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Indeed somewhat perhaps

July 13, 2009

I knitted a striped wrist/arm warmer today (with leftover Ravenclaw scarf yarn) and I’m toying with the idea of not knitting the other. I’ve been trying, lately, to get over feeling the need to match socks and the like perfectly together. I’ve also always been a stickler for wearing matching gloves, mittens, etc., but seriously, what is the need to match? This would also fit in nicely with the tealish armwarmer I made awhile back. I have yet to finish the second one, and that’s the same with a pair of neon colored socks I began knitting a long time ago. I haven’t finished the second one of that either. Anyway, I’m actually not completely finished with the above wrist/arm warmer. There will be buttons going up the side, and the buttons haven’t been sewn on yet. So, really, it won’t be done until I do that.

According to my family and a few other people who commented on this during school times, my clothes hardly ever match. I like it that way. So, why not get used to the idea of other clothing-like items not matching? Anybody have any advice for me to branch out into the world of mismatched socks, gloves, etc.?

While knitting the above (and while not knitting the above), I watched A Very Potter Musical in its entirety. It is over three hours altogether, I believe. I almost just added together all the times to see precisely how long it is, but then stopped myself. It’s not worth the effort at the moment. Regardless, the musical was phenomenal. It really was. I laughed so, so many times. The characters were exaggerated to the perfect extent, and each had the most amusing little quirks. If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend it. Search for “StarKidPotter” or “Harry Potter musical” on YouTube and you’ll be able to find it easily.

I also watched half an hour more of “For Keeps.” It’s okay, though definitely a bit Lifetime channelish. Still, it has Molly Ringwald, and she’s marvelous.

Tomorrow night Rachel and I will be going to the Harry Potter premiere. Her mother will bring us there and drop us off, and my mother will pick us up and bring us home at 3 am. It’s so weird to think we’ll be out somewhere in the middle of the night like that. It’s a midnight premiere, and I have never been to one of those. Though I love Harry Potter so horribly much, I never went to any of the book or movie premieres. Maybe it’s because my love for Harry Potter was sort of a solitary obsession. I didn’t talk about it very often to friends, much less family (they’re the sort [especially Clara] to enjoy seeing the movies and never even read the books, whereas I always feel as if I have some loyalty to the book of a movie, making sure to read the book before seeing the movie, if I am aware of it). I despise, for some reason, how Clara claims to love Harry Potter so much and she says she hates the books. She’s never even tried reading them. I don’t know why, but it positively infuriates me that she acts this way. It’s almost as if I can’t help it.

EDIT: And you can bet I have my jujyfruits ready for the premiere.

More of the Same and Something Else

January 3, 2009

It sure doesn’t feel like a Friday, and I mean that, probably because we haven’t had school for ages and school days help distinguish the days from each other.  They help make sure the days of the week don’t all mold together into one great big clay day in the kiln, which they are doing as of late.

Today I knit more, like yesterday, while watching a movie on On Demand called Mermaid, which is really sad and based on a true story, except the mother annoyed me so much that it was kind of ruined.

I only knit one fingerless glove, so today probably couldn’t even be considered a day of knitting.  I’m about to begin the stocking cap I’ve waited so long to make, in Ravenclaw movie colors.  Speaking of Ravenclaws, I still haven’t made any more progress with the Ravenclaw scarf I’ve been knitting in book colors, completely because I still need to get some more blue yarn and I’m currently on that stripe color.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night to the sound of the ceiling fan spinning round and round.  I was sleeping in the sunroom last night on a couch, along with Emma on the other couch next to me, because I wanted to stay up and watch more Twilight Zone and finish the hat for Lydia, not Emma, because it ended up being too small for her, which I did, by the way, if this sentence makes any sense at all.  The ceiling fan gave me an enormous headache, anyway, and after lying there  not being able to get to sleep for quite some time I gave up and went to my own bed, where I fell asleep rather quickly.  The end.

So, my stats have been steadily declining, I’m guessing because many of my friends who read this continuously are bandies, and therefore currently in Tennessee doing something or another.

Well, as I said, I’m about to start a stocking cap, so farewell.  Best wishes!


December 26, 2008

I could type for hours and still not even touch on how absolutely lovely today was. Firstly, though, I’m going to touch on the not-so-lovely part of today, which happened this evening not too long ago.

Okay, so Jake often sort of pretends to punch people. This type of ‘punching’ is up close to one’s face, too close for comfort. I’m always sure he’s going to miss and accidentally punch me for real, and that is exactly what happened. Clara was (still kind of is) crying and nearly hyperventilating. Her nose might be broken. I’ve never been that scared after somebody gets hurt.

