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Right now I am

June 8, 2009

watching the first episode of season three of Doctor Who
–while testing out various needle sizes and such in order to attempt to make this hat:

wish me luck, oh wise ones, for I think I will for positive pass Pre Calc after all, and that deserves oodles and oodles of good luck charms and navy hats like Spock from an unidentified episode. Once I find out what episode it’s from, I’ll be watching it for surely indeed, but until then I will be racking my brains and hands for no reason whatsoever, never mind, I don’t even know why I am saying all of this ridiculous stuff I suppose I am just EXCITED… I dunno why.

Anyway, the words are flying off my fingers before they have even begun to make sense, and that’s as good a time as any to LEAVE.

Farewell, fine fledglings. (and yes, that seriously super case of alliteration and whatnot WAS planned)

P.S. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” – John Keats, “Ode to Autumn”

It wasn’t that bad

June 1, 2009

of a Monday. For starters, I watched Doctor Who, making it infinitely better. I’m nearly done watching the third episode of the day, “Love and Monsters.” I think it’s my favorite so far, even if it hasn’t featured the Doctor or Rose much at all yet.

Rachel got done with I am Spock today, and so now I get to read it. I am SO EXCITED! I’ve only read about ten pages and already I would put it on my favorite books list. There’s just something about the dialogue between Leonard Nimoy and Spock that makes the rest of the novel all the more endearing.

Tomorrow I am going to Rachel’s house for a second Star Trek party after school, and we might have another one the day after that, a sleepover to Thursday, which is Graduation Day therefore making it not necessary to attend school.

I’m pretty far through with knitting a hat like Scotty’s hat from the new Star Trek movie, although it’s brown rather than olive.

Well, I must get back to Doctor Who. Farewell!

It was

May 27, 2009

a very long day, for some reason. It felt much like a Tuesday, my least favorite day of the week, because of the length of which the school day seemed to take. I did, however, get almost all of one fingerless glove done during Photography, where I had nothing to do other than the research project of Gregory Crewdson, which I was unable to do because the school library was closed for a Memorial Day concert occurring during that class period.

After school I went to the library and Giant, as per usual, and Rachel was able to make it once again, a pleasant surprise. We played Kirk and Spock nearly the entire time, on and off again, and also oncer arriving at the library we signed each other’s yearbooks, taking up lots of room to fit all of the important memories from this year. If there’s one thing to say about this school year, it is that many new memories were made.

Rachel and I decided to now call Eleanor’s boyfriend, Robert, McCoy after Leonard McCoy of Star Trek, of course, after he said something which sounded suspiciously like something McCoy would say.

Once I arrived home after Wednesday Club, I began straightaway on my homework. First was Math, possibly the last PreCalculus homework I will ever have, and then it was time for the Photography research project, the one about Gregory Crewdson that I received so long ago. I kind of wish I’d finished it completely a month ago, when we received it, instead of waiting until now, two days before it’s due. Still, I managed to finish all of it except for the gluing everything down onto a posterboard, so it’s all good.

During dinner today, I talked about Star Trek nearly the entire time, to the point that my family became exasperated and lamented over the fact that I have become a Trekkie. My uncle is an EXTREME Trekkie, or was when he was younger, and I can’t wait until I see him again to talk to him about Star Trek without being scolded. My mother even went so far as to say, “This is my punishment for all those years fighting my brother over the TV when he wanted to watch Star Trek.” Apparently, they fighted over her not wanting to watch Star Trek quite marvelously often, and now she despises the show.

Well, I’m going to bed now. It is precisely my bedtime, or under a minute past it, anyway.

A note for the curious

May 25, 2009

On Saturday I watched a variety of movies in complete and utter solitude, purposely, of course. These movies included: Lost in Austen, Baby Mama, and The Duchess. The first was three hours long, but three entertaining hours. It was actually, surprisingly, cheaper to buy a movie at Blockbuster than it was to rent one, because of the Memorial Day Weekend sale, so we bought Baby Mama, which was very very funny, and also we bought Igor, which I have yet to see.

Yesterday to today, I went to Rachel’s house where we, along with Eleanor, had the Star Trek party we had so dreamed of. We kept becoming distracted by DJ Spock and other various Star Trek-related YouTube videos and therefore only ended up watching five or six or seven episodes, perhaps, but it was grand. Another pressing distraction was the deliriously fun game we dreamed up, titled affectionately “Spock and Kirk.” In this game, I am Kirk and Rachel is Spock and Eleanor is Dilora or however it is spelled, either that or Truckman or simply Uhura and sometimes McCoy. She basically switches between characters, while Rachel and I remain the same, Kirk and Spock, Spock and Kirk, Spirk or Kock, either way it is one of the best roleplaying games in the history of ever.

