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I really like

June 18, 2009

science fiction movies, especially ones from the 1970s. The 1970s was a very, very good decade for all those science fiction movies (WILLIAM SHATNER COVER REFERENCE). You know what I mean.

I have, however, noticed that a lot of the movies follow the same basic concept, a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Stepford Wives. People are replaced with robots, or something else that isn’t themselves, anyway. Still, I don’t think I’ll ever bore of this concept, as there are an infinite amount of ways it can be played out and each one is enjoyable.

What brought this brief rant on is my watching Futureworld today on On Demand (it’s really very handy, even if most of the movies sound pretty ridiculous from the descriptions) in the free movies section. It turns out Futureworld is actually a sequel to Westworld, which I’ve heard is better, as the original, than Futureworld is. I thought Westworld might be on YouTube, but it’s only there in Spanish and so I suppose I’ll have to rent it on Netflix like a pre-YouTube person. I also need to rent Jurassic Park. I read the book awhile ago and loved it, last year maybe, but I never did see the movie.

I still haven’t found my lost library book, unfortunately. It’s hardcover and so if I can’t find it I’ll have to pay an awful lot to the library, in addition to the four dollars in overdue DVD fines that I never did pay.

Well, other than the above and the rather uninteresting matter that I went to the dentist today to get sealants on my teeth, I am at a loss. Summer has been rather decent to me thus far (or summer vacation, anyway- I don’t think summer actually starts until this Sunday, on Father’s Day) and I hope its good vibes continue.


P.S. None of the Star Trek stuff I’ve purchased has arrived yet, and I will dutifully check the mail each day until then.

“Who are you? Why are you looking at me with that grin? I am pretty sure you are an evil genius.”

June 25, 2008

I am going to type this post up in unequal parts, simply because everybody awesome I have ever heard of has once divided something up into parts, including Laura who I saw doing this most recently and reminded me of this in doing this, so I kinda most recently stole that idea from her.  Anyway, here goes nothing.

Part One: What Lydia Just Did
Lydia has recently become increasingly adorable, what with talking a lot more than she used to.  All of a sudden, she understands what we are saying and can actually hold a conversation pretty well.  All of a sudden, she can make up her own songs!  All of a sudden, she has unique ideas!  All of a sudden, we discovered that she is stubborn as a mule!  Hooray!

An example of her cuteness: Just a second ago, she was wearing her chicken costume and singing/playing a song about tater tots on her xylophone.  The lyrics were basically, “Tater tots, tater tots, tater tots, tater tots,” to the tune of “Spiderman.”

Part Two: Ice Cream
I knew it all along, but I really really like ice cream.  I just thought I would let you all know in case you were for some reason wondering.

I think we may be going out for ice cream tonight, which is great because, as I just mentioned, I love ice cream.

Part Three: Wednesday Club
I bet every single one of you knew this was coming.  Today was of course Wednesday Club, and it was a blast.

Things we did:
[1]Went on a scavenger hunt at Giant.  We did not get through even half of it, but it was great fun.  We stopped mid-item for the next thing on the list-
[2]We had an ice cream party!  We bought miniature ice creams from Giant and then went to various benches and tables outside to eat them.  They came with tiny spoons that were awesome.
[3]We played Extreme Guess Who!  Tyler Oakley of the YouTube channel ‘tyleroakley’ brought this idea to our lives, but Laura thought of playing it at Wednesday Club.  It is basically the same thing as regular Guess Who except with personality traits.  You come up with traits and things about your person and then the other person asks questions.  For example, “Does your person like the summer?” or “Is your person satisfied with his or her job?”  It gets pretty subjective, as Laura mentioned, but it is amazingly fun.
[4]We played Hide and Seek!  We only played it once, but it was a lot of fun and therefore still gets mentioned here.  Have you ever played Hide and Seek in a library?  Well, if you have not then you most definitely should.
[5]The ‘In My Pants’ with book titles game.  Provided, it was only played for a few minutes between Daniel and I while we waited for Laura and Valerie to arrive, but it was fun.  One of the best?  Strange Brew… in my pants.

Part Four: My Summer Moods
Summer is still rather boring, but I have still been happy for pretty much the entire summer so far.  Still, I will be very excited when school starts up again.

