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I laughed, I cried, stuck a needle in my eye.

March 12, 2010

I’ve debated over putting this as a title for quite some time. That little rhyme has been stuck in my head for over a year, but every time I write it down I get the chills and must erase it. The idea of a needle being stuck into one’s eye is so terrifying! I imagine it being stuck directly into the center of the pupil, the thin needle sliding right in, and… ugh, I’m going to stop. I can’t bear to write these words.

Today I took a vocabulary quiz and a Latin test. Some days I am just not that good at taking tests or quizzes, and today felt like one of those days. Other days, I get horrifically good grades on tests and quizzes taken in a single day. I’m hoping I still did decently today, though. My grades are surprisingly good right now, and I’d hate for them to get worse (100, 97, 94, and 93).

Rehearsal was after school of course, and Michael and Rachel and I rolled on rolling chairs down the hall. It was fantastically fun, even though people kept telling us to be quieter. Also, Rachel and I painted more diagonal lines on the set- it’s overall looking so absolutely grand!

Michael gave Rachel and I dinosaurs that grow when put in water. We had them in water all through rehearsal, but they really didn’t grow at all! Maybe they are defective… anyway, I thought we forgot them, but thankfully Rachel remembered to get them out of the auditorium!

After rehearsal (the funniest part was when the guys sang and danced during Telephone Hour- it’s HILARIOUS), I went with my parents and Zinnia to Costco. It turns out they have one hour photo developing there, for actual factual film and not just digital! This was a great surprise to me, since Walmart took more than a week because they have to send the pictures to some other place to be developed. Also, it’s cheaper at Costco! I got my roll of film developed and not that many came out, but those that did are MARVELOUS (even if I do say so myself). The best ones were of Rachel in the snow near her house, and the half frames look GREAT. I especially love the one with Rachel on the merry-go-round from the playground. It’s kinda eerie, though. The pictures took less than an hour to develop, too! More like 45 minutes!

We then hurried to Michael’s, because my mother had to get yarn for a shrug for Lydia to wear in my uncle’s wedding. Of course, I can never resist yarn, even though I have to much already. I bought three skeins of Impeccable in mulberry, bright blue, and light lime greenish. I also bought a watermelon smencil on the way out, because those are just great and my cherry one is long lost. Smencils are pencils which smell of assorted delicious fruits and are made from recycled newspapers, if you aren’t in the know.

Oh, and this girl came up to our lunch table a few days ago to get people to sign up for March Christmas today, where you wear Christmas clothes. Rachel and I wore our Christmas sweaters, and Michael participated with his Charlie Brown Christmas shirt, and we all got cookies shaped like Christmas trees!

The house discourages the overload.

September 7, 2009

I am clear out of titles, and so I used a random sentence generator for this one. I may do that more often in the future.

This brief post will actually be about yesterday.

Yesterday I went to Costco and we got kiwis and veggie straws.

Later I made Kasha Varnishkes, a Jewish dish originally from Russia, I believe, though now it is eaten a lot in the lower east side of New York. That’s interesting, as my Jewish grandmother lived in the lower east side of New York and her family is from Russia. I guess Wikipedia is correct in saying its origins.

It consists of bowtie noodles with buckwheat and is quite possibly my favorite food. I always forget that, as I’ve only had it two or three times in my existence, but really. It’s good.

Here’s a picture of Kasha Varnishkes, though it tastes a whole lot better than it looks:

A bit after finishing it, I went to Safeway with my father and Clara. I bought two Sobe drinks, a pina colada one and black currant something or other. I really am liking those these days.

Speaking of Safeway, I neglected to mention that earlier in the day yesterday I applied for a job at Safeway. When we actually were at Safeway, my dad was chatting with the cashier and he said they are definitely hiring right now and that I will probably get a call soon. I hope so.

Yesterday, my mother helped me to block my Ishbel shawl. I have decided to call it Parsley, because it looks as much. In fact, speaking of the shawl, I believe it may have dried by now. I’ll check once I finish this post.

And now, I am finished. Goodbye and I hope you all have happy Labor Days! (do people celebrate Labor Day in any way?)

BEDA Installment Twenty-Six: The day flew by like a wayward balloon

April 26, 2009

Today went by quick. I mean, technically it’s not over yet, as it’s 5:07 pm at this very moment, but still. It’s practically over. I went to Costco and Target earlier, and in a little while I’ll be going to the grocery store with my father.

Other than that, I did knit a little bit, and I also watched most of the newest episode of Dollhouse, compliments of Hulu, which really is one of the greatest websites ever.

Right now I’m eating dried mangoes, which are surprisingly good.

Last light I finished reading Bliss. It was pretty good, but it freaked me out and that, coupled with the fact that our house has recently turned into a boiler room, made it hard for me to get to sleep. Eventually I fell asleep while complaining about the heat in my mind.

In the middle of the night, apparently, I started yelling at somebody in my sleep. I actually vaguely remember it, though I’m not sure what I said.

