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December 6, 2008

She was born at 5:48 pm and is 8 pounds, 2 ounces. Yes, I said she… it’s a girl! She’s so sweet and I can’t wait for her to come home. I’m at home now and my mother and the baby will hopefully come home tomorrow. I’m not allowed to announce her name yet until it’s “officially announced” but, I must say, it is the one I suggested.




I’m on top of the world

November 25, 2008

Actually, I’m not, I’m just in a spectacular mood right now.

Nothing more to say other than:

Oh, and possums really creep  me out:

If I happened to ask you what you thought of hypothetical questions, how would you answer?

November 20, 2008

Club Day was a blast as always, as was Wednesday Club.  Confusing, but a blast.  Also, it was very cold outside, but I liked it.

Recent searches by readers that led to my blog:

*blue magic powder

*cute elephant in a dress

*cactus face

*strange lokking babies (yes, ‘lokking,’ not ‘looking’)

Off-topic– I wish I could live in another country for awhile.  No reason, I just do.  It would be an interesting experience, I think.

These recent weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds and so on until infinity have been good.  I am so happy with everything happening in my life right now.  Sorry to be overly optimistic, if there is such a thing, but I am serious.  I love every little person and thing involved with it.

Except, I still do wish I could whistle really well.  I would enjoy that.

Farewell now.

Love you.


September 26, 2008

I was on YouTube when the Obama Llama Song was added, and I happened to be the first commenter. And, guess what? I won the nonexistent nerdfighting prize of the day by not commenting that I was first!!! I am so seriously happy right now that it is ridiculous.

To prove it and just make myself even happier, I am posting a screenshot.

Click on this screenshot to make it bigger.

Click on this screenshot to make it bigger.

Other, more accurate screenshot (click to make bigger):

Can you believe this? I still cannot. This is seriously something I will remember forever.

Goodbye now.

Oh, by the way, only three-and-a-half more hours until the fasting is over. I am hungry, and apparently hunger makes me tired, so I am tired as well.

Best wishes!

“How marvelous! How perfectly marvelous!”

September 23, 2008

Today was great. Oh, I know, I say that so often it would make your head spin.

“Head on! Apply directly to the forehead!”

Did anybody get that?

Ah, well, let me get back to the subject: today was great.

First of all, you would think today would have been awful and long, like Tuesdays often are, but in fact it was not.

However, today was Tuesday Club, the temporary Tuesday installment of Wednesday Club. Therefore, of course it was awesome. We went to Giant and the library like usual. Wallie came and left early. Laura left. Danya and somebody else came and left. Daniel and I went to Giant a second time. Still, what with all the leaving, it was great, it really was. Why? I dunno, I just feel a lot happier and brighter when I am around my friends. Around my family, I feel kind of fake. Like, everybody is mocking me. I do not really have anybody to talk to, and when I do I feel like everybody is expecting me to act a certain way. When I do not, it is apparently obvious to them, and they do not understand it.

Ugh, enough family ranting…

Why else was today awesome?

Why, because I received a package in the mail! Before I tell you what it was and all, I must tell you that I would post pictures, I really would, but my sister’s camera is out of batteries. I know, always an excuse, but really. If I have a chance to, I will use my brother’s phone when he gets home from work to take pictures and then post them here. If I do not, though, please to not beat me.

Okay, on to the story-

An absolutely amazing (overused word alert) fellow Threadlessian called Chelly had things leftover from her Etsy shop that nobody bought. Being the Amazingon she is, she decided to send them, free of charge, to anyone who claimed them. I asked if I could have Little Lady, this really sweet neck warmer/ headband thingamabobber with a portrait of a girl on it, and she said yes.  I gave her my address and she sent me a lovely little package.

I got home from Tuesday Club and saw it on the round table in the living room, and I was thrilled.  The cute little box is a decorated Mrs. Fields cookie box.  Hooray for recycling!

Inside was the original thing I requested, which looks even nicer in person than the picture I had previously seen of it was.  A nice little note on orange paper was included too.  Then, much to my surprise, there were other things in the package!  A cheery picture of an apple that her son colored was in it (right after this I am going to hang it on my wall), along with a stupendous envelope she made and, at the bottom, a Magic Tree House Audiobook, High Tide in Hawaii!  I used to read those books all the time- that, and Goosebumps.  As a kid, I guess I was a big fan of series of books (speaking of which, is there a plural of ‘series?’).

