Stormy Weather and the Holocaust

Today is the something-to-last day of school. I have been aware of the How Many Days Until School Is Over countdown for a while, but it never seems real until the last few days. Actually, it does not even seem that real right now. I bet it will not until a week or two of summer has already passed and I realize that there is quite a bit of time until school begins again.

I think I may be in love with the sort of storms we have been having around here lately. They have happened a few times as of late, and they basically go like this (at least around my house):

[1]My crazy grandmother comes upstairs in the kitchen, looks out the window, and says, “There’s a storm a’brewin!”

[2]I say, “Yes, maybe there is,” if I cannot get out of staying silent to avoid a long, pointless conversation.

[3]A loud crash is heard, and everybody looks out the back window, only to see that our ineffective teepee has fallen over once again.

[4]Gatsby barks like crazy and Daisy looks on, uninterested in her much younger, immature, less worldly dog-friend.

[5]Abie gets upset about thunder knocking our house over. My yelling grandfather does what he does best- yelling. He yells that the thunder will do nothing to us because we live on a hill and that he should stop getting himself to worked up over nothing. Kind of an ironic thing to say, now that I think about it.

[6]The power blinks on and then off right away, twice in the span of ten to fifteen minutes.

[7]Something else happens that I do not particularly remember or wish to, for that matter.

[8]The rainstorm dwindles, bringing a slight drizzle across the yard.

[9]I am happy because I enjoyed the whole thing most wholeheartedly.

As you can see, these storms cause much excitement in my house. I can only imagine what would happen if the power actually stayed off. That would be fantastic.

Okay, so tomorrow I will be taking the Algebra II final. It should be simple.

I put together my Child Development portfolio after school today. I found all of this awesome neon paper in the Big Closet in the classroom, so I used those sheets as cover sheets for each section. I love the page protectors in the portfolio- they make everything so nice and smooth.

In Gym we did nothing, which was marvelous. Nothing, as in, nothing structured. Celesthe, Danielle, and I played Rubbish and Old Maid with a deck of cards I brought in. Additionally, I knitted and listened to music. Simultaneously… it was really sort of a nice feat.

The holiday is Iced Tea Day, the word of the day is yob (a cruel and brutal fellow), the number of the day is something I simply cannot recall, and the book I am currently reading is one my older brother gave me, titled The Death of Vishnu.

In English, rather than watching more of Month Python, we watched an old special on Oprah where she interviews Elie Weisel, the author of Night, the Holocaust book I read for English. And my goodness, that special was so sad. I felt like crying when they talked about how Elie saw them just throwing all of the babies, while still alive, in the flames. They showed videos of the prisoners and the small children walking to their death, as well as the piles of bodies just being pushed into this huge ditch. It was all tremendously depressing, and all the while the jerks in my class were laughing. I wanted to punch them so much. They ruin everything in that class. Schoder left the room, thinking he could trust us, but of course they ruined it. I really wish they were not in my class. And, by ‘they,’ I mean everybody except Courtney, Rachel (not one of the ones I have spoken of before), and I. Everybody else talks through class and is annoying and rude.

I am going to go and waste some time getting my mind off of Wednesday Club tomorrow so that I can sleep tonight. Farewell, friendly beings.


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