There are only three days until my birthday! I’m wicked excited for it (see, I didn’t say ‘crazy excited’ or ‘super excited!’ my words are varying!). That, and also for the party, which will be a week or two afterwards. Speaking of which, I need to get invitations together.

Ooh, there are two more episodes of Twilight Zone recorded for me to watch. I need to remember that.

This weekend went by SO fast. I just realized that. I guess it’s because I was busy during it, whereas usually I just lie around the house doing nothing much at all.

UGH, it is SO HOT IN HERE! Hank Green’s “It’s Too Hot” immediately comes to mind and has been going through my head repeatedly for days now.

It’s so hard to think when it’s 90.3 degrees! (I just checked the weather online, and it is so)

Sorry I can’t think of anything intelligible to say. To make up for that, I will put some interesting pictures below:

Goodbye now!

Question Twenty-six: What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

“HEY, you there. Yeah, you. What did you do today?”

June 27, 2008

Hmm, let me see…

[1]I woke up at exactly 11:19 am.  I then took a shower, got dressed, and went into the living room.

[2]Later, I knitted for a bit (the scarf is four foot four-and-a-half inches- only nineteen-and-a-half more inches).  For the billionth time, we are rescheduling the knitting sleepover for tonight.  My mother decided at 10:45 (just as we were starting it last night) that we had to go to bed at 11:00 that night.  I am hoping she does not decide the same tonight.

[3]Jake gave me a book to read.  It is called Off the Map,* and, according to him, is about two girls who hitchhike through Europe.  So, yeah, basically my dream come true.  I cannot wait to read it.

[4]Myself, Emma, Abie, Clara, and Benny went outside and moved the bush trimmings (compliments of Jake and I think my father as well) out of the little garden area in the front yard to the woods in the backyard.  We had an awesome assembly line thing going on.  It was great.

My father left a note on the bathroom mirror reminding us to do this.  However, he put an apostrophe in with the ‘kids’ part.  It is still on the mirror, glaring at me.  I hate grammar mistakes.  I told my mother and she said it was just because he wrote it when he was half asleep early that morning.  I am hoping that it true.  I try not to, but I can never look at people the same way after hearing of or seeing a grammar mistake they made.

[5]I am doing a quick project to listen to the first song of every artist on my Ipod.  I have only gotten through six or seven so far.  This project was started in an effort to broaden my musical knowledge because I usually just end up listening to the same artists over and over again.  Apparently, I like familiarity.  This goes for other things than just music as well.  For instance, in Chemistry the first semester of last year (wow, it feels weird to call it ‘last year’ considering it was such a short time ago) our teacher would have half of us move to the lab area when we took quizzes or tests to ensure that nobody copied off of their partners.  I dreaded whenever my turn to move came and did significantly worse on those quizzes and tests where I had to move to the other side of the room.  I like the same things around me and the same chair and desk when doing things in school.

[6]I think this week’s theme (regardless of the fact that the week is nearly over- it will just go on until next Thursday) is to figure out things about me that annoy other people.  I am sure there are lots, seeing as there are plenty of things that annoy me.  I have a side email account,, that I will now be using specifically for this purpose.  Please email me at this email to let me know.  I will not be offended.  At least, I hope not.

[7]Today we received Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium from Netflix.  Granted, I only had a chance to watch a few minutes of it before the next thing on the list occurred, but it seemed marvelous.  It is so happy.  I absolutely love the character of Mr. Magorium.

[8]We went to Costco today!  I really like Costco- it is a nice, big open space and there are lots of interesting things to see.  I did not have a chance to look at the books because we were in a hurry near the end, but it was great nonetheless.  I have plenty of library books and whatnot to read at the moment, anyway.

[9]That is basically all I did today, I think, so I am going to do the random Wikipedia aritcle thing to find something else to speak about.

Hey, the one I came across is actually pretty interesting.  It is about David L, Mills, the first chairman of the Internet Architecture Task Force.  He invented the Network Time Protocol and the fuzzball router (whatever that is) among other things.  Today, he is a sixty-nine year old who was was inducted as a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, or IEEE.  Handy acronym, eh?

[10]Alright, never mind, I just thought of something fantastically interesting to tell you all.  It is something my mother told me an hour or two ago.  It is so fantastically interesting I can hardly bear it.

Okay, you know King Edward VIII, also known as Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David or the Duke of Windsor?  Well, when he gave up the throne for a twice-divorced woman, that woman is my great great grandmother’s cousin, Wallis Simpson.  So, in a sorta kinda way, we are like anti-royalty or something.  How awesome is that?

Okey dokey, I must now bid you a fond farewell.  I am off to knit.  So, bye.

*Once again, pardon me if the underlines refuse to show themselves.  For some reason, once again, underlines are not working on this.  Anybody have any idea why?

A Sunday Out Of The House

May 18, 2008

I woke up quite a bit later than usual- around 11 am, whereas I normally wake up around 9 am on Sundays. A small amount of time after I woke up, I found out that my parents, Lydia, and Abie were going to go out for a few errands. I had not been out of the house for a while and decided I wanted to go as well.