Speaking of school, I received my report card in the mail today!  I received a ninety-four on my math final, which was pretty exciting.  My GPA is currently 3.75… it was brought down because of my Chemistry grade, of course… rotten Chemistry…

After Wednesday Clubs, though, I am always in a better mood.  It lasts for basically the entire night until I become bored out of my mind once again.  Then I go to bed.

Part Five: An Idea That Just Occurred to Me
Okay, how cool would it be to write a book that is purposely full of clichés?  I mean, as many as can be fit in… there are so many clichés in life, and if a book were purposely (rather than accidentally) jam-packed with them then that would make my life.

Part Six: Knitting
I knit more on my scarf and I think Emma and I are actually for real going to have the knitting sleepover tonight.  Last night I was ditched while Emma and Clara had a non-knitting sleepover.

I cannot wait until this scarf is done with and I can start on a new, simpler, quicker project.

The end.

Gee, now I really feel like I copied Laura, seeing as my parts post ended up being six parts just like hers.  Sorry, Laura.  You are a genius.

Basically awkwardness: this one is for you, Abe!

June 24, 2008

Again, I am typing this up and posting it on Jake’s laptop. Thank you very much, Brother. Whoa, it sounds odd to call somebody brother. Never mind. Just thank you. Without you and your laptop, I would be forced to end the one hundred four day streak, and that would be bad.

Today was… uh, interesting. Here, let me touch on today’s mixed-up events and riffraff.

[1]This morning I woke up at about 9:30. Emma then informed me that our mother told her that Tommy, the SON of one of my mother’s old friends and whom I was friends with when I was in elementary school, also whom I have not seen or heard anything about for three or four years, is going to be going to my school next year. “That’s crazy,” I kept saying, over and over again like a mantra or something. And it was.

[2]The next unexpected surprise was that Tommy and his mother, my mother’s aforementioned old friend, would be stopping by for a visit. They ended up doing just that, at three something once my mother came back from picking up Jake from his new job at a grocery store down the street.

I really did not know what to expect from the visit. I mean, what do you say to somebody you once knew well but have not seen in who knows exactly how long?

In the end, it was just as awkward, if not more so, than I thought it would be. My mom did the whole hurry-and-clean-up-every-room-and-buy-lemonade-so-it- looks-like-we-are-the-perfect-family thing, which I find completely fake and downright ludicrous. Even more awkward was the fact that Tommy brought along his girlfriend and one of his older brother’s girlfriends, all of which were far more interested in Jake than me. Then again, I cannot really blame them. I am terribly shy and come off as not liking people because of it, whereas Jake has the whole ‘vegan music lover friendly free spirit’ thing going on. I ended up skulking off (is that a word?) and reading a book, which I will mention later to maximize the length of this to its full potential. At the end, after they left, my mother did the whole ‘why are you so antisocial? couldn’t you have been a bit more friendly? after all, Tommy will be your classmate next year…’ thing, the type of which she does quite often. Sorry, Mother, that I am so horrible at speaking with people and would rather read a book than lurk around while everybody takes an interest in Jake. Sorry I cannot hold a conversation well and end up seeming rude. I am working on it.

[3]Books: I read all of The Worthy today (okay- it had an excellent ending but there were way too many drugs, sex, drinking, and fraternity pranks in the mean time) and part of another book called The Bridge Between the River or something of that nature. It is quite marvelous so far.

[4]I finished watching Next today. The ending was not quite the candy-coated one I had anticipated. It sort of stopped right in the middle… kind of like It.

[5]My father, Jake, and Clara are going to Safeway right now to buy some ice cream. At 9:21 at night, that is kind of an odd thing to do, especially considering the huge storm going on right now, but I have been wanting some ice cream so no complaints there. The storm will be excellent for the redo knitting sleepover Emma and I are having tonight. I am not pretty far in my scarf- it is about four feet and I hope to make it six. I am hoping a lot, if not all, will get done tonight.

[6]On the storm rages as I turn these pages. That would be a perfect rhyme if not for the fact that I am not currently reading a book, unfortunately.

[7]Oh, I also read part of Woe Is I last night. It is good so far. I am going to compare it to another book I have to read, Eats, Shoots and Leaves. According to Amazon book reviews, the competition is split over which of the two is better.

Okay, this post is nearly long enough (oh goodness, how many times have I used that sentences? three or four, at least, recently; the summer is not very effective in developing my vocabulary, regardless of all of the books I have to read). Seven hundred thirty-five words at the moment. That is good- my goal is eight hundred for this post.

