the beatles were sea monsters

I had a dream where the Beatles were sea monsters and I was on a reality tv show with them. On this show, me and a few other girls, along with John, Paul, George, and Ringo, were stranded on a futuristic kind of space station. It was like a deserted spaceship, in the middle of a dark murky lake in a dark cave.

The girls (including me) were told it was a romance show, and the point of it was to see if any of us were good matches for any of the boys. The real point, as we soon found out, was to feed the Beatles. They were actually some kind of sea monsters, and a deep lake in the middle of a cave was the perfect place to cover up their feedings on tasty American human flesh.

I am proud to say that I realized there was something up with the show earlier than the other girls… they were really very stupid, and even after it became obvious, they still refused to believe it.

In real life news, Saturday was one of the best days of my life. Rachel, Wallie, and I went to downtown Frederick at about 2 pm, and stayed there until 9 something, and it was a really amazing day. We went into all kinds of places, and managed not to get lost! We even used a map and were able to find specific places on it, though they all happened to be closed down…

No matter, though! We went to Goodwill, Hospital Thrift Store, a British foods shop, The Emporium, the Labyrinth, and about a trillion other wonderful places. Wallie broke his fast when we ate a late and delicious dinner at Five Guys, and we sat up on a big rectangular patch of grass while we ate, feeling on top of the world.

At Goodwill, I bought an amazing purple, red, and turquoise cardigan, and a New York shirt for my dad (he LOVES it), and Wallie found a wonderful dress for Rachel, and I found a cardigan and a sweater and a teal shirt for Wallie. Plus, I found a blue striped sweater at Hospital Thrift Store that he loved. I never thought it would be, but it’s such a thrill to pick out clothes for others and find that they really like them.

At The Emporium, which is an antiques place, Wallie showed Rachel and me the expensive Star Trek figurines he’s been telling us about for so long. And, upon seeing them, I started crying. It wasn’t that I was moved by them, or sad, or happy, or anything… lately I’ve been crying for no reason at all. For instance, in stat & prob on Friday, my teacher (who is very very nice, by the way) began reviewing standard deviation, and I burst in to tears. I don’t cry loudly, so nobody noticed, but it was the principle of the matter, that I haven’t been able to control my tears lately. It’s so strange. And, when it happens, my breathing goes all wonky.

Yesterday my older brother turned twenty-one. It came as quite of a shock to me, though I don’t know why. 21 seems so much older than 20, and I find it so difficult to believe that my brother is an adult now.

It’s been a long while since I’ve put anything real-life on here. I guess I got out of the groove of doing so.

School’s started up, two weeks ago, and it’s a perfectly marvelous year so far. First I am an aide for Mr. Ward, second is Tech Theatre with tons of my friends, third is Stat & Prob which I am delighted to say I actually understand, and last is German III, which is always fun.

A lot of seniors already seem to be showing signs of senioritis, and I must say I am already feeling the opposite, as if the year is going/going to go by too quickly and, before I know it, I’ll be eighteen and heading off to college.

Two not exactly bad but slightly horrible things happened during the perfect day, though…
1) I was wearing my Bye, Bye Birdie shirt from the musical. Rachel spotted a boy wearing the same shirt and ran up to him and tried to tell him. But, he couldn’t see her. At first it seemed like he was ignoring her, but he didn’t flinch or make any acknowledgment at all that he saw her. His parents walked in single file behind him, and they were the same. It was eerie.
2) I was so excited to eat dinner that I started running, and I tripped and my bag from Goodwill ripped, and everything fell out of it. Luckily I didn’t buy any underwear or anything embarrassing.

In knitting ventures, here are some of my recent projects in picture form:

After getting home from the wonderful day, I was in such a good mood, so excited and happy about absolutely everything, that I couldn’t speak properly. I kept pacing around the room, and I tried to tell my parents about some of the great memories, but I kept stuttering. The words would not come out.

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