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I have gotten into

June 2, 2009

the terribly addictive habit of writing these sort of titles, finishing the sentence in the main portion and whatnot.

Speaking of addictive, I’ve been watching WAY too many television episodes and movies lately. It seems sometimes like that’s all I’ve been doing and, honestly, I feel like I’m turning into a ridiculous lump that cannot, will not, do anything but sit down all day. I sit all day at school, not my choice at all, and then I come home and I sit for the remainder of the day. Weekends aren’t that much better. True, the majority of the time has been spent watching worthy tv shows, i.e. Doctor Who and Star Trek, but still… perhaps I ought to start up another hobby, going for walks, perhaps. I haven’t listened to much music lately, so that would be an ideal thing to start doing. Or, maybe, I should start going places with friends, nothing planned in particular but just walking around somewhere, talking about things.

Speaking of going places with friends (can you tell I’m trying to stitch everything together into one seamless piece), tomorrow to Thursday I will be going to Rachel’s house for another Star Trek party! (today didn’t work out, as it was decided by the parental units that one Star Trek party this week is enough) It’s going to be a sleepover, if you hadn’t realized that.

Speaking more of movie-watching, this afternoon I’ve been watching a movie called Phenomenon, and also knitting the Scotty hat. I’m nearly done with both the movie and the hat.

Alright, well it is dinner time now. Goodbye (and because of the Star Trek party I probably won’t post tomorrow)!

It wasn’t that bad

June 1, 2009

of a Monday. For starters, I watched Doctor Who, making it infinitely better. I’m nearly done watching the third episode of the day, “Love and Monsters.” I think it’s my favorite so far, even if it hasn’t featured the Doctor or Rose much at all yet.

Rachel got done with I am Spock today, and so now I get to read it. I am SO EXCITED! I’ve only read about ten pages and already I would put it on my favorite books list. There’s just something about the dialogue between Leonard Nimoy and Spock that makes the rest of the novel all the more endearing.

Tomorrow I am going to Rachel’s house for a second Star Trek party after school, and we might have another one the day after that, a sleepover to Thursday, which is Graduation Day therefore making it not necessary to attend school.

I’m pretty far through with knitting a hat like Scotty’s hat from the new Star Trek movie, although it’s brown rather than olive.

Well, I must get back to Doctor Who. Farewell!

I spent

May 29, 2009

yesterday evening finishing my Photography project and then resting, so I didn’t have a chance to post or to do much anything else. Doctor Who Season 1, Disc 5 arrived in the mail, but unfortunately it was one that only had bonus material on it, so I returned it, hopefully to begin watching Season 2 soon. Most of it can be watched on Netflix Intant, I believe.

Oh, something I DID do yesterday was photoshopping the faces of my friends and I onto pictures of Star Trek characters. It was excellent and very much fun.

Today, I admired the storm outside, which is most extreme much like a couple of days ago, and then I watched two episodes of Star Trek, “What Little Girls are Made Of” and “Miri.” After this post, I will be watching the next episode, “Dagger of the Mind.” Somebody commented on the “Miri” episode and noted that one of the children William Shatner held near the end was his own daughter. I thought that was very interesting and a nice personal touch to the episode.

Yesterday, I, as Kirk, wrote a poem to Rachel, or Spock, rather. Today she responded with an immensely amusing and surprisingly emotional letter from Spock to Kirk. I would scan it, but surely one could not expect me to divulge the details of such personal matters.

There are possible plans to be made for a trip to Goodwill with friend(s) this weekend. That, and a second Star Trek party, are likely in the near future.

Oh, we got our yearbooks on Wednesday. I forgot to mention that. The format of the school pictures is positively awful. They are on every page and very tiny in lines at the bottom.

Well, anyway, I must get back to my Star Trek watching. Live long and prosper!

