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Stranger Danger

March 4, 2010

I finished Wallie’s present today!

Whoa, there, I was just about to say, ‘here’s a picture of it!’ Good thing I stopped myself! Wallie reads this occasionally- that would have been tragic!

I also watched “Kindergarten Cop,” which Rachel lent me time and time ago. It was a swell piece of cinema!

Emma’s making Russian Tea Cakes for her Creative Arts class at school, and I ate one and MMM I WANT MORE. But, the rest are for her class. Bummer.

Tomorrow will be a Wednesday Club on Friday. The Saturday one isn’t going to work because Wallie’s having a family birthday party then.

SO, I knit and I watched Kindergarten Cop and then I changed the sheets on my bed, because I came across my Lion King sheets from elementary school. I LOVE THEM. I also have Lion King hair clips, and I wore one the other day and Mr. Ward noticed. He loves Disney beyond measure, in case you didn’t know that, which, if you know me and thus go to my school, you probably did.

We learned how to speak in past tense in German class today! Now we don’t sound like cavemen!

I’m terribly excited for the Halpert baby to be born on The Office in less than half an hour, by the way.

And I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!

A lot was accomplished today

May 16, 2009

in matters of television-watching. My parents were out for much of the day and I was left at home, trying to think of something to do.

Eventually, I watched the newest episodes of Lie to Me and The Office, and then I finished the Twilight Zone movie.

After that the real fun and entertainment came, as I began watching Star Trek, the original series. I have only watched one episode so far and about five minutes of another, but already I can tell I am going to become absolutely obsessed with it, even more so than I already was having only seen the movie.

The first episode, The Man Trap, involved a creature who could masquerade itself into anything, and now the second, Charlie X, involves a seventeen year old who supposedly learned English from a series of memory tapes after his planet’s inhabitants all died in an explosion or something, and this left him alone at three years old. The reason he’s so odd is that he hasn’t had any human contact since being a very young child, and so he doesn’t understand a lot of what is said. He had previously never seen a girl before, so he saw this one girl and said, very awed, “Is that a girl? Are you a girl?” Absolutely precious, this Charlie Evans is, though I can tell something is going to happen that proves him to be something more horrible than he appears. Here’s a picture of an autographed picture of him, nonetheless.

Star Trek, in a way, sort of reminds me of Doctor Who. I don’t know exactly why.

Other than television-watching today, I redid a few Biology HSA practice tests (the HSA is on Monday) and that is just about it.

I must get back to Charlie X now. I am anxious to see what happens.

(the picture speaks for itself, I hope: live long and prosper!)

Oh, and I asked my parents, but unfortunately neither of them are Trekkies. My father, in his words, “never really got into it,” while my mother doesn’t like it because, growing up, there was only one television in the house and her brother, my uncle, Ernest, (or Ernie, as most everybody calls him) always seemed to be watching it, so in a way she was forced to watch it.

That’s too bad. Isn’t it funny how things work out like that, how I love it and my parents hate it and it’s completely vice versa with Kaitlyn and her own dad?

Before I go to Sleep

May 1, 2009

I had so much fun in Ellicott City and bought this bag:

partly with the money Courtney/Courtney’s mom gave me for my birthday (!!!) and partly with my own money. It’s made from recycled fish feed bags and is from a fantastic place called Ten Thousand Villages. There’s a website called, if you want to check it out. This was in Baltimore, where we went once we were done in Ellicott City.

I was planning on making a nice long post tonight, and I even jotted down things to mention during the day, but not long after I got home I worked myself up and ended up crying on and off for almost an hour. This was contributed to mostly by the huge amoung of stress I’ve been under lately. My math grade’s really been getting to me, and so has the prospect of taking the AP Euro test. I guess I let all of that and everything else, really, bottle up inside me tightened carefully, except the cork unexpectedly came undone. Eventually, I calmed down, but not without a lot of nose-running and tissues and red-rimmed eyes. Real crying isn’t as pretty as the movies make it out to be.

Tomorrow I’m going to watch two episodes of The Office, The Stepford Wives (it came in the mail today) and the new episodes of Dollhouse and Lie to Me. I guess I’ll have to start a new knitting project tomorrow, then, to keep my hands occupied and therefore keep myself from biting my nails incessantly.

(I was just about to copy this into a Ning post… I forgot that BEDA was over)

Oh yeah, and before I forget, Courtney’s mother remembered to put batteries in her camera.

Another thing I might as well mention–I finished reading When you are Engulfed in Flames today. Now I just need to finish A Girl Named Zippy and then I’ll be homefree and ready for some more books!

Something else definitely worth mentioning: my parents apparently exchanged the tape recorder today, and they presented me with the new one, which is somehow (I thought it impossible) infinitely better than the original. It has real little tapes and everything! They also gave me an awesome shirt that looks like this:

As you can see, the crying rage was just a freak incident. I’m not going crazy or anything, and now I’m as perfectly happy as ever. Or, as Courtney’s mother would say (much to Courtney’s dismay), “I’m just fabulous.”