Also, though it makes me seem a bit odd to mention it, there was a dryer sheet at the bottom, I guess for freshness or something.  Anyway, I just realized how much I love that scent.

All in all, I was so very happy to receive the amazing (I need to stop repeating adjectives) package.  I still have not stopped smiling.

So, what else can I talk about?  Nothing, I guess… though, hooray, tomorrow is Wednesday Club and the talent show!  How exciting.

No, really… I am not being sarcastic.

Oh yeah, yesterday I made a skirt out of an old pair of jeans my sister was going to throw away.  I wore it to school today and nobody made fun of me for it, so I am guessing I did an okay job.  Still, it is sort of falling apart at the bottom so I am going to re-sew it in a bit.

Fourteen views today, and I have not yet posted.  My challenge to you, readers, is to comment.  Post anonymously if you wish, just say something for goodness sakes!  Curiosity, as I said before, often gets the best of me.  And, seriously, I am still wondering why you all keep tuning in.  I am secretly afraid that people I somewhat/do not know from school are reading this and therefore know more about me than some of my friends and family members…

Scary thought…

Actually, it sounds kind of like one of my rejected NaNoWriMo ideas from last year…

Goodbye!  Farewell!  I am going now!  As Chelly told me to do in her note, I am going to ‘go make something!’


I may just be the happiest I have ever been

September 6, 2008

And I do not know why.  The weather outside is absolutely perfect, I love the night, and I am happy.

What does one do when they are the happiest human being in the world?

I am lost as to what I should do.  All I know is, I am happy, so happy, for no apparent reason.



The Reasons I Am Happy and How Easily Upset I Become

May 13, 2008

The color of the day is scarlet, the holidays are Frog Jumping Day and Leprechaun Day, the letters of the day are A and B, the words of the day are acopic (meaning ‘curing to relieving fatigue’) and ballyhoo (meaning ‘blatant or sensational promotion’), and the number of the day is seven thousand seven hundred seventy-seven. It is rather sunny outside, but I am in a delightful mood nonetheless- there are many reasons, a few of which I will list below.

[1]Tomorrow is Wednesday, meaning another edition of the Wednesday Club

[2]I am wearing neon green socks, which always make me happy

[3]I think I may have gotten one hundred percent on my Algebra II quiz today

[4]I am feeling particularly in love with typography and color right now

[5]I am wearing a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt and this too makes me happy

[6]I am going to make something spectacular once this post is done

So yeah, obviously, as I mentioned and all, I am having a lovely day.

I finished Book of Reasons and am almost done with Teen Inc., which is great because I am going to return the books I have read thus far tomorrow.

Only a few more days until my ant farm arrives! I am going to dig up an anthill and find a queen ant among others to put in it.

Gee, I could use a huge glass of milk right about now. Yet another thing I will do once I finish this post.

Well, I still have some more room on this page to type. Therefore, I am going to write some random babble from the point of view of a blind (the window kind).

[Blinds are mysterious. It is almost like being invisible, being a blind. People pass by me, day after day, not realizing that I have feelings too. They scrunch me up at night, when I can finally have a chance to enjoy the view. When it is sunny, they draw me and I must stand still, regardless of the harsh sunlight seeping into my skin.

I have tried to make conversation a few times before; after all, being a blind is rather dull. Unfortunately, the couch does not make for a very good companion. Anyway, it is usually busy with somebody sitting on it. That does not seem interesting either, but at least the furniture has a chance to speak with the humans if they wish. Nobody converses with the blinds. Nobody seems to see them at all, for that matter. It is sort of ironic, how I am a blind yet it is others who cannot see me. Kind of ironic, how I know more about the layout of the living room than the humans do, considering they are the ones who designed it.

Before I came to this house, my life was exciting. I was in a shop full of other blinds to talk to, full of things to see and new people to observe. I was always a plain blind, but dreamed of being installed somewhere stimulating: I always thought it would be neat to be set up in a classroom, where I would be able to learn and see all of the children grow up, or a mental institution, perhaps, where I would be able to talk to the patients and nobody would care, considering they were already known to be crazy.

