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December 3, 2008

I’ve been exceedingly tired lately, especially during fourth block, AP Euro, enough that I’ve fallen asleep nearly every single day for about 15 minutes, so I’m going to sleep about 45 minutes earlier than usual tonight.

That is all, my friendly fiends.  I love you all.

P.S. Does anybody have any book recommendations? I haven’t read much of anything lately.

Keep up the good work!

November 29, 2008

I am writing, actually, writing, and getting things done, and this is great.  That was a run-on sentence, I am sure, but I am giddy with a lack of sleep and tired from the long day today (we went over to my grandmother’s house for a second Thanksgiving– I didn’t eat very much; I’m still stuffed from yesterday.) and cannot be bothered with punctuation at this late, late hour.  I have written nearly 4k, same with yesterday, and I think I may actually finish!  Next year, though, I will definitely not be procrastinating and be dutifully writing my 1667 words, at least, each day.  Oh, and even though this is completely irrelevant- I am pretty far along with the first mitten.  It is warm and cheery so far, and that is good.

Bye now, I have much more to type and then lovely, lovely sleep will overtake me.

I have a Halloween costume, finally!

October 30, 2008

…and it is pretty spiffy.  I am excited, so very excited.  It is something I was already thinking about being, if that gives you a hint.

Oh wow gosh golly gee… I would say more but, as always, I am up much later than I wanted to be and will undoubtedly fall asleep in AP Euro tomorrow, AGAIN.

Sorry this is terribly short, but I am tired.

Darn.  I already said that.

Anyway, farewell.

I guess I was fooling myself.

September 21, 2008

I sit possible to be un-tired?  I had two days’ worth of sleep.  I went to bed at 3 pm yesterday, woke up today a few minutes before eight.

Sixteen hours.  Eight hours more and I would have slept an entire day.

Yet, I am not wide awake.  It is almost like I slept so much that my body is still in a state of sleep, but awake… however that would work.

It was a stuffy, dreamless sleep.  It was not that I was that tired, I just had nothing else better to do and I felt like passing some of the time.

Clare and Emma woke me up at dinner time, but I did not want to get up.  I declined, then went back to sleep.

I guess I was tired, but not THAT tired.

At least the weekend is not yet over.  I am not sure whether to be happy or sad about that.


Yet Another Verbose List of Repetition

June 23, 2008
I am really, really hoping I can type up enough for this post before something comes up that stops me. The computer still has a virus, unfortunately, but the internet sometimes still works so I am attempting to write the post anyway. My older brother is out somewhere and I cannot use his laptop without him because he has a password on it that does not allow you to log in unless you have it.

Okay, today… hmm, I think I actually did/did not do some things today. Here they are… and some other thoughts and miscellanious things.

[1]A minimal amount of more knitting. The scarf is now about two-and-a-half feet long. In the end, I hope to make it about seven feet, maybe a bit more. I like long scarves that I can wrap around my neck a bunch of times: plus, it would look like an inchworm was choking me, and that would be pretty neat.

