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Just got back

July 15, 2009

from the Half-Blood prince premiere. It’s nearly 4 in the morning, so this will be brief.

It really was great, though, as I tweeted, a lot was left out and a lot was added. Still, it was more than decent.

Later today will be Wednesday Club. I find that difficult to believe.

Earlier today, I was knitting a hat that looks like a fish and watching the remainder of series three of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, series four is not available for instant watch on Netflix, so I’ll have to actually wait for them to come in the mail now. What a bummer.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I totally had my mountain dew code red and jujyfruits there.

Awash with weariness and the wonders of the wallaby

July 8, 2009

The title was merely a way of using using a minimum of three W’s in the title. A little challenge, if you will. Pay no mind.

As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I woke up feeling pretty sick. It hasn’t gotten much better, possibly worse. The dizziness, especially, has been horrible. I can’t turn my head too quickly or it gets even more awful.

Speaking of awful, my motherly unit was in a dreadful mood today, meaning I couldn’t just lay down and relax to get over my sickness. I found that she was yelling at the silliest of things, and not seeing any forms of reason.

Nevertheless, I did manage to get some bits and pieces of stuff over with. Never mind,that’s a horrid way of describing that I DID end up doing a few things today. I’ll just go with that.

So, I watched about forty-five minutes of Funny About Love, and I played Star Trek Uno with Clara and Emma, and I read about a hundred and fifty pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (I figured I might as well pick up again with re-reading it like I meant to months ago). I’m using the Hedwig bookmark I got yesterday, which is exciting. I almost look forward to being interrupted from reading, just so that I can put the bookmark in and look up sternly.

Oh, also, I began a pair of wrist warmers meant to look like a pair Rose wore in a particular Doctor Who episode. It’s a pretty fine gauge, though, so they’re boring me and I might rip it all out to start something else.

Speaking of nothing specifically, aren’t wallabies cute? Here’s a picture of an orphaned wallaby named Skippy with an umbrella. I do not know the connection:

And, because I’m ridiculously in love with him, here’s a picture of a young Albert Einstein:

I had a lot of sleep

July 1, 2009

Last night, I went to sleep at 5 pm. I meant to take a quick nap, two hours, and even set an alarm to wake me up then. I didn’t hear it, though, and it was very strange to wake up at 8:21 am thinking it was still the night before. So, now I’m well-rested and all, and going to Wednesday club in under an hour.

This morning I was watching home movies, from when I was two or so. It was strange not only to see everybody so much younger but also to hear everybody’s voices so different.

After that, I’ve been watching Doctor Who and fooling around with knitting a bookmark that has a miniature sock on both ends. That’s cu-ute. (I guess that saying doesn’t have the same effect in its written form)

Here’s a picture of Spock and Kirk as Chicago gangsters in “A Piece of the Action.”

How it affects us

June 28, 2009

Today Billy Mays died. I found that I was actually a lot more upset upon hearing about his death than I was about hearing about Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon’s deaths. I think that’s because Billy Mays always seemed so healthy, and I saw him in his commercials on a regular basis. I’m pretty sure I wrote about him in a post sometime in the past few months, about how his commercials made me want to buy the product advertised no matter how useless or mundane a task it involved. His enthusiasm, his spirit, and all else about him will be sorely missed. I even bought mighty putty after being so persuaded by the mighty putty commercials. I still have it and it smells awful and has never been used, but now I can keep it as a sort of memory for the wonderful man who enthused me into buying it.

Today I went to work with my father, and it was terribly dark and scary when I looked down the halls. While I was doing puzzles from my Brain Puzzles book in my dad’s office, we heard this terrifying sound like somebody being put under one of the deepest forms of torture, Count Rugen’s pain machine at the third notch, perhaps. It was horrible.

Later, once we arrived home, I knit three quarters of a purple slipper and then frogged it all. While doing this, I watched maybe three episodes of Doctor Who as well as one episode of Star Trek.

Tomorrow I’ll be babysitting until 4:45 ish and then heading over to Rachel’s house. We’re going to do our first filming of the horror movie and it shall be MARVELOUS. It’s going to be horrifyingly difficult to keep from laughing, but luckily laughing can often be disguised as crying or screaming, so maybe it will work to my advantage. It will be extremely fun, either way.

An umbrella:

At the reasonable time of 10 am

June 27, 2009

I awoke and began my day. I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine with my dad and Clara and her friend at the three dollar movie theater not far from our house. I’d never been there before, but apparently they show movies that are just out of theaters. The movie was decent, but the real show was the very old theater. I kind of have a thing for old buildings, especially public ones, so I fell in love with the idea that people had been going to the old theater for years and years and years. There were only two employees working there that I saw, and that even further added to its charm. You can bet your buttons that I’ll be seeing Star Trek there if it ends up being shown there. I really, really hope it will.

Other than that, no big events occurred. I watched an episode of Doctor Who, and sort of kind of made plans to begin filming the horror movie with Rachel and Kaitlyn on Monday.

