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Das ist nicht so gut.

March 16, 2010

After stage crew I went brassiere shopping with my mother and Clara and Emma. We went to Target, so of course we came out with a lot more stuff than we intended to buy. For me, this meant a pair of blackish greyish shoes, a pair of yellow and orange argyle socks, and bright blue footless tights.

We didn’t get home, unfortunately, until after 9 pm. I showered and now I’m doing homework, and it’s already 10:45 pm and ugh I intended to go to sleep early tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will? Finally?

That’s why they call it a reHEARSEal!

February 25, 2010

I don’t even know where the title came from. If rehearsal today had been really terrible, maybe it would fit, but it wasn’t terrible at all do it doesn’t apply. The whole time was spent organizing the horrifically messy scenery room, and when we finished after over two hours of working, it was a marvelous feeling. The stage crew managers, Brittany and Sara, were skipping around, they were so happy. From what I’ve heard, the room hasn’t been so clean since… as long as anybody can remember. When we brought the drama department teacher, Ms. Lennon, in, she was THRILLED. She hugged us all. I felt so proud and delighted!

After Stage Crew, my father, Emma, and I went to Target and Home Depot, though I stayed in the car because I had homework to do. When I had finished my homework and we were in the parking lot at Target, I realized I had to go to the bathroom, so I went inside. Then, I couldn’t find my father and Emma, so I went rambling around the store, and then I found a package of Tim Tams, which claimed to be Australia’s favorite cookie, so I bought them. They’re pretty good.

When I got home from that whole deal, I was met with ten new college letters. How do they find me? I know the answer to that: College Board. It’s nice to get mail, even if it is just mostly boring college stuff. Also, the final Augusten Burroughs memoir I bought, also the first one I ever read, Running With Scissors, came in the mail.  ALSO, the new issue of Mental Floss came in the mail.  Exciting!  I’ve gotten mail all this week!

The only bad part of the day was when I found that my sister Emma stayed home from school today, and she used my laptop.  Not only did she use my laptop (which ordinarily wouldn’t  be that big of a deal), but she somehow got a HUGE scratch on it!  That’s permanent, buster!  Are you cruising for a bruising?  I wanted to ask her that, but this is a SERIOUS MATTER which calls for a SERIOUS RESPONSE.  “I’m really disappointed in you, Emma,” I told her.  Actually, I didn’t say anything.  I just told her I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t take better care of something I worked so hard to earn the money to buy.  I can’t believe she wasn’t more careful with it!

BEDA Installment Twenty-Six: The day flew by like a wayward balloon

April 26, 2009

Today went by quick. I mean, technically it’s not over yet, as it’s 5:07 pm at this very moment, but still. It’s practically over. I went to Costco and Target earlier, and in a little while I’ll be going to the grocery store with my father.

Other than that, I did knit a little bit, and I also watched most of the newest episode of Dollhouse, compliments of Hulu, which really is one of the greatest websites ever.

Right now I’m eating dried mangoes, which are surprisingly good.

Last light I finished reading Bliss. It was pretty good, but it freaked me out and that, coupled with the fact that our house has recently turned into a boiler room, made it hard for me to get to sleep. Eventually I fell asleep while complaining about the heat in my mind.

In the middle of the night, apparently, I started yelling at somebody in my sleep. I actually vaguely remember it, though I’m not sure what I said.

There are only three days until my birthday! I’m wicked excited for it (see, I didn’t say ‘crazy excited’ or ‘super excited!’ my words are varying!). That, and also for the party, which will be a week or two afterwards. Speaking of which, I need to get invitations together.

Ooh, there are two more episodes of Twilight Zone recorded for me to watch. I need to remember that.

This weekend went by SO fast. I just realized that. I guess it’s because I was busy during it, whereas usually I just lie around the house doing nothing much at all.

UGH, it is SO HOT IN HERE! Hank Green’s “It’s Too Hot” immediately comes to mind and has been going through my head repeatedly for days now.

It’s so hard to think when it’s 90.3 degrees! (I just checked the weather online, and it is so)

Sorry I can’t think of anything intelligible to say. To make up for that, I will put some interesting pictures below:

Goodbye now!

Question Twenty-six: What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

A MUCH busier day than yesterday… or was it?

October 26, 2008

What even constitutes being busy?  I was out nearly all day, but I was not really busy.  Ah, well, who cares?

My father and I went out today.  Firstly we went to Target and bought an MP3 player for Emma’s birthday.  It is nice and shiny.  We also got a few other things, including a skirt, leggings, and a cardigan for me.  Yes, I said cardigan.  It is striped, if that gives you an image.  I have been wanting one for forever and now I have one.  The best part?  It was in the clearance section.  Only FIVE DOLLARS.  Is that not a deal?