[2]I attempted to set up our incredible sweater knitting machine. With it, I would be able to knit really fast. Plus, from what I remember when my mother used it a lot, it is really fun to use. I would even be able to make a vest on it, which would take a long time to make otherwise. Unfortunately, one of the pieces to it has become misplaced. My mother says she will try and find it soon, tomorrow maybe.
[3]My mother went to a yarn-dying class and dyed an amazing light blue, dark blue, and chocolate-colored yarn today. She says she may start up an etsy shop, if she can learn how to make it at home. That would be awesome, especially if it became really successful. Plus, we would have even more yarn at our house, and yarn is wonderful.
[4]I have been (and still will be) earning money from baby-sitting Lydia. I earned fifteen dollars this morning. Perhaps if I baby-sit a lot then I will not even have a need for a summer job (which I am still hoping and looking for).
[5]I watched all but seven minutes of a movie called Next. It is about this guy who can see two minutes into the future if it directly affects him. Naturally, the FBI find out about his gift and need his help in finding the locaction of a bomb that, when dropped, will kill eight million people. So, yeah, it is pretty realistic. Regardless, it is really good. I am sure the ending will be great as well, but seeing as there is no place to watch the rest of it (one DVD player is being used for Playstation II, one is in the room where Lydia is currently asleep, and the portable DVD player outlet cords are lost), I do not think I will be finding out anytime soon.
We had a typical summer dinner tonight; corn on the cob, burgers, tater tots, and cantaloupe. Hey, did you know that cantaloupe has the alternate spelling of cantaloup? There does not have to be an E at the end. That is terribly interesting.
Almost as interesting as something my mother told me today- that people from the home state of presidents often move to Washington D.C. after a president from their home state is elected… if that makes sense… it sounds a bit verbose, but I do not feel like going back and correcting it right now. I am in a hurry.
The knitting sleepover did not work out too well- Jake stayed in the room pretty much all night on his laptop, so there was no privacy for playing truth or dare or anything. Plus, I kept getting freaked out and too scared to sleep because of thinking so much about sleep paralysis. Ugh, I should not have even typed that… we played an extremely short game of Would You Rather and the question was, “Would you rather get ten shots or have sleep paralysis?” As much as I despise needles, I chose the first. I would hate hate hate to have sleep paralysis.
Okay, I think this post is almost long enough… these usually are about seven hundred words, I think, and this is so far six hundred seventy-eight words. Almost there…
Wow, I have tons of emails from long ago that I have never deleted, and I have still used up only three percent of my memory. That is crazy.
It is so weird, looking back at the things I wrote a long time ago. I sounded so… stupid. Chances are, I will read this a few months from now and think the same thing.
Okay, I still have nothing much more to say. (Ugh, verbosity… if that is a word…)
Farewell. If I do not post tomorrow, it is because of the computer virus.

I think today may just have been the longest weekday ever.

June 10, 2008

I am not even going to explain the fact that this is going to be in a list format; that is sort of completely obvious.

[1]Unfortunately, I am guessing I captured the wrong type of ants for my ant farm. Despite my hoping they would tunnel and passing off every little dent as the start of tunneling, they just did not seem to want to. Additionally, most of them died. Pascal the Curious and a few unnamed siblings were still alive, but the rest were dead and encased in some sort of white coccoon. There was also a kind of bacteria slowly spreading throughout the gel, and I was just guessing that was not a good sign. In the end, I freed the ants and scooped out the germy gel. Finally, I put about six or seven new ants of a much smaller species in the ant farm. I am hoping they actually tunnel like they are supposed to, but so far they are just huddled in the corner all nervouslike.

[2]Today, unbelievably, was the very last day of required Gym for the rest of my life, and all we did was play rock climbing twister. I am extremely relieved that I do not have to go to any more Gym for the rest of my life. It is so exciting.

[3]Wow wowie wow, summer is almost here! That is the trillionth time I have said that, but it still shocks me. Three more days of school, and I will never be a high school freshman again.

[4]In the mail today, I received another check from It was for only seven dollars, but that is still pretty excellent for answering a survey that only took me a few minutes.

[5]I finished reading Night today, which is good considering it is due tomorrow. It was a sad book, a very, very, very sad book. A marvelous one, but sad nonetheless.

 [6]After school today, I finished reading A Clockwork Orange. It was magnificent, absolutely magnificent. Or, as Alex would say, it was a choodessny book. It was funny and touching and meaningful and… everything jumbled up at once. Basically, it was crazy good. Now I just need to see the movie, and I will be all set.

[7]After finishing it, I took a nap. Yes, a nap. I have only taken one other nap this year. The nap, though only an hour, is what I think caused this feeling of the longest day ever. Ridiculous.

[8]In English today, we watched part of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! It was awesome. I love that movie. If we are lucky, we will watch the ending tomorrow. On the third-to-last day of school!!!!