Now, I’m not going to say another word about the incident because I don’t want to keep remembering it over and over again. I saw it happen.

On to the holiday festivities (speaking of which, we still need to light the menorah):

Most of my family woke up bright and early this morning, or at least before 9 am, and then we of course proceeded to wake those who were not yet up, consisting of Jake and Lydia. Then it was time for the obligatory kids “walking to the presents” picture. We stand in a line in the hallway, oldest in the back to the youngest up front, and my mother takes a picture. Shockingly, she only took one this year. I guess she’s starting to realize that we don’t like standing still for oodles of photos in order to get the “right one.”

Next, of course, it was present time. I ended up getting so many presents over the course of the day that I couldn’t believe it. I was under the impression that this Christmas would be much smaller, but it sure seemed grander than ever. Maybe I received to many because the things on my list were all relatively low in price. Either way, here is some of what I received and some pictures from the websites to go along with them. I am pleased as punch right now.

^Lovely earphones, I think, but my mother hates them. Says they’re creepy and that she’s noticed that a lot of my presents this year are disturbing.

^It’s a music player! It’s a phone! Could it be…both? Yes indeed, and it was free after having my old, beloved phone for two years. It’s real spiffy.

^These are the most adorable little miniatures! Super detailed and I love them!

^All four are thigh high socks from welovecolors in gold, royal, emerald, and red (funny how they’re the four “basic” colors, eh?). My knee highs are always falling down (to my knees, which makes sense, but still) so I thought I’d get some taller ones.

^ Oh my goodness, that stuff is amazing! With my luck, of course, there was nothing really sour in the house to try it with, but we did have some clementines. I ate like, three of those. They tasted like candy! Delicious, healthy candy! Marvelous, it was.

^It just looks like a pile of floating books, but it’s actually a hidden bookshelf. Awesome stuff.

^That was my gift from Santa. It actually broke shortly after being opened, so we’ll be returning it for a non-broken one. It knits i-cord.

^It’s an ornament and much cuter in person. That is the best picture I can find.

^Micro Spy Remote– a universal television remote that’s tiny.

^On a t-shirt

^AMAZING! I saw it in theaters and loved it and I’ve watched it already. Absolutely fabulous. Highly recommended.

^The milk chocolate ones. It’s a tradition for my dad and me to each get a box of them.

Oh, and I also received some The Office related things, sticky notes and pens and such, including a stress ball of Dwight’s head.

Aaaand for Secret Santa it turns out Emma had me. She gave me an amazing purple umbrella and mini peach rings. I had Clara and gave her purple eyeliner and gold eyeliner. Last night I also received pajamas with lovely little triangular trees all over them.

Well, this post is long enough, I think, and it’s getting late. It’s been a long, fun day and a happy holiday indeed. As Travis from YouTube said (, Merry Whatever.

Love you all to pieces.

EDIT: (I tried to add this last night shortly after posting, but the computer was being a douche again)

I also got an amazing dinosaur plant, as seen below:

It really is amazing.  It grew in three hours.

As one site says, it is:

  • A Prehistoric evergreen that keeps coming back to life!
  • Grows in one day! Unconditionally guaranteed to grow!
  • Can “sleep” for fifty years and spring back to life in one day!

So, yeah, it is pretty amazing.  It actually looks a lot greener and leafier than in the picture.

Bye now.

Jibber Jabber, both the mumblings and the toy, and other things

July 8, 2008

So, ah, hmm, where to begin, where to begin…

We had a cookout on Sunday, s’mores and all.

Yesterday we went to the national zoo, and what fun it was! My father did not feel like driving, so we rode the metro. I LOVE the metro. I have only been on it two or three times in my life, but I loved each of those times. It was so funny on the ride back, because it was during rush hour so all of the business-type people were riding. They were mostly all turned to the same pages in the same newspaper, and I felt like they were all clones. They did not speak, sneeze, or make any noise other than the synchronized rustling of the newspaper. We were the only kids on the metro, and I nearly burst out laughing. It was so so funny.

The zoo part, of course, was a blast as well. It was scorching outside, but fun nonetheless. There were actually a lot of Harry Potter-related things that went on there. Well, conversations, anyway.

For instance-


[in the reptile house]

MY FATHER: Look at all of these reptiles! I sure am glad Harry Potter isn’t here.

[under my breath]: I’m not.


