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I have gotten into

June 2, 2009

the terribly addictive habit of writing these sort of titles, finishing the sentence in the main portion and whatnot.

Speaking of addictive, I’ve been watching WAY too many television episodes and movies lately. It seems sometimes like that’s all I’ve been doing and, honestly, I feel like I’m turning into a ridiculous lump that cannot, will not, do anything but sit down all day. I sit all day at school, not my choice at all, and then I come home and I sit for the remainder of the day. Weekends aren’t that much better. True, the majority of the time has been spent watching worthy tv shows, i.e. Doctor Who and Star Trek, but still… perhaps I ought to start up another hobby, going for walks, perhaps. I haven’t listened to much music lately, so that would be an ideal thing to start doing. Or, maybe, I should start going places with friends, nothing planned in particular but just walking around somewhere, talking about things.

Speaking of going places with friends (can you tell I’m trying to stitch everything together into one seamless piece), tomorrow to Thursday I will be going to Rachel’s house for another Star Trek party! (today didn’t work out, as it was decided by the parental units that one Star Trek party this week is enough) It’s going to be a sleepover, if you hadn’t realized that.

Speaking more of movie-watching, this afternoon I’ve been watching a movie called Phenomenon, and also knitting the Scotty hat. I’m nearly done with both the movie and the hat.

Alright, well it is dinner time now. Goodbye (and because of the Star Trek party I probably won’t post tomorrow)!

Why is there a marshmallow on your head?

October 2, 2008

For some strange reason, I always end up asking that question when playing The Question Game.  It a.l.w.a.y.s. happens.  I do not know why.

So, on to bigger and better things…

In the tradition of things: how was my day?

Great.  I think I finally have a favorite song, which is also great.  People always ask me what my favorite song is, and I never have an answer.  Then I say I like pretty much all music, which is a lie except I do not know how to describe the music I like, and then… a whole great big mess, basically.  So, it is very good that I have a favorite song now.  It is Happy Jack by The Who, in case you were wondering.  I really, really like it, even though I have probably heard it less than a dozen times.  And even though I could never understand what they were saying until just now, when I looked up the lyrics.  Still, I love it very much, better than all other songs, therefore it is of course my favorite.

Now that that is settled…

I am starting a sort of project.  It is so research/ learn a bit about each of the people/places/things/whatever mentioned in Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire.  I love that song.  It is very nearly a close second in my favorite songs of all time.

Additionally, though separate, I am going to use Wikipedia’s Random Article feature at least a half dozen times each day.  Even though teachers always say it is not accurate, I will always believe in it.

That is all I have to say.  I might post again later, depending, naturally, on whether I have something more to say.

Goodbye, fellow humans.

Good day.

“HEY, you there. Yeah, you. What did you do today?”

June 27, 2008

Hmm, let me see…

[1]I woke up at exactly 11:19 am.  I then took a shower, got dressed, and went into the living room.

[2]Later, I knitted for a bit (the scarf is four foot four-and-a-half inches- only nineteen-and-a-half more inches).  For the billionth time, we are rescheduling the knitting sleepover for tonight.  My mother decided at 10:45 (just as we were starting it last night) that we had to go to bed at 11:00 that night.  I am hoping she does not decide the same tonight.

[3]Jake gave me a book to read.  It is called Off the Map,* and, according to him, is about two girls who hitchhike through Europe.  So, yeah, basically my dream come true.  I cannot wait to read it.

[4]Myself, Emma, Abie, Clara, and Benny went outside and moved the bush trimmings (compliments of Jake and I think my father as well) out of the little garden area in the front yard to the woods in the backyard.  We had an awesome assembly line thing going on.  It was great.

My father left a note on the bathroom mirror reminding us to do this.  However, he put an apostrophe in with the ‘kids’ part.  It is still on the mirror, glaring at me.  I hate grammar mistakes.  I told my mother and she said it was just because he wrote it when he was half asleep early that morning.  I am hoping that it true.  I try not to, but I can never look at people the same way after hearing of or seeing a grammar mistake they made.

[5]I am doing a quick project to listen to the first song of every artist on my Ipod.  I have only gotten through six or seven so far.  This project was started in an effort to broaden my musical knowledge because I usually just end up listening to the same artists over and over again.  Apparently, I like familiarity.  This goes for other things than just music as well.  For instance, in Chemistry the first semester of last year (wow, it feels weird to call it ‘last year’ considering it was such a short time ago) our teacher would have half of us move to the lab area when we took quizzes or tests to ensure that nobody copied off of their partners.  I dreaded whenever my turn to move came and did significantly worse on those quizzes and tests where I had to move to the other side of the room.  I like the same things around me and the same chair and desk when doing things in school.

[6]I think this week’s theme (regardless of the fact that the week is nearly over- it will just go on until next Thursday) is to figure out things about me that annoy other people.  I am sure there are lots, seeing as there are plenty of things that annoy me.  I have a side email account,, that I will now be using specifically for this purpose.  Please email me at this email to let me know.  I will not be offended.  At least, I hope not.