“We have a natural right to make use of our pens as of our tongue, at our peril, risk and hazard.” -Voltaire

May 13, 2009

So I spent the entire evening cleaning the sunroom, making it perfectly squeaky clean to ready it for my birthday party. It is on Friday.

Before that, as like every middle-of-the-week, I went to Wednesday Club. It was very much a repeat of a past Wednesday Club, in that we got miniature Ben and Jerry’s ice creams and ate them outside. The only difference was a few of the people, that and the fact that we have changed so much since then. That day was June 25th, 2008. So many days separate then from now, so many new memories and so much new knowledge.

Sorry, I’m becoming nostalgic once again. I guess it comes with the territory of this age, not-long-after-sixteen, when seventeen seems so far away and eighteen is absolutely unimaginable.

Anyway, after the ice cream extravaganza Courtney threw Valerie’s vitamin water across the walkway and it burst open, spilling its contents completely. Not long after, Courtney and I went inside, where we stayed for the remainder of the time. I’m not sure where the others ended up.

Inside, both of us did our homework, and then I went off in search of new books. I ended up getting nine, I believe, and all seem to be fantastic in each and every way. One of them is by the same author as The Stepford Wives, Ira Levin, and one is about Einstein, another about politically correct versions of popular fairy tales, and all in all I wish I could begin reading them all at once, though that, of course, would not be practical.

I also checked out two new movies, to be added to my lengthy list of movies I need to finish. Actually, there aren’t that many on the list. Never mind. I almost finished watching The Stepford Wives today while cleaning the sunroom, and tomorrow I shall try and finish Twilight Zone: The Movie, and then I will watch the new movies, Sybil and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

I am rather far in with re-reading The Princess Bride, which is even more excellent than I remember it. I really hope to re-watch the movie just as soon as I can. I’m beginning to forget which bits of the book are in the movie and vice versa.

Well, a new night of sleep is upon us and a new day will soon follow, so I must bid you brief farewells in the least lengthy fashion possible.

(how do you feel about redundant goodbyes such as the above?)

Oh, and still nobody’s won the three hundredth post contest yet. Keep commenting, and perhaps YOU shall be the victor!

P.S. And I forgot to mention that my bangs were trimmed tonight! That always leaves me with such a crisp, green-apple-like feeling.

I guess people like when I post daily

May 10, 2009

because I get less than half the amount of views on days that I don’t post.

Hmm, let’s see…

Yesterday was Lizzy’s birthday party. I got her a crisp Andrew Jackson and a shiny new 2009 penny with a new picture on the back of it.

First, we went to Matsutake, a Japanese sushi and steak place. I’d never been there before, and I really don’t go to restaurants all that often, so the menu was pretty intimidating. I ended up getting chicken fried rice, and they make it right in front of you with fire and everything, which was all at once terrifying and delicious.

After dinner, we went to an organic market while Lizzy’s parents and grandparents finished their dinner. Some of us (us being Lizzy, Rachel, Celesthe, Emily, and I) bought fruit leather and some of us (myself not included) bought a drink, I think.

Then we went back over to Matsutake and Lizzy opened her presents and we ate the cake her parents had brought. It was chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, very tasty indeed.

The thing was, the people who worked there brought out these little tiny plates used for putting dips in for us to eat the cake on, so the pieces were all falling off the sides. It was funny, though, because those of us who used chopsticks to eat the cake spilled less crums than those of us who used regular forks.

Anyway, once we’d finished eating cake we went to the movies right next to the restaurant and saw Star Trek. It was so fantastic! After seeing it, I really want to see the original television series. I wonder if they have it in the Netflix instant? (I just checked– they DO have the first season on there, but the rest I’ll have to rent) My favorite character was Pavel Chekov, played by Anton Yelchin. He had a Russian accent, though after some research I have found that his accent is more common of Polish accents.

Speaking of Netflix instant, right this very moment I am watching Twilight Zone: The Movie. I’m seven minutes and fifty-five seconds in, and it just passed a part where I literally jumped. I love being scared, especially pop-out-at-you scared.