Hooray, today is Monday and that means only two days until Wednesday (or one, depending on how you look at it… or three, for the matter, if you count today, tomorrow, and Wednesday)! I am excited to see what we do next time, seeing as last Wednesday was such an adventure.

Oh boy, this post is long enough now! Farewell, my friends. May we meet again in a library full of wonderful hard cover leather-bound books we have never set our eyes upon before.

P.S. Ugh, I saw that there was a misspelling in yesterday’s post. It made me sick to my stomach when I noticed it- almost as bad as when I have to open the Tupperware cabinet at our house- it is full of haphazard stacks of plastic containers.

It is almost exactly 5 pm at the time I am writing this first line.

June 20, 2008

I am writing this post while I have a spare moment to do so. Okay, so I have plenty of spare moments to write, too many to count, but most of the time there is somebody else on the computer and nobody is on right now, so I thought it would be the perfect time. Today I did even less than I did yesterday- I did not read books or anything, just loafed around basically. Therefore, I will try to think of some tiny, insignificant things I did such as brush my teeth (but hopefully a bit more interesting) to write down.

They are in no particular order other than the order they popped into my head, for your information.

[1]I made a tent with Lydia out of my bed. I sleep in the bottom bunk, in case you did not know, so it is rather simple to turn my bed into a tent. You just tuck in a sheet or blanket under the top bunk mattress and then you are good to go. We were not in the tent for long, just for about ten or fifteen minutes. Lydia and I played I Spy with the posters and random things on my wall, and we ate a little bit of popcorn and listened to The Beatles, and then it was over. What fun.

[2]We brought the chicks outside to their new home witht he adult chickens. They are getting to the size where they can easily jump out of their cardboard box inside, and it is also getting to be a bit cramped, so we decided it was time to bring the chicks outside. Poor little Archie got pecked at by Spot and Moe, who were not sure what she was doing out there. Now, though, they are getting along just peachily.

[3]We are going to be having Subway for dinner. Hooray for turkey and cheese sandwiches!

[4]After dinner we are going to be doing something fantastic that we have not done in a long time. Stumped? It is Bingo Night! For Bingo Night, my father buys bunches of cheapy toys and candies and whatnot and then they are set out on the dining room side table. We play bingo on the main dining room table and it is always a blast.

[5]I still have twenty-three books left to read, and only nineteen days left to read them. This definitely calls for a cram reading session one of these days… perhaps tomorrow, providing something terribly exciting and time-consuming does not come up in my life. Which I highly doubt at this moment in time…

[6]Ahhh, there is this pesky spam on our computer that keeps coming up. For a few hours, it said there were eighty-three viruses on our computer. Now that number has changed to one hundred three. I am continuously reminded of Oliver Caspian…

[7]Speaking of spam (or is is?), I have gotten three or four comments on random posts on here. They mostly have the same random jumble of words, “eutomous unadverseness prakritic infrastructure inobediently undeservedness ispaghul amylophagia,” and then some sort of website address. Does anybody have any inkling as to what these mean? I thought it was a joke of some sort, but they are from different people so I do not know…

[8]I have been trying to find a neat knitting pattern for a new project. Nothing has really caught my eye yet, other than a Dobby Sock bookmark thing which looks pretty cool. I have been wanting a vest, though, so perhaps I will make one for myself…

[9]It seems that Gatsby has a small obsession with yarn. This is not very good, seeing as there are many balls of yarn and half-finished projects throughout the house. He has chewed on a lot of them, somehow finding a way to get them off of the shelves, tables, etc.

[10]Oh my, this is crazy. All of a suddent I caught the scent of something like tuna fish… there is none in the room, or out of the room for that matter. How crazy.

Some things are so funny…

I believe I mentioned how in the You Don’t Mess With the Zohan movie they were randomly like, “meow meow meow meow,” right? Well, I told Lydia that and now she says it randomly as well. It is hilarious.

Goodbye now.

P.S. As I am finishing this, it is 6 pm. Provided (sorry, bad habit), that was after taking the dog out and plenty of other things, but still… that is pretty cool that it took exactly an hour.

Happy Father’s Day, from me to you… happy Father’s Day…

June 15, 2008

Yeah, I just think of a certain tune whenever I think of Father’s Day.

