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A dress, shoes, a party, Paper Towns, the police, and being busy

October 17, 2008

Apparently, there are four regular readers, though one of them is me.

Then again, that is not at all what I need to talk about.

The reason I did not post yesterday is because of many reasons, but mainly because I was at a sleepover birthday party for a friend of mine, Rachel.

The other reason is because PAPER TOWNS CAME IN THE MAIL and I could not stop reading it for the life of me. I ended up finishing it on the way to the party, meaning I only took a couple of hours. Three or four, maybe. It is absolutely amazing and lives up to and above its tremendously high expectations. I will give it a more proper, thorough read once my schedule opens up (wow, can you believe it, I am actually busy?).

Okay, so, the party- it was amazing except for one major thing. I am going to try and explain it the best I can so that it makes sense and I still have time to write of other things.

So, my somewhat friend K (not her actual name) was I’Ming her friends on Rachel’s computer upstairs for the whole party. We kept trying to get her to join in the games (Bingo [I won two amazing vintage tins![, Clue, and Improv among many others) but she did not seem to want to. Sometime around 2 in the morning, while we were still awake, K came downstairs and told us that she was going on a walk. We told her that is was crazy, being the middle of the night/morning and all, and E got angry and went upstairs. A few minutes later E came back downstairs and we figured K was back on the computer. It turns out, though, that she decided to go on a walk alone. E volunteered to go along with her, assuming she meant down the street and back, but K said she was stressed and wanted to go alone. For some reason (it does not matter now), E did not tell us this. About an hour later, we went upstairs to check on K and she was not there. After searching the house, we woke Rachel’s mother up to drive through the neighborhood and find K to bring her back to Rachel’s house. E and Kaitlyn stayed at the house with Lizzy’s cellphone in case K came back there while we were looking for her. Meanwhile, Rachel, her mother, me, and Lizzy drove for over an hour looking for her, becoming more and more worried with every passing minute. We drove to her ‘boyfriend’s’ house, seeing if she went there. The lights were on in the house and we rang the doorbell, knocked, etc, but nobody answered. Worried and frightened of what may have happened to K, we drove back to the house. During the search, E and Kaitlyn were communicating with us via cellphone about K’s history of the internet (what she had been doing, who she had been talking to, etc. while on the computer) in case anything helped us.

Once we got back to the house, Rachel’s mother searched the backyard again while Rachel called the police. Trembling, nearly crying (as many others did that night/morning), she told the police the story of how she had gone missing, a description of her, and other things. About five minutes later (though it seemed like hours), two squad cars arrived at Rachel’s house. We repeated the information and showed them pictures of K. We also called every friend of K’s whose phone number we had in case they knew where she was or anything.

Trying to take our mind off of things, we all went downstairs and played a nervous Apples to Apples game while the police searched for K. Some time after (I have no idea how long- it could have been a minute or an hour), Rachel’s mother called us from downstairs. K was back. She had been at a lake with her boyfriend the whole time. My goodness, all of that worry and stress and time and sleep lost unnecessarily all because K wanted to see her boyfriend, so she snuck out of the house to do so. The worst part is that she did not seem to feel any remorse. No, “I am so sorry, I had no idea you all would worry about me so much.” No nothing. She seemed the most worried about getting in trouble with her father (who we called earlier, by the way, though he did not answer the phone even after many tries).

K slept upstairs and we slept downstairs (not much sleep, though- it was hard to what with all of the tension). In the morning it was almost like everything was back to normal, except it was not.

Off topic because I have nothing more to say about the previous topic: Rachel really liked the present I gave her. I knitted her a brainmonster hat. Here is a picture of it on my head:

Oh, and after the party I went homecoming shopping. I bought a fantastic dress. It is plain black and somewhat sparkly. My mother says it has an empire waist, so I guess that would help in its description. I also got satiny red flats with tiny black bows to go with it. Here is what they look like:

Payless had a sale of buy one pair, get another 1/2 off, so my mother said I could pick another pair. I chose these shoes:

Sorry the pictures are so big (unless wordpress resized them, that is, then I do not apologize because they are therefore not big).

Oh, and tonight is the homecoming football game. I will be there.

Bye now.

“Hope missed the PSAT. She forgot about the full day and went out to the bus way too late, and neither of the cars are here so there is nobody to drive her to school.”

October 15, 2008

So that was the whole beginning of my day.  I missed the PSAT.  That ended up working out alright, because I was able to knit the main part of the hat.  I mentioned the hat, right?  Good.

At Wednesday Club (my mother drove me there once Jake brought the car home after his class) I finished it mostly.

PAPER TOWNS COMES OUT TOMORROW!  I am tremendously, tremendously excited.  I am not going to any of the release parties, just my own happy little party once it comes from UPS, but it will be a grand one-person party.

Oh, I checked out six seemingly-awesome books from the library.  They are all non-fiction, but that is okay with me.  I will have enough fiction on my hands with Paper Towns, reading and re-reading and re-reading it…

So, I, uh, have nothing else to say…

Except, I just noticed the poll feature.  Is that new or am I just terribly oblivious?  Either way, I am now posting a poll.

With that I leave you.  (Exciting, eh?)


Pigs in Blankets.

October 14, 2008

That is what I made everybody for dinner. My parents are going to parent teacher conferences and did not feel like cooking, so I made some. The end.

The roofers (is that what they are called?) have been knocking away all day long. It is loud but that is the price you have to pay for a nice-looking roof. Once they are done, ours is sure to be the nicest-looking roof around.


Q: What do you call a wet roof?

A: A roof canal!)

