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Every single day

March 31, 2010

I mean to go to sleep early. Today I was aiming for 830 pm. But then, then, I babysat Zinnia while my mother went out to get dividers, and when she came home with them around 845 pm I organized my AP Environmental Science binder. An immaculate notebook is worth 2 percent more to my overall grade! It took me so long to organize, though, and it’s now almost 1000 and I just finished. I put some glittery fish stickers on the front for added affect.

Today after school Rachel and Wallie and got our April Fool’s Day prank ready. I guess it’s not really a prank, but more of a joke, something that I am hoping to hear everybody talking about at school tomorrow. I will divulge its meaning tomorrow. Ugh, and I’m working tomorrow… only 4-8 pm, but it is bound to feel like forever since I haven’t gone to work in so long.

After the prank readying, we went to the library for Wednesday Club, the first in so long! Surprisingly, we stayed outside the entire time, outside the library, I mean. We left at 550 pm and ate dinner there. Wallie had a banana and a chicken sandwich, Rachel had rolls with cream cheese and a chicken sandwich, I had popcorn chicken and a luna bar (though I didn’t eat it then and I still have yet to eat it).

Well, I’m going to go put a few more tropical fish stickers on my binder, then go to sleep STRAIGHTAWAY.

Es ist sehr windig!

March 30, 2010

That’s okay, though, because I like the wind.

I knit not a stitch today. I was busy in class with my free time. I was reading the newspaper! The Washington Post started coming today, thrillingly enough. I feel so up-to-date on the news! Plus, I am going to make a chair with all of the papers I amass!

In Dungeons and Dragons, we finally finally finally killed a dire boar. It took AGES. Then, we came across a cave. In the cave were five now orphaned boar piglets! Naturally, there being five of us, we each chose our own and and began taming them… then, lo and behold, Wesley arrived! And he nearly killed us all! I was unconscious very soon, as I am only on level two and Wesley is at least level four, possibly more. He said he wanted us all to become his slaves. In the end, all but two of us escaped (one’s corpse ended up being dragged away, and the other chose to join Wesley’s evil side), and the remaining three of us are luckily still in tact.

It’s windy outside right now, and the power blinked once. It would be positively lovely if the power went out right now!

Ooh, tomorrow’s Wednesday Club, the first in FOREVER, it seems. After school, Rachel, Wallie, and I will be preparing our masterful April Fool’s Day prank, though Wallie doesn’t know what it is yet.

Happy Anniversary to my parentals and happy birthday to Jake!

Quid pro quo

February 24, 2010

It was a good day. The week was going by slowly, but the knowledge that tomorrow is Thursday sends a shiver down my spine. Maybe it’s not been going by so slowly after all! It’s supposed to snow tonight, but I hope if it does that it’s only enough to warrant a delay- the first (I guess you could say) official meeting of stage crew is tomorrow, and I don’t want it to be canceled, especially since I won’t be able to go to set build on Saturday because of work (3- 8 pm).

Today was Wednesday Club, an extended version. Rachel had musical rehearsal so she wasn’t able to come until the very end (we stayed until 6:15 pm), but Wallie and I had a great time nonetheless. We finished our schedules outside (I’m actually going to take Independent Living instead of Parenting- I wanted to take a class that Wallie wouldn’t mind taking as well, and it seems like it would be more useful), and then it got even colder, it seemed, so we went inside. I felt bad because this guy with a laptop (Wallie calls him “the guy with a laptop and an attitude”) sat near us, as it was the only available place to sit, and we were kind of loud… I felt like we were distracting him. We did homework, anyway, though we both kept getting distracted and talking more instead.

At 5:20 ish, we went over to Giant for the second time and bought our dinners. Wallie and I each bought hot chicken sandwiches, as well as Odwalla drinks (Wallie had Orange Honey something, I believe, and I had Pomegranate Limeade) and a piece of fruit each (Wallie a banana, I an Asian pear, which I had never had before and was very good). We ate at the picnic table outside the library.

As soon as we finished our dinners and stood up to go back inside, Michael called, as per Rachel’s request, because Rachel had been looking for us. I told Michael that we were currently at the picnic table but were heading inside, for him to relay this information back to Rachel. I guess he didn’t hear the second part, though, because Rachel trekked through the snow on the hill to get to the picnic table to find us! I felt horrid about this, as Wallie and I were sitting down inside when Rachel came in, snow in her shoes, and finally found us. We then all headed back over to Giant for a third time in order for Rachel to buy something for dinner. It was a little after six at this time. I bought a package of cheese rolls for another day, and as we were just heading out of Giant my sister Emma sent me a text message to let me know that my father was there to pick me up. I gathered my things and headed back out. Then I went home.

I was greeted by another thick stack of college letters as well as a package, which turned out to be “Possible Side Effects,” another Augusten Burroughs memoir I had ordered. I actually ended up being more excited, however, by the 30+ paged booklet from American University! It’s really a wonderful thing. Is it bad that I’m basing my college choices mostly on how interesting the mail is that they send me? Runner-ups are one that looks very artsy, the brochure, I mean, and one that has my name spelled out in fireworks on the front. It’s beautiful enough to hang on my wall. In fact, I think I shall do so.

