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Matinee Tomorrow

March 22, 2010

I am marvelously excited. It feels kind of ridiculous that the only thing I have to talk about, yet again, is rehearsal, but hey, it was fun again. There are ghosts, or something at least, down this one hallway that was the scenery room and the boring room full of chairs and the dressing rooms. It is terrifying. I talked to loads more people, and I’m actually pretty surprised I talked to them so much, because usually it takes me ages to initiate conversations with people and all.

In English Lauren and I came in second place for the vocabulary words race. I am certain we would have WON if Laura had been there, as she’s a whiz at vocab, but second is pretty great too. Speaking of English… hmm, I can’t even remember what I was going to say… OH, WAIT. So, we play this football themed game at the end of class sometimes, to review whatever material we’re working on. Somehow, I ALWAYS end up being up to answer a question for the GRAND FINALE QUESTION. I do NOT work well under pressure. I NEVER get it right, and everybody on my team always says, “Oh good, Hope’s up! She’s so smart!” BUT BUT BUT I have never gotten a football game question right, because it’s always under pressure, and then the other team always says “Good job, Hope,” after I get the question wrong, and Mr. Ward sometimes gets angry at them because he says they’re being sarcastic and MEAN to me, and then they apologize. The whole thing is overdrawn to the max.

Anyway anyway anyway, over six hundred middle school and elementary school kids are coming to the matinee of the musical tomorrow, and I CAN NOT WAIT. Also, I will be going to Dungeons and Dragons after school tomorrow, and although it will be fun I am kind of worried what they will all say since we’ve been absent from it for so darn long.

Oh, and P.S. I’ve been trying to memorize, “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter,” and it’s coming along swimmingly. I love that song.

Homework, Baking, and Making a Movie

December 20, 2008

I am just about finished with this weekend’s homework– Child Development bookwork, AP Euro outlines (which I finished a while ago– hooray!) and English homework (a brochure advertising an imaginary product). All I need to do is color in the brochure, and I’m home free for the entire weekend.

The brownies I’m making are in the oven… boy, I’ve been baking a LOT lately. Maybe it’s because I’m in the Christmas spirit and Christmas usually equals baked goods.

Tomorrow I will be going over to Ashley’s place, along with Courtney, and we will be making our movie, the filming part, which will probably end up being the best part. The lines are hilarious and I will have a very tough time keeping a straight face.

(Person 1: We’ve been really distant lately…

Person 2: [robot]: We are only sixteen inches apart.)

Let the hilarity ensue!

Like, five or six people followed me on Twitter today. Very strange. Three or four were from a television show called Mad Men, which I’ve never even seen before.

Now, now, now, I have nothing to do but I will leave you. I’m super excited about Christmas and Hanukkah and everything, really. Wallie, if you’re reading this: Have a fantastic time in Florida!

Bye now. I should be updating this weekend but if I don’t, know there’s a reason for it. Christmas shopping, perhaps, or something of the sort.

P.S. For the record, I accidentally approved a comment on a past post.  It’s a good thing I clicked on ‘view post,’ because it turns out it was somebody advertising porn.  Tricky people.

Blegh, I just realized that I spent the entire day waiting.

December 13, 2008

Waiting for what, you ask?  Waiting for somebody to call me back.  Basically, I played a lot of phone tag with two different people, Courtney and Ashley, trying to set up a time to go over to somebody’s house and finish our English movie script.  Courtney still hasn’t answered back, so I’m thinking either she lost her phone or she’s at the movies, meaning she can’t have her phone on.  Otherwise, Courtney, you’ve let me down.  Only kidding, it’s alright, I just hope you have a valid excuse!

SO, because I did nothing but wait for calls the entire day, I have nothing to account for.  Actually, now that I think about it, I did watch the new episode of The Office on, the one from Thursday that I  missed.  Plus, I surfed the net, which I do a lot and is nothing special.

After this post, I will be searching for a cookie recipe that does not involve chocolate chips.  I hope they turn out well.


P.S. Also, my father put up holiday lights, if that counts for something.

Things and things alike (my English teacher hates that word)

December 11, 2008

So, for English (going along with the title and all), we have to bring in something tomorrow that represents us (for instance, my teacher loves Disney World and works there during the summers, so he has a mickey hat).  We’re supposed to put our item in a box and then tomorrow they will all be mixed up and then matched back to their owners.   I am not going to say what I’m bringing on the slight chance that somebody from my English class is reading this, but I’m hoping that whoever gets it will actually be able to match it back to me.  I am very quiet in that class, so I don’t think so.

Besides the English assignment:

The cookies went over well today.  They’re all gone, so that must be a positive sign.

