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A mighty dilemma evaluates my atmosphere in a vocal sect.

October 10, 2009

Oh wow, it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. I now have a job: I’m a courtesy clerk at Safeway. I’ve been working there a little over two weeks. I got my second paycheck today and it still feels really, really weird to actually have money to spend. I haven’t bought anything yet. I think I may save most of it, or maybe buy a camera or something.

My Star Trek t-shirt arrived last week, finally. Rachel and I wore them to school on the same day and it was grand. I haven’t watched as much Star Trek lately as I wish I had, although Rachel and I are going to be red shirts for Halloween and are having a sleepover this week to plan our costumes.

Oh, Homecoming was a blast, by the way. I went with Kaitlyn, Lizzy, and Rachel to a pizza place for dinner and after the dance we went to Lizzy’s house for a sleepover. It was so much fun!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I have six penpals. I only meant to have one or two, but one thing turned to another and… anyway, I received my first letter in the mail today, from Minhee in Korea. She wrote on this very beautiful stationary and included a very tiny picture of herself. I need to think of something creative to do regarding the letter I write back to her.

I’ve watched quite a few movies lately, including, but not limited to (in order of rememberance):
*The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
*Bright Star (pre-viewing with my dad awhile ago)
*Kate and Leopold
and so on and so forth… for some reason I can’t remember any others at the moment…

I’ve done a bit of knitting lately, mainly a colorful scrappy scarf and part of a yellow hat (that was today). Other than the above, I’ve been busy with work and school and loads of other average things. My life’s been really great, lately, though.

I can’t wait for:
*Tomorrow (probably going with my father to Goodwill)
*Thursday (sleepover at Rachel’s house)
*November (NaNoWriMo!!!)
*Friday (getting my third paycheck/working)

Now, it’s rather late and I am very tired. I started watching a movie tonight called “La Moustache” and I think it’s going to end up being really good. I’m going to try and watch the rest tomorrow.

As a last note, I’m going to try and post here more often in the future. It’s been far too long.

Young pictures of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner:

A WINNER and A brief post to say that

October 4, 2008

…babysitting yesterday really was not as bad as it was worked up to be. The kids were not angels, but none are, anyway. We had pizza for dinner (and I love pizza) and I made eighty dollars! That means I am well on my way to buying my new glasses. Hooray!

Hmm, do I have anything else to say? Let us see… (hey, is that not weird that the non-contraction form is ‘let us,’ so when I use it I speak of my self in the plural sense?)

Oh, guess what?  I love cardigans!  Okay, so that was not really a guessing sort of thing… but, anyway… I love them!  I do not even own them and I love them.  I have been looking at pictures of knitted cardigans for hours and hours over the last few days, and I love them even more every time I see a particularly amazing one.  I think I will start over on my Mrs. Darcy Cardigan with another pattern, just a basic cardigan pattern, one that I can wear with everything.  It is a good thing I do not have hundreds of dollars, because I would probably buy a lot of cardigans and then have no more.  Uh, that was a boring thing to write.  It bored me.  I take that back.

It seems like whenever I like something, I become obsessed with it… well, not exactly obsessed, but I like it a lot.  Likewise, there is nothing I ‘kind of like’ or am ‘okay’* with.  Right off the bat, I love something or I hate it.  Funny, considering my other views are not at all black or white.

I still need to find a dress for homecoming… though there is still plenty of time.


OH YEAH, I just remembered something very important!  LAURA IS THE WINNER OF THE 100th COMMENT AWARD!  Congratulations, Laura.  There will be a prize, I just have to decide what it will be… maybe a book or I could knit you something or buy you a candy bar or bake you cookies (you liked those butterscotch white chocolate ones… do you want me to make you some of those?) something.   Laura, what do you want?

Anyway, feel free to use this banner in any way you wish (the URL is, and congratulations again!

It links to your blog, in case you were wondering.

Best wishes!


And with that cheerful  note, goodbye everybody!  I have places to go and things to see.  Actually, I do not, but I am leaving anyway.


*For some reason, every time I type ‘okay’ the spell checker tries to correct it and say ‘Tokay.’  What the heck is ‘Tokay?’  Okay, I just checked, and it is a)a wine, b)a name, c)a place in Australia or New Mexico, e)a type of gecko, and d)the name of a high school.  Interesting.  I guess you really do learn a new thing every day.

