dream last night

I am walking through a mall (aren’t I always?) and peeking in and out of all the different shops, and I see one that looks very strange but interesting. I walk in, and am promptly pushed into a chute, like a big slide made of metal, and fall into a huge room full of double beds, all with stark white sheets and two stark white pillows. I am told it is a model school, and by walking into the store I have suddenly changed into a tall, monstrously thin girl, perfect for modeling.

The other girls and I walk around the mall once more, and everything seems different, like everybody else is inferior to us, even though we, despite being models, are really just regular people trapped in a model house. I go into a store selling lotions and soaps and things of that nature, with another girl, and I look over at her and I see she is lying in the floor, wearing a bikini. Suddenly, swarms of people with cameras rush into the shop, and, unable to choose my words, I say aloud to them, “Leave! This girl is pregnant!” and she is pregnant, pretty pregnant indeed, but it turns out she is a celebrity of sorts, and the people were paparazzi, and now they have something to write about.

The girl is very angry at me, and everything around me disappears and then I see that I am now that girl, months later, holding a tiny baby in my arms. I am walking around a department store holding the baby, and every so often somebody comments on how sweet she looks.

I walk a bit further and I see my family, my real-life family, and they are all sitting down cross-legged, and one of our dogs, Gatsby, is there but he is a puppy once more. They are sliding him across the floor, and he slides enormous lengths of floor, across the whole store, practically. My family is laughing, and Gatsby’s eyes look googly-eyed when he slides. Then I see a television on the ceiling, and I see it is covering a news story, and it is the story of Gatsby sliding across the store floor, with a live feed of him sliding right now.

While in the store a girl from my school whom I have never spoken to before, Lauren, comes up to me excitedly and tells me that she just saw Erik, a guy from my real-life work, in the store. Apparently she thought he lived at the store…

I disappear at some point and am now the live-in nanny of a celebrity whose child is a kid from the movie “Daddy Day Care,” this one:

And I am babysitting him in their house, and the mother is in some kid of fashion show, and I open the door to the house and the stage is right outside the door, complete with an audience and flashing lights. I continue babysitting him, and the mother comes back every so often, running extremely fast, and makes baked goods that she puts on the counter.

I am about to bite into a particularly delicious-looking cheesecake bar when my mother comes in and wakes me up.


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