In the end, though, a seemingly nice couple came to the shop. When I saw them headed my way, I stood up nice and straight to look presentable. Once I noticed how young the couple was, I knew they would choose me. After all, I was, by far, the cheapest blind there. I was right about that, them deciding on me. When the delivery person came to pack me up, I gave a stiff wave to my blind friends. They wished me luck and I was on my way, to where I thought would be a better place and a final home for me.

Unfortunately, nobody every mentioned that being a blind is kinda like being a human. Those preposterous humans get so worked up over everything, so excited, and when the event finally comes it is never like they hoped it would be. They have a life goal, something they hope to be someday, and it always lets them down. Like being a blind, where I became so excited and so happy in dreaming up places I would be installed and how fun it would be. While, in the end, I am just hanging around wishing I had never been sold. It was much better in the shop, I always think. At least I got a good dusting every once in awhile when I was there.]

Holy mackerel, perhaps I should not have written that. Now I am getting upset… it is just like me to get worked up over blinds. There are blinds right in front of me right now, and now I feel so sorry for them. How preposterous a human I am.

Hearts your way.

‘Til then, penguin.

The Clouds Are Bright Like The Sun

May 9, 2008

I apologize, but this post will be a bit jumbled.

Scratch that, extremely jumbled.

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac is finished and I liked it.

It was raining this morning and now it is not. The clouds are too bright to look at.

The holidays are Military Spouses Day and Lost Sock Memorial Day.

I hope to make something with all of the mismatched socks in my house.

The number of the day is fifteen, glorious fifteen.

The color of the day is golden poppy. This lovely color looks like this:


Today is Friday and therefore Ten Words Friday. The ten words are as follows, and were all found from

Kerfuffle- a disorderly outburst or tumult

Contretemps- an awkward clash

Mellifluous- pleasing to the ear

Happenstance- an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental

Shrubbery- an area where a number of shrubs are planted

Costermonger- hawker of fruits and vegetables from a barrow

Dervish- a member of an order noted for devotional exercises involving bodily movements

Acrimony- (this word was actually a form of a word that was in an SAT question during English today) a rough and bitter manner

Gorget- armor plate that protects the neck

Akimbo- with hands on hips and elbows extending outward

Man, I am really itching for some Crayola crayons right about now.

I also happen to be in one of the most excellent moods of my life. I am so happy I can barely stand it. I love life and everything in it.

Random happy gibberish- singing cozy gratitude.

Happiness is magic, bursting, gleeful, remarkable, wistful, fading…

Sometimes I wish that nothing ever ended.

I hope you all are as happy as I am. The world needs more silliness.

Farewell, my loves.

Fly away if you wish.

My, What Pleasantries You Exhibit

April 6, 2008

So far, today has been nice. I woke up around 8:45 and then proceeded to watch Pay it Forward, which I did not have a chance to watch last night. The ending made me cry. There is not much else to say about it, though it was a very good movie.

Once I finish writing this little snippet, I will most likely play Katamari Damacy with my brothers and then perhaps read or think up something else to do. Maybe a board game- I haven’t played checkers in a while.

Normally I wait until later in the day to write in here, but I sort of doubt anything more momentous will occur in the remaining hours of today. If anything does, I will edit this post with the details.

In other news, I am currently looking for an amazing watch, preferably a pocket watch. I have a bag that I am nearly finished making which I would be able to carry it around in. Or maybe I could put it around my neck. I don’t know, I just think it would be cool to have one.

Anyway, I am searching.

Third Installment of the Boundless Dictionary Project: From Dogma to Exerting










































…and I am out.

Today Was My Parent’s Anniversary And One of The Best Days in an Extremely Long Time

March 31, 2008

Gosh, today was just… made of win. As in, an unbelievable amount of win. I will do my best to describe it, but words cannot describe how wonderful it was.

I woke up around 10:30 in the morning, which is a bit later than I normally wake up on the weekends but, ah, well, it doesn’t matter.

I wished my parents a happy anniversary and went to the kitchen, where, on the counter, was a bag of bagels! It turns out that today was one of the fantastic Sundays where my dad gets up early to do an hour or two of work at his workplace, then buys bagels on his way home. And I haven’t had a bagel for quite a while, so this was even better than on a normal bagel day.