So, as is extremely obvious because of the above statement, today is Father’s Day. We did the usual get-up-around-7:30-and-go-to-the-grocery-store-and-get-things-for-breakfast-in-bed thing. After breakfast, which was eggs, bacon, bagels, strawberries, and blackberries (picked from our yard- the blackberry bushes are now ripe!), and the distributing of presents (mainly handmade cards, chocolate covered pretzels, this special chocolate syrup, the newspaper, and a few other things), we brought the chicks outside.

Archie is getting so big that it is crazy. She has nearly all of her adult feathers grown in, though you can still lift up one of her wings to see all of her chick fluff, and she is much bigger than she was when I first saw her. I will try and take a picture sometime soon to post on here.

Other than Archie, the rest of the chicks are also growing up nicely. Abie’s two chicks, Dennis and Eliza (can you tell I picked the names and convinced him to agree to them rather than his original choices of Bippy and Boppy?), are the two tallest of the chicks. Benny’s, Violet (I suggested this name as well), still has the sweetest-looking face. Everybody, including me, says that Archie has the prettiest feathers. I cannot wait until she starts laying blue eggs- I may just start liking eggs again… at least, I will try them. I cannot guarantee that I will like them.

Remember the project I was talking about making last night? Well, I started with it and am now just about finished. It is a purse/bag made out of crumpled construction paper.

Valerie gave me the basis for the idea- the day before yesterday, at Courtney’s surprise party, she was talking about how in elementary school she crumpled paper many times and rubbed it on the edge of her desk until it got soft, then made bags with it. I pretty much kidnapped that idea and put it to my own use, making a construction paper bag out of glued-together layers of different colors of construction paper. The outside is green on one side, orange on the other, with the lining (bottom and sides) out of black paper. I am not finished with the strap yet, as I am not going to glue the other end to the bag until the first end dries and I know whether it is the right length. Its shape is actually holding up rather well, so I think the project may be a success.

We just finished cleaning and straightening up the sunroom, the prerequisite for tonight’s game night. We are going to be playing Apples to Apples and Trivial Pursuit.

Before that, though, we will be having a sort of cookout. We are going to have barbeque ribs and other cookout/picnic-related foods. Potato salad and baked beans and all of that.

I think I am going to spend the beginning of tomorrow watching the movie In America, that one we got from Netflix a while ago. I am such a procrastinator- I keep saying I will watch it that very same day and I never end up doing so.

Oh gosh oh golly, oh gee, Wallie just commented on a post and said he missed everything about school. I have been caught up in other things, but I just realized that this is true for me as well. It is so weird not going to school each day. For every day so far, I have woken up at the normal school time and then thought, “Oh, I do not have to wake up this early,” and then gone back to sleep. I keep thinking, “Oh man, tomorrow we have school again,” but we do not. And, really, I wish we could have a sort of school day at least once a week where we just go to the school and see everybody and then sign up for whatever class you want for a day. It would be nice and I am sure it would cure part of this missing of school thing.

Dinner will be ready soon and then game night will be here, so farewell now. Have an excellent Sunday.

Oh man, it is Sunday. I will need to take out the trash.

P.S. I just remembered to say something about the comments I have been receiving lately on old posts. They have a combination of random words. I have gotten two so far, from two different people, and am confused. Could somebody possibly explain the crypticness?

I think today may just have been the longest weekday ever.

June 10, 2008

I am not even going to explain the fact that this is going to be in a list format; that is sort of completely obvious.

[1]Unfortunately, I am guessing I captured the wrong type of ants for my ant farm. Despite my hoping they would tunnel and passing off every little dent as the start of tunneling, they just did not seem to want to. Additionally, most of them died. Pascal the Curious and a few unnamed siblings were still alive, but the rest were dead and encased in some sort of white coccoon. There was also a kind of bacteria slowly spreading throughout the gel, and I was just guessing that was not a good sign. In the end, I freed the ants and scooped out the germy gel. Finally, I put about six or seven new ants of a much smaller species in the ant farm. I am hoping they actually tunnel like they are supposed to, but so far they are just huddled in the corner all nervouslike.

[2]Today, unbelievably, was the very last day of required Gym for the rest of my life, and all we did was play rock climbing twister. I am extremely relieved that I do not have to go to any more Gym for the rest of my life. It is so exciting.