There was a basilisk lizard! Or, it may not have been a lizard at all… it could have been a snake sort of thing. I am not exactly sure, but I felt like breaking the glass and taking out one of its fangs, just in case. Well, not really, but I would have if the wizarding world were real.


There was this Dudley-looking boy around this huge snake looking bored and I thought, ‘Now, where is that skinny cousin of his?’ But, alas, there was none. Petunia was not there either, just him and his father.

I have been looking for ages for a pattern to knit. I am not even sure what I want to knit… I think I like looking at and deciding on a pattern more than the actual knitting.

Yesterday, my father and I were at Super Fresh picking up a few things before bringing dinner home, and I FOUND THE CACTUS I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING EVERY GROCERY STORE FOR!!! Since Jake worked there last summer, I have been looking for cacti in every grocery store. I could not for the life of me remember where I saw them. Then, I halfheartedly searched in the plants section at Super Fresh, and sure enough they were there all along! I bought one right away, and it is on the shelf with my bamboo stalk from Ikea sitting happily. I love it. I am not sure what kind it is but it has a spiky sort of base kind of like this:


and an extremely twisty main part.

Anyway, I have barely gotten anything done for the last many days and I feel utterly useless, so I am going to actually decide on a knitting pattern and make something. First, though, I am going to attempt to put up pictures of the cactus, bamboo, and my wiggly worm scarf.

Okay, the pictures are loading…

Bamboo and cactus (I re-potted the cactus because its previous pot was wobbly):

bamboo cactus




The jibber jabber is a toy that, according to Wikipedia, was discontinued after a number of parents complained that the toy (which made a choking or strangling sound when its head was shaken, intended to be humorous to children) promoted violence. And, as I just realized, WE HAVE ONE OF THESE TOYS! Now we have a jibber jabber AND one of those discontinued Cabbage Patch dolls that ate a kid’s hair when she fell asleep near it. Hooray!

Goodbye now. As I said, I have things to do. Er, I need to do things. Yeah.

EDIT A MOMENT LATER: Whoa, my sense of time is messed up once again… I thought that yesterday was July 9th, but it turns out tomorrow is…

EDIT ANOTHER FEW MOMENTS LATER: I just remembered something else I was planning on mentioning: I signed up for a ton of free samples about four days ago. I received my first today, an amazing yellow box with closet wood samples inside it. I am going to use the box for storing something neat and the wood samples I think I will glue together to make a decoration or paperweight or something. Anyway, it is really neat. I was so excited. I never get mail.

A THIRD EDIT: This is my 111th post!!!  Celebrate!!!

I have multitudinous thoughts swirling about my head right now, all attempting to stir up trouble.

March 29, 2008

A few of the many-

[1]A movie I watched today; it is titled The Other. We received it on Netflix a day or two ago, and nobody knows who added it to the queue. It’s a 1970’s thriller, at least according to the DVD sleeve. Anyway, I had nothing constructive to do (not that watching a movie is very constructive, either) so I decided to watch it. I brought my secret knitting project into my bed along with one of our portable DVD players and began to watch it while simultaneously, “knitting up a storm,” as I put it on my Facebook status.

The movie is, well, to say the least, creepy. It stars identical twins, Niles and Holland, and circles around a series of strange occurrences that Niles is sure are not ‘accidents,’ as everybody believes.

Regardless, I watched it all the way through and switched off between sadness and fear. It really is an excellent movie, though, now one of my absolute favorites, and I highly recommend it.

[2]Earth Hour- as you may already know, tonight marks this year’s Earth Hour. During the hour of 8:00- 9:00 tonight, people are urged to turn their lights off. I have wanted to do this, but I just know I’m going to be terrified out of my wits because my parents conveniently decided to go out some where tonight to search for a button (no, I’m serious) and my siblings all conveniently decided that, for the first time in many months, that they all wanted to go out as well. That leaves me alone here, for three or four hours, including during the time when the lights are all going to be turned off. I am getting shivery just thinking about it, truthfully. Luckily, though, I have a battery-powered book light and am going to be reading in my bed with my cell phone and I-pod handy right next to me.

[3]Emotions- I really don’t see how this is possible, but at the moment I am feeling extremely happy. However, at the exact same time, I also feel so utterly sad it’s ridiculous, and additionally very angry. Again, I ask, how is this possible? I really wish my emotions were not so mixed up right now…

[4]Fruit-flavored fruit-scented things- I really love things that smell of fruits. Whether it be a pencil, candle, soap, shampoo, play dough, marker, or just plain anything, I get really crazy about this sort of thing. They just smell so, so, very good that I wish to eat them, even though they are not edible and I know, deep down inside, that they would probably poison me and not even taste good after all. Also, I know that I tasted play dough a few months ago and, no matter how tasty it looked, it was actually extremely salty and not very good at all. So, all in all, I guess I should just stay away from any inedible things that smell or look good before I do something I will regret.