BEDA Installment Twenty-Four: If it’s all the same, a new name, and a door frame

April 24, 2009

Firstly, just like the day before yesterday, I think it was, here is some handwritten goodness:

Okay, so listen to this: three of the major bigwigs at my father’s work suddenly up and left. The three of them are starting their own competitive company. IT’S EXACTLY LIKE ON THE OFFICE! It’s CRAZY COINCIDENTAL.

Today I reread the rest of Magical Thinking and just now I began to read Suite Scarlett. Oh, and the fourth book I checked out whose title I could not remember is Bliss, by Lauren Myracle. Courtney read it, and it sounded neat, so I’m going to read it as well.

I took a math quiz and it brought my grade down the exact amount that means it countered my 93%. It is awful. I got a 31%. That is now my new record in terms of horribleness.

It turns out my knees DO know boundaries. They have now begun to cooperate and the left one doesn’t hurt nearly so much.


I’m writing this so terribly early because Clara has a birthday party for her friends tonight, and so she’ll be in the sunroom the whole time, where the computer is located. Technically, I guess I could write this later, after everybody’s left, but I’d rather write it early than chance being way too tired to write anything of any value.

I am going to try to spend this weekend watching old horror movies and reading the remainder of the books I have checked out from the library.

Speaking of the weekend, I can’t believe it’s here already! It seems like it’s Monday, a very long Monday at that, for some reason…

By the way, I only chose the title like that because it all rhymes. The first bit has nothing to do with anything that I know of.

Oh, once I post my three hundredth post I will have a contest of some sort. There will be prizes involved. This is post two hundred eighty-seven, I believe, so it’s not that long away.

Though this is rather brief, I’ve run out of things to say, and so goodbye.

Happy Friday!

EDIT: I forgot to add a question!

Question Twenty-four: Generally, what is your favorite artificial flavor?


December 26, 2008

I could type for hours and still not even touch on how absolutely lovely today was. Firstly, though, I’m going to touch on the not-so-lovely part of today, which happened this evening not too long ago.

Okay, so Jake often sort of pretends to punch people. This type of ‘punching’ is up close to one’s face, too close for comfort. I’m always sure he’s going to miss and accidentally punch me for real, and that is exactly what happened. Clara was (still kind of is) crying and nearly hyperventilating. Her nose might be broken. I’ve never been that scared after somebody gets hurt.

Now, I’m not going to say another word about the incident because I don’t want to keep remembering it over and over again. I saw it happen.

On to the holiday festivities (speaking of which, we still need to light the menorah):

Most of my family woke up bright and early this morning, or at least before 9 am, and then we of course proceeded to wake those who were not yet up, consisting of Jake and Lydia. Then it was time for the obligatory kids “walking to the presents” picture. We stand in a line in the hallway, oldest in the back to the youngest up front, and my mother takes a picture. Shockingly, she only took one this year. I guess she’s starting to realize that we don’t like standing still for oodles of photos in order to get the “right one.”

Next, of course, it was present time. I ended up getting so many presents over the course of the day that I couldn’t believe it. I was under the impression that this Christmas would be much smaller, but it sure seemed grander than ever. Maybe I received to many because the things on my list were all relatively low in price. Either way, here is some of what I received and some pictures from the websites to go along with them. I am pleased as punch right now.

^Lovely earphones, I think, but my mother hates them. Says they’re creepy and that she’s noticed that a lot of my presents this year are disturbing.

^It’s a music player! It’s a phone! Could it be…both? Yes indeed, and it was free after having my old, beloved phone for two years. It’s real spiffy.

^These are the most adorable little miniatures! Super detailed and I love them!

^All four are thigh high socks from welovecolors in gold, royal, emerald, and red (funny how they’re the four “basic” colors, eh?). My knee highs are always falling down (to my knees, which makes sense, but still) so I thought I’d get some taller ones.

^ Oh my goodness, that stuff is amazing! With my luck, of course, there was nothing really sour in the house to try it with, but we did have some clementines. I ate like, three of those. They tasted like candy! Delicious, healthy candy! Marvelous, it was.

^It just looks like a pile of floating books, but it’s actually a hidden bookshelf. Awesome stuff.

^That was my gift from Santa. It actually broke shortly after being opened, so we’ll be returning it for a non-broken one. It knits i-cord.

^It’s an ornament and much cuter in person. That is the best picture I can find.

^Micro Spy Remote– a universal television remote that’s tiny.

^On a t-shirt

^AMAZING! I saw it in theaters and loved it and I’ve watched it already. Absolutely fabulous. Highly recommended.

^The milk chocolate ones. It’s a tradition for my dad and me to each get a box of them.

Oh, and I also received some The Office related things, sticky notes and pens and such, including a stress ball of Dwight’s head.

