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I laughed, I cried, stuck a needle in my eye.

March 12, 2010

I’ve debated over putting this as a title for quite some time. That little rhyme has been stuck in my head for over a year, but every time I write it down I get the chills and must erase it. The idea of a needle being stuck into one’s eye is so terrifying! I imagine it being stuck directly into the center of the pupil, the thin needle sliding right in, and… ugh, I’m going to stop. I can’t bear to write these words.

Today I took a vocabulary quiz and a Latin test. Some days I am just not that good at taking tests or quizzes, and today felt like one of those days. Other days, I get horrifically good grades on tests and quizzes taken in a single day. I’m hoping I still did decently today, though. My grades are surprisingly good right now, and I’d hate for them to get worse (100, 97, 94, and 93).

Rehearsal was after school of course, and Michael and Rachel and I rolled on rolling chairs down the hall. It was fantastically fun, even though people kept telling us to be quieter. Also, Rachel and I painted more diagonal lines on the set- it’s overall looking so absolutely grand!

Michael gave Rachel and I dinosaurs that grow when put in water. We had them in water all through rehearsal, but they really didn’t grow at all! Maybe they are defective… anyway, I thought we forgot them, but thankfully Rachel remembered to get them out of the auditorium!

After rehearsal (the funniest part was when the guys sang and danced during Telephone Hour- it’s HILARIOUS), I went with my parents and Zinnia to Costco. It turns out they have one hour photo developing there, for actual factual film and not just digital! This was a great surprise to me, since Walmart took more than a week because they have to send the pictures to some other place to be developed. Also, it’s cheaper at Costco! I got my roll of film developed and not that many came out, but those that did are MARVELOUS (even if I do say so myself). The best ones were of Rachel in the snow near her house, and the half frames look GREAT. I especially love the one with Rachel on the merry-go-round from the playground. It’s kinda eerie, though. The pictures took less than an hour to develop, too! More like 45 minutes!

We then hurried to Michael’s, because my mother had to get yarn for a shrug for Lydia to wear in my uncle’s wedding. Of course, I can never resist yarn, even though I have to much already. I bought three skeins of Impeccable in mulberry, bright blue, and light lime greenish. I also bought a watermelon smencil on the way out, because those are just great and my cherry one is long lost. Smencils are pencils which smell of assorted delicious fruits and are made from recycled newspapers, if you aren’t in the know.

Oh, and this girl came up to our lunch table a few days ago to get people to sign up for March Christmas today, where you wear Christmas clothes. Rachel and I wore our Christmas sweaters, and Michael participated with his Charlie Brown Christmas shirt, and we all got cookies shaped like Christmas trees!

The will of the good

February 21, 2010

Today I woke up at eight something and at ten something my parents, Lydia, Zinnia, and I went to pick up Rachel. We went first to JoAnn’s (I bought two wondrously bulky yarns in lime and sky blue, as well as a set of size 8 double points and size 9 straight needles). We found shirts that are perfect for our Kirk is a Jerk shirts that we’ve been meaning to make for a long time. They were less than three dollars each!

We next had lunch at Five Guys, then my parents dropped us off at the main attraction- Goodwill! It didn’t have as much of a selection of clothing as usual (probably because on Sundays there is a 50% off all clothing, and people get all the good stuff early on), but we found Christmas sweaters! They are really great, and Rachel and I plan on wearing them tomorrow. I also bought three records, one book (The Best of LIFE, as in LIFE magazine- this was GREAT!), and many, many VHS tapes. I found a super sweet portable radio while I was checking out, and I bought that too. Rachel got two records, one book, and some movies as well. There was this awful guy standing in front of this particular group of records for like twenty minutes, and he was just looking through them to find ones that would be good for resale. It was terrible because I could see a lot of great ones where he was rifling through, and he had at least three Beatles albums held under his arm!