[9]Hey, have you guys ever been to It is amazing- I think the majority of you all would really, really like it. It is simple yet tremendously addicting. Just flip the pages and watch the fantastic bright colors flip across the screen! Drag the pages any which way and let go to turn the page. Check it out.

[10]The word of the day is xenogeneous, defined as ‘an outside force.’ The number of the day is 5050 and the holiday is Donald Duck Day.

Farewell, all. Enjoy your last days before summer hits!

P.S. Is it not pretty jokes that I just happened to include ten sections on many of my posts? Hooray for coincidences!

P.P.S Unfortunately, I have many mosquito bites. I am not entirely sure how I got them all, but they are there. There is one on my elbow that is humongous!

No School, A Movie, A Book, and Chinese Food

June 6, 2008

I woke up at 5:38 this morning, I suppose subconsciously hearing my Ipod’s alarm clock. I stayed up for a bit, lying down, and then walked Gatsby before going back to sleep. Later, when I actually woke up, it was 12:37 pm, much later than I had planned to get up on my day off from school.

I knit more on my bag, the one I started a few months ago and then forgot about, and played Zuma for a little bit. Then, it was time for lunch- leftover chicken and rice.

Soon after, I watched the movie Tristan and Isolde. We rented it on Netflix about a week ago, and I had not yet had a chance to watch it. It was, to say the least, a sad movie. The ending nearly had me in tears, but I was not in the mood to cry so I did not.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention this, but Jake put more music on my Ipod for me. There are quite a few artists I particularly like- mainly Captain Chaos and Arrah and the Ferns.

We just got back from dinner at a nearby Chinese buffet restaurant. It is odd, because we have gone there about once a month for over a decade (at least, my family has) yet they still ask us how old we are to know what price to charge. They have these crazy good almond cookies that I have always thought were homemade. But, today, I saw one of the people who work there taking some more out of a package to put on the famed Almond Cookie Plate.

The internet is not currently working but I am hoping that it begins working again before the end of tonight. Otherwise, let it be known that I have an excuse for not posting this on the date it was written.

I am monstrously excited for tomorrow, my last class of the day. It is English, and Schoder is going to be giving me my letter of recommendation. I am terribly anxious to see what he has written about me.

Lydia has these toddler gummies that are specially formulated to be easy to chew for when little kids are just getting their teeth in. Honestly, I tried one of them and they are delicious. I wish we had loads of them so I could eat them whenever I wanted to.

Other foods I wish we could have at any time- fruit gushers, carnation instant breakfast drinks, and maple sugar candies. Though, then again, I guess if we had them all the time then they would not be so special and scrumptious. Like about a year ago when we got go-gurts and it was so fantastic because they were so yummy and all. Then, though, we got a huge box from Costco. Still, they were good. That is, until we continued getting huge boxes of go-gurts from Costco. Eventually, nobody liked them anymore. Whereas they had formerly been a novelty, they were now something you could always have, like water or bananas (at least, at my house- we always have bananas, for some reason). Now, there are still go-gurts in our freezer from forever ago. I feel kind of bad for them, to be honest. But let us not think about that… the longest paragraph I have written so far has been about go-gurt.

I read a tiny bit more of Verbatim. There was a section about lexicographers and it made me kind of want to be a lexicographer even more than before… too bad the internet is out, or I would do some quick research on lexicography.

Wow, tomorrow will be Friday. What a quick week this has been… and only one more week of school left after tomorrow (actually, I think four-and-a-half days, but that is only if you want to get technical- a week is much neater to say and write)! And then… ugh, I am getting into that anxious upset excited frenzied ranting mood again… I am going to stop while I am ahead. Stop while I am ahead- what does that really mean, anyway? Usually, people tell others to stop while they are ahead when they are actually not even ahead, much like I just told myself to do so when I was not, in fact, ahead of anything.

How crazy language has become…

This post is long enough now, so I will stop. I have nothing more to say, anyway.


