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Keep up the good work!

November 29, 2008

I am writing, actually, writing, and getting things done, and this is great.  That was a run-on sentence, I am sure, but I am giddy with a lack of sleep and tired from the long day today (we went over to my grandmother’s house for a second Thanksgiving– I didn’t eat very much; I’m still stuffed from yesterday.) and cannot be bothered with punctuation at this late, late hour.  I have written nearly 4k, same with yesterday, and I think I may actually finish!  Next year, though, I will definitely not be procrastinating and be dutifully writing my 1667 words, at least, each day.  Oh, and even though this is completely irrelevant- I am pretty far along with the first mitten.  It is warm and cheery so far, and that is good.

Bye now, I have much more to type and then lovely, lovely sleep will overtake me.

Twilight and Thanksgiving

November 28, 2008

Last night I went with Jake, his girlfriend, and her friend to the movies to see Twilight.  We saw it really late at  night, with the movie starting at 11 pm.  I didn’t expect to like it all that much, seeing as the books left something to be desired (how about character development, for one?).  However, I actually ended up liking it quite a bit, or enjoying watching it, at least.  There were a lot of parts that made me laugh that were supposed to be serious parts, but that made it all the better.

Now, Thanksgiving: I am tired from eating, as people always are after Thanksgiving.  The pecan pie I made turned out nice, as did the jello.  The turkey was delicious as well.

I finished the hat I was knitting and it ended up humongous, but I like it anyway.  I am going to be knitting some nice blue mittens soon, hopefully very soon, seeing as my hands are always so cold whenever I go outside.  And, now, I am going to type.  I am about 2000 less words behind, and I hope to make that number higher.


I got some things done today but, still, no writing.

November 26, 2008

I baked two pecan pies for Thanksgiving and have one layer more to go for the jellos I’m making for tomorrow.

I watched the two episodes of The Office that I hadn’t seen yet and now I’m watching a movie with Nicholas Cage in it, titled It Could Happen to You.

Words cannot describe how surprised I was when my brother invited me to go to the movies to see Twilight tonight with him and his girlfriend.  The books are ridiculously awful and overrated, but I’m thinking the movie will be better.

Oh, also, I’m knitting a neato hat and I really want to get back to that and watching the movie, so goodbye.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, friendly beings!

This will be brief, as I have lots of typing to do

November 26, 2008

I am going to try and actually type for once.  I really don’t want to lose NaNoWriMo this year, and, being not even at 30k when I should be at over 41k right about now it not uplifting.  I am going to do a writing super session and try and somewhat catch up.

So, as for other things, it’s all good.  Today my mother had yet another doctor’s appointment and the doctor said she thinks the baby is a girl, but it’s not for sure.  I’d really be happy with either gender.  Yes, I’m neutral in a lot of such matters.

Anything else?  Well, I’m quite excited for Thanksgiving.  Also, I am excited for the break, which has technically already started, though it doesn’t really feel like it.


Enough chitter-chatter.  Goodbye, all.

Falling Further Behind

November 22, 2008

For simplicity’s sake I am going to divide this into parts.

Part One: NaNoWriMo

I was finally almost catching up but now I am worse than ever- about 8.5k behind. I am hoping I don’t slack in the final days, especially during the Thanksgiving weekend, or else I will definitely not finish.

Part Two: Party

The party was fun, really fun. We watched Labyrinth and Stardust and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and we also played freeze and justify for a billion years. Amazingly, nothing extremely bad happened, unless you everybody getting angry at Rachel and I for being scared of the locked storage room, thinking we were joking, but that only lasted a few minutes and other than that it was good. The present I knit Kaitlyn was a flying spaghetti monster scarf, which I finished just in time thanks to a bit of help from mi madre. She absolutely loved it. Pictures will hopefully be up shortly.

Part Three: Today and Tomorrow

I only slept about three or four hours altogether, maximum, at the sleepover, but for some reason I am not tired right now. In about half an hour, I am going to run some errands with my father (using coupons from the coupon binder that I created and organized–it’s pretty spiffy).

Tomorrow I will hopefully be writing, but I bet I’ll keep procrastinating and only end up with maybe 300 more words.

Part Four: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be great this year. I am making two desserts, rainbow jell-o and pecan pie, which I love despite having had it only twice in my entire life.

Part Five: Baby

My excitement has not waned–as of yesterday, only two weeks until the due date. I AM SO EXCITEDDDD!!!

Well, I really have nothing else to say despite having not said anything in awhile.  Bye now.

A MUCH busier day than yesterday… or was it?

October 26, 2008

What even constitutes being busy?  I was out nearly all day, but I was not really busy.  Ah, well, who cares?

My father and I went out today.  Firstly we went to Target and bought an MP3 player for Emma’s birthday.  It is nice and shiny.  We also got a few other things, including a skirt, leggings, and a cardigan for me.  Yes, I said cardigan.  It is striped, if that gives you an image.  I have been wanting one for forever and now I have one.  The best part?  It was in the clearance section.  Only FIVE DOLLARS.  Is that not a deal?

Oh, and Danya, I think I saw your mother and brother in the Halloween costume section of Target.  It might not have been them, but if so then you should know that there are clones of the majority of your family running around buying Halloween costumes and quite possibly planning to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

So anyways, after Target we went to Super Fresh.  There was this deal where, if you buy forty dollars worth of General Mills products, you get a free turkey, and we did that, so today we got a FREE TURKEY for Thanksgiving. How great is that?

Oh, and for lunch we went to the Philly Cheesesteak Factory.  I like that place.  However, I filled up a cup with Birch Beer and it overflowed.  I do not think they noticed.  The floor was already plenty sticky.

The majority of my family is, at this moment, going out to dinner at Golden Corral.  I do not like that place plus I have had a long day out already, so I am staying home.  My father is as well, and he will be making us chicken fried rice for dinner.  Believe me, he is the king at making it.  It is delicious.

I STILL have yet to make or think of a Halloween costume.  I was planning on not waiting until the last minute this year but I fear that will soon not be an option.

Oh yeah, and guess what Benny’s costume is this year?  It is that skeleton thing where the blood squirts through the chest.  And he is only in kindergarten.  How ridiculous is that?  When I was in kindergarten, I was a princess.  That was back when my mother sewed out costumes, and I had lovely pink flowing robes with gold trim and a tall pointy princess hat to match.  When Jake was in kindergarten, she sewed him a dalmatian costume.  It was adorable, and we still have it.  Those days, costumes were made to last and lots of money was not spent on a costume you would only wear a few times, maybe even only on Halloween night.

Those were the days…

Oh, and Lydia will either be a tiger ballerina or baby spiderman.  We have both costumes already, and it will be great.

The end.