Nice day, eh?

The excitement of NaNoWriMo has started to wear off and the Post Nano Depression (or PND, as I have heard Nanoers refer to it) was begun to set in.  I suggested a name to my mother and father for the baby if she is a girl and, surprisingly, they both like it.  I am not going to say any of the names they are considering nor the one I suggested until after the baby is born, seeing as my parents have recommended me not to do so.

I have a Christmas list going, finally, after my father ended up setting a deadline.  The holidays are exciting, yes, but they just feel so far away.  We’re going to be having a smaller Christmas this year because of the financial crisis sweeping America, but that’s fine with me.  Mostly books are on my list this year.

Other than those few things, I have nothing more to say.  I had a good day, thanks, a fantastic day, in fact, though I wish I had some galoshes because it rained like crazy today and my shoes ended up all slippy sloshy.




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