Today I knit a tiny bit for somebody’s birthday. I also went to school, if that interests you. The day was short, as I had predicted, mainly due to the three hour school day.

Hmm, I am trying to think of something else to talk about but to no avail…

Except, Paper Towns is SO CLOSE I can feel it.  I cannot wait to read that book.  I have plans that evening, so I will have to read it super speed to finish it before I go.  There is a half day that day, so that is good.  More time.


It so much creeps me out, so much it is crazy…

October 11, 2008

Hmm?  What was that?  Oh wait, nobody asked me anything.  Never mind then.

Grr, I need to do something.  I am feeling very crafty but no knitting project thus far has held my interest in the last few hours.

I MUST make/get a cardigan!  This is driving me nuts.  I would make one if my mother would allow me to use the sewing machine.

Oh, I have started a list of necessities to put into my nonexistent bag of everything.  Someday, I hope to have a fantastic bag, and when that happens I will put everything I could possibly need at various times in various situations.  I like being prepared.


I listened to the Beethoven CD to get to sleep last night, and it worked marvelously.  Much better than the creepy chanting ‘classical’ CD I checked out from the library some time ago.

I called out at dinner that it made me sick when people name their dogs/whatever after cartoon characters, such as dogs named Scooby Doo.  I have nothing against Scooby Doo, in fact I like him quite a bit, but characters are meant to stay characters.  It seems so unoriginal to name a pet after something else, a cartoon something else.  However, I got in trouble for saying it.  My mother basically said I was out of line (I think that sounds nicer), though actually she just said I was being rude.  As when I put my foot on the table and said I could not wait until my birthday when I would be able to do so without getting in trouble (that is what I did last year, and it was great), my parents were ‘disappointed’ in me.  I would like to run wild but it seems my parents would get in the way of that, not to mention it would be ‘immature.’

Ugh, sorry for the petty complaints.  Starving children in China and everything, I really should not be ranting on about such trivial matters.  I apologize most heartily.

Oh (I use that word a lot; have you noticed?), and I am well over halfway done with Great Mystery Stories.  I could never write mysteries.  There is so much thought put into them, it seems, and the endings are so clever and well-thought-out.  I do not think I have EVER figured out the ending to a mystery before getting to the end, but, then again, that is the fun in them for me.

Oh (there I go again), we got more food from the Food Lion dumpster (ha ha).  Blackberries, blueberries, watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, and I believe that is all.  There was still a bunch more but my father was paranoid so we left.  I think Jake may go out again later tonight, though it is getting pretty late so maybe not.


Goodbyegoodbyegoodbye.  Oh, and I still need to make the tree for the To KIll a Mockingbird project.*

*There goes that ‘oh’ again.  Sorry.

“Why is there a hole in your head? Oh, wait, nobody else can see that.”

September 28, 2008


(what does that even mean?)

A day where I felt like I did nothing.  Unless I have some material proof, most days leave me feeling like this.

I have a couple parties coming up.  Parties are good.  Plus Halloween, also good.  I still need to think of a costume to make.

I think my bald spot is growing back.  I guess my life is less stressful, or something… though it does not exactly feel like it.

I would include countdowns to things coming up (Halloween, NaNoWriMo, various parties, Paper Towns, etc.), but I do not feel like looking up how many days there are until ________, so I am not going to do so.

On a side track, I really like coupons.  I just got back from the grocery store, where my parents saved over forty dollars from coupons.  Yeah, coupons are pretty nice.

I have not done much reading lately… excluding schoolwork, of course, which I do not consider to count in this manner.

To Kill a Mockingbird, textbook on Western European History… nah, neither count.

I feel like watching the History Channel right about now… maybe when I am done with this.

Oh, I want to make a cardigan.  My Mrs. Darcy cardigan is going extremely slowly, probably because I only worked on it for one day.

I began unraveling the gigantic cabled sweater I bought from goodwill a while ago.  Here is what it looks like on Benny with his head cut off:

(though it really is much bigger in person)

Hmm, I want to make something with a lot of buttons.  I adore buttons.

Man, I wish money did not exist… bring back bartering!

Anyway, I am rambling, I should probably go now.


Wallie asked me if I was going to blog about the fact that I have no homework today, and I said yes; therefore, I am.

September 11, 2008

So, yeah, I have no homework today.  That is partly because I did today’s homework in school and partly because I stayed up late last night to get my AP Euro outline done.  I do not want to spend my weekend doing that.  Thursdays tend to be my free day in the sense of homework, and I am game with that.

For the most part, my classes are going well.  AP Euro is tough, but that was to be expected.

I am looking forward to many things occurring in the future.  For example,

1.) Paper Towns release (!!!)
2.) NaNoWriMo, though I have no ideas as of yet
2.)Twilight movie release (I am sure they will butcher it, but still… it will be nice to get a different view of things)
3.)Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist movie release and to read it… I am still waiting to either borrow the book or check it out from a library, but I am including it because I am sure I will love it once I do
4.)The boots I won on eBay to arrive in the mail (I fell in love with them, told my mother about them, and promptly gave up wishing for them- the next day, my mother bought them for me [!!!] and I was thrilled)
5.)Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie release (I. Can. Not. Wait.)
6.)Every Wednesday Club

Ugh, I have so many knitting projects to finish… I have procrastinated a trillion times twice over…
…headband, cardigan, scarf, mittens, socks, leg warmers… the list never ends…

Something crazy is going on…
Sorry, I just have been having this feeling lately that something ridiculous is going to happen in the near future…


Oh, curse of the evil ellipsis!
Only, kidding, I love you, Ellipsis

Farewell, friends.  I have an evening of mystery ahead of me.