Right About Now, I Should Take Stop Reading About Abraham Lincoln and Take a Nap on the Porch Swing

May 2, 2008

…and that is exactly what I did. I was reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln outside on the porch swing when I set my book down and promptly fell asleep. Probably because I did not get to bed until 11:30 pm due to trying to finish my hedgehog book. I am dreadfully tired, even now.

I read about three books this afternoon. Now there are only about three more until I am finished with all of my library books. What an accomplishment.

The reason I was able to read so much is that today was a two hour early dismissal at school. I forgot about it, and the fact that it was Friday, until I got to school. Meaning I only had one word of the day and had to quickly find nine others for ten words Friday.

These ten words (the first one is the original, seeing as today’s letter of the day is ‘A’) are:

[1]Anencephalic- lacking a brain

[2]Eerie- weird, uncanny

[3]Febrile- feverish

[4]Joggle- to shake slightly

[5]Opprobrium- something that brings disgrace, infamy

[6]Pallid- pale, wan

[7]Progeny- offspring, children, descendants

[8]Stagger- waver or astonish

[9]Turmoil- a confused or agitated condition

[10]Viridescent- greenish

I used the second one, ‘eerie,’ many times. I found that it could easily fit into regular conversation.

Yesterday my grandparents gave me my late birthday present, which turned out to be: orange, red, violet, and neon green knee socks from! Exactly what I was hoping it would be. I wore the neon green pair today and felt very happy; bright colors always brighten my mood, not to mention that they are very comfortable.

Today’s holidays are Baby Day, Brothers and Sisters Day, and International Tuba Day. The number of the day is seventy-two, because its older brother seventy-seven always gets all of the attention. Wow, that almost rhymed.

Wallie did not fail in choosing the color/shade of the day. However, he was not too pleased when I guessed correctly what shade of orange it was. Macaroni and cheese like the Crayola crayon color, by the way. Monday will be a shade of blue (reminds me of The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love!” I love that song and began singing it when he told me this), and Tuesday will be a shade of green. From then on, nothing has been decided upon. Wow, that sort of rhymed as well!

My family is at the middle school talent show, where my younger sister is going to be singing. I stayed home and am babysitting Lydia, who is currently watching Lady and the Tramp– though she may have fallen asleep by now.

Today in Algebra II we took a quiz in four minutes. And I finished with time to spare. It was simple.

I am leaving this computer now and going to read and check on Lydia. Happy Friday, my associates, you rascally fellows. Just kidding.

A Hurried Post

May 2, 2008

The holidays are May Day, Loyalty Day, Mother Goose Day, Save the Rhino Day, and Space Day. The word of the day is panglossian, meaning ‘overly optimistic.’ The number of the day is ninety-three.

Wallie is beginning a color of the day thing. Today’s color is green. Tomorrow will be a shade of orange, to be decided by him.

I can write no more because I have to finish a school assignment. I must write a fifteen page children’s story. I am writing one on a hedgehog named Barnaby and I am posting it below to make up for my super short post. The separations signify a change in the page in the actual book.

Barnaby The Hedgehog’s Garden Adventure

One ordinary afternoon in Spring, a young hedgehog decided it would be fun to explore the garden. His family lived in it under a nice, shady bush.

“Mother, Father, may I please poke around in the garden?” he asked his parents hopefully.

“Go ahead, Barnaby,” his mother replied. “Be back in time for lunch.”

“Do not go near the children of the house, though,” his father warned him. “Those human kids are not very gentle with us hedgehogs, and one of you could get hurt.”

Barnaby squealed happily and hurried away. In his rush to be off, he did not hear his father’s warning.

“Where should I go first?” Barnaby wondered. He noticed a big puddle of water and decided it was the perfect place to begin.

Barnaby scurried over to the puddle, which looked more like a small pond now that he was right in front of it. “This is nice,” he said aloud.

“Thank you,” said a quiet voice. Barnaby looked to his left and his right to see where the voice was coming from. Then he looked down, where a small, bright green frog was situated.

