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I was overflowing with joy.

March 28, 2010

Yesterday was so wonderful it’s just… indescribable. I made so many new friends during the course of the musical, and I think I actually became a lot less shy because of it. After the final show, everybody was so enthusiastic but there was the overwhelming feeling of dread in the air, because the last show is not only the last show for Bye Bye Birdie, but also the last high school show EVER for the many, many downright amazing seniors. After the show, Ms. Lennon gave a little speech for each senior, starting with the ones who have been in one show and ending with the few that have been in seven shows. I felt like I was crying, the whole time, but when I felt my eyes there were no tears. Each speech was so touching, and memorable, and it made me wish I had known each senior myself that way. I hate knowing that I probably won’t see that many people from the musical much at all from now on, and it will be so strange having so much extra time. I wish we had a show every night, from now on to forever. It would be pure bliss.

I took picture yesterday, using a disposable camera. I’m nervous to get them developed because, once I do, I know I’ll cry, and I know I’ll be reminded of the many perfect times had during the rehearsals and shows. It will be interesting to see them, though, because they are mostly candid photos, and… ugh, I feel like crying right now.

On the bright side, I finished seaming the sweater and now only the sleeves are left. This sweater now holds so many memories of the musical. I knit it almost exclusively at school and during rehearsals and shows.

Who put the glitter on the floor?

March 26, 2010

Tonight was, though I did not deem it possible, even better than yesterday. We got another standing ovation. I dread the end of tomorrow, what will probably be close to the best day of my entire life. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN! I will probably cry at the end. Being on the stage crew for the musical has been one of the most fun experiences of my life. I only wish I had started on stage crew freshman year so I could have experienced it all even longer.

I finished the front of the sweater and have begun seaming it up now. I learned how to do an invisible seam and it is indeed invisible! It feels like magic.

My life will feel so much emptier once the musical is over. That sounds so over-dramatic, and hearing people say that in the past has always made everyone seem so ridiculous, but it really is true! I see it now!


March 25, 2010

It was so marvelous. It seems the show is going by quicker each day, though, and I hate to think there are only two more days of Bye Bye Birdie (three more shows, though). And we got the Bye Bye Birdie t-shirts, and they are grand. And I wanna hold your hannnd. Well, I’m in such a thrilled mood right now. I might never get to sleep.

Today was the BEST of all

March 20, 2010

I had so much fun today! We had all-day rehearsal for the musical, from 10 am to 8:30 ish pm. It was so utterly MARVELOUS I can not believe it. I wish it happened every day. I talked so much and laughed so much that my voice has become hoarse. It feels so dull at home now, without dozens and dozens of

Tomorrow I think Rachel and I shall go to Goodwill and then back to Rachel’s house to make our “Kirk is a Jerk” shirts (FINALLY!). We will wear them Monday for William Shatner’s birthday.

I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT I am SO much in love with life right now! I love when I feel like this, when I can’t wait for EVERY little thing that is going to happen to me. I will be SO bummed when the musical is over.

The day has been positively thrilling.

March 15, 2010

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep for ages because I kept worrying about something stupid that didn’t even end up needing to be worried about. All in all, I lay in bed for over an hour and didn’t end up asleep until almost midnight. Usually, I can get to sleep in seven minutes or less, and seven minutes is the average time it takes somebody to get to sleep. I was so tired… I don’t know why I felt the need to worry so much.

Anyway, rehearsal was until 6:30, and afterward I went to Walmart with my pops to get a black t-shirt to decorate at stage crew tomorrow. The girl’s t-shirts were so horrible and thin, and then I happened into the men’s section, where there were genu-ine Fruit of the Loom shirts! Much sturdier and nicer than the cheapskate girl’s shirts! I bought a small etch-a-sketch at Walmart, because I’ve been wanting one for a long time.

And THEN, THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN, I got home and found that my package had arrived! AND, within the package was the Bye Bye Birdie record I have been so yearning for! It was a dream, it was. It also included three other mostly boring records, but it was cheaper to buy the Bye Bye Birdie record in this random set than it was to buy it separate, on Ebay, that is, for some reason. The shipping sticker on the box the records were in showed that it cost the seller more money to ship the records than I paid for them! Maybe she was just trying to get rid of them? Anyway, I listened to the marvelous melodious tunes of Bye Bye Birdie for about half an hour, which was when my father said I was being too loud and had to turn it off because Abie and Benny are going to sleep. Pretty much my entire family is sick right now, everyone except Abie and me. I hardly ever get sick and have not gotten sick the past three times (maybe more, but I don’t remember) that my entire family has. Maybe I’m a carrier, or whatever?

Everything is Rosie

March 10, 2010

School has been going by so quickly lately! Tomorrow’s Thursday already! Rehearsal was fun today, and I painted and taped for marking the places to be painted. Afterward, I went to Giant with my pops and Lydia, and Rachel was there getting stuff to make a funfetti cake! Pret-ty funny!