Well, I’m going to get back to the movie now! Goodbye! (and don’t forget to wish your mother a happy day!)

Falling Further Behind

November 22, 2008

For simplicity’s sake I am going to divide this into parts.

Part One: NaNoWriMo

I was finally almost catching up but now I am worse than ever- about 8.5k behind. I am hoping I don’t slack in the final days, especially during the Thanksgiving weekend, or else I will definitely not finish.

Part Two: Party

The party was fun, really fun. We watched Labyrinth and Stardust and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and we also played freeze and justify for a billion years. Amazingly, nothing extremely bad happened, unless you everybody getting angry at Rachel and I for being scared of the locked storage room, thinking we were joking, but that only lasted a few minutes and other than that it was good. The present I knit Kaitlyn was a flying spaghetti monster scarf, which I finished just in time thanks to a bit of help from mi madre. She absolutely loved it. Pictures will hopefully be up shortly.

Part Three: Today and Tomorrow

I only slept about three or four hours altogether, maximum, at the sleepover, but for some reason I am not tired right now. In about half an hour, I am going to run some errands with my father (using coupons from the coupon binder that I created and organized–it’s pretty spiffy).

Tomorrow I will hopefully be writing, but I bet I’ll keep procrastinating and only end up with maybe 300 more words.

Part Four: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be great this year. I am making two desserts, rainbow jell-o and pecan pie, which I love despite having had it only twice in my entire life.

Part Five: Baby

My excitement has not waned–as of yesterday, only two weeks until the due date. I AM SO EXCITEDDDD!!!

Well, I really have nothing else to say despite having not said anything in awhile.  Bye now.

I am so tired. I am risking my sleep habits being forever changed by just writing this post.

September 20, 2008

Okay, not really, but I am extremely tired.  I went to Eleanor’s sleepover and ended up getting no sleep whatsoever.  Not even a minute or two.  I stayed up all night.  It was crazy fun, but I am soooo tired and am going to bed.

More to come later, when I am awake.

By the way, the present I gave Eleanor was this Black Knight plushie:

with removable arms and legs, just like the one in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  It is great.

Good night, er, good morning.  Bye.

A post in which I do not speak of much of anything (tags will be added later)

June 16, 2008

I am typing this up now so that I do not have to do it later. I doubt I will end up doing anything exciting this evening and I have nothing else to do right now. FOOLED

Today was the kind of day I spoke of yesterday- I kept thinking it was a school day and I stayed home to go to a dentist appointment or something. Speaking of appointments, I need to go to the orthodontist for an appointment for my braces- I have not been in a while.

Today I woke up around 9 am, I think.

I did not do much of anything exciting today, other than go to Walmart for a few groceries and stuff. Apparently, my mother has stopped deciding we cannot go to Walmart because its owners get out of paying their taxes.

Great Scott, I was just reminded of how overdone political jokes are related to George Bush. Bush will be out of office soon. And, yeah, he was a bad president and all, but somebody else will be there to pick up the pieces soon enough, so stop your yapping.

Ugh, now I am being reminded of how humans ruin so many things.

Oh boy, it is thundering outside. I wonder if… yup, the teepee has blown over. Joy.

Books, books, hooray for books.

Oh yeah, Laura’s long-awaited birthday present arrived in the mail today. I will be giving it to her whenever I next see her, which I hope will be soon (A copy of The Word Museum).

I threw away some of my school papers yesterday. It was so eventful that I completely forgot about it until now, when I tried to think of something I could write about in order to fulfill my quota. Hmm, let me think a second… I will need to think of a few more things to write about.

Oh, our strawberry plants have begun growing. Our blackberry bushes too, but I think I mentioned that. Anyway, there are a few strawberries but they are still pretty small. The peach trees will take a year or two to actually produce peaches, apparently. My cactus has not grown at all- my sister confessed that she actually put one of her cacti in my pot because I was upset at not having any seeds that grew. Too bad it did not root and just washed away when I watered it.