“Oh, is this your pond?” Barnaby asked. “I am sorry to bother you. I just thought it was pretty.”

“Yes, it is mine, but that is perfectly alright. I do not mind visitors. I am called Chirp, by the way.”

Barnaby smiled. “Well, Chirp, your pond looks lovely. My name is Barnaby. Oh yeah,” he continued. “I am going on an adventure through the garden. Would you like to join me?”

“I would love to,” responded Chirp. “I have never been through the whole garden before.”

“Then let us be on our way,” Barnaby said.

“Good idea,” said Chirp.

Barnaby and Chirp walked and hopped on through the garden, past the pond and on their way to someplace else. “So, where do you think we-,” Barnaby began stopping to stare at something in the distance.

“What is it?” asked Chirp, concerned.

“Wh-wh-what are those?” he stuttered, pointing somewhere.

“You mean the flowers?” asked Chirp. “You have never seen flowers before?”

“I do not think so,” Barnaby answered. “I think I would have remembered something that pretty.”

“We could go over and see them,” suggested Chirp. “But we have to be careful of the human children; they are often near the flowers, and they like to play with animals. They are not always careful and someone could get hurt.”

However, Barnaby had already raced to the flowers. He did not hear Chirp’s warning, the same one he missed his father telling him.

“Wow, these are spectacular!” Barnaby exclaimed, looking at the beautiful flowers in front of him.

And they smell great! Did you smell them yet?” asked Chirp.

“What do they smell like?” Barnaby asked.

“See for yourself!” replied Chirp.

Taking Chirp’s advice, Barnaby took a huge whiff of the nearest flower. He was about to tell Chirp that she had been right when a voice interrupted his thoughts.


“Who are you?” the voice asked.

“Who said that?” asked Barnaby in return.

“Hey, I asked you first!” insisted the voice.

“You are right,” Barnaby agreed. “My name is Barnaby, and this is my new friend Chirp.” He pointed to Chirp, who waved one of her four legs in the air.

“Nice to meet you,” the voice said back. “What are you doing here, anyway?”

“We are going on an adventure through the garden,” piped Chirp.

“That sounds like fun,” replied the voice.

“Would you like to come with us?” Barnaby asked.

“Sure,” responded the voice.

The voice turned out to be a little bumblebee named Eliza. She liked flowers even more than Barnaby and Chirp did, and had never left her honeycomb or the flowers right next to it. Because of this, Eliza was very excited for the garden adventure.

“So, where are we going next?” asked Chirp.

“I have no idea,” Barnaby admitted. “I guess we should just walk along and see if anything looks neat.”

“Yeah,” agreed Eliza.

“Sounds good to me,” Chirp replied.

The trio wandered throughout the garden in search of somewhere else to go. Barnaby noticed a tall thing made of wood. On it, there were two huge tan tree trunks and two big things attached to the bottom of the trunks. “These look cool,” he said. Barnaby moved in for a closer look, wondering what they were.

“Watch out!” called out Eliza, realizing where he was headed. Barnaby was fascinated by the mysterious trunks and did not listen to Eliza.

“Oh no! Come back, Barnaby!” yelled Chirp, worried.

“Stay away from the hu-hu-humans-,” Eliza trailed off, fainting from fear.

Chirp tried to help by waving her two front legs back and forth in front of Eliza’s face like a fan. “Barnaby, come back! Help me with Eliza!” Chirp cried weakly, fainting from worry.

Barnaby, still moving towards the trunks, did not pay any attention.

Barnaby finally reached the trunks. What he did not know is that they were actually legs, attached to a very curious human child with a habit of touching everything. The big wooden thing was actually a bench, upon which the kid was sitting.

The curious child looked down and noticed a small hedgehog at her feet. “Hello,” she said to Barnaby. He was too scared to reply.

The kid reached down to pick up Barnaby and he just stood there, frozen in fear. He rolled into a little ball, hoping the child would not notice him if he did so.

Just as the kid was about to reach him, Barnaby was swiftly pushed out of the way by something alive, warm, and very familiar…

It was his mother!