Wednesday Club was great, as always, though while I was pretending to be asleep Wallie twisted my arms repeatedly to get me to “wake up” and they’re still a bit red and sore.  Don’t worry, Wallie, I forgive you.  You can’t help being so violent.  (just joking, for anybody who takes this seriously– he’s really not violent)

We had white cheese quesadillas for dinner.  They were delicious.

Hmm, what else?  I know I have something to mention…

Ah, the holiday season: it is quickly approaching.  We’re having a smaller Christmas this year (I know I’ve mentioned that before, but oh well) and I don’t know if I’ll end up getting anybody anything at all.  I’m a bit broke at the moment (another reason I’m kind of anxious to turn sixteen: I’ll be able to get a job), so…

There is nothing more to say, other than (wow, I’ve really gotten into the habit of saying that, haven’t I?) that I hope your days are wondrous.

Until we meet again,


Today was basically a continuation of yesterday

November 10, 2008

I spent much of it procrastinating about and then FINALLY finishing my rough draft and outline for English for The Crucible.

I also spent a lot of time procrastinating (once again) and then only cranking out about 2000 words in my new NaNoWriMo story. I like it much better than my original one, which I have about 11,000 words written of, but if I don’t catch up on it quick enough then I’ll probably leave it to be continued at a later time and go on with my original one. I don’t like it, not at all, but it’s easy to write words for.

Additionally, I made a bracelet. I made it in my bed and Clara and Emma spent a lot of time chewing gum and then throwing the chewed gum at me. Not fun.

So anyway, I would say that I am stopping this post now in order to type more in my story, but probably I’ll just surf the web for a lot of time and then eventually write a paragraph or two.


P.S. I highly recommend checking out It is hilarious, especially the featured article. Lots and lots of laughs.

EDIT: These are amazing:

I think I have an idea of what I am going to be for Halloween

October 27, 2008

…and it is not a man baby, though I was pretty sure I was going to be one for a while there.

Speaking of babies, tomorrow we get to find out the gender!!!  I still say boy, but who knows… I get to leave school about ten minutes early to go to the ultrasound.  I think we will be doing that 3D ultrasound, which we did with Lydia.  It will be neat.

The term ends on Halloween.  I am hoping my grades stay the same or improve, but (darn, I was about to say ‘but who knows…,” which I already said in this extremely short post)…  My current grades are as follows:

Latin II: 101% (easy-peasy)

English: 92% (the participation points are what throw me off- I am not very good at participating, it seems)

AP Euro: 81% (if I bomb the test we took today, it may go down to a C, but hopefully what with the weighted grade for it being an AP class, it will remain a B- then again, if I did well, perhaps it will go up…there is really no chance of it going up to an A unless, by some miracle, I got really high As on both the essay and multiple choice portions)

Child Development II: 99% (hooray!)

…and the end.

For real; I have nothing more to say.  Excepppt, if anybody has a suggestion for a boy’s name that would go with the other names in our family (Jacob, Hope, Clara, Emma, Abram, Bennett, Lydia) and has a one-syllable nickname, by all means, suggest it.  My parents are thinking Samuel, Sam for short, but I have always had a strong dislike for the name Samuel… it just sounds so… I dunno, like priest or something.

Anyway, bye for real for real.

Wow, this life is exciting!

You know how I said…

October 14, 2008

…my bangs desperately needed to be trimmed? They were at my chin. And, guess what? My mother caved in and trimmed them! Now I have bangs again! It is exciting, though now I will probably start doing the floopy thing I did last time they were at a manageable length. So, I will look very different to those of you who I will see tomorrow. And, by the way, there is no way I am participating in College Day. I do not even own anything college-related.

So, what else did I do? Nothing much. I presented my Radley Tree project in English. I think it went okay. Presenting was extra credit, apparently, so maybe my 89% will go up to an A. Hopefully.

Parent teacher conferences are tomorrow for Abie and Benny so dress shopping will wait until Wednesday. Good. Now I am not quite so busy this week, or I still am and it is merely all crammed in together.

So many things are coming up! Everything always seems to be in the future, I know, but still. Benny is turning six on Saturday! Crazy, seeing as he seems so young still. He is short for his age.

Uh, I do not think I have anything more to say (how many times have I used that line, and how many times have I pointed out that I have used that line? Too many…).


EDIT A MOMENT LATER: I just checked and my English grade has gone up to an A regardless of the project!  That is good news, very good news indeed.

A Conversation With Myself

June 12, 2008

I asked her how she was feeling.

“Fine,” she replied. “Other than the fact that another large chunk of my childhood just left me.