I remembered something to write about- my ant farm. The six or seven or so ants that were put in have actually tunneled! I mentioned this yesterday, I think, but it is still exciting. They have tunneled even more today, so I know that it is not just a little hole or something from the starter holes I poked.

Anyway, I do not have much else to say and this is nearly long enough now. I will type a bit more later, providing I have a chance to, in order to make it long enough.

And wow, I think this is the ninety-seventh post or perhaps ninety-eighth! Only a couple more until the hundredth!

Farewell now. Enjoy your evenings.

EDIT: AHAHAHA, I fooled you all!  I actually did have plants this evening- going to a surprise birthday party for Daniel!!!  I did not mention it here in case he happened to read it.

Anyways, it was a surprise birthday party of epic proportions.  I got him Apples to Apples and chocolate Skittles (which were surprisingly not that bad), and so we played that.  The game, not the Skittles.

It was at Danya’s house and it was lots of fun.  Daniel was tremendously surprised. 

We played Scrabble and made prank phone calls to people Valerie knows from Wisconsin, as well as other people not from Wisconsin.  Laura and I tried to prank call Hagrid but he did not pick up.

All in all, it was so very fun.  We made plans for Wednesday Club this Wednesday starting at 2 pm. 


P.S. For those of you (I will not mention names) who read but do not comment, do exactly what you once did not.  Please comment, and I will give you all high fives the next time I see you.  (And Valerie, I will not give you a high five- I am guessing you still do not want any)

P.P.S. Because Valerie reminded me to do so, I am going to put a picture of the construction paper bag I made on here.  I will be right back…

BACK: here it is:

The front and then the back (as if it matters which is which)…

And, because you all have not seen Archie in a while and I am sure you are all deathly curious, here is a picture I just took of her on one of the bookshelves in our library:

Is she not adorable?

Anyway, goodbye for real now.

Surprise, surprise, I actually had plans today!

June 14, 2008

I woke up at about 7:30 am and then did not much of anything for a while. Valerie’s mother picked me up at around 10 am, and we (along with Sarah [and Valerie, of course]) drove over to the middle school to give cards to Ms. Olow for her retirement. For some reason, they would not let us inside the school to see her. Well, they let us in, but then the main office woman told us that there was a new rule and no high schoolers were allowed in the school on the last day and that if we wanted to see Ms. Olow we would have to come back after 3 pm, when the students would not be there. This, of course, was ridiculous. Valerie’s mom had already left and had forgotten her cellphone at home, so we called her dad, who then called the house phone once her mom got home and she then came to pick us up. When she arrived, we told her what had happened and she was really angry. She said that she is going to write an email to the school or something. She went inside and spoke to the main office woman, who revised the time we could come to 1 pm, when school would actually end (being a half day and all). There was really no use in driving everybody home only to drive back out again at 1 pm, so we drove over to Sarah’s house and stayed there and played Mario Kart on Nintendo Wii as well as made dinosaur-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until it was time to go back to the school, upon which Valerie’s mom came back to bring us. We arrived just as the first buses were leaving. The teachers were blowing bubbles and the kids were actually excited about summer, unlike the high schoolers on their last day. Ms. Olow was very happy to see us, commenting on how much taller we were and how we were still her favorite class. It was marvelous. Then we left and Valerie’s mother brought each of us home.

Once I got home, there was about an hour or an hour-and-a-half until the next activity: Courtney’s birthday surprise party. I did not mention this on here in case she read it, in case you were wondering. How the party worked was this- her mother arranged it. She told Courtney she had to run a few errands, and then picked us up and drove us to her house where Courtney came upstairs and gave her her presents and said surprise. I got her an Urban Myth game and some fun size twix bars, Valerie, got her a CD (I think it may have been of a band called “The Cat Empire”) and Laura got her a book whose title has slipped my mind.