Anyway, then, we walked over to the costume makeup shop, but it turned out that it’s closed on Sundays! We looked in through the windows and it was a real bummer because they had all sorts of awesome stuff inside, like leg warmers! It’s so difficult to find leg warmers!

After that, we walked over to Frederick Coffee Company and bought Odwalla drinks, which were very good. Rachel got strawberry something and I got pink something. I don’t remember the specific names.

That all led up this evening, when I watched Torchwood and finished Benny’s fingerless gloves and rolled the bulky yarn in to balls. It is SO fun to roll this particular yarn into balls!

This weekend went by nice and slowly, I think because I wasn’t working today or yesterday and because I actually went places and did things. I hope future weekends are more like this one.

I do not wish to know what “big cat” I am

July 6, 2009

Facebook is awash with even more requests to ignore than usual, as I managed to stay off the computer nearly all day… other than, that is, for updating twitter. For some reason that always prevails my non-computer attempts.

This morning I woke up to the bright sound of the realization that my 3:33 am alarm did not wake me up. You see, I love the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night (or morning) and then realizing that I can go back to sleep. Being able to easily get back to sleep is one of the best feelings in the world. Three has always seemed to be a cheerful number, so setting an alarm for 3:33 am seemed a logical choice. And yet, I was not temporarily awoken by the 3:33 am alarm, as it did not wake me up. I am at a loss as to why, but I will re-set it tonight and hope last night was a fluke, that my alarm’s powers have not been stolen from it and that it can still function as much.

So, I woke up this morning, and it was some time between 10 am and 11 am. I am not positively sure when it was. After a morning of basically doing nothing, I left with my mother, Zinnia, Clara, Jake, and Emma at around 12:46 pm to go on a series of missions. Er, errands, rather. Not nearly so secretive.

Firstly, we dropped Clara off at her friend’s house, whose backyard she will be “camping” in for a week. This particular friend has a humongous backyard, at least 20 acres, most likely much more. They’re going to be camping somewhere far off into these acres. However, they will be going into a pimped out barn to use the outlets, bathrooms, and other such facilities, so it won’t really be much like camping.

Anyway, so we dropped Clara off, and then the rest of us first headed off to Michael’s to buy an iron transfer pencil and fabric for the Star Trek pillow Emma’s going to be sewing me (more about that later). We stopped off by the yarn section and I bought some red yarn and robin’s egg blue yarn, and my mother and Emma got some yarn as well, and then we went to our next destination, Staples, for some label maker tape and also to pick up Jake’s laptop, I believe.

Next, we went to Panera, where I got a chipotle chicken sandwich. This was the second time I’ve had it, and it was pretty much as good as I remembered.

After lunch, we went off to a Goodwill we once went to, in a rush. I have this idealized fantasy of it having all these fabulous skirts, so I’ve sort of been dreaming of going there for a while now. As it turns out, it’s actually a Salvation Army store. That was of no matter, though. The problem was that it was closed. Apparently it’s closed on Sundays. Oh, bother. Well, that was okay, we easily found a Goodwill five and a half miles away and went to it. It didn’t have much in the way of clothing, or skirts in particular, either, but it did happen to have a wonderful selection of books and movies and all. I was so tempted to buy loads of twenty-five cent records, but, alas, I do not have a record player. However, I did buy some books and movies and a CD. The books included a Chuck Close flip book (honestly, I love flip books to death and would have bought it even if it hadn’t been Chuck Close) and a book from 1980 about the American presidents up to that time. The movies (on VHS…I kind of like VCRs a whole lot better than DVD players) included Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, and a particularly bad-tastic 1959 movie called Plan 9 From Outer Space. The box claims it to have won a contest as the worst movie in history. Also according to the box, the spaceships were made from paper plates. There are many other lovely things about it, all which make tomorrow the perfect day to watch it (tomorrow I’ll be the only person in the house as the rest of the family will be swimming or at work… I’ll have a movie marathon and it will be GREAT).

