, he visibly flinched whenever somebody asked him this, for Cortex greatly valued his unusual occupation.  Often times, he would refer to it as pleasant or saintly.  Usually, though, he called it his, “only reason worth living,” or merely a, ‘sacred honor.’  Cortex worked with pride, and more pride a man never did possess; at least, not during his time.

[2]Words drawn: defrock, barber; D. Frock was a well-known barber.  He had round cheeks that were always rosy, small feet that were constantly pitter-pattering around, and a rather impressive set of facial hair that consited of a six-and-a-half inch snow-white beard and curly mustache to match.  He also had a full head of curly, rainbow-colored hair.  No, you did not mis-read that fact.  Due to countless mistakes in hair-cutting and dying adventures, the stout, jolly D. Frock had a head of colors.  As for the ‘D,’ nobody knew what it stood for nor dared to ask.

[3]Words drawn: LIFO, dollop; Lifo Dollop was always, always, always, late.  No matter how early or how late in the day an appointment or other engagement was scheduled for, there had never been a time when Lifo had arrived early or even on time.  He was always the last person to arrive and the first person to leave.


No, they are not THAT interesting.  But hey, I wrote them quickly at school and am rushed for time at the moment therefore cannot edit them very much.

Anyway, happy birthday to Julian Glover (voice of Aragog in the Harry Potter movies) and James Potter (if you don’t know who he is, then you are the ultimate failer).  And a happy birthday in advance to my good friend Laura, whose birthday is this Saturday.

As for grades, this tag has to do with the fact that I am pleased to tell you all that I have straight A’s!  I doubt that they will fluctuate much before the end of the term, so they are basically set in stone- and boy howdy, does this make me happy! 

On another note, I decided to take apart the knitting project I began.  I was not very far and not going much of anywhere with it and have now started a simpler, much quicker-moving-along project that I am pretty much in love with. 

 Good night, loves.

If I don’t return, kindly avenge my death.