Some things are peculiar.

For instance, now that my posts have become boring and uninspired, I am getting more views. I would use the tried-and-true cliché , “Was it something I said?” but, obviously, it was. Or, wrote, rather.

So, how was my day? Eh, alright, though it seems a bit too much like a Sunday. Like the end of something humongous that is beyond out control. Yeah, like that.

Well, it was Wednesday Club. That was… interesting, I guess. We did not do much of anything, though I did drag Laura across the floor to Courtney by her foot. Sorry about that, Laura. I must have looked like a madman. Acted like one, too. I do not know what came over me.

Oh, I finished the arm warmers. The knitting part, anyway. I still have the fun part left, seeming them up with bright, big buttons. Speaking of which, I will have to try and convince my mother to take me out to buy a bag of such buttons. Ahhh, I love buttons.

Today I “casually” suggested to my lunch buddies that we have a “Baked Goods Club,” where each person takes turns by a week to make something (for example, cookies, brownies, etc.) and bring them in for us to eat at lunch. Really, I have kind of been thinking about it for a while, mostly as an excuse to bake something every once in a while. I like baking.

I failed the most recent AP Euro test. 41%. I believe I am getting worse. Still, I am not that worried about it because, as I keep telling myself, none of it will matter in a year or so.

So, uh, how is the weather?

Oh, it is fine, thanks. I appreciate your taking the time to ask. It is currently a cool 63.3 degrees F or 17.4 degrees C. And, there is a SIXTY PERCENT chance of precipitation! Hurrah! The rain dance prevails!

The calzone I made is currently cooking. It is taco-flavored.

Hmm, do I have anything more to say? I think not.

P.S. Did you know that in 2150 1 in 3 people will be 60 years of age or older? Somebody should make a documentary about this stuff. *Google search* Nope, one does not currently exist.

Farewell and most sincerely best wishes!

P.P.S. Congratulations, the word of the day is uppity.

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