I am writing this post somewhat early because [a]my family is going out for ice cream later- there is some sort of discount because of THE END OF SCHOOL and [b]I have nothing else to do other than read, and if I begin reading now then I will forget about writing the post until it is too late and I cannot remember anything about my day.

Okay, list time…

[1]As I have already mentioned, today was THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I was so shocked when it ended, so absurdly shocked (that word may not fit in correctly, but it sounds like it would regardless of the meaning)… like the fun-loving people community spawns, the teachers or administrater or whatever decided to play Hallelujah on our way out of the school. They did the same thing at the end of middle school last year, but it was still funny.

I did not bring my backpack to school today, thinking I would not need it. See below why that was a bad decision on my part.

What I did in school today-

[first block]Child Development; we got our finals back and I received a 95%. I also got my portfolio back, but she did not tell us our grades so I will have to check on Pinnacle to find it out. As of half an hour ago, it was not uploaded.

After having the finals handed back, we did our healthy snack presentations. We were supposed to do them yesterday, but did not because of our finals. That is why I feel bad that my father drove the yogurt all the way to our school and was later for work for no reason.

After that was over, we straightened up the preschool. It was a humongous mess.

As I mentioned, I did not bring my backpack to school. This was a problem considering my Child Development Final Evaluation was still in my binder. Luckily, my teacher said I could bring it in later, which I did.

[block two]Algebra II; we took the multiple choice section of our final. I forgot my calculator, again because I did not bring my backpack, but luckily Wallie had one that he let me borrow. I bet he is reading this right now- Wallie, thanks- you saved my skin!

After the final, we had a sort of mini-party. Basically, people had brought in cookies and cake and brownies and stuff, and we ate them. I do not know anyone in that class, so I just read my book. The Nazi Officer’s Wife, in case you were wondering. It is not quite so sad as I thought it would be.

[block three]Gym; we did the same thing as the on Tuesday and Wednesday- we sat around in the gym, played cards, and guessed people from my yearbook. It is so nice, having time set aside to do nothing. This summer is going to be relaxing.

[lunch]Sarah, Daniel, Kaitlyn, and Lizzy were all at our lunch shift today because of taking finals or something. I sort of switched off between the two different tables they were sitting at. I do not know the whole story, but Daniel was wearing a banana king amulet or something like that. It was odd.

[block four]English; we got back two essays we wrote, the Nobody in Particular short story (actually, we got those back yesterday) and a timed writing assignment that I believe I described already. I received 100’s on both of them, which sincerly boosted my self-esteem, considering he told all of the people who complained for receiving 92%’s that only papers that he thought, “Wow, this is really profound,” received 100%’s. This made me so happy.

Besides that, we watched the rest of a movie we watched another time, Matewan. I did not choose to watch it, instead opting to read the aforementioned book. Once the movie ended, people who had brought in treats passed them around. Plenty of brownies, cookies, popcorn, and chips were eaten. A glass of milk would be lovely right now.

And then the school day was over. The crazy school day, with its lack of something… and the year was over, too, and that was sad.

[2]Tomorrow Valerie’s parental will be picking Sarah and me up and bringing us, along with Valerie of course, to the middle school. It is there that we will visit an old math teacher that will be retiring after this year, which for the middle schoolers ends tomorrow. It will be tremendously fun, I think. I may make a card if I can think of something nice and not clichP to write inside it.

[3]The last holiday of this school year was Red Rose Day, the last number 365, and the last word ‘finale,’ the concluding part of a perforomance. Fitting, I should say.

[4]I forgot about this- when I was dropping off my final evaluation sheet to my Child Development teacher, I saw that guy I met at Wednesday Club yesterday. It is crazy how, when you meet somebody, you suddenly see them everywhere.

Farewell, fledglings. (Do any of you mind being called fledglings? I think it is nice to use alliteration in good-byes.

I think today may just have been the longest weekday ever.

June 10, 2008

I am not even going to explain the fact that this is going to be in a list format; that is sort of completely obvious.

[1]Unfortunately, I am guessing I captured the wrong type of ants for my ant farm. Despite my hoping they would tunnel and passing off every little dent as the start of tunneling, they just did not seem to want to. Additionally, most of them died. Pascal the Curious and a few unnamed siblings were still alive, but the rest were dead and encased in some sort of white coccoon. There was also a kind of bacteria slowly spreading throughout the gel, and I was just guessing that was not a good sign. In the end, I freed the ants and scooped out the germy gel. Finally, I put about six or seven new ants of a much smaller species in the ant farm. I am hoping they actually tunnel like they are supposed to, but so far they are just huddled in the corner all nervouslike.