[3]Wow wowie wow, summer is almost here! That is the trillionth time I have said that, but it still shocks me. Three more days of school, and I will never be a high school freshman again.

[4]In the mail today, I received another check from It was for only seven dollars, but that is still pretty excellent for answering a survey that only took me a few minutes.

[5]I finished reading Night today, which is good considering it is due tomorrow. It was a sad book, a very, very, very sad book. A marvelous one, but sad nonetheless.

 [6]After school today, I finished reading A Clockwork Orange. It was magnificent, absolutely magnificent. Or, as Alex would say, it was a choodessny book. It was funny and touching and meaningful and… everything jumbled up at once. Basically, it was crazy good. Now I just need to see the movie, and I will be all set.

[7]After finishing it, I took a nap. Yes, a nap. I have only taken one other nap this year. The nap, though only an hour, is what I think caused this feeling of the longest day ever. Ridiculous.

[8]In English today, we watched part of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! It was awesome. I love that movie. If we are lucky, we will watch the ending tomorrow. On the third-to-last day of school!!!!

[9]Hey, have you guys ever been to It is amazing- I think the majority of you all would really, really like it. It is simple yet tremendously addicting. Just flip the pages and watch the fantastic bright colors flip across the screen! Drag the pages any which way and let go to turn the page. Check it out.

[10]The word of the day is xenogeneous, defined as ‘an outside force.’ The number of the day is 5050 and the holiday is Donald Duck Day.

Farewell, all. Enjoy your last days before summer hits!

P.S. Is it not pretty jokes that I just happened to include ten sections on many of my posts? Hooray for coincidences!

P.P.S Unfortunately, I have many mosquito bites. I am not entirely sure how I got them all, but they are there. There is one on my elbow that is humongous!

I Cannot Pinpoint The Weather

June 1, 2008

Hot or cold, windy or not, I simply cannot decide what the weather is right now, inside or out.

Today was another day that went by much quicker than I thought it would. It is, however, still not even four yet.

Early this morning, I was awoken by the sound of both Emma and her friend, our neighbor, Brenna’s voices. Brenna spent the night at our house last night, and apparently they decided it would be fun to wake up at 6:11 am and chatter throughout the house, mainly my room (which I share with Clara and Emma, but still- they slept in sleeping bags in the sunroom). I ended up waking up (as in getting out of bed) for real at around 9:31 am, about the time I usually wake up on the weekends.

From then on, I did a variety of non-noteworthy things such as reading a book to Lydia (The Seven Silly Eaters; I love that book) and walking the dog. I did, however, play a game of Scrabble with Emma, who had never played it before. Unfortunately, she stopped wanting to play when about half of the letters had been used, and I was forced to kiss my Scrabble practice goodbye. I have been attempting to become a better Scrabble player but nobody in my house ever wants to play it with me. Laura, you and I among other friends will need to schedule a real Scrabble Party to make up for the one that was in fact your surprise party.

Drat, I just remembered that I may need to read my short story aloud tomorrow in English. I really hope something comes up and we end up never having enough time to read the remaining stories out loud.

Hmm, anyway today I also read more of Nerds. It really does sadden me, some of the things mentioned in this book- such as how one kid purposely did not do his homework in order to not be called a nerd. Still, this book… okay, never mind, I completely forgot what I was going to say, er, I mean, write.

Oh yeah, and we had bagels this morning. How thrilling.


Hooray, it is beginning to rain!

Okay, I just finished playing another game of Scrabble, this time with Clara, who stopped playing with about twenty-five tiles left. It seems that neither of my sisters can commit to an entire game. I won both games.

Great Scott, tomorrow will be the second-to-last Monday of my freshman year! This year has gone by tremen- alright, I am not even going to finish that. I have said it a gazillion times- time must have something against me, taking away my childhood so quickly. Pretty soon I will be having my mid-life crisis. Oh man, I hope not… let us just take that back.

On a completely different note, this summer is going to be totally off the walls. I plan to do many amazing things that I have always wanted to do, plus (providing I end up finding one) I may get a job and actually have something planned to do on certain dates.

Sunday is wasting away and I really must get going, so with that I bid you farewell. To keep the daily ritual in check, of course.

P.S. Oh wow, I just realized that it is June 1st!  How time flies…