Still more to do, but done for now

I typed up the Chapter 29 Outline for AP Euro this afternoon, start to finish.  Speaking of AP Euro, our teacher was absent today and yesterday.  Videos and discussion, oh joy.  Today we watched most of a video called “Gallipoli.”  I like it.  A lot.  Love love LOVE it.  This truly has nothing to do with the fact that the main characters are named Frank and Archibald, awesome names, by the way.

Christmas packages have been coming in the mail left and right, and I wonder- what on earth is inside them?  I’m not the sort to shake presents and guess what they are, but I do wonder…

I’ve been watching on and off television shows about people with rare skin conditions.  That is all to say about that.

A few minutes ago I brought Lydia outside in a sling all wrapped up toasty warm with a fuzzy green blanket that mysteriously showed up one day and my father’s Yankees hat in order to put my library books in the car so I don’t forget to return them tomorrow.

I hope it stops ice raining and snows instead, though I would rather it ice rain than nothing.  Actually, I hope it snows Wednesday night or Thursday morning, not tonight.  I don’t want to miss Club Day tomorrow, or Wednesday Club afterwards.

It’s a good day, my friends.  A very good day.

With love,



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