[2]Today, unbelievably, was the very last day of required Gym for the rest of my life, and all we did was play rock climbing twister. I am extremely relieved that I do not have to go to any more Gym for the rest of my life. It is so exciting.

[3]Wow wowie wow, summer is almost here! That is the trillionth time I have said that, but it still shocks me. Three more days of school, and I will never be a high school freshman again.

[4]In the mail today, I received another check from It was for only seven dollars, but that is still pretty excellent for answering a survey that only took me a few minutes.

[5]I finished reading Night today, which is good considering it is due tomorrow. It was a sad book, a very, very, very sad book. A marvelous one, but sad nonetheless.

 [6]After school today, I finished reading A Clockwork Orange. It was magnificent, absolutely magnificent. Or, as Alex would say, it was a choodessny book. It was funny and touching and meaningful and… everything jumbled up at once. Basically, it was crazy good. Now I just need to see the movie, and I will be all set.

[7]After finishing it, I took a nap. Yes, a nap. I have only taken one other nap this year. The nap, though only an hour, is what I think caused this feeling of the longest day ever. Ridiculous.

[8]In English today, we watched part of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! It was awesome. I love that movie. If we are lucky, we will watch the ending tomorrow. On the third-to-last day of school!!!!

[9]Hey, have you guys ever been to It is amazing- I think the majority of you all would really, really like it. It is simple yet tremendously addicting. Just flip the pages and watch the fantastic bright colors flip across the screen! Drag the pages any which way and let go to turn the page. Check it out.

[10]The word of the day is xenogeneous, defined as ‘an outside force.’ The number of the day is 5050 and the holiday is Donald Duck Day.

Farewell, all. Enjoy your last days before summer hits!

P.S. Is it not pretty jokes that I just happened to include ten sections on many of my posts? Hooray for coincidences!

P.P.S Unfortunately, I have many mosquito bites. I am not entirely sure how I got them all, but they are there. There is one on my elbow that is humongous!

Frozen Food and a Letter of Recommendation

June 7, 2008

The word of the day is wallydrag, a noun defined as , ‘a highly worthless person or animal.’ Everybody had a field day teasing Wallie about it.

The number of the day is thirty-one and the holidays are National Doughnut Day, National Gardening Exercise Day, and National Yo-Yo Day.

We got sand for our sandbox this afternoon. I spent quite a bit of time making castles (more like mounds) in the sand. We also got some super bubbles. They are awesome.

I got my letter of recommendation from Schoder today. It is really lovely to know that he thinks so highly of me- he says I am polite and people respect me and I am very analytical and mature for my age. How fantastic!

Also in English, we wrote out last timed writing assignment. There were two basic prompts to choose from, one about a memorable experience from the other person (not your) point of view, and the other a fictional story of a few subjects. I chose the subject of outer space and wrote a four page story, much longer than I can normally write without typing something up. A basic summary of my story is below.

It starts out telling the background of the first humans in the world. Rather than two, as the legend goes, there were in fact four people. Two of them were more curious than the others, and they went out to explore. They came across a swirling vortex and got sucked inside it and transported to outer space, where they founded a planet called Second and began their life there. Many years later, the two leaders of Second, O and N, have a problem- their community, as well as them, wish to know what happens to their people once they die. The Secondian death ritual is to drop the deceased over the edge of the planet, where they are propelled downwards and land on Earth, where the descendants of the other two original people lived. The bones of the deceased become warped from the impact of the long fall and become what the Earthlings think are “dinosaurs.” The ending does not really solve the problem at all.

Anyway, I think I did a really nice job on it. I am hoping it brings the 89% up to an A.

Also about grades- my Child Development grade is an 88% and there is the portfolio due next week, so hopefully that will bring that grade up to an A as well.

My Math grade went up 1% from a quiz we took today (I got an 88% on it, though I should have gotten a high A- the teacher counted the last problem correct with -4 as the answer though I checked it and there were, in fact, no real solutions; oh well.). There is a final we are taking next week that the teacher says is simple, so I am hoping that will bring my grade up. It is, after all, worth 20% of our final grade.

We had this really late dinner of a variety of delicious (and also unhealthy, but hey, you only live once) frozen foods tonight. The meal consisted of pepperoni pizza rolls, mini honey crunchy corn dogs (NERDFIGHTER FOOD!), and cheddar and bacon chicken nuggets. It was great.

Today was the last Friday of the school year! How odd it is to think that summer is nearly upon us. This year was at the speed of lightning.

Anyway, I am going to take a shower now and then go to bed. Farewell.