Also today, I helped Emma out with the Star Trek pillow. Despite mistakes in the coloring (I blame it on the turbulence), it is amazing. One side of it reads ‘LIVE LONG AND PROSPER’ and the other side has a federation symbol. I’m pretty sure I’ve explained this all already when it was going to be made about a month ago (maybe less).

Oh, also today, I bought a miniature Chekov action figure! It’s great.

The Final Night of Hanukkah

December 29, 2008

The last night of Hanukkah is always the one where we celebrate most.  Tonight was it, so we had potato latkes and our present was chocolate coins, of course.  Fun, fun.  Last night we each got bandages (I happened to know they were from Archie McPhee).  Mine look like tattoos.  Aweeeesssome.  Also, they came with a tiny rubber monkey wearing a tiny fez.  How cute!

Today I finished the second mitten of long ago.  As I’ve said before, I couldn’t find the original pattern and therefore had to improvise on another pattern.  They both fit and all, but the second mitten has a much smaller thumb part so they don’t look completely a like.  Still, they keep my hands warm and that’s really all that matters.

I managed to get an invite code to, an invite only fashion site that I have been a humongous fan of for quite a while.  I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to post a look of my own, but now I can hype and comment and favorite all of the pictures I’ve long been partial to.

We had the i-cord machine exchanged today.   Now I have one without a broken crank and, let me tell you, it works fantastically.  It’s super easy once you get the hang of it.  Now I just need to buy some more lightweight yarn.  I have loads of worsted and some bulky and aran, but no lightweight to be found.  Maybe I’ll convince my mother to bring me up to Joann’s.  They’re having a sale on all yarn.

Well, Emma needs help with her knitting machine so I’m going to go and do that now.

Farewell, and happy almost Monday.

I think something exciting is going to happen (and no thanks, I do not care to elaborate)

October 21, 2008

I finished highlighting the two chapters for this week for AP Euro (boo the two-chapter weeks) in record time.  Now there is just the outlining to go.

I think I will be knitting a cowl out of this yarn:

I was going to use the yarn for leg warmers (oh, and there is orange in the middle but you cannot see it in the picture) but since I made those stripey ones awhile back I decided against it.

I took the picture, by the way.  See how excellent my mother’s camera (now with a broken lens) is/was?

I was thinking about starting it tonight but I think I may just start it at Knitting and Crocheting Club tomorrow.  Speaking of which, hooray, Club Day is tomorrow!!!

(Wallie: I have never seen you so pumped about something.)

I keep stopping writing this to look around at, so sorry if this post is mixed up.

I think I will be choosing Switzerland for my country for Model UN.  I have always had sort of a thing for Switzerland.

And Danya, if you are reading this- if you had already decided on this, then never mind.  I think I heard you thinking about it, and if you did want this country then I will choose somewhere else.


Sorry, just kidding…uh…

Today at lunch Lizzy gave me an M&M.  Eleanor instructed me to eat it while thinking of peanut butter, and it worked.  It tasted just like a Reese’s Piece(s?).  It was crazy.

Ooh, hooray, NaNoWriMo has nearly arrived!

Well, farewell now.  Best wishes!

What An Eventful Saturday

April 19, 2008

No, really.  I am not being sarcastic one little bit.  Many more things occurred than usual.

[1]We had a yard sale. This meant that I had to wake up around 8 am rather than my usual weekend 9:30 am. However, shockingly, I was not the least bit tired.

The yard sale went excellent. I do not know how much money we earned, but I know it was at least two hundred dollars. Not a bad amount for stuff we were going to donate or take to the dump.

[2]I read books! I actually read about three books today: I finished the Ulysses S. Grant biography, read Girl, Interrupted, and something else I cannot currently remember.

[3]By far the most exciting piece of news: MY POCKET WATCH CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! I was thrilled to receive it, obviously. It is exactly how I thought it would be and, somehow, even more. When I hold it up to my ear there is a lovely ticking sound. I was going to scan it and put the picture up here, but I am afraid that will somehow damage it. Anyway, I put it on a silver chain I had lying around. It is utterly fantastic.