We played go fish, war, and the beginning of a game called BS. Then we went to the movies.

We were originally going to be seeing The Happening, but my parents will not allow me to see R-rated movies (I was quite upset about this for a while, but now that I have long since calmed down I see the validity of their complaints) so we did not. Nobody knew what to see, so Valerie suggested we see something like, Don’t Mess With the Zohan. Yeah, I think that is what it was called. Unfortunately, that was a bad choice. The movie was so ridiculously bad that it was unbelievable. Nearly every line made me cringe, what with all of the stereotypes, clichPs, and terrible jokes (as Laura put it so eloquently) within it. There was so much… ugh-ness. It was so bad that it actually ended up being sort of funny.

We got a huge thing of popcorn because Courtney wanted to have the bucket. Apparently, she had never had a bucket of her own before. Valerie and I got cherry icees and Laura and Courtney got bottles of water as well.

After the horrible movie, we (Courtney mainly, considering she was first asked to decide) chose to go to a Chinese food place for dinner. There, we got chicken fried rice, steamed rice, sweet and sour pork, and General Tso’s chicken. All were delicious.

All in all, a magnificent day. One with actual things to do, no less.

Anyway, good night good night good night! I am going to finish The Nazi Officer’s Wife and then some other thing/s.

I Cannot Pinpoint The Weather

June 1, 2008

Hot or cold, windy or not, I simply cannot decide what the weather is right now, inside or out.

Today was another day that went by much quicker than I thought it would. It is, however, still not even four yet.

Early this morning, I was awoken by the sound of both Emma and her friend, our neighbor, Brenna’s voices. Brenna spent the night at our house last night, and apparently they decided it would be fun to wake up at 6:11 am and chatter throughout the house, mainly my room (which I share with Clara and Emma, but still- they slept in sleeping bags in the sunroom). I ended up waking up (as in getting out of bed) for real at around 9:31 am, about the time I usually wake up on the weekends.

From then on, I did a variety of non-noteworthy things such as reading a book to Lydia (The Seven Silly Eaters; I love that book) and walking the dog. I did, however, play a game of Scrabble with Emma, who had never played it before. Unfortunately, she stopped wanting to play when about half of the letters had been used, and I was forced to kiss my Scrabble practice goodbye. I have been attempting to become a better Scrabble player but nobody in my house ever wants to play it with me. Laura, you and I among other friends will need to schedule a real Scrabble Party to make up for the one that was in fact your surprise party.

Drat, I just remembered that I may need to read my short story aloud tomorrow in English. I really hope something comes up and we end up never having enough time to read the remaining stories out loud.

Hmm, anyway today I also read more of Nerds. It really does sadden me, some of the things mentioned in this book- such as how one kid purposely did not do his homework in order to not be called a nerd. Still, this book… okay, never mind, I completely forgot what I was going to say, er, I mean, write.

Oh yeah, and we had bagels this morning. How thrilling.


Hooray, it is beginning to rain!

Okay, I just finished playing another game of Scrabble, this time with Clara, who stopped playing with about twenty-five tiles left. It seems that neither of my sisters can commit to an entire game. I won both games.

Great Scott, tomorrow will be the second-to-last Monday of my freshman year! This year has gone by tremen- alright, I am not even going to finish that. I have said it a gazillion times- time must have something against me, taking away my childhood so quickly. Pretty soon I will be having my mid-life crisis. Oh man, I hope not… let us just take that back.

On a completely different note, this summer is going to be totally off the walls. I plan to do many amazing things that I have always wanted to do, plus (providing I end up finding one) I may get a job and actually have something planned to do on certain dates.

Sunday is wasting away and I really must get going, so with that I bid you farewell. To keep the daily ritual in check, of course.

P.S. Oh wow, I just realized that it is June 1st!  How time flies…