a dream I had last night

I have remembered my dreams each morning for a couple of months now. I regret that I haven’t put a journal under my pillow to write them down. Last time I did that, I came up with ten day’s worth of dreams and it’s very interesting to read them now.

Anyhow, my most recent dream:

I go to a thrift store with my mother and Clara, and it is somehow connected to a gas station. We drive our car right into the gas station convenience store, park next to the counter, and walk to a surrounding room to get to it.

The thrift store has a sinister kind of vibe. It seems as if everybody there is on the prowl, hunting for something. I look through the various items on the first shelf I see, and lo and behold, I discover a treasure trove of items. I find a t-shirt somebody has made with quotes about slytherins all over it. The handwriting looks familiar, though, and I am sure I know who made it, so I do not purchase it… that would be very awkward if I were to see the person at school, while wearing their discarded shirt.

The next item is a shirt with a picture of Harry Potter’s head on it, no more, no less. I eagerly pick it up, astonished at my good fortune. Only then do I see what was beneath the pile: scarves. These are not just any scarves, oh, no: these are Hogwarts house scarves, obviously handknitted with care. There is a slytherin scarf, and a ravenclaw one, at first. I plan to give the ravenclaw scarf to Kaitlyn, a friend who has always badgered Rachel and me to make her one. Next is a gryffindor scarf, which is delightful, because it means I do not have to somehow knit one to wear on Halloween. I am going as Sirius Black, a young Sirius Black.

After the gryffindor scarf is a strange maroon and white scarf. It appears to be handknitted as well, though the fringe on the ends is very sparse. I leave this behind, and pick up a real jewel beneath it, a house unity scarf.

Thrilled with my loot, I walk a bit more round the thrift store, and move into an ajoining room, which is full of tables of various nuts and fruits, covered in chocolate or yogurt or seasoned in one way or another. There are sample of nearly everything, so I take a few and then walk to what appears to be the exit. The scarves each cost five dollars, a real bargain in my opinion. I leave the money on the counter near the exit, not telling anybody but merely leaving.

Outside there is a small garden plot, and I see a huge black and brown dog charge towards me. Somebody from inside yells at me to come back in, and I do so quickly, but I am not fast enough. The dog runs inside and starts mauling me. The owner of the store, I assume, calls the name of another dog, and a small white one comes towards me as well. I think this dog is meant to drag the other dog off me, but in reality it starts chewing on my leg.

I finally pry them off me, and run and run and run, but I only make it back into the room I found the scarves and shirt in. I am somehow aware that this has all been a dream. I am disappointed that it is not real, because I am so happy about the scarves.

Then I wake up, and it is 7:45, and I keep trying to go back to sleep and then waking up until about 8:25, when I get up and then type this up.

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