Clara and Emma both haves friends spending the night tonight, so I’ll be the only one in the bedroom (tear, tear). Oh, did I mention that I’ll very soon have my own bedroom (FINALLY) in the sunroom? It’s going to be pretty fantastic.

Tuesday’s my Mommy and Me night. I’ll probably end up buying some used books during it.

Well, I’ve got to skedaddle because… hmm, I have no reason. I always end with an excuse about why I have to leave. I think from now on I’ll end every post with a picture instead of saying goodbye. This picture will let you all know that I have nothing more to say for the evening. The picture may or may not be related to the day.

Wait, before I forget to mention it: today something very strange happened. Whenever I type the word ‘radiate’ into any search engine (on any site, from Flickr to Google to Yahoo to the WordPress tags page to to anything else) a blank page shows up, as if the word has been banned from every website. Even if you type a bunch of letters before the word and/or after it, a blank page still comes up. ‘Radiation’ works fine because the ‘e’ isn’t in there, but add the ‘e’ and you’re gone. It’s very bizarre, like something out of a sci-fi movie. I’m wondering if it’s doing the same for other people out there, but of course I can’t search to see if the problem’s the same because of the nature of the problem, that the word won’t allow itself to be searched. It’s peculiar.

Based on the time

June 26, 2009

Today I woke up at 1:02 pm. That was really awful because I felt like nearly the whole day was over. I couldn’t stop thinking of all that wasted time when I was SLEEPING.

Still, I did manage to get the heel done on the first sock, and I watched a movie called The Illusionist which was pretty good.

It turns out I was supposed to get some bloodwork done tomorrow, with us leaving around 8 am. I didn’t know that, though, and I ate a cookie a little while ago. You’re not supposed to eat anything for twelve hours prior to the appointment, so it will have to be done some other time. I am definitely not looking forward to getting this bloodwork done. I’m sure I’ll faint, or cry, or something. Shots are dreadful, but having some of your blood DRAINED from you is infinitely worse, even if it is done so to benefit oneself.

Well, it’s very early compared to the time I usually go to bed and so I may finished watching an episode of Doctor Who (Gridlock of season three) that I started earlier today, and so I bid you.

Here’s a picture of two baby bilbies in a hat for your enjoyment since this, as like yesterday, is a short post:

The bilby is a marsupial that lives in the desert. It also happens to be an omnivore.

And, here is a picture of a baby sloth because it is one of the cutest things ever:

A primarily pedestrian day

June 14, 2009

I knit and re-knit and such while watching

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (it wasn’t that awful, actually)

Doctor Who (episode three of season three, The Shakespearean Code)


Star Trek (the Mengarie part one of season one)

The navy beanie like Spock is well on its way to completion. Maybe halfway done. I figured out that it has been featured in two episodes, City on the Edge of Forever and Pattern of Force.

I don’t know if I mentioned this yesterday, but my phone is lost. I can’t remember seeing it since yesterday morning.

Anyway, I must be going. Tomorrow is the last day of school and I plan to get to bed at a reasonable time since I probably won’t do so during the summer (speaking of which, I can’t believe tomorrow’s the last day of school!).

EDIT: I forgot to include this screenshot I took earlier today from The Mengarie Part One. It’s of Spock from thirteen years before and I thought he looked particularly adorable.

Simply put

June 9, 2009

-watching two episodes of Doctor Who
-following Star Trek characters on Twitter

-watching Star Trek on YouTube (Shore Leave)
-typing this up
-thinking about starting a journal in addition to blogging

-at Wednesday Club, having the TIME OF MY LIFE
-at my house, at the third Star Trek party

Goodbye now.

P.S. Isn’t John Keats adorable?

Almost as much so as Robespierre, who looks like a baby:

Or a young Charles Darwin:

Right now I am

June 8, 2009

watching the first episode of season three of Doctor Who
–while testing out various needle sizes and such in order to attempt to make this hat:

wish me luck, oh wise ones, for I think I will for positive pass Pre Calc after all, and that deserves oodles and oodles of good luck charms and navy hats like Spock from an unidentified episode. Once I find out what episode it’s from, I’ll be watching it for surely indeed, but until then I will be racking my brains and hands for no reason whatsoever, never mind, I don’t even know why I am saying all of this ridiculous stuff I suppose I am just EXCITED… I dunno why.

Anyway, the words are flying off my fingers before they have even begun to make sense, and that’s as good a time as any to LEAVE.

Farewell, fine fledglings. (and yes, that seriously super case of alliteration and whatnot WAS planned)

P.S. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” – John Keats, “Ode to Autumn”

I may

June 6, 2009

stop this post midsentence and tag-free, as I am waiting for Rachel to pick me up. We’re going to Goodwill and slightly possibly Burger King for the Star Trek prizes, of course. I am EXTRAORDINARILY excited.

Also, tomorrow I may get a chance to go to Wonder Books with my parents.

Yesterday, I watched an episode or two of Doctor Who while knitting a little red traffic cone. Today, I did the same while knitting a purple bow. Instant gratification projects are quite gratifying. I see where the name comes from.

I’m trying to think of something more to say, but to no avail.


EDIT: Yesterday I finished the Scotty Hat. I love it something terrible.