Then I got home, and found that my VHS had come in the mail. It’s called “Baby Songs.” I used to watch this video ALL THE TIME when I was younger, that and the second one, “More Baby Songs.” When we had a yard sale a few years ago, my father decided that we wouldn’t use VCRs anymore, only DVD players, so we sold all our videos. That included the above. Here’s a video that I want to put here so you can here the beginning song:

I LOVE these videos. I love the songs, I love the clothes, I love the memories. I was always so jealous of all the kid’s awesome 80’s clothes, and I still am…

Oh! Yesterday I bought a set of four records on Ebay. It includes three I don’t really know about, and the Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack!!! And I just finished watching the movie, by the way. I LOVED it.

EDIT: So the video isn’t working on here- watch it on YouTube though- it’s worth it!

There’s a word for it- and words don’t mean a thing. There’s a name for it- and names make all the difference in the world.”

March 8, 2010

“Give Me Back My Name” by Talking Heads. I looked through all of my parents hundreds of records today to search for a “Bye, Bye Birdie” album my mother said she had… it wasn’t there. I found some gems, though, and I’ve been listening to records for an hour or so now.

I’m aiming to go to sleep before 9 pm tonight. We’ll see if I succeed… I’ve finished all my homework that I have until Wednesday, other than one or two more chapters of Things Fall Apart, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself but am also very tired.

After school today I went to Stage Crew, where I painted more of the set black and helped lay out duct tape to map out where a checkerboard will be painted on the set. This is more or less what the set is being modeled after, though I don’t think the humongo “At Last” poster will be there:

Well, I’m already feeling kind of in sleep mode… maybe I’ll go to sleep even earlier than I thought?  Fat chance.

Dyllllan, Berrrrlin, Bay of Pigs Invasion

March 7, 2010

So, I went to sleep before 10 last night… I woke up around 8:43, and after showering and getting dressed and all I cleaned the bathroom. At 11 am the guests started arriving for our family birthday party, which was a combination of all of the Winter birthdays thus far.

It was a brunch sort of thing, and pretty fun overall. My mother’s friend Dallas brought this breakfast pizza that was horribly good. I ate so much of it that I wasn’t really in the mood for dinner, though my father made this really fabulous grilled chicken.

Later, I watched some more of “Bye, Bye Birdie,” and it’s really, really good so far.

I spent over an hour trying to get the knitting machine up and running because I’m becoming more and more impatient to make a sweater. It’s a frustrating contraption, though, and after an hour and a half or so I gave up.

The highlight of my day was when somebody posted this on my formspring: “you are such a sweet, beautiful person. keep doing your own thing- its so much better than being like everyone else.”

As I responded to it, I nearly started crying after reading it. People can be so mean, and so obnoxious, and so ridiculous, but then somebody goes and says something as terrifically kind as this! I really wonder who wrote it, but I think part of the magic in it is that it IS anonymous, and that I probably won’t ever find out who wrote it. I guess I kind of like it that way. The mystery makes it all the more thoughtful- it means that they weren’t looking for thanks, and they weren’t saying it just so that others would think they were nice.

Oh oh oh, and my camera charger came in the mail today! I’ve been taking pictures left and right.

“Oh, little prince!”

February 20, 2010

Today was full of WIN. 8:12, bright and early, I woke up. At about 9:30 Rachel’s mother picked me up and we went to the high school for set build. It was awesome! There were many excellent moments, like when a guy who looked like Leonard Nimoy came up to Rachel and complimented her on her Star Trek lunchbox, or when the Oaf walked around the place like he owned it, making all of these ridiculous noises every moment. Or, OR OR OR, how about when we found a box full of yarn and Ms. Lennon said we COULD KEEP IT?!? Yes, you read that right! Rachel and I got a whole great box full of vintage yarn, mostly acrylic but with loads of cotton too! And, a bit of angora/lambswool/alpaca blend! There’s yarn from Denmark, and Italy, and some spun in Brazil, and some that is so acrylic and so squeaky that Rachel and I argued over who would have to keep it.

At set build, we mostly sorted through the messes that are the costume rooms, looking for clothing and props appropriate for the play, “Bye, Bye Birdie.” There was so much amazing stuff in there! We found these fantastic argyle sweater vests, and plaid cardigans, and corduroy pants and golf pants, and skirts and dresses and… ugh, I wish that the costume rooms had in fact been a Goodwill and we could have bought all of that wonderful stuff!

After set build, my mother brought us both over to Rachel’s house, where we sorted through all of the yarn (it’s so fun to roll yarn into balls, and we did it for AGES both at set build and at Rachel’s house) and then watched Mrs. Doubtfire. That movie is funnier every time I see it! “Oh, little prince!” and “Why don’t you try on this fancy frock!” (it’s actually “why don’t you try on this LOVELY frock,” but it sounds much better as fancy frock, so we’re still quoting it that way)

AND, also my mother went to an indie yarn festival today and she got me two skeins of yarn, a wondrously soft black/rainbow tweed made from Alpaca fur, and this FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC (I like to repeat words three times for emphasis) 2 ply handspun yarn in an assortment of magical colors. So, it was a great day for yarn!

There are plans to go to Goodwill and JoAnn’s tomorrow (because you can NEVER have too much yarn), and we’ll have a swell old time, pallies that we are! Cheerio, now!