We also watched the beginning of Back to the Future, which I have yet to see all the way through.

The end.

I am really in the mood to go to Goodwill right this instant, for some odd reason, but I have to ride and it is raining and dinner is not so long from now, so never mind about that.

I am going to search for Star Trek memorabilia on Ebay and Etsy and the like now, so goodbye and happy Memorial Day and everything above all.

I love you.

You all knew

May 20, 2009

it was coming. The weekly Wednesday Club recap. Here it is again, in a new installment:

Today was Wednesday Club (as I say every week) and Rachel came along, which was different from usual. I hate to say it, but I always have a more enjoyable time when Rachel comes, maybe because we have so many inside jokes that it’s a blast to recount them, or maybe because we hardly ever see each other because of different class schedules and such. Either way, we spent the majority of the time talking about Star Trek (Spock in particular) and even found an auto-biography of Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock. It’s really fantastic. We also found a small but meaningful picture of Spock in an outdated teen magazine, which we sneakily and illegally tore out. Now we’re switching off months to use it as a very special bookmark.

Additionally, Rachel and I made a few prank calls, because we can sometimes be immature like that. Surprisingly, a few people did pick up to our randomly-chosen numbers (###-STR-TREK, ###-ONE-MICE, and ###-TRC-KMAN [Truckman]). Rachel answered one call with, “What were you doing with my woman?” but then became nervous and hung up. I actually struck up the confidence to play a trick on one guy named Norman, asking:
Me: Is this Mr. Wall?
Him: No, this is Normal Rockwell. (((I know, isn’t that great, his name was Norman Rockwell!)))
Me: Is there a Mrs. Wall there?
Him: No.
Me: Are there any Walls there?
Him: No.
Me: Then how does your house stay up?

I then proceeded to hang up right away, because I am a no-good coward and was also about to start laughing. I got that idea off the internet this morning; I guess it came in handy.

We also went to Giant and bought rainbow goldfish and chewy Chips Ahoy cookies (yes, pre-packaged cookies, I do admit to being a lover of Gene Wilder). Also, we played a card game, War, but became bored and stopped midway through. Then it was over, because our parents both arrived at precisely the same time. I went home. I did my math homework (speaking of math, I received some math money from my teacher today for being one of the only people quiet during the warm-up) and then began watching a movie called Man in the Moon. It’s eh so far. It’s about two sisters during the 1950’s who both fall in love with the same guy. Typical movie of that sort, I suppose, but there’s not much else on On Demand in the free movies section. Although, there WAS a movie called Bad Baby, an animated movie about a one-and-a-half year old. That sounds just a tad too ridiculous for me.

I’m working on my Photography research project about Gregory Crewdson right now, so I best be going.

Happy Wednesday! Have a great evening!

A lot was accomplished today

May 16, 2009

in matters of television-watching. My parents were out for much of the day and I was left at home, trying to think of something to do.

Eventually, I watched the newest episodes of Lie to Me and The Office, and then I finished the Twilight Zone movie.

After that the real fun and entertainment came, as I began watching Star Trek, the original series. I have only watched one episode so far and about five minutes of another, but already I can tell I am going to become absolutely obsessed with it, even more so than I already was having only seen the movie.

The first episode, The Man Trap, involved a creature who could masquerade itself into anything, and now the second, Charlie X, involves a seventeen year old who supposedly learned English from a series of memory tapes after his planet’s inhabitants all died in an explosion or something, and this left him alone at three years old. The reason he’s so odd is that he hasn’t had any human contact since being a very young child, and so he doesn’t understand a lot of what is said. He had previously never seen a girl before, so he saw this one girl and said, very awed, “Is that a girl? Are you a girl?” Absolutely precious, this Charlie Evans is, though I can tell something is going to happen that proves him to be something more horrible than he appears. Here’s a picture of an autographed picture of him, nonetheless.

Star Trek, in a way, sort of reminds me of Doctor Who. I don’t know exactly why.

Other than television-watching today, I redid a few Biology HSA practice tests (the HSA is on Monday) and that is just about it.

I must get back to Charlie X now. I am anxious to see what happens.

(the picture speaks for itself, I hope: live long and prosper!)

Oh, and I asked my parents, but unfortunately neither of them are Trekkies. My father, in his words, “never really got into it,” while my mother doesn’t like it because, growing up, there was only one television in the house and her brother, my uncle, Ernest, (or Ernie, as most everybody calls him) always seemed to be watching it, so in a way she was forced to watch it.

That’s too bad. Isn’t it funny how things work out like that, how I love it and my parents hate it and it’s completely vice versa with Kaitlyn and her own dad?