Aaaand for Secret Santa it turns out Emma had me. She gave me an amazing purple umbrella and mini peach rings. I had Clara and gave her purple eyeliner and gold eyeliner. Last night I also received pajamas with lovely little triangular trees all over them.

Well, this post is long enough, I think, and it’s getting late. It’s been a long, fun day and a happy holiday indeed. As Travis from YouTube said (, Merry Whatever.

Love you all to pieces.

EDIT: (I tried to add this last night shortly after posting, but the computer was being a douche again)

I also got an amazing dinosaur plant, as seen below:

It really is amazing.  It grew in three hours.

As one site says, it is:

  • A Prehistoric evergreen that keeps coming back to life!
  • Grows in one day! Unconditionally guaranteed to grow!
  • Can “sleep” for fifty years and spring back to life in one day!

So, yeah, it is pretty amazing.  It actually looks a lot greener and leafier than in the picture.

Bye now.

Blegh, I just realized that I spent the entire day waiting.

December 13, 2008

Waiting for what, you ask?  Waiting for somebody to call me back.  Basically, I played a lot of phone tag with two different people, Courtney and Ashley, trying to set up a time to go over to somebody’s house and finish our English movie script.  Courtney still hasn’t answered back, so I’m thinking either she lost her phone or she’s at the movies, meaning she can’t have her phone on.  Otherwise, Courtney, you’ve let me down.  Only kidding, it’s alright, I just hope you have a valid excuse!

SO, because I did nothing but wait for calls the entire day, I have nothing to account for.  Actually, now that I think about it, I did watch the new episode of The Office on, the one from Thursday that I  missed.  Plus, I surfed the net, which I do a lot and is nothing special.

After this post, I will be searching for a cookie recipe that does not involve chocolate chips.  I hope they turn out well.


P.S. Also, my father put up holiday lights, if that counts for something.

I got some things done today but, still, no writing.

November 26, 2008

I baked two pecan pies for Thanksgiving and have one layer more to go for the jellos I’m making for tomorrow.

I watched the two episodes of The Office that I hadn’t seen yet and now I’m watching a movie with Nicholas Cage in it, titled It Could Happen to You.

Words cannot describe how surprised I was when my brother invited me to go to the movies to see Twilight tonight with him and his girlfriend.  The books are ridiculously awful and overrated, but I’m thinking the movie will be better.

Oh, also, I’m knitting a neato hat and I really want to get back to that and watching the movie, so goodbye.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, friendly beings!


November 7, 2008

Today was okay, nothing spectacular.  I have spent the whole afternoon working on my AP Euro outlines on again, off again, watching a few TV shows (for the first time other than The Office in forever!) and writing more for NaNoWriMo.  I am right on track, still, so that is going well.

I have loads left to do, mainly 1. take a shower, 2. work on my outlines more, and 3. finish watching The Office, so goodbye and good night.

Still excited for Halloween (and that is the end of that)

October 31, 2008

I am also excited for The Office tonight, and I am thrilled that I have my AP Euro outline done, finally, after the hours it took me to type it up.

We told the grandparents about the baby today.  I think they took it rather well.

Today Sarah told me my hair looked like somebody from Final Fantasy.  (I mention that because I can not think of anything to say)  By the way, is Final Fantasy a movie?  Book series?  Video game?  I have no idea.

Well, I have yet to have dinner so I must be off.

I will probably not post tomorrow (because I will be at a sleepover party) or Saturday (Emma’s birthday).

So, farewell until then.

Random Things Smashed Together

October 24, 2008

The ultrasound was rescheduled to Tuesday.  What with timing and all (and somebody watching Lydia so she would not go crazy in the waiting room), it did not work out.  I.  Can.  Not.  Wait.

I think it would be interesting if I dressed up as Sarah Palin for Halloween, but it might offend people who support her, plus I would feel ridiculous being her the entire night, so that idea is almost out the door.

I finished reading The Truth About the Irish today.  It was extremely interesting and explored the various stereotypes of the Irish and the truth/non-truth behind them.  I also did both of the outlines for AP Euro.  I think I am getting better with the outlines, seeing as it took me about the same amount of time to outline two chapters as it took me to outline one at the beginning of the year.

Oh boo, I wanted to go to bed earlier than usual.  I guess that cannot be expected to happen on The Office/Saturday Night Live Thursday.  Thursdays are the only days I watch television, and only for those two shows (unless something really interesting comes on, which last happened… uh, never…).

Oh, I still need a Halloween costume… I will have to think of something exciting and… it seems so far away but it is not.

I still need to finish my Ravenclaw scarf.  I have no more blue yarn and need to get some more(shocker, eh?).

This is what it looks like so far:

Anyway, good-bye.

Happy October Twenty-third!

P.S. Laura, I now see why you like the French Revolution so much.  I enjoyed reading about it a lot. (And am I  the only one that was creeped out by the killing nurses and that one girl in a book who strangled her ‘mistress’s’ child?)