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Nothing more to say, but what else is new?

December 8, 2008

As I was reading the title just now, I realized how mean and cynical it sounds, but it’s really not. I am still as happy as a clam, regardless of the fact that I have always thought of clams as sad creatures. In a way, I’m actually looking forward to school tomorrow, which is surprising.

Today Courtney and I planned out our B-Movie Film Project.  It is going to be uber epic.

Anything else? Nope. Good night all. I need to hold Zinnia for the trillionth time. =]

Half and Half

December 7, 2008

Zinnia Zinnia Zinnia… oh, how she was worth the long wait.

Other than hugging and holding Zinnia all day, marveling at her tiny pink newborn cuteness, I managed to finish a little less than half of my AP Euro outline for the test on Tuesday.  I also read  few chapters of The Scarlet Letter and the sparknotes on them as well because, as my teacher said and pretty much everyone else would agree with me, it is a tough book.  I don’t hate it, though, like nearly everybody else in my class.  I actually kind of like it, even if it is really hard to understand.

Jake went to Goodwill today and bought two flannels.  I wish I had been there– I’ve been wanting to look around and purchase some things for quite a while.

It snowed today and, much to my surprise, it actually stuck a bit.  The roads were very slippery so, who knows, maybe if it starts up again we’ll have a delay Monday, though I doubt it and that’s okay with me.

I am quite liking the new WordPress design.  It feels very modern– crisp and fresh with clean lines.

Well, it is getting late late late and I am somewhat tired, so goodbye and good night.  I hope you all have lovely weekends.

Zinnia Pearl is her name.

December 6, 2008

She will be called Zinny, or Zee, or Z, or just plain old Zinnia.


December 6, 2008

She was born at 5:48 pm and is 8 pounds, 2 ounces. Yes, I said she… it’s a girl! She’s so sweet and I can’t wait for her to come home. I’m at home now and my mother and the baby will hopefully come home tomorrow. I’m not allowed to announce her name yet until it’s “officially announced” but, I must say, it is the one I suggested.





December 5, 2008

This is so exciting. I won’t be in school tomorrow, in case anybody was wondering.

Wallie, if you’re reading this- tomorrow’s word, holiday, historical event:

Bathtub Party Day

Repeal Day (date that it was officially legal to drink alchohol once more.

The 21st Amendment repeals Prohibition. (1933)

Word: Forsaken – to leave altogether; abandon

Bonus word since I won’t be there: Fisticuffs – a fistfight (how great of a word is that?  it’s a delight to say)

Love you all.

P.S. Eraserhead was amazing. Rachel, you were right.

P.P.S. Ashley or Courtney, if you’re reading this- call me so we can work out the project thing.

43,109 Words and a Mitten

November 30, 2008

I finished knitting the first mitten today.  Pictures will be posted hopefully once both are finished.

I wrote about 3k today but I hope to be at at least 45k by the end of the night.

My parents bought a car seat and some clothing for the baby.  My mother’s due date is Friday and I am no less excited than when I first found out.

Now I am going downstairs to watch Journey to the Center of the Universe and write some more.

The climax of the novel is over with and writing it nearly made me cry.  It involved somebody being shot and killed.  That is all I will say, for now.

This will be brief, as I have lots of typing to do

November 26, 2008

I am going to try and actually type for once.  I really don’t want to lose NaNoWriMo this year, and, being not even at 30k when I should be at over 41k right about now it not uplifting.  I am going to do a writing super session and try and somewhat catch up.

So, as for other things, it’s all good.  Today my mother had yet another doctor’s appointment and the doctor said she thinks the baby is a girl, but it’s not for sure.  I’d really be happy with either gender.  Yes, I’m neutral in a lot of such matters.

Anything else?  Well, I’m quite excited for Thanksgiving.  Also, I am excited for the break, which has technically already started, though it doesn’t really feel like it.


Enough chitter-chatter.  Goodbye, all.

Falling Further Behind

November 22, 2008

For simplicity’s sake I am going to divide this into parts.

Part One: NaNoWriMo

I was finally almost catching up but now I am worse than ever- about 8.5k behind. I am hoping I don’t slack in the final days, especially during the Thanksgiving weekend, or else I will definitely not finish.

Part Two: Party

The party was fun, really fun. We watched Labyrinth and Stardust and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and we also played freeze and justify for a billion years. Amazingly, nothing extremely bad happened, unless you everybody getting angry at Rachel and I for being scared of the locked storage room, thinking we were joking, but that only lasted a few minutes and other than that it was good. The present I knit Kaitlyn was a flying spaghetti monster scarf, which I finished just in time thanks to a bit of help from mi madre. She absolutely loved it. Pictures will hopefully be up shortly.

Part Three: Today and Tomorrow

I only slept about three or four hours altogether, maximum, at the sleepover, but for some reason I am not tired right now. In about half an hour, I am going to run some errands with my father (using coupons from the coupon binder that I created and organized–it’s pretty spiffy).

Tomorrow I will hopefully be writing, but I bet I’ll keep procrastinating and only end up with maybe 300 more words.

Part Four: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be great this year. I am making two desserts, rainbow jell-o and pecan pie, which I love despite having had it only twice in my entire life.

Part Five: Baby

My excitement has not waned–as of yesterday, only two weeks until the due date. I AM SO EXCITEDDDD!!!

Well, I really have nothing else to say despite having not said anything in awhile.  Bye now.

You’re probably all expecting a nice long post because it’s a Sunday and all…

November 17, 2008

But no, no long post today.  Like always, I have been procrastinating all day on writing for NaNoWriMo and as of now I am 6k behind.  Granted, that’s much better than I was on Friday, but it’s still not great.

We had spaghetti for dinner and it was great.  I love spaghetti when it’s chilly outside.

It snowed for a minute or two today, bringing thoughts of playing in the snow and hot chocolate afterwards into my head, but, alas, it stopped without sticking at all.

Hmm… what else?

I’m becoming even more and more excited about the baby’s arrival.

Oh, speaking of exciting dates, this week I actually have something going on for four of the five school days (providing there’s a MUN meeting tomorrow– otherwise, three, but that’s still more than normal).  Wednesday is Wednesday Club, of course, and then Thursday is the Crucible field trip (which I still wish either Courtney or Ashley were going to… I will have nobody to talk to…), and Friday to Saturday is Kaitlyn’s birthday party, which I am immensely excited about, of course, but I am still racking my head for present ideas.  A present isn’t mandatory, but I like to give people presents and a birthday is a good excuse as any.

Well, as I said, I really need to stop procrastinating and surfing the web and get on with NaNoWriMo-ing.  Bye now.  Wish me luck.

My mind is JDSFGHNWRELUJKUFERSIUGJFDing, but I am happy.

November 9, 2008

I managed to finish both of the AP Euro outlines today (maybe because I spent the entire morning in them?  just a thought…) and also I am maybe a third done with the Crucible essay rough draft for English.  I wrote nothing for NaNoWriMo today, but it’s all good (did I mention that I have kinda sorta stopped not using contractions?  I think it started because my NaNoWriMo main character sounded really fake without them, and, hey, am I finally embracing change (even if it is a very small change)?

Hmm, other than those boring notes… uh, I got a package of gummy body parts.  I love them.  I also bought a package of colorful buttons in primary colors and some bead elastic.  I am going to make a bracelet using some of my bead stash once I finish with this post.

Oh, and


Well, cheerio, my poppets.

(did I seriously just say that?)

Yeah, I just said that.

Bye now.