“Uptown girl… You know I can’t afford to buy her pearls…

February 23, 2010

…But maybe someday when my ship comes in- She’ll understand what kind of guy I’ve been.”

I’ve been loving me some Billy Joel lately.

Gosh, that sounded stupid. I’ll say it anyway. I just adore all of his lyrics! They’re memorable and catchy and fun to sing!

Today felt like either Wednesday or Friday. Unfortunately, it was neither- it was TUESDAY, of all the days to be. Tuesday is the worst day of the week, it ALWAYS is.

When I got home from school, I was happily surprised to find that one of Augusten Burroughs’ memoirs that I ordered, Dry, had arrived.  With it were nine new college letters!  This is getting crazy!

I knew I should write my Oedipus Rex essay rough draft because it’s due Thursday and tomorrow’s Wednesday Club, so I did.  I kept getting distracted, though, so it ended up taking me more than five hours!  It’s just about perfect, though, and I do love the feeling of finishing an essay, especially reading it and thinking, “Wow, did I really write that?  It’s brilliant!”  Well, maybe that’s exaggerating, but it is nice to read something that I just spent a long long while on and know it’s not complete balderdash.

After the essay was printed out and stapled together (that’s my favorite part of writing an essay- stapling the pages together at the end), I decided I should probably get my registration sheet for next year filled out.  So, I did that.  I will be taking AP Lit & Comp, WWII, German III, German IV, Latin IV, Tech Theater, Statistics and Probability, and Parenting.  I really hope all the classes fit together so I can take them all!  (though I wouldn’t horribly mind taking one of my alternates, Film Study, instead)

Today at school I knit part of the Noro Silk Garden hat.  The yarn’s really beautiful, so anything I make with it is bound to be wondrous.  While I was knitting it in English, a girl who sits next to me, whose name is Lauren, asked me if I would make her a hat if she paid me.  I told her I would make one for free if she bought me the yarn, and then I went on to tell her where she could find some and the range of prices.  It’s kind of exciting, though of course I don’t know for sure if she really is going to buy yarn or if she’ll say, “thanks, but never mind.”  Lauren’s real nice, anyway.  I wouldn’t in a million years make her pay for a hat!  I’m thinking she’ll want a slouchy beret type of hat, but we’ll see what she says if she acts on the matter of buying some yarn.

I can’t bear to wait for Wednesday Club tomorrow!

Oh, and Emma’s camera came in the mail today! She’s thrilled to pieces.

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world- not even our troubles.” -Charlie Chaplin

July 15, 2009

I was ABOUT to watch a movie from the 90’s based on Charlie Chaplin’s life, but then I decided I should re-read the biography of Charlie Chaplin before doing so. I haven’t read it for nearly a year, it seems. Instead, I watched about twenty minutes of a documentary-type deal about character actors, and then about five minutes of a movie about zombie acceptance. The zombies movie was way too gory and full of cursing, so I ditched that effort and am now watching a movie called “Phoebe in Wonderland.” It is much grander thus far, and so colorful and surreal that it is lovely. I am also knitting more of the hat that looks like a fish. I’m decently far.

Other than the fascinating dilemmas above, I woke up around 12:30 pm after about eight and a half hours of sleep. Not long after, I was whisked off to Wednesday Club. Daniel and Danya were there as well. Rachel and I thought we saw this one crazy kid at the library, but it turned out to be a woman who had a similar hairstyle and wore a black shirt (that is the essence of this crazy kid’s appearance). Oh, I finally paid my overdue fines (altogether not as high as I thought– a little over eight dollars) and I bought two books from the “books for sale” section of the library (A Brief History of Time and The Undertaking). Fifty cents each. Not too shabby.

There are slightly possible plans for Rachel and I to go to a free movie night at the library tomorrow evening. They’ll be showing “Doubt,” which seems to be a thoroughly promising film.

Just got back

July 15, 2009

from the Half-Blood prince premiere. It’s nearly 4 in the morning, so this will be brief.

It really was great, though, as I tweeted, a lot was left out and a lot was added. Still, it was more than decent.

Later today will be Wednesday Club. I find that difficult to believe.

Earlier today, I was knitting a hat that looks like a fish and watching the remainder of series three of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, series four is not available for instant watch on Netflix, so I’ll have to actually wait for them to come in the mail now. What a bummer.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I totally had my mountain dew code red and jujyfruits there.

Attempted and/or succeeded

July 2, 2009

Today I attempted to:
knit a Sherlock Holmes esque hat for an unknown child.
teach myself to keep a straight face.
keep dry while sitting on a wet swing outside.
improve my psuedo Russian accent.
wish myself up some summer dresses to twirl around in.

Today I succeeded in:
waking up in a pink chair with an ottoman below my feet.
watching three and a half Twilight Zone episodes.
reading the first hundred pages of William Shatner’s other autobiography, Up ‘Till Now (did I mention it was returned to the library, finally, and Rachel and I found it during Wednesday Club yesterday?).

Now, I will go and memorize a Star Trek related monologue. I’m pretty excited about that. I’m thinking maybe Spock’s eulogy as recited by Captain Kirk.


Dazed and Blazed: Drunk sets fire to own house

June 24, 2009

The title really has no significance whatsoever to today, although it does remind me a tad of the movie I saw today at Rachel’s house.

So, today I went to Wednesday Club, and Rachel and Kaitlyn were there, and we didn’t do much of anything although we DID act out scenes using the Star Trek action figures (but Kaitlyn pretty much refused to do so). Afterwards, Rachel’s mother drove her and Kaitlyn and I to Costco and we got pizza and churros, and then we drove to her house and ate the said foodstuffs. After that, we watched Donnie Darko as planned, and it was truly fantastic. I use those exact words for more or less every movie I see, but it still accurately describes it and other films so I will not refrain from repeatedly doing so.

Once Donnie Darko was over, we went for a walk to the creepy playground, went down the dark pathway, and then went to the back of the school and to the recess area. It brought back so many middle school memories, both good and bad, and it was strange because I started remembering all of this stuff I had completely forgotten about from seventh and eighth grade. It wasn’t exactly nostalgic but there was definitely something odd and slightly magical floating about the air.

I haven’t actually started knitting the socks yet but I think I’ll start tomorrow. I’m using a pattern that is Harry Potter inspired, which is always good.

My dad asked me a little while ago if I’d be interested in going to a Weezer concert if he can get tickets. One of the boss guys at his work gets all these free tickets to concerts and oftentimes offers them to my father. I think it’d be enjoyable to go to a Weezer concert but I’d feel like such an imposter since I don’t really even listen to their songs. I mean, I like them and all, but I’m not a true fan and so going to one of their concerts would be poser-ish.

Well, I have to baby-sit my little sister for many hours starting early tomorrow, so I best head to the sack a bit early.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that Rachel and Kaitlyn and I now have plans to make a horror movie. It’s going to be apocalyptic and involve the dark pathway mentioned above. That’s really all we have planned so far. We’re going to use Rachel’s dad’s old video camera, which is AWESOME.

EDIT AGAIN: I also forgot to mention that my Mental Floss magazine arrived today! It’s super great and had ads for things like DICTIONARIES and BOOK FESTIVALS and has articles about stuff like ordinary spices that are POISONOUS and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (love him!)

Just look at that facial hair WINNAGE:

And, of course, I’ve always been a fan of Thomas Paine:

It appears that

June 22, 2009

when I don’t talk very much about Star Trek in my posts, they yield double the amount of views. I’m not going to let that affect anything because:

today the Star Trek pins arrived! I put them on my recycled fish feed bag, and McCoy’s all the way on the other side of the bag. They’re very shiny and sturdy. (there’s not much else to be said about buttons)

On Wednesday after Wednesday Club I’m going over to Rachel’s house along with Kaitlyn and the three of us are going to watch Donnie Darko. Kaitlyn just got it on DVD.

I knitted some more of the skirt today. It’s coming along rather nicely.

In a little while I’m going to watch Secret Life of the American Teenager and Jon and Kate plus Eight with my family. Both shows are pretty ridiculous, but it’s nice to watch shows with family even if only to make fun of them.

Well, I’m going now. I hope your evenings are full of family as mine undoubtedly will be.

A Brief Session

June 17, 2009

My day occurred as follows:
I went to the orthodontist where I changed the bands to these colors:

just like the colors of the Star Trek t-shirts! It was just as planned (although in real life the colors are more accurate to the original shirts, they look brighter here).

Next my mother picked up Rachel and Daniel and we went to the library for the first Wednesday Club of summer. We played cards for a little while and then watched some YouTube videos (The Yes Dance, various William Shatner songs, etc.). Next we walked around the library and played the In My Pants game until a bit after 5 pm when Daniel left. A few minutes later Rachel and I left (her mother brought me home).

Oh, also at the library, while we were watching YouTube videos, Daniel noticed that this boy was playing with Rachel’s and my Star Trek toys (Spock and Chekov). We’d left them on a table. Later the boy was watching the videos over our shoulders. It was strange.

Upon arriving home, I ate dinner and some ice cream and then watched part of Trouble with Tribbles with my younger brothers Abram and Bennett (or Abie and Benny, respectively). They seemed to like it, even if we only watched abut fifteen minutes before they went off to watch Jake play video games on the Playstation 2.

Now I am typing this up, and afterwards I don’t know what I’ll do. Perhaps I will watch some Star Trek or Doctor Who or maybe I’ll start on the originally intended Live Long and Prosper hat. Whatever it ends up being, I’m there.


Oh, and tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, unfortunately.

That is all.