At around 2:15 pm, we arrived at my Aunt Megan’s house to celebrate my baby cousin Vita’s first birthday, which was on the twenty-seventh. It was very crowded there, but nonetheless I had an okay time there, basically just sitting around doing nothing- though I did attempt to teach Uno to this three-year old kid named Ben. I don’t even know whose kid it was, and I had never seen him before… actually, now that I think about it, I’m getting sort of creeped out and thinking that maybe he never existed or he was a ghost boy or something… ugh, this is going to make it hard to get to sleep tonight… anyway, he was really smart and actually beat me at the game (no joke). So he was a genius ghost boy. Ugh, I’m getting even more freaked out now.

Anyway anyway anyway- that wasn’t the fun part of the day. The fun part was later.

We left the party at about 5 pm and my parents called in at Pizza Hut. We got a stuffed crust chicken and bacon pizza, which we brought home because it’s my parent’s anniversary, as the title says, and for their anniversary I baby-sit everybody while they went out to dinner. So, us kids stayed home and had pizza.

This was the fun part. It was so tremendously fun, even though Clara had a really bad attitude basically the whole night. Even that could not spoil my happiness high.

Lydia stayed home, naturally, and I baby-sat her as well, of course. Along with Abie and Ben. Clara and Emma as well, but I don’t really have to watch them- they do their own thing.

So, after dinner, we had dessert- Benny and I had cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches, while Clara, Abie, and Emma had fudgesicles and Lydia had a scribbler popsicle.

Once we were finished, I had everybody get into their pajamas and brush their teeth while I took a quick shower. During this, Abie and Benny kept an eye on Lydia with Clara on guard in case something happened. After my shower I, of course, got into my own pajamas, washed my face, brushed my teeth, etc. Then I brought clean clothes upstairs and dirty laundry downstairs.

After that, I was going to take the trash out by myself with Clara keeping an eye on everybody. However, Abie and Benny wanted to help so they came out as well. So did Lydia- I wore her in a sling. We all bundled up and took out the trash, then went inside where the real fun began.

The whole time, Clara was doing homework she for some reason did not do during the other days of the weekend and Emma was on the computer, at least until the last bit of time.

Anyway, so the real fun was the Dance Party, as we called it. Abie, Ben, Lydia, and I went into the sunroom and I put on Christmas music. No, seriously. It was a blast.

We danced in circles, alone, with brooms, and many other ways. We had pillow fights and sang along, all to the Christmas music. We also played freeze dance. Lydia is at that age where she wants to do everything herself, including dancing, so it was pretty funny. She basically just spun in circles and, whenever I paused the music, she would freeze for a second and then purposely continue to dance, then yelling out, ‘Oh man! Me lose!” Obviously, we laughed at this, prompting her to do it over and over again.

It was so much fun, so very much fun, that I felt like crying, I was so happy. Children are the best.

Once the little kids’ bedtime arrived, Abie, Benny, and Lydia all went to lie down in bed. They read “I Spy” books for about ten more minutes and then I turned out the light.

Unfortunately, for some reason Clara was acting up the whole night. When they were reading, she started yelling at me and saying they weren’t allowed to, though my parents had told me they could before leaving. I really don’t know why she was acting like that. She yelled at me and said I was trying to boss her around when I told her that our parents had said they could read for a bit, and then she left the room, slamming the door.

A minute or two later, she ran back into the room and sat down on the bed. I told her that she needed to leave the room because everyone was going to sleep and she ran out, slamming the door again, then ran back in and said, ‘You need to leave the room, then,’ over and over again in a mocking tone. I don’t know what her problem is, I really don’t.

Lydia was crying from all of the yelling and I couldn’t get her to stop, so I ended up calling my parents and telling them the situation. They said that they were already on their way home and would deal with it once they got back. Once the call ended, Clara came back in the room, fuming, and yelled at me that I had ruined their anniversary. I mean, really, what about all that she was doing? I was ruining their anniversary? Ugh.

Anyway, even with the whole Clara thing this night was still fabulous. It was tremendously fun, as I said a million times.

And the best thing about the day? I had so much fun and I didn’t even go on the computer during it. That makes me feel as if there may be some hope in this world because, honestly, lately I have been on the computer disgustingly often.

I am very excited about tomorrow’s school day, even though I start Gym which I just know I won’t like.

I am lead teacher in Child Development tomorrow, which means I will be reading the preschoolers a story about dinosaurs, which is this week’s theme.

I have had a magical evening and hope to have many more to come- not only for myself but for all of you as well.

Farewell and good night, you marvelous beings.