Unfortunately, the hands have stopped moving twice so far. I do not know what is wrong with it but will either look up how to fix it or contact the seller on Ebay. Either way, I still adore it.

[4]We went out to dinner! We went to this lovely little diner and I got a Chicken Cordon Bleu panini. It was fantasic, plus I got vanilla ice cream for dessert.

[5]The reason I am trying to rush this: YARNNN!!! We went to Michael’s after our early diner dinner (what a delightful tongue twister) and I purchased this amazing green yarn called Limelight. Then, when I got home, my grandmother showed me tons of yarn she has had stashed away! These bundles of yarn include many deliciously bright colors. I am going to knit something spectacular as soon as I finish this up (which will hopefully be soon).

Anyway, today was basically just a lot more eventful than Saturdays usually

Another thing happened, which was that I wrote my essay for English, but it was extremely boring and the writing is, quite frankly, complete rubbish. I am hoping my teacher does not think so.

Anyways, anyways, anyways, I love you all to bits. Even as the mainly strangers and whatnot that you are.

My birthday is in only ten days! Whoopee!

Hurray, hurrah, huzzah!


And how many hours a day did you do lessons?
The Mock Turtle: Ten hours the first day, nine the next, and so on.
Alice: What a curious plan!
The Gryphon: That’s the reason they’re called lessons, because they lessen from day to day.

Of Character Sketches, Grades, and Birthdays

March 28, 2008

I am trying to make this as quick as possible, because I am sneaking on here, (shhh…) as I kind of lost computer for today because of something that I didn’t do but I am not believed about, for some reason… anyway, back to business.

Whew!  My mother just came in the room but I guess she forgot that I lost computer priviledges.

Today, I wrote up three character sketched by choosing random words from the dictionary (one of my favorite things to do) for their names and character traits.

[1]Words drawn: lightning, incision, cortex, expositor; basics: Cortex Expositor was a professional chopper.  Not the flying vehicle kind, oh no.  In fact, he visibly flinched whenever somebody asked him this, for Cortex greatly valued his unusual occupation.  Often times, he would refer to it as pleasant or saintly.  Usually, though, he called it his, “only reason worth living,” or merely a, ‘sacred honor.’  Cortex worked with pride, and more pride a man never did possess; at least, not during his time.

[2]Words drawn: defrock, barber; D. Frock was a well-known barber.  He had round cheeks that were always rosy, small feet that were constantly pitter-pattering around, and a rather impressive set of facial hair that consited of a six-and-a-half inch snow-white beard and curly mustache to match.  He also had a full head of curly, rainbow-colored hair.  No, you did not mis-read that fact.  Due to countless mistakes in hair-cutting and dying adventures, the stout, jolly D. Frock had a head of colors.  As for the ‘D,’ nobody knew what it stood for nor dared to ask.

[3]Words drawn: LIFO, dollop; Lifo Dollop was always, always, always, late.  No matter how early or how late in the day an appointment or other engagement was scheduled for, there had never been a time when Lifo had arrived early or even on time.  He was always the last person to arrive and the first person to leave.


No, they are not THAT interesting.  But hey, I wrote them quickly at school and am rushed for time at the moment therefore cannot edit them very much.

Anyway, happy birthday to Julian Glover (voice of Aragog in the Harry Potter movies) and James Potter (if you don’t know who he is, then you are the ultimate failer).  And a happy birthday in advance to my good friend Laura, whose birthday is this Saturday.

As for grades, this tag has to do with the fact that I am pleased to tell you all that I have straight A’s!  I doubt that they will fluctuate much before the end of the term, so they are basically set in stone- and boy howdy, does this make me happy! 

On another note, I decided to take apart the knitting project I began.  I was not very far and not going much of anywhere with it and have now started a simpler, much quicker-moving-along project that I am pretty much in love with. 

 Good night, loves.

If I don’t return, kindly avenge my death.