Look beyond the horizon

September 25, 2008

Why? Because I had another title in mind and I realized right before I typed it that it had been a title multiple times before. Sorry, but I guess I subconsciously resist change.


I am one hair lighter.

Hmm, so, what was I going to say?

Ah, I remember: I am excited for the return of The Office tonight. 9 pm, NBC. Do not miss it.

I have a feeling it will be weird watching it on actual television, with commercials and everything, rather than Netflix like I am currently accustomed to. I am actually even more excited because there has never really been a television show that I have seen all the episodes to and love so much.

Tomorrow I think I will be fasting from sunrise (5:40 am) to sunset (7 pm). I do not even know why, but I am. It is something to do with something at school- it is for a cause, a good one, I am sure, but nobody has told me what the cause is. Watch it be for, like, YouTube Anonymous… which does not exist, and if it were for that, Wallie would not be doing it, but… eh, anyways…

Quite a few of my friends have told me recently that they read my blog. This has only led me to become even more paranoid… what if people that go to my school but that I do not speak to are reading this? What if my teachers read this? Okay, sorry, I get really paranoid sometimes. Alright, a lot of the time…


Again, sorry, I really am rather scatterbrained right now. I have nothing to say and random thoughts are popping into my head, plus I think I hear gunshots in my backyard.


Oh man, I just realized I have nothing to do this weekend. That is awful.

Ugh, I need to stop doing google searches. I always end up finding something awesome I want to buy, but

Uh, I have no money.

I have no job.

What little money I do have is going towards the glasses my parents are buying me.

Because, uh, I lost my old glasses.

No more tiny green X’s, EVER.

Oh yeah, back to the awesome thing I just found. A CD titled

“43 Songs for 43 U.S. Presidencies”

I want it.

Apparently, somebody made up the songs for February Album Writing Month. Which, of course, makes it even more awesome.

Farewell now. I need to get off the computer before I explode.

EDIT: Okay, I found out that the fasting it in order to spread awareness and understand how poor/impoverished people feel on a day-to-day basis.  Not YouTube Anonymous; a much better cause.

I think today may just have been the longest weekday ever.

June 10, 2008

I am not even going to explain the fact that this is going to be in a list format; that is sort of completely obvious.

[1]Unfortunately, I am guessing I captured the wrong type of ants for my ant farm. Despite my hoping they would tunnel and passing off every little dent as the start of tunneling, they just did not seem to want to. Additionally, most of them died. Pascal the Curious and a few unnamed siblings were still alive, but the rest were dead and encased in some sort of white coccoon. There was also a kind of bacteria slowly spreading throughout the gel, and I was just guessing that was not a good sign. In the end, I freed the ants and scooped out the germy gel. Finally, I put about six or seven new ants of a much smaller species in the ant farm. I am hoping they actually tunnel like they are supposed to, but so far they are just huddled in the corner all nervouslike.

[2]Today, unbelievably, was the very last day of required Gym for the rest of my life, and all we did was play rock climbing twister. I am extremely relieved that I do not have to go to any more Gym for the rest of my life. It is so exciting.

[3]Wow wowie wow, summer is almost here! That is the trillionth time I have said that, but it still shocks me. Three more days of school, and I will never be a high school freshman again.

[4]In the mail today, I received another check from It was for only seven dollars, but that is still pretty excellent for answering a survey that only took me a few minutes.

[5]I finished reading Night today, which is good considering it is due tomorrow. It was a sad book, a very, very, very sad book. A marvelous one, but sad nonetheless.

 [6]After school today, I finished reading A Clockwork Orange. It was magnificent, absolutely magnificent. Or, as Alex would say, it was a choodessny book. It was funny and touching and meaningful and… everything jumbled up at once. Basically, it was crazy good. Now I just need to see the movie, and I will be all set.

[7]After finishing it, I took a nap. Yes, a nap. I have only taken one other nap this year. The nap, though only an hour, is what I think caused this feeling of the longest day ever. Ridiculous.

[8]In English today, we watched part of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! It was awesome. I love that movie. If we are lucky, we will watch the ending tomorrow. On the third-to-last day of school!!!!

[9]Hey, have you guys ever been to It is amazing- I think the majority of you all would really, really like it. It is simple yet tremendously addicting. Just flip the pages and watch the fantastic bright colors flip across the screen! Drag the pages any which way and let go to turn the page. Check it out.

[10]The word of the day is xenogeneous, defined as ‘an outside force.’ The number of the day is 5050 and the holiday is Donald Duck Day.