[5]Spam- sue me, but I love spam. Junk mail in my inbox, telemarketers trying to sell me things, and so on… I like them all and enjoy receiving them. That may be why I made my main NaNoWriMo character of last year have a job sending spam to companies to foil their websites and all. Yes, that sounds quite likely, now that I think about it.

[6]Birthdays- this is mainly about wishing a happy birthday to Laura, as well as John Tyler. Here’s hoping that you have a good one!

It is also, however, about how excited I am for my own birthday, which is exactly a month from today.

[7]Harry Potter- judging by the amount of times on here that I have referred to Harry Potter in some way, I would think it is quite obvious that I love the series. Every single character, even Voldemort, is one whom I adore. I spend at least an hour-and-a-half every single day doing various Harry Potter-related activities, from the traditional reading of the books to reading fanfiction and looking at fanart to thinking up possibilities for what various characters acted like in the times not mentioned in the books. I. Love. Harry. Potter. That’s basically all.

[8]Nostalgia- of my childhood and future, past and present, basically I have found myself reminiscing quite often in recent times. I will not go into any of it right now, because that would take too long and I don’t feel like dwelling even more so on it, but I just wanted to put this out there. Because it sometimes helps to vent.

God, how I wish I had a Pensieve right about now…


A couple of fantastic words, all of which essentially mean to tinker or fool around with, dabble, waste time, etc:





Wow, it seems like it’s a Sunday.  There goes my warped sense of time again…

Well, I am going now. And hurrah, my parents just called to tell me they’re bringing home Chipotle for dinner…

Ugh, never mind, the line is out the door and the online ordering thing isn’t working… ah, well, now we’re going to have barbeque. Oh boy, isn’t that exciting? Of course it is. For me, at least.

Anyway… so long, ping pong.

The Very First Day of Spring Break Which Turned Out, Shockingly, A Bit More Uneventful Then I Thought It Would Be

March 20, 2008

I woke up around 10 am (I believe it was exactly 9:51, but I rounded it up) this morning. Then I proceeded to go on the computer and waste time for the good part of two or three hours. After that, my mother told me I had been on the computer for too long (which I had) and kicked me off. Wandering around the house, I found that two more movies I had been waiting for had arrived on Netflix: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Are You Afraid Of The Dark: Freaky Favorites, Disc 1. Naturally, this thrilled me and also gave me something to do. Borrowing my older brother’s laptop (he’s off from college on Spring Break as well), I spent at least two-and-a-half hours watching the first and one episode of the second video. I haven’t seen the fourth movie for quite a while, and the time I did see it I did not get to appreciate the full effect because I had to go to bed or something before finishing it. It was okay, I guess, although I haven’t read the book in a while and I still noticed many things that were left out, making it so that if I had not read the book then I would not have understood it very well. Nevertheless, it was interesting.Afterwards, I watched the first episode of the latter movie. It’s an episode of an old television show that I was terrified of when I was little. I believe that this particular episode was titled, ‘The Tale of the Virtual Pets.’ It was about how technology basically ruined everything for these kids. It was pretty intense, and I’m actually shivering as I type this up considering the main dangerous electronic was a computer.

Oh yeah- while on the computer, I made a birthday list. Even if my birthday is a ways away, I’ll probably forget about it once I’m closer to it. Some of the items include… well, I’m not going to spoil it. But they’re all pretty cool things that I hope to receive. Even better, they’re all relatively cheap so I won’t feel bad about money being spent on me.

Now for the most eventful part of my day, which happened before the movie-watching and after the web-surfing-marathon: making a robot.

I made an awesome robot out of various cardboard boxes, a granola bar box and some other box of I don’t know what. I also used an old blue masterlock lock, some aluminum foil, scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, a red paperclip, and orange paper. The end product was a nice robot whose head doubles as a bank and body is a safe. I haven’t decided much of what I am going to put inside it, but definitely the lime green game boy color and bright yellow walkman of my childhood. They always seem to go missing and need to be kept safe.


Well, I am off to take out the trash before my father reminds me to. I believe we are even going to roast marshmallows shortly, though I’m not sure whether my grandfather was joking about that. I hope he wasn’t.

And she’s off!