Our first stop was Costco. There are a few interesting tales to tell from that trip- a.) some woman said Lydia looked very familiar and b.) an old man said he liked my neon green socks. He laughed after telling me that, so perhaps he was mocking me, in a way… I told my parents each separately and they asked whether he was blind.

Also at Costco, (well, actually, on the sidewalk right near Costco) was a homeless man holding one of those signs that ask for money. I would have given him all of the money in my wallet (not very much- only around five dollars or so), but my parents drove away before I could say something. Someday, when I actually have a car and such, I am going to stop and give money to every homeless person I come across. Seriously.

Speaking of cars, I keep seeing these fantastic-looking cars around town. My mother says they are called ‘Smart Cars.’ She said that, although they get many miles to the gallon and are also a lot cheaper than normal cars, they are very dangerous and would not be safe if they were to crash. Apparently, she is wrong about that. I just looked them up, and they have the highest safety rating available for front seat and passenger seat collisions. I would really like to get one once I save up enough money and, of course, am old enough to get my driver’s license. The yellow one looks amazing.

The next stop was Common Market, an organic/healthy foods store. We went there mainly to find things to buy for Jake to eat, seeing as he is vegan and does not have much to choose from in the ways of vegan food from the normal grocery store. In the end, we got him vegan hot dogs, some sort of grain, and a few other things.

The last place to go was Giant, the very same one my friends and I visit before our weekly library trips. The highlights of that place were getting honey wheat twist pretzels, gummy fruit slices, and smiley face potatoes. Another nice thing was this little girl wearing a flannel, button-up shirt and a sparkly bow tie. I kind of hope my own kids are like that when I am older.

I am still searching for rain boots. At Costco, they had a few pairs, but they were in drab navy, grey, and black shades and nothing like what I want to get.

I found two perfectly lovely pairs online- one that is red with black spots and a ladybug face (either that or the similar froggish pair) and another on Ebay that are these short, bright yellow “rain sliders,” whatever that means.

I actually really wanted to go into the Goodwill place and see if they had any interesting clothing, but Lydia was becoming fussy and my parents did not want to go in to it. My father claimed the place ‘smelled.’ I mean, honestly, what does he expect, the used clothing and such to smell like a field of daisies?

Hmm, it seems that I actually have quite a bit to write about on Sundays- none of that random jabberwocky of the uneventful week days.

My mother said she would think about purchasing some fake snow from Amazon for our family to play with- would that not be the most spectacular thing ever? I mean, that would seriously thrill me to no end.

Ooh, luckily, it was drizzling a bit today. Unfortunately, it has since then stopped, but it was nice while it lasted.

Well, I am off to read (I finished The Snows in the car on the way to Costco) and eat a gummy fruit slice- that is my favorite candy of all time (the second favorite being those sour Lifesaver gummies I believe I mentioned buying from Giant during Wednesday Club). I hope the rest of your weekends are fabulous, just as I am sure you all are.


The Sunday I Thought Was Long and Busy

April 27, 2008

I woke up at 8 am, not realizing I still had my alarm clock set from Saturday, when I just wanted to see whether it would actually wake me up.

Then I watched Schoolhouse Rock with Emma for a while.

My mom spoke to Jake about his friends who have dreadlocks.

Later, I went job hunting with my parents, Lydia, and Jake (who is also looking for a summer job). I only ended up applying at Safeway, though I did not even end up doing that because the man there said that their applications are now online, so I am going to apply there in a moment. Jake applied at a plant nursery and Blockbuster.

We went to Chipotle for lunch, and I had my usual steak, cheese, and sour cream tacos.

We dropped Jake back off at Goucher.

We then went to Costco and bought things, naturally. We got a key lime cheesecake for my birthday, which is now in only two days. I do not want to turn fifteen- it is but another year of my childhood that will be lost.

So, we went to Costco.

Then we went home.

Gee, it sounds a lot shorter than it actually felt like now that I have it all typed up. It actually took a lot longer than what it seems.

I am going to search for caterpillars once I finish this post. And apply at Safeway, as quick as I can.

I have noticed that when I do not use the computer the days are nice and slow. Tip for the future.

Wow, Wednesday Club is nearly here once more. Shocking. My friends still have not gotten the Pizuzu Project video up from two weeks ago. Slackers.

Oh boy, I am in the newspaper for getting on honor roll. Nothing new, but exciting nonetheless.

Favorite songs of the moment: Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Unicron,” (not ‘unicorn’), Ghost Mice’s “Survival” (though I believe it too was written by Andre Jackson Jihad), and Schoolhouse Rock’s Mr. Morton (a longtime favorite but rekindled recently).

Newest consideration for a job: A lexicograper.

Recent amazing quote:

“I took off my own hat and saw it was empty. I began to feel like an empty hat myself.”

-Carl Sandburg


“Oh, and a very good day to you, you magnificent fool.”