Farewell, all. Enjoy your last days before summer hits!

P.S. Is it not pretty jokes that I just happened to include ten sections on many of my posts? Hooray for coincidences!

P.P.S Unfortunately, I have many mosquito bites. I am not entirely sure how I got them all, but they are there. There is one on my elbow that is humongous!

I Have a Crooked Smile.

May 4, 2008

Today was a lazy Sunday. Hmm, that sounds like a saying or something… I will have to look into that.

I spent the majority of the day watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos of the past. I got through I think three pages of videos.

Most of the rest of my family went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I did not really have a choice as to whether I wanted to go because Emma was at our neighbor’s house and I needed to be home for when she came back.

They had corn dogs there. Corn dogs! Oh, the nerve of them to have such a magnificent food when I have been wanting one for over a year and not had the chance.

They did, however, bring back kettle corn, so I will be forgiving them for the mishap.

We are going to have pizza for dinner.

I am actually feeling rather discouraged at the moment because Abie left an open purple marker in one of his pants pockets, which ended up being washed with one of my newer Threadless shirts. One of the few that I did not receive as gifts and instead bought myself. Which now has purple splotches on it. I will need to get some stain removal and hope that it is effective.

Oh man, I just remembered something that has now burst my already-burst bubble: remember how I told you guys that my sister was singing in the middle school talent show? Well, in the program it listed a snippet of each of the acts. In one of the acts, either eight or nine, perhaps act ten, it said something like, “[names of people in act] call themselves the JANCC 5,” and then, in parentheses, said, “an anagram of the group’s first names.” I read this and was like, ‘what the heck?” I mean, honestly, they thought that was an anagram when it was so obviously an acronym? I felt sick to my stomach when reading this- no joke. I shared my anger with various family members but they all thought I was overreacting. And I was not, really. It is just that… well, so many people need serious help with their grasp of language and then something like this happens- adults not knowing what something is properly called and sharing this lack of knowledge with the general community. It is absolutely preposterous that something like this should happen, in the field of education, no less. Like how I so often find grammar mistakes in my high school teacher’s writings. For instance, my math teacher used, ‘zero’s’ as the plural form of ‘zero.’ I mean, honestly- it can be spelled ‘zero’ or ‘zeroes,’ but NOT ‘zero’s!’ Really, can they truly not use an apostrophe correctly? They are teachers, for goodness sakes.

Sorry, I am ranting. It just really… infuriates me how doomed the English language is. Among other things.

Another slightly doomed fact- my sister Clara, who just turned thirteen, found out today that peanut butter is not made from actual butter. That is unbelievable.

“I wish I…” rant-

I wish I …

…were as smart as people think I am.

…could whistle, snap my fingers, or blow a gum bubble.

…knew what I could expect in my future and stop worrying about it.

…could stop being so shy that strangers think I hate them.

…could do something extraordinarily interesting.

…had enough money to give it out to deserving people.

…could stay a child forever but still grow up.

…still believed in the tooth fairy.

…could eat vegetables and not gag.

…could stay outside and read all day.

…knew how to cheer people up.

…could talk to people without feeling stupid and inferior.

…were born before technology became such a huge part of people’s lives.

Thank you, thank you very much.

And We’ll Even Give you Some Money if You Answer Questions About a Drink You’ve Only Tried Once

March 14, 2008

I know, I know, I posted less than five minutes ago, possibly even less than three.  Still, I got up from the computer and planned to do something exciting or at least more interesting than staying on the computer all of Friday afternoon.  I ended up going into the kitchen to find a magazine to read, and was all settled down with the March 21st copy of Entertainment Weekly in the living room, when my dad called me back into the kitchen.

There, he gave me a gift card to Safeway.  And why in the world would my dad give me a Safeway gift card?  Because of a survey.  A few months ago, there was this survey thing that came with some sort of Gatorade that we got in some sort of ‘buy these boxes of cereal and get free gatorade’ offer or whatever.  Anyway, I answered the survey and it turns out I got paid for doing so, paid with a five dollar gift card to Safeway.  Now, isn’t that exciting?  It is for me.  That’s seriously probably the most exciting thing that will happen to me this entire weekend and much of next week as well.

Anyway, so HOORAY, I have five dollars to spend at Safeway!  I hope they still have mini cactuses for sale; I have always wanted one, and I believe they were only $4.99.