“Honey, are you alright?” she asked Barnaby quickly. He nodded his head. “Thank goodness!” said his mother with a sigh of relief.

“What about my friends, Chirp and Eliza?” Barnaby asked worriedly.

“They are fine as well,” said Barnaby’s mother. “Your father is bringing them back to their homes right now. But Barnaby,” she added. “Why did you not listen to your father’s warning about human children?”

“What warning?” asked Barnaby, confused.

“You mean you were not listening when we warned you to stay away from human kids?” his mother asked angrily.

“I guess not,” said Barnaby guiltily.

“Barnaby, you should have known better,” his mother scolded. “When somebody tells you something, you need to listen to them. In this case, you could have been hurt or even worse, not to mention the fact that that child was almost poked with one of your spines.”

“I am really sorry,” said Barnaby sadly. “I really should listen better to people. Sometimes I just get caught up in things and forget about that.”

“Yes, you do,” his mother agreed. “From now on, you need to make sure to do that. You also need to stay a bit closer to home from now on. The human world is a dangerous place, and you can get easily lost in this side of the garden.”

“I will,” said Barnaby. “Thank you for rescuing me.”

“You are welcome, my little hedgehog,” Barnaby’s mother replied. “And now,” she continued. “It is time for lunch.”


Good night, everybody. Sweet dreams.

Of Fresh Air And Lollygagging

April 5, 2008

Today was the sort Saturday during which I decided to sleep as long as I could before I could not possibly sleep anymore. I fell asleep at around 10:30 pm last night, which was extremely early for me on a weekend. Normally, I go to bed around that time on weekdays and around 12:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, but last night I really had nothing to do so I decided, ah, why not sleep?

Anyway, I finally got up around 11 am, still not dreadfully late. Usually I wake up around 9:00-10:00 on weekends, so it wasn’t that different. An hour or two, nothing major.

My mother decided that we would not go on the computer or watch television (which I didn’t care about, seeing as I rarely watch t.v.) today, at least not for the majority of the day. I took a shower and then went outside, where the weather was quite nice. We planted peach trees, beans, and strawberry plants and then wandered around. I caught potato bugs (alright, technically they are called pill bugs, woodlice, etc., but I have always called them potato bugs) and played with them for a bit, then let them go and wandered around some more. I then put my younger brothers Abie and Benny on leashes (around their stomachs- strangling is bad!) and walked around, pretending they were my pet monsters named Monny and Stu (sort of derived from ‘mon’ of ‘monster’ and ‘ster’ from ‘monster,’ but changed a tad). Fun, I guess. They seemed to enjoy it.

Once we were done with that, I wandered around even more. And I unsuccessfully tried to come up with names for our dog. I was kind of hung up on Octavius (my mother threw it down after saying there was no good nickname for it) and Woodrow (because of Woodrow Wilson, though of course it was pronounced rubbish because the nickname for it, ‘Woody,’ made my mother think of Woody Allen, whom she despises because he had an affair with his stepdaughter or something), but people did not agree. I still want him to be named Teddy, short for Theodore, but of course there just had to be a television show recently on where bad dogs are trained, and there was this really awful dog called Teddy.

Oh, I also played Katamari Damacy on Playstation Two. It’s this awesome game where you just roll around and pick up things.

Then my daddy got home from work and went right into making us clean up a few rooms, because they were a bit (term used loosely) messy.

After that, I did basically nothing, though we got a movie in the mail today, Pay It Forward, and I watched a minute or two of it. I am going to finish watching it after this, actually.

All in all, yes, it was nice to have school off, but not that excellent of a day. Not a day where anything lasting was accomplished, I guess I am trying to say.

The word of the day is polyglot, by the way. It means that one is able to speak, read, or write in a few different languages.

Second Installment of the Boundless Dictionary Project: From Postulated to Dogma
































Hey, did you know that there is a city called Rome on every continent?

Well, now you do.

Time for me to bounce.