Oh, and Danya, I think I saw your mother and brother in the Halloween costume section of Target.  It might not have been them, but if so then you should know that there are clones of the majority of your family running around buying Halloween costumes and quite possibly planning to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

So anyways, after Target we went to Super Fresh.  There was this deal where, if you buy forty dollars worth of General Mills products, you get a free turkey, and we did that, so today we got a FREE TURKEY for Thanksgiving. How great is that?

Oh, and for lunch we went to the Philly Cheesesteak Factory.  I like that place.  However, I filled up a cup with Birch Beer and it overflowed.  I do not think they noticed.  The floor was already plenty sticky.

The majority of my family is, at this moment, going out to dinner at Golden Corral.  I do not like that place plus I have had a long day out already, so I am staying home.  My father is as well, and he will be making us chicken fried rice for dinner.  Believe me, he is the king at making it.  It is delicious.

I STILL have yet to make or think of a Halloween costume.  I was planning on not waiting until the last minute this year but I fear that will soon not be an option.

Oh yeah, and guess what Benny’s costume is this year?  It is that skeleton thing where the blood squirts through the chest.  And he is only in kindergarten.  How ridiculous is that?  When I was in kindergarten, I was a princess.  That was back when my mother sewed out costumes, and I had lovely pink flowing robes with gold trim and a tall pointy princess hat to match.  When Jake was in kindergarten, she sewed him a dalmatian costume.  It was adorable, and we still have it.  Those days, costumes were made to last and lots of money was not spent on a costume you would only wear a few times, maybe even only on Halloween night.

Those were the days…

Oh, and Lydia will either be a tiger ballerina or baby spiderman.  We have both costumes already, and it will be great.

The end.

What we did tonight

October 5, 2008

We went to Target to get a birthday present for one of Emma’s friends.  I bought a pair of tights and two pairs of socks as well.

Then Jake and I drove over to the Food Lion and he got thirty-some pounds of grapes from the dumpster.  Right now he is driving over to Dunkin’ Donuts because, apparently, they throw out garbage bags full of donuts every night, to maintain the ‘fresh donuts’ motto/expectation.  I hope it works out.  Donuts are great.

I believe that is all I have to say.  I thought this evening warranted a post.

Good night.

I know this sounds horribly materialistic…

August 16, 2008

…but we bought a lot of fantastic things today.

We left early this morning (we meaning my parents, Lydia, and I and early being around 9:30, not exactly early but…) to go to the farmer’s market, where we got (among other things):
-Some sort of yellow seedless melon
-A cantaloupe
-Jalapeño peppers
-Some sort of apple cake
-Some sort of apple pie

…and a few other scrumptious things that have escaped my mind at the moment.

Oh, and we used the string bags (I made a second one in addition to the first green/blue one) to carry everything!  A woman even said the bags looked nice and asked if we made them.

Anyway, afterwards, we went to Five Guys for lunch.

Next, we went to Target.  I love Target.

We got (alas, among other things):
-MIGHTY PUTTY (they had it there and, despite my having no definite purpose for it, I have been wanting it for a loooong time… I used $10 of my babysitting money to buy it)
-I got a sweater sort of thing, stripey-ish shorts, leggings that LOOK LIKE JEANS (!!), and some sort of solid purple-ish t-shirt
-Swedish fish
-Hangers (which I have been needing for awhile)
-DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION SUPERNOVA EXTREME 2 or something like that…we got one last Christmas but it somehow broke after being used once or twice.  There was some kind of deal at Target so we got it!  Hooray!
-HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN the movie!  We only have the first and second.  My father says that we can buy the fourth next time we go there.

…Speaking of which, there is a silent auction at the library near me for the summer reading program.  I ‘bid’ (using ‘Library Bucks’) on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I am dreadfully hoping I win it.

-Oh, and I got a grey-ish hat.  It is pretty fantastic.

Soooo, there you have it.

Oh yeah, and we got Across the Universe in the mail from Netflix today!!!  And I got a free package of orange Stride gum in the mail!!!  Hooray!!!

…oh blast, school is starting soon.  I do not know whether to be happy or sad.

Oh yeah, I am on the twelfth out of nineteen stripes on my Ravenclaw scarf!!!  I have been wanting to knit one for a while but thought it would take too long to do so.  I already had the yarn and everything, though, so I just went with it.  Unfortunately, since the movie premiere has been moved to July, I may burn up wearing it there, but ah well…

A few weeks ago I sewed a skirt for myself out of an old sheet.  My mother is going to quickly sew me three or four more, I loved it so much (she is much much neater than me).  I am going out later today to pick out some nice fabric from Joanne’s.

Well, I supposed that is all.

Exceptttt… I read Pride and Prejudice and loved it and then watched the movie and loved that as well.

Goodbye goodbye goodbye!