[7]Today we received Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium from Netflix.  Granted, I only had a chance to watch a few minutes of it before the next thing on the list occurred, but it seemed marvelous.  It is so happy.  I absolutely love the character of Mr. Magorium.

[8]We went to Costco today!  I really like Costco- it is a nice, big open space and there are lots of interesting things to see.  I did not have a chance to look at the books because we were in a hurry near the end, but it was great nonetheless.  I have plenty of library books and whatnot to read at the moment, anyway.

[9]That is basically all I did today, I think, so I am going to do the random Wikipedia aritcle thing to find something else to speak about.

Hey, the one I came across is actually pretty interesting.  It is about David L, Mills, the first chairman of the Internet Architecture Task Force.  He invented the Network Time Protocol and the fuzzball router (whatever that is) among other things.  Today, he is a sixty-nine year old who was was inducted as a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, or IEEE.  Handy acronym, eh?

[10]Alright, never mind, I just thought of something fantastically interesting to tell you all.  It is something my mother told me an hour or two ago.  It is so fantastically interesting I can hardly bear it.

Okay, you know King Edward VIII, also known as Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David or the Duke of Windsor?  Well, when he gave up the throne for a twice-divorced woman, that woman is my great great grandmother’s cousin, Wallis Simpson.  So, in a sorta kinda way, we are like anti-royalty or something.  How awesome is that?

Okey dokey, I must now bid you a fond farewell.  I am off to knit.  So, bye.

*Once again, pardon me if the underlines refuse to show themselves.  For some reason, once again, underlines are not working on this.  Anybody have any idea why?

No School, A Movie, A Book, and Chinese Food

June 6, 2008

I woke up at 5:38 this morning, I suppose subconsciously hearing my Ipod’s alarm clock. I stayed up for a bit, lying down, and then walked Gatsby before going back to sleep. Later, when I actually woke up, it was 12:37 pm, much later than I had planned to get up on my day off from school.

I knit more on my bag, the one I started a few months ago and then forgot about, and played Zuma for a little bit. Then, it was time for lunch- leftover chicken and rice.

Soon after, I watched the movie Tristan and Isolde. We rented it on Netflix about a week ago, and I had not yet had a chance to watch it. It was, to say the least, a sad movie. The ending nearly had me in tears, but I was not in the mood to cry so I did not.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention this, but Jake put more music on my Ipod for me. There are quite a few artists I particularly like- mainly Captain Chaos and Arrah and the Ferns.

We just got back from dinner at a nearby Chinese buffet restaurant. It is odd, because we have gone there about once a month for over a decade (at least, my family has) yet they still ask us how old we are to know what price to charge. They have these crazy good almond cookies that I have always thought were homemade. But, today, I saw one of the people who work there taking some more out of a package to put on the famed Almond Cookie Plate.

The internet is not currently working but I am hoping that it begins working again before the end of tonight. Otherwise, let it be known that I have an excuse for not posting this on the date it was written.

I am monstrously excited for tomorrow, my last class of the day. It is English, and Schoder is going to be giving me my letter of recommendation. I am terribly anxious to see what he has written about me.

Lydia has these toddler gummies that are specially formulated to be easy to chew for when little kids are just getting their teeth in. Honestly, I tried one of them and they are delicious. I wish we had loads of them so I could eat them whenever I wanted to.

Other foods I wish we could have at any time- fruit gushers, carnation instant breakfast drinks, and maple sugar candies. Though, then again, I guess if we had them all the time then they would not be so special and scrumptious. Like about a year ago when we got go-gurts and it was so fantastic because they were so yummy and all. Then, though, we got a huge box from Costco. Still, they were good. That is, until we continued getting huge boxes of go-gurts from Costco. Eventually, nobody liked them anymore. Whereas they had formerly been a novelty, they were now something you could always have, like water or bananas (at least, at my house- we always have bananas, for some reason). Now, there are still go-gurts in our freezer from forever ago. I feel kind of bad for them, to be honest. But let us not think about that… the longest paragraph I have written so far has been about go-gurt.

I read a tiny bit more of Verbatim. There was a section about lexicographers and it made me kind of want to be a lexicographer even more than before… too bad the internet is out, or I would do some quick research on lexicography.

Wow, tomorrow will be Friday. What a quick week this has been… and only one more week of school left after tomorrow (actually, I think four-and-a-half days, but that is only if you want to get technical- a week is much neater to say and write)! And then… ugh, I am getting into that anxious upset excited frenzied ranting mood again… I am going to stop while I am ahead. Stop while I am ahead- what does that really mean, anyway? Usually, people tell others to stop while they are ahead when they are actually not even ahead, much like I just told myself to do so when I was not, in fact, ahead of anything.

How crazy language has become…

This post is long enough now, so I will stop. I have nothing more to say, anyway.


Twenty-Five Things About My Day

May 25, 2008

This post is going to be mostly in the form of ‘today I…’

So, here it goes…

Today I…

[1]Went to Petsmart to get toys for Gatsby. There was this monstrously huge dog there with a head nearly as big as all of Gatsby

[2]Went to Safeway and bought tons of stuff four Memorial Day- including stuff to make Smores, and marshmallows that are blue, pink, and white and shaped like stars

[3]Had a miniature turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch

[4]Learned how to play chess, played it five or six times, and taught my little brothers how to play chess- it is now one of my most favorite games, only beaten by Scrabble

[5]Read part of Verbatim and then ditched it in order to play with the chicks outside

[6]Took Gatsby for many walks and marveled over how adorable he is

[7]Thought about and nearly decided upon what to get for Laura for her birthday party

[8]Came in second place for the high score of Chicken Invaders 2 and typed my name in as ‘thegrimreaper’

[9]Left my bangs down all day and repeatedly had to push them out of my eyes

[10]Became extremely excited for many things that are going to happen soon

[11]Watched “The Legend of Sinbad” on Backyardigans[12]Listened to Schoolhouse Rock history songs outside

[13]Wore purple socks that Gatsby kept chewing on

[14]Itched my nose many times

[15]Struggled to think of twenty-five things to write on here

[16]Woke up at 9:37 in the morning

[17]Took a shower

[18]Taught Archie to not poop on my hand

[19]Thought we were going to have school tomorrow

[20]Saw a picture of myself at age seven wearing a pink checkered dress and a huge smile on my face

[21]Wore my hair in pigtails because they make me feel like adulthood is not quickly approaching

[22]Thought about exactly what I want to be when I grow up and failed to completely decide (which I do nearly every day)

[23]Had cherry pepsi, which is my favorite soda and also very bubbly

[24]Considered jumping out of the car while it was driving

[25]Made many wishes about many things


[Bonus] Hoped that the internet would begin working again so that I could post this already

Yeah, so today was interesting. I keep thinking it is Sunday and, well, it is. I have barely read at all this weekend, which is unfortunate considering I still have four more books to read before Wednesday Club when they are due.

Also, I really wanted the Dr. Martens I mentioned yesterday but, unfortunately, my mother told me about how Dr. Martens sort of mold to the shape of your foot and the used ones I wanted would have already done that to the other person’s feet, making it so that if I wore them then I would get foot problems, if that wording makes any sense. Plus, she said the seller jacked up the price of the shipping and she would not ever buy from them because of that. Apparently, the shipping was over twice the amount it should have been.

Anyway, it is nearly dinner time. My father is making Cabo chicken, which I believe is some sort of chicken marinated in lime juice or something, and angel hair pasta. It should all be delicious.

Farewell and have an excellent Memorial Day!

For Once, A Perfectly Acceptable Saturday

May 3, 2008

As the title suggests, I had a Saturday that was normal, in the societal sense. My dad and I went to see my brother’s (and Daniel’s brother’s as well as some other guys) new band play at a cultural arts center. It is called The Great Operation. It was very loud, but I think good. I say ‘I think’ because I am not a very good judge of music. If it has a beat then I usually think it is okay.

My dad and I had Five Guys before going there.

At the place, I saw this guy who was really jokes. He was actually wearing a shirt that I own and had the same shoes as me. What was awesome about him, though, was the fact that he had dreads. Like I want to get.

Also while there, I chatted with Daniel. We played rock, paper, scissors and spoke of our memories of random events. Plenty of laughs are found in the past. And yes, I did intentionally rhyme that.

It turns out that my older brother is not going to be going to college next year. At least, not at Goucher. I wish he were still going to college. I do not want to see him end up a slacker with a minimum wage job for the rest of his life. Still, if it makes him happy then major props to him.

Emma and our neighbor Brenna started their own little ‘shop’ in our yard, selling things ranging from scarves to bracelets to bookmarks, all of which were made on Brenna’s knitting looms. They had an ‘auction’ and sold bunches of stuff from two cents to twenty-five. I bought three five cent scarves and one seven cent scarf. Their colors are [a]pale yellow, [b]red, [c]orange, purple, and magenta, and [d]red, orange, olive, navy, and purple. I am wearing them all at once at the moment.

On my current list of things I am saving up for/ wish to buy:

A Threadless shirt, as always. And look, this shirt is for nerdfighters such as myself!!!

Look how fantastic these sunglasses are- and in my second favorite color as well!  And yes, I know that I already posted this on a previous shorter wishlist. 

Okay, this is one of the most amazing-looking cameras ever. Those colors are fantastic.

These presidential mustache pins are marvelous.

Charlie and Lola is my absolute favorite television show and basically the only one I watch. The books are not sold around here, seeing as they originated in the United Kingdom, but some can be bought off of Amazon. This one seems the most excellent choice, plus it is a pop-up book!

Just look at how cute little Albert is!

A hidden bookshelf or two would be quite handy. P.S. I wanted one of these before John Green made a video that showed his own.

I have wanted a carnivorous plant set for quite some time.

My mini cacti are not growing, so I figure one of these would be the best solution to my wanting a mini cactus thing.

There you have it. I know my birthday just passed and I got many wonderful things- this is merely a compilation of things for the future, such as if I happen to win the lottery or something, so that I can use this list as